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Where can I purchase an exact duplicate or an original robot costume used in the Dr. Who episode "The Robots of Death"? If you don't know, please tell me who designed it so I can write them. Thank you — Mike Armenia.

For information about the costume, write Stephanie Stefko, Time-Life Television, Time-Life Building, New York, NY, 10020.

I have three questions. Is the Dr. Who series that airs Saturday at 11 p.m. on WYES in New Orleans going off the air? How much longer is the Dr. Who series that airs on Mississippi ETV at 6 p.m. going to last? Where can I write Mark Hamill, star of Star Wars and its sequel? — C.E. Ladner Jr.

A spokesman for WYES in New Orleans said Dr. Who has been moved up to 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays. A spokesman for Mississippi ETV said she was wasn't aware of any plans to cancel the Dr. Who series on ETV. "I have a schedule through the end of October on my desk, and it's included on that," said Laura Lee Rochester of Mississippi ETV. However, the WYES spokesman said their episodes run only through the end of October. "That's the end of the whole first run. We'll have to wait for them to release more episodes in England, where the show is produced. It's a question of if more of the episodes are available—and the price is right—then we'll buy them. I think we'll start showing reruns in February, though.

"People don't understand," the WYES programmer said, "that for public television it's a limited type of thing. "We buy shows in packages. We don't have production companies like the commercial networks."

On the new episodes, the WYES spokesman said, there will be a new Dr. Who. "Tom Baker, the actor who played Dr. Who, has decided to end the role, for whatever reason actors end roles. Someone new will play him."

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