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WHO better to start our series of EAGLE interviews then PETER DAVISON, star of the popular 'Doctor Who' television series. We tracked Peter down at London Airport, just before he flew off to America. No . .. he didn't fly in the Tardis.. he went by Jet!

Peter, you've become famous through your work on TV. We've seen you as the easy-going Tristan Far-non in 'All Creatures Great And Small', as a stay-at-home Dad in 'Holding The Fort', as well-moaning Brian trying to keep his brother in chock in 'Sink Or Swim', end now as Doctor Who Which port have you found the most difficult?

Undoubtedly Doctor Who. It's very difficult because I'm following someone as good as Tom Baker, but les tremendous fun and I enjoy it greatly.

Only four actors before you have played the Doctor. Will you be staying with the series for a while?

Yes, I would hope to carry on playing Doctor Who for a couple of years.

Do you prefer comedy to serious acting?

It's not really a matter of preferring it but I just seem to turn things into comedy! The first comedy that I did was 'Holding The Fort' although 'All Creatures Great And Small' was very light entertainment, even though it was a drama series. The first thing that I ever did could hardly be called serious ... I played the part of a space cowboy, complete with blond wig!

You looked completely at home as Tristan in 'All Creatures Great And Small'. Are you particularly interested in animals?

Not really — apart from domestic cats! I was brought up in a town and had no knowledge of farm animals Filming the James Herriot stories was really a crash course in how to handle farm animals!

How do you relax?

In the summer. I play cricket whenever I can I play for a showbusiness team, but the side also includes some ox-professional cricketers. It's great fun I also write songs which is not realty a hobby, more a second string to my bow Another thing I enjoy is watching television. I watch almost anything! But I guess my favourites ore the old black and white films of the 30s and '40s My favourite TV programme is The Rockford Files'.

If you weren't on actor, what would you be?

I would like to think that I could be a song-writer Apart from doing something artistic I don't know what I would have boon suited for. I'm afraid that I didn't work really hard at school and only ended up with three 'O' levels

Did you ever read comic when you wore a youngster?

Yes, adventure comics wore the ones I used to like, In fact, two of the comics I bought wore TIGER and EAGLE!

What Is your favourite food?

I like Weetabix and milk shakes! I reckon I could live on them!

Comic: All that time-travelling! Just spinning around the sky makes me air-sick!

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