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Channel 57,

I am sending you a picture of myself wearing an official Doctor Who scarf. I received your instructions during your last pledge drive, and a friend of my mother's made it for me. I am a great Doctor Who fan!

Thank you,

Brian Hunt

Clarksburg, MA.

Dear Ch. 57:

I am a very serious viewer of DOCTOR WHO and will be graduating from high school in two week. On my graduation night you should be showing the last episode of "Logopolis", then DOCTOR WHO regenerates from Tom Baker to the next DOCTOR Who - Peter Davison. Could you please show this on another night or run it again? I don't think I can get out of graduation ceremonies to watch it. I have been waiting for this episode and don't want to miss it!

Dalton, MA

Dear Whovian:

Congratulations on your upcoming high school commencement. The perfect graduation gift would be a delay in the broadcast of "Logopolis," but this cannot be done. Why not seek out a friend with a VHS recorder and have him/her record the program for you, or why not come to WGBY and view the program at your convenience.

Sandra Gran


Program Operations

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