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There's adventure, thrills and a kiss...

The wait is over. The Doctor is ready to see you now. After being introduced at the end of the last series, David Tennant arrives in the Tardis to play the Time Lord in 13 new action-packed episodes, with Billie Piper joining him as his feisty assistant Rose.

Excitingly, the intergalactic pair lock lips in the series opener, New Earth, but not everything is quite as it seems. Could this have anything to do with the return of bizarre wafer-thin baddie, Cassandra (Zoe Wanamaker)?

Whatever the ins and outs of the plot, Billie certainly enjoyed her first smooch with the Doctor. 'Ah, the kiss,' says Billie. 'We couldn't wait! But we didn't do tongues because I'd been eating egg and cress sarnies.'

This second series of the revamped show promises a host of guest stars, including Pauline Collins playing Queen Victoria. K-9 the dog will also turn up but the real talk is about the return of the Cybermen. Fans are thrilled and the show's monster maker, Neill Gorton, insists they won't be disappointed. 'The old ones tended to be like a jumpsuit sprayed with silver; he smiles. 'But the new Cybermen have body armour - they're like Robocop!'

There's a rumour that the Daleks might feature in a spectacular finalé to the series. Meanwhile, the first episode sees the Doctor encounter a mysterious race of cat people. Our exclusive pictures show how Neill's team made the futuristic moggies... some very scary monsters

How the made the new feline foes the cat's whiskers

1 The beginning: Stage one was countless cat people sketches until a design was created that everyone was happy with. After that, actresses were cast for the roles and moulds were taken of their faces. 'Everything had to fit them perfectly,' explains monster maker Neill Gorton. 'Once we'd done that, we modelled the masks in clay and cast them in rubber.'

2 Extra touches: Once the mask was Li complete, fur and whiskers were added to make the cats look more feline. 'It took about three weeks to make them,' says Neill.

3 Problems: One difficulty the team faced was trying to make a mask that still allowed the actresses to talk. 'We wanted to sell the cat look without covering the face in so much rubber that the actor couldn't speak.'

4 Big job: The make-up took two hours to apply. 'They also had dentures fitted in to give them little pointy teeth,' explains Neill.

Coming soon

Neill reveals there was one key aim for the new Cybermen. 'The main thing was that they have full body armour rather than just helmets. But they still had to have the iconic set of handlebars on their heads —that's the one thing executive producer Russell T Davies desperately wanted to keep,' he says. The Cybermen will star in a gripping two-part story.


Flirty tricks campaign: The Doctor and Rose have always had a will they/won't they? vibe

Doctor Woo? Rose gets ready to give it some lip

Who-ray! The Time Lord ends up seeing stars

Nun but the brave. The cats seem benevolent

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