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Exterminate, exterminate!

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New Year's Day, 6.45pm, BBC One

The Doctor and her companions are on a mission to thwart the dastardly Daleks as they threaten Earth

A festive Doctor Who special has become one of the treats of the season. And with this year's offering we're really being spoiled. The episode is called Revolution Of The Daleks, which gives away that those demons on wheels, who the 13th Doctor first met in a 2019 New Year special, are back.

"They're not very fast, but they're really creepy," reckons Jodie Whittaker, who plays the Doctor. "You know you're going to be upstaged!"

Better news, however, is that she'll finally meet Whoniverse legend Captain 'Daleks are not fast, but they're creepy. You know you're going to be upstaged!'

Jack Harkness, as John Barrowman makes a swashbuckling return. "We're going at things at a million miles an hour and to have a character that can keep up is really exciting," she says.

But the show will also spell the end of an epic journey for companions Graham and Ryan, played by Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole, although Mandip Gill will be staying on as Yaz.

"The family as a four is no more!" says Jodie, recalling filming their final scene together. "I've not cried like that for such a long time. I was wailing."

Caption: Humanity's greatest foe has been given a makeover

Jack's back!

Captain Jack spices up this festive special, promises actor John Barrowman

John, how does it feel to be returning as Captain Jack?

It's what the fans have wanted for years. I love the character, I love the show. It changed my life.

So when I'm asked to come back I will do it at the drop of a hat, no questions.

He's a big part of Doctor Who history, isn't he?

Yes. I have never allowed Jack to fall by the wayside and be forgotten. Jack's like that Christmas chocolate that you put in your mouth and just go, "Mmmmm..." It's sweet, it's everlasting, and you only get it every so often!

What can we expect?

It's an epic adventure, it's going to be a roller-coaster. People are going to be shocked and surprised. And when he meets 13, I wanted you to see the joy in his face. It doesn't make a difference if it's a man or a woman, or an alien, he loves the soul of the Doctor.

We hear he's flirtatious in this episode? Hmm... but I'm not saying who with! Jack has always flirted with the Doctor. However, there's also a conversation that he has with another person from Team TARDIS, describing to them how to deal with the Doctor, how that journey is going to pan out. So it's almost like Jack has come back, not only to be the hero but also to give a bit of advice about how to handle this situation. Because he's been around more Doctors than probably any of the current or former companions.

Have you seen the finished programme?

No. It's very hush-hush because things can get leaked. So they are very protective over it, which I am fine with. But I will watch it, absolutely. I love watching myself on television, because this has been my dream job. I am so proud of the shows I've been in.

So you'll be sitting down with the rest of us on New Year's Day?

Yes! I want to be watching it while other people are too and watch Twitter explode! That's part of the fun as a fan. I will hopefully watch it in the UK, having spent Christmas in America. I will be in quarantine, like the Doctor is in prison when the episode starts. I'll be live tweeting and doing all that stuff with the nation, while I'm watching.

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