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THE new Dr Who and the youngest, Peter Davison, almost rejected the role. Understandably he was scared. For 19 years the show has been an international success.

In that time there have been five doctors.

The first was William Hartnell, then came Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.

Baker was Davison's predecessor and the longest survivor in the role.

"When I was first offered the part couldn't come to terms with the character," Davison said by phone from London.

"It took me most of the first series fully to get into it.

"And I thought it would be difficult for people to accept me.

"I was not happy with the part for a long time. Then I began to realise that every new Dr Who is able to present a new dimension.

"What you have is blank piece of paper. You can make of the character what you want."

Davison then started to think about what sort of character the fifth Dr Who should become.

"I remember doing a television interview just after it was announced that I was doing the part.

"I thought I should create a character that would dash in where angels fear to tread."

Davison admits to being a long-term addict of the series.

"I watched it from the beginning," the '31-year-old actor said.

This is the second week of Davison's episodes. They go to air on ABV2 at 6.30 p.m.

He has already begun working on recording his second series of 26 episodes.

"Luckily the first series seemed to have gone down well." he said.

One of his co-stars in the series is an Australian actress named Janet Fielding, who became the 16th Dr Who's assistant in the show's history.

And last week she uttered an immortal line. When told Dr Who was looking for a place completely cut off from the universe she said: "I could have told him about Brisbane."

"She is still in the program," Davison said.

Davison, of course, is not unknown to ABC viewers.

He is the bumbling young vet in "All Creatures Great And Small."

Caption: PETER DAVISON makes a big step, from veterinary surgeon to time traveller as the fifth Dr Who.

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