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Terror below the ice!

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Something sinister lurks under the frozen-over Thames in 1814


Saturday, 7.20

Back in 1814, it wasso cold in London that the Thames froze over and locals celebrated with a 'frost fair' on the ice. Records show this was the last year it happened and, in this week's Doctor Who, viewers find out why! The fair's organisers include vile aristocrat Lord Sutcliffe, played by former Benidorm star Nicholas Burns... 'It's almost impossible for us to believe a huge, fast-flowing river like the Thames would freeze over,' says Nicholas. But it did, and a lot of people made money out of it, which is true of Lord Sutcliffe. He's totally out for himself, barking orders and expecting to be obeyed without question.'

The Doctor and Bill arrive as the fair is in full swing, but as Bill looks on in wonder at elephants, acrobats and wrestlers on the ice, something sinister is going on down below...

People begin to get sucked under the ice by weird glowing fish and are fed to a giant serpent that lies on the river bed.

The Doctor and Bill leap into action, exploring the river's murky depths in diving suits and coming eye-to-eye with the huge monster, before they eventually cross paths with Lord Sutcliffe...

'When he first meets the Doctor, Lord Sutcliffe gets thumped by him!' says Nicholas. 'It was an honour to play someone so bad he gets hit by the Doctor, who despises Sutcliffe from the word go.

The scene was pretty exhilarating, I have to say! Peter Capaldi and I loved acting out the fight.'

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