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chronological view
Next week in Radio TimesRadio Times1963-11-14
HighlightsRadio Times1963-11-21
Week-end Broadcasting ProgrammesThe Daily Telegraph1963-11-23
To-day's Television and RadioThe Herald1963-11-23
BBC SaturdayEvening Chronicle1963-11-23
Kennedy AssassinatedThe Mirror1963-11-23
She's Swinging on a StarThe Mirror1964-01-18
Marco PoloRadio Times1964-02-22
A new adventure begins todayRadio Times1964-05-21
Dr. Who and the French RevolutionRadio Times1964-08-08
Barbara has tea with the DaleksRadio Times1964-12-10
Prisoners of the DaleksRadio Times1964-12-19
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Radio Times)Radio Times1964-12-26
What to stay home forThe Canberra Times1965-01-11
First programme in a new B.B.C. science fiction adventure serialThe Canberra Times1965-01-11
Dr. Who and The LionheartRadio Times1965-03-27
Doctor Who Goes Back To Marco Polo DaysOttawa Citizen
Ottawa Journal
Dr. Who has a new friendEvening Chronicle1966-03-05
Stephanie scores a double with Doc Who and Dock GreenThe Mirror1966-03-12
Who's Who?-- and Where's Dr. Who Tonight?Radio Times1966-12-15
The Atlantean Fish PeopleAberdeen Evening Express1967-01-14
Patrick Troughton makes a younger if less cantankerous Dr. WhoThe Age1967-09-12
Greig-ratingLondon Evening Standard1967-11-11
A new kind of dangerThe Newcastle Journal1968-03-09
Look Out! It's the QuarksRadio Times1968-08-10
Dr. Who and the Mind Robber: BBC-1 AT 5.20Radio Times1968-09-14
Spearhead from Space, part 1Reading Evening Post1970-01-03
It's dimensionally transcendentalThe Newcastle Journal1970-01-24
Who's the Doc? (Newcastle Journal)The Newcastle Journal1972-12-30
5.15 Disney TimeRadio Times1975-08-23
Mandragora energy!Radio Times1976-09-04
Saturday previewToronto Star1976-09-11
There's something on Dr Who's mindLiverpool Echo1977-09-30
TV Choice (The Times)The Times1977-11-12
UnderworldThe Observer1978-01-01
Marc's ViewRadio Times1978-11-25
All geared up to halt the DaleksLiverpool Echo1979-09-08
LogopolisDunfermline Press1980-03-13
MeglosThe Sun1980-09-27
Dr Who starts on another exploitReading Evening Post1980-09-27
The spoofy British series makes its bow SaturdayThe New Orleans Times-Picayune1980-12-28
The Shadow ManTV Times1981-01-12
The Keeper of TrakenDunfermline Press1981-01-30
Personal choiceThe Times1981-03-21
Peter Davison as Doctor WhoScene 2 and 171983-05-01
This Month on Channel 3WPSX-TV Guide1983-10-25
The Five Doctors (Sunday Telegraph)The Sunday Telegraph (England)1983-11-20
The Five Doctors (The Guardian)The Guardian1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (The Times)The Times1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (Daily Star)Daily Star1983-11-25
The Five DoctorsThe Daily Telegraph1983-11-25
Peri for shortEdinburgh Evening News1984-03-15
Isla Blair plays IsabellaEdinburgh Evening News1984-07-06
For Doctor Who diehards, it's a must-seeThe Philadelphia Inquirer1985-02-16
The Time Lord's travelling companion PeriEdinburgh Evening News1985-03-02
Tony Selby plays a galactic pirateDaily Express1986-09-13
Sylvester McCoy makes his debut as television's most famous time-travellerEvening Chronicle1987-09-07
Into the egg box futureThe Times1987-09-07
Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy, not about to overcome the CybermenThe Daily Telegraph1988-11-23
Silver jubileeThe Scotsman1988-11-23
On his 25th birthday, Doctor Who duly encounters his Silver NemesisThe Independent1988-11-23
Monsters, gore, tales of terror: It's just another Saturday nightThe Baltimore Sun1989-07-15
Who Knew?The Baltimore Sun1989-07-29
Jean Marsh enjoys her role as the evil witch MorgaineThe Mirror1989-09-06
First of a four-part adventure set during World War IIThe Daily Telegraph1989-10-25
Harvey (Norman Pace) puts a price on timelord Sylvester McCoy's headThe Daily Telegraph1989-11-22
A Doctor Who weekend special interspersed with documentaries, star interviews, monsters, props and gadgetsThe Daily Telegraph1990-09-22
Resistance Is UselessThe Daily Telegraph1992-01-03
Tom Baker is just one Doctor journeying through timeRadio Times1992-01-03
Time, gentlemen, please!What's on TV1992-01-11
Who's next? (Edinburgh Evening News)Edinburgh Evening News1992-01-31
Planet of the DaleksRadio Times1993-10-30
Just look Who's back!Daily Star1993-11-05
On This WeekRadio Times1994-09-17
The low-budget BBC sci-fi series comes to Fox as a big-budget made-for-TV movieTV Guide1996-05-11
Best betsThe Boston Globe1996-05-12
The nostalgic may hanker for the old black-and-white days and Daleks, but the Time Lord has moved onThe Times1996-05-25
It's Doctor Who - but not as we know it!TV Times1996-05-25
Dr Who NightIrish Independent1999-11-13
Doctor Who nightTV Times1999-11-13
The BBC has no qualms about reviving old seriesDaily Express2005-03-26
Best RegenerationTV Quick2005-03-26
One of the scariest programmes (if you're eight years old)TV Quick2005-03-26
Children can't say they've had a proper upbringing until they've spent a Saturday evening hiding behind the sofa with one eye on Doctor WhoTV Times2005-03-26
Today's TV with Mike WardDaily Star2005-04-16
World warTV Magazine2005-04-23
Flight Of The DalekThe Observer2005-04-24
So, the story we've all been waiting forRadio Times2005-04-30
Return of the Daleks!TV & Satellite Week2005-04-30
Today's TV with Mike Ward (2005-05-07)Daily Star2005-05-07
What a Christmas treatRadio Times2005-12-17
Christopher Eccleston's magnificent Doctor Who is a hard act to followThe Times2005-12-24
Venus EnvyTV Guide2006-04-10
Cat nurses, lonely zombies, mind-swap machines and a fat man who's slowly turning into stoneThe Guardian2006-04-15
David Tennant is perfect as the heroRadio Times2006-04-15
The new series of Doctor Who gets off to a sensational startThe Times2006-04-15
Some kids are going to be wondering about their parents during tonight's episodeDaily Mail2006-04-22
It is bad enough when your computer crashesThe Times2006-05-13
The sad day has arrived for Billie Piper to bow outDaily Mail2006-07-08
Here is some good newsThe Times2007-03-31
Pick of the day (2007)Daily Mail2007-06-30
Kylie hears a Who: Minogue with TennantTV Guide2008-04-14
Today's choices (2009-10-10)Radio Times2009-10-10
Time TeamRadio Times2010-04-03
The Doctor and Amy are settling nicely into their intergalactic partnershipRadio Times2010-04-10
Yes, it's the Bracewell IronsideRadio Times2010-04-17
The Doctor's future love who first turned up two years ago in the library of flesh-eating shadowsRadio Times2010-04-24
An advance dose of 'Dr. Who'USA Today2012-08-27
Peter Capaldi is the DoctorRadio Times2014-08-23
Tonight, the Doctor must enter the most dangerous place in the universeRadio Times2014-08-30
Heroic clashRadio Times2014-09-06
Part creepy, part confusingRadio Times2014-09-13
A tangle of latex-rubber limbs and a hideous head with eyes on stalksRadio Times2014-09-20
Arachnophobes everywhere will cringe in revulsionRadio Times2014-10-04
Mummy on the Orient Express — how's that for an episode title!Radio Times2014-10-11
Doctor Who is always exploring time and spaceRadio Times2014-10-18
Who Is Frank Cottrell-Boyce?Radio Times2014-10-25
Death is not an endRadio Times2014-11-01
Crikey!Radio Times2014-11-08
Nick Frost guest stars as Father ChristmasTV & Satellite Week2014-11-29
A child of destiny flees through a war-torn landscapeRadio Times2015-09-19
SurroundedRadio Times2015-09-26
Time marches on to the DrumRadio Times2015-10-03
The History of the ZygonsRadio Times2015-11-07
You must not watch thisRadio Times2015-11-14
There's something for everyone in The Husbands of River SongRadio Times2015-12-19
Thin IceRadio Times2017-04-29
Terror below the ice!What's on TV2017-04-29
House of HORROR!What's on TV2017-05-06
Knock KnockRadio Times2017-05-06
Zombies in space!What's on TV2017-05-13
The hiatus seems to have given Doctor Who fresh driveRadio Times2017-05-13
ExtremisRadio Times2017-05-20
Rewriting HistoryRadio Times2017-06-03
Save us from the monks!What's on TV2017-06-03
50 Years of IceRadio Times2017-06-10
Everyone knows there are ghosts in the hillRadio Times2017-06-17
You really do not want to miss the start of this penultimate episodeRadio Times2017-06-24
The first in a two-part finale sees some classic baddies returnTV Times2017-06-24
Is anybody still watching?The Sunday Times2017-06-25
The clock on the wall shows half past midnightRadio Times2017-07-01
The 12 TV treats of Christmas - an armchair guideThe Times2017-12-23
Festive FarewellRadio Times2017-12-23
The Doctor is in a generous moodThe Times2017-12-23
The Doctor's back with some new tools!TV Times2018-10-06
Who's in charge? Jodie Whittaker takes over as the DoctorThe Times2018-10-06
The Doctor is an alien, not a womanTV Times2018-10-06
Jodie Whittaker glows with funRadio Times2018-10-06
Trapped in a gender cocoon?The Sunday Times2018-10-14
The Doctor and her friends land in Montgomery, AlabamaRadio Times2018-10-20
The Doctor and friends meet a legend of the US Civil Rights movementTV Times2018-10-20
Siobhan Finneran starsTV Times2018-11-24
A mysterious alien battlefieldRadio Times2018-12-08
Yes, this is Who's riff on James BondRadio Times2019-12-21
This is going to hurtRadio Times2020-02-29
Looking for something scary for Halloween?TV Times2021-10-30
Outgoing star Jodie Whittaker has had a bumpy old time of it in the Tardis these past few yearsRadio Times2021-10-30
Have your say -- who is the best of the new Doctors?The Sunday Times2021-10-31
We now know what the "flux" isRadio Times2021-11-06
The Sontarans are backTV Times2021-11-06
The terrifying Cybermen are backTV Times2021-11-13
So breathless and bombastic were episodes one and twoRadio Times2021-11-13
What kind of audience is Doctor Who hoping to attract these days?Radio Times2021-11-20
Karvanista makes an appearanceTV Times2021-11-27
At least the monsters can be relied upon to provide a distractionRadio Times2021-12-04
How will the Doctor save the universe?TV Times2021-12-04
They've survived the FluxTV Times2022-01-01
Not even on 31 in December do the Daleks put plans to enslave the universe to one sideRadio Times2022-01-01
It has been 38 years since the Doctor last encountered the amphibious Sea DevilsRadio Times2022-04-16
Prepare to have your swashes buckled and your timbers shiveredTV Times2022-04-16
Classic Doctor WhoRadio Times2022-10-22
It obviously takes someone as devious as the Master to work in the BBC press officeRadio Times2022-10-22
A distress call from an intergalactic bullet trainTV Times2022-10-22

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