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Marvellous Tripods deserve a third series

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Curious decision

As a science-fiction fan I have enjoyed the last two chapters of The Tripods immensely. I particularly appreciated the way the series stuck to the original format and the higher standard of special effects than I have come to expect from the BBC. Imagine my dismay that despite a promise made last year to produce the whole trilogy, it has been announced that the Controller of BBC1, Michael Grade, intends to withdraw the final chapter from production. A curious decision.

Of course, I can imagine the expense involved in making such a series, but can he honestly say that his 'cops-in-space' series will be any less expensive? ... Mr Grade will be disappointing many British fans and a large worldwide market, or has he forgetten the huge following Doctor Who achieved in the USA and Australia? Poor Will and. Beanpole! The Tripods will probably rule the world after all, for all the viewers will know!

(Miss) Michelle Drayton Bishopbriggs, Glasgow


I am writing to complain about the so-called adventure series The Tripods. How can the powers that be at the BBC call this load of rubbish an adventure series? I have experienced more adventure watching paint dry ... How can the BBC justify the wasting of licence-payers' money on this when a first-class series like Doctor Who (which makes a profit from overseas sales) is under threat of the chop. The special (what's so special) effects in The Tripods were dire, the acting was terrible and the scripts were absolutely awful.

I slept through the first four episodes of the second series (actually I was awake for the title music, the most exciting part) waiting for the programme to come alive. In my opinion the best thing that the BBC can do is to let the good Doctor and Peri come back and put a real touch of adventure back into Saturdays.

Alan Burnside Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

MICHAEL GRADE, Controller, BBC1, replies: Response to the first series of The Tripods was very disappointing both in terms of popularity and appreciation. The second series has shown no improvement.

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