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Exterminate! (1995)

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The most feared creature in the Universe, superbly recreated in fine pewter.

- a fully authentic, large size model.

The Daleks - cunning, ruthless, evil. Dreaded throughout the Cosmos, they travelled across time and space conquering all before them. They became the deadliest adversary of the Doctor, the intrepid Time Lord who struggled to rid the Universe of their evil.

Now this infamous creature has been brought to life in a superb new model. Expertly crafted in fine pewter, this fabulous replica stands a full five inches high -- the Doctor's arch enemy recreated in breath-taking detail.

A ruthless life-form

Created by Davros in the laboratories of Skaro, the Daleks were the enemy of civilizations throughout the galaxies. Their goals were cruel and simple universal domination and the extermination of all other races. The Daleks had no fear or emotion. They were the ultimate fighting machine.

An outstanding model in fine pewter

The Dalek is a triumph of craftsmanship, sure to delight the most avid devotees of Doctor Who. This evil creature has been superbly reproduced, authentic in every detail including the head which actually revolves!.

The master model is created by hand. Then each piece is cast, assembled and polished with great care by English pewter craftsmen. The result is a magnificent replica of craftsmanship and quality - one of the most celebrated Doctor Who characters brought vividly to life.

An exclusive opportunity

This superb model is available only by direct subscription to Danbury Mint.

The price for The Dalek is £73.50, payable in three monthly instalments of £24.50 - remarkable value for such magnificent craftsmanship. The Dalek is the first in a brand new series of models entitled 'The World of Doctor Who'. As a subscriber you will have the opportunity, but not the obligation, to collect further replicas in this collection.

Please act promptly

The Dalek is a must for all Doctor Who fans. Be sure to register your subscription now by sending the Reservation Application to: Danbury Mint, Cox Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1SE.

Dr Who and the Daleks are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Daleks ©BBC /Terry Nation 1963. Dr Who logo ©BBC 1973. Licensed by BBC Enterprises Ltd. The Daleks are created by Terry Nation.


To: Danbury Mint, Cox Lane, Chessington, Surrey KT9 1SE

Please accept my Reservation Application for The Dalek, an authentic pewter model of five inches in height.

I need send no money now. I understand the price for my model is £73.50. For my convenience, I may pay in three convenient monthly instalments of £24.50, the first due prior to my model being despatched. If, for any reason, I am not totally satisfied with my model, I may return it within thirty days for a prompt replacement or refund.

Please charge my credit card at the rate of £24.50 per month for three months, starting when my model is despatched.

I prefer to pay by cheque or postal order. Please invoice me. SEND NO MONEY NOW

Overseas orders pay £29 per instalment inclusive of extra postage and handling. Price includes VAT @ 17.5%.

The head of your Dalek model actually turns

Model shown slightly smaller than actual size of 5" in height

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