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  • Publication: The Age
  • Date: 1981-06-04
  • Author:
  • Page: Green Guide, p. 23
  • Language: English

STEPHEN KRESS, 14, Mulgrave: I think the ABC should bring 'Doctor Who' back on this year. It would boost their low ratings. After the 28 programmes have been shown, they could repeat the programmes made 10 or 15 years ago, as suggested by Colin Gale and Thomas Wild (21/5).

KEN STONE, 17, Cheltenham: Concerning the screening of 'Doctor Who' once a week — I think this is a very good idea. As I am studying for the HSC this year, I could not afford to watch 'Doctor Who' every night; but if the episodes were screened once a week, I would be able to watch them.

PAUL EDWARDS, 10 Box Hill North: When 'Doctor Who' comes back, I think Channel 2 should put on a few of the episodes of the first 'Doctor Who' (William Hartnell), because they are educational. These include: 'Marco Polo', 'The Aztecs', 'The Romans', 'The Crusaders' and 'An Unearthly Child'.

MADELEINE YEOH, 11, Hawthorn: I'd like to comment on your report about 'Doctor Who'. It's quite a problem. There are: 'Doctor Who' fans, 'Monkey' fans, 'Goodies' fans (like me), 'Kenny Everett' fans. So, if you put 'Monkey' on, some disagree. If you put on 'Doctor Who', others disagree.

I think (as one writer has said), they should put on all four each week. For example: Monday — 'The Goodies'; Tuesday — 'Doctor Who'; Wednesday — 'Kenny Everett'; Thursday — 'Monkey'.

That should be the simplest solution, and everyone will be happy. ANITA BAUER, 13, Mulgrave: I would rather see 'Doctor Who* repeats than this 'Monkey' rubbish that's on now. I can't make bead or tail of it. .

SIMON VAN DER BERG, Niddrle: I am a 'Doctor Who' fan. I caught Doctor Who fever last year. I wish that 'Monkey' would finish, so it can get locked up in a cage.

SIMON FLANAGAN, 6, Kew: Where has 'Doctor Who' gone? Why isn't he on TV any more?

RICHARD BETHERAS, 10, East Malvern: 'Doctor Who' is a great show, but it is not wise to show a violent television programme at a time like 6.30, when small kids want to watch TV, and there's nothing good for young kids to watch on Channels 10, 9, 7 or 0. So please bring back 'Doctor Who', but at a later time.

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