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To the editors:

Readers of the DTH have been told of the wonderful qualities of such weekday-afternoon heroes as He-Man, Tranzor Z, and even the more traditional hero, Batman. Each representative has been totally close-minded toward the followers of rival heroes, though. Do they know how many heroes there are on the market? Others are Voltron — Defender of the Universe, She-Ra, G.I. Joe, (don't ignore) Inspector Gadget, and some stations even still carry Ultraman. There are more on weekdays! Besides the weekday heroes there are these: Superman, Wonder Woman, Orbots, Go-bots, Captain Kirk and the crew, the Greatest Secret Agent in the World — Danger Mouse, and I'm omitting many other important ones. My all-time hero is Dr. Who, for example. He has proven he can take on any "robot," most notably Daleks and Cybermen. He has his own nemesis, the Master, and he can save the world in question without trick swords, darts or by having to pull himself together (as Voltron must). He uses the most impressive weapon of all, his Time-Lord brain. Lovers of gadgets are satisfied, too. He has been known to use them (e.g., his sonic screwdriver and K-9, his computer dog). The point is, he isn't a dead man if he doesn't use gadgets; in fact, he hasn't kept the gadgets he's used.

I sound like a fanatic, and I don't mean to. I'm trying to say that having a hero is admirable — whether the hero is the Equalizer, Miss Marple, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Geldorf or Voltron. People who insult other's heroes should practice the same open-mindedness they would expect if the roles were reversed.

Robin M. Mize

Hinton James

Spelling correction: Bob Geldof

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