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SERIES NINE HASN'T STARTED YET, BUT THERE ARE ALREADY MORE QUESTIONS THAN EVER. HOW IS MISSY (MICHELLE GOMEZ) STILL ALIVE AFTER BEING disintegrated in Series Eight finale 'Death In Heaven'? How is Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) still alive after being disintegrated by Missy? Where has Gallifrey been hiding all this time? The trailer released during San Diego Comic Con has also helped to fuel the mystery fire, particularly Maisie Williams' perplexing cameo right at the end. It was only eight seconds long, but it's been driving the Doctor Who fans mad. From his reaction to her cheeky little 'What took you so long, old man?' (You!), the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has definitely met her before. We've met her now, but it's still equally perplexing just how much Maisie Williams will have to do with the rest of the show. The most recent rumours peg her as the latest companion. ready to take Jenna Coleman's place.

More troubling still is when we visit the set and turn up at an apparently abandoned military base outside Newport. It's huge and in the middle of nowhere, and there are literally monsters lurking in the shadows. namely Zygons. We're here to watch one attack Osgood. who appears to be back from the dead. But she seems as surprised as we are. Could it be that she will replace Clara instead?

"I'd read an interview with Steven [Moffat] where he said, 'No, no. no, Osgood is dead. She's not coming back," Oliver tells us. "I secretly hoped that I might [come back], but then he said that and I was like, 'Damn it!' There was a good while there were I was like, 'That's a shame! That was lovely while it lasted! So that's over', but yes. Now I'm back! Or am I? No, I am! I am actually technically back.

"When I found out I was doing it again last series, I was like, 'Yes!' I got the script, and I was on the way to the gym. I was reading it on the way, and then by about page ten I was dead. I was like, 'Oh god!' I was genuinely gutted, You just don't know. I think it's always best to hope for the worst, and then if it's something else it's a nice, pleasant surprise. so I didn't allow myself to think that I might be coming back, I wanted to. of course. But no one warned me! And then at the read-through for ['Death In Heaven'], I was looking at Steven, trying to work out if there was any, like, 'Don't you worry, you'll be fine!' And I was like, 'Hi, Steven!' and he said, 'Sorry we killed you!' and laughed. And then I was like. 'Damn. Okay. Fine: There's my answer. But yeah... it was a surprise to me as much as anyone else."

Current Doctor Peter Capaldi is also thrilled that Osgood is reuniting with the gang this series. "I think she is brilliant!" he says. "Ingrid is amazing, and she's a wonderful character. So audacious. What a brilliant idea to create a Doctor Who fangirl with her inhaler and all that.

And she's brilliant, she's so clever, funny and great I think you'll see there are a lot of people who could come into the TARDIS quite easily. We're kind of playing around with orphans."

When asked if Osgood could end up being the Doctor's next travelling partner, Oliver refuses to answer the hypothetical question "out of respect for the incumbent companion," while Capaldi gives a cryptic smile and a short, "She could well be." We leave it hanging. In the meantime, Osgood is on board for a two-parter called 'Invasion Of The Zygons'.

"I've often wanted an invasion!" Capaldi laughs. "It's time we had invasion - a proper big, old one! There's a great scene where we have to chase a Zygon around a supermarket. He hid among the pizzas. That was good fun... I had a little part in a film many years ago] called Dangerous Liaisons, which was set in the 18th Century, and there were beautiful costumes. They looked elegant. But the costume designer was James Atcheson, who had created the Zygons, because he worked on Doctor Who before he went on to great success

and acclaim in movies, and all I wanted to do was talk to him about Zygons! He didn't really want to do that! But I was fascinated, because he'd made Tom Baker's scarf and all that stuff. I mean, he created those things out of his head and with the limited resources that they had available to them. I think it's a great testament to his talent."

'Invasion Of The Zygons' will be Oliver's second face-off with the creatures after we were left with a replica Zygon-Osgood in 'The Day Of The Doctor'. But Oliver has more important things to get excited about. "I get to spend a lot of time with the Doctor, which is nice," she tells us. "It's funny, because it's that thing of having watched a lot of Who and sort of knowing... I can't describe it. When you're filming and he's standing there, you're automatically slotted in behind standing slightly to the right, because that's the classic thing!" A huge Series Eight poster featuring the Doctor in front of the TARDIS control panel with Clara peeping out from the right sits directly behind Oliver as she says it, and makes the whole thing even more hilarious.

"Exactly that, funnily enough!" she says, gesturing madly. "Scenes with him I'm slotted behind, slightly to the right! You just sort of know that's the natural order of things... He's like, 'Get out of my light.' No, no, no! You just do it. You don't even question it. It's sort of funny. You just stand, or he runs and you run behind. I did a really weird comedy run, and I'm not sure if they left it in. I decided when Osgood ran she wouldn't be that good at running. It was a slight waddle, but I don't know that was the right choice. They'll take it out!"

Jenna Coleman is also back in the TARDIS as Clara Oswald for Series Nine, which is a nice surprise after months of rumours that she would be exiting the show after 'Last Christmas. "What [Clara] does a tot this series is she helps the Doctor relate more effectively with human beings," says Capaldi, "because he doesn't .. he can't be arced to give them the time of day if they're not doing what he wants [laughs], so she has little strategies to help him be better, which is quite fun.

"[Jenna]'s great. We have a wonderful time, she and I in a very similar way. We have a good laugh, but then of course, she terrifies me, because we have a good laugh and then she's brilliant! Whereas I have a good laugh and then I'm a bit tatty. I think she's such a good actress, but she is able to be hugely emotional and hugely truthful, clever and creative without a whole palaver going on. We don't have a lot of palaver. We don't have time for palaver! But I just think she's brilliant. She has great charm, elegance and fun. And I love that she's from Blackpool, which is one of my favourite places. The Doctor should go to Blackpool!"

Along with Clara and Osgood, the Mistress, played by the brilliant Michelle Gomez, is coming back for more after she too appeared to die in Series Eight's very eventful finale. Her performance left an impression on both Capaldi and Oliver. "She's brilliant," says the former. 'Very, very funny, and scary too. Though our relationship is very different in that story compared to how it was before. We're sort of on the same side."

"God! I was terrified of her!" Oliver says, and rightly so., Osgood was one of those on the receiving end of Missy's wrath, and left the episode in a chokehold before being turned to dust "She's so good, but even at the read-through, we were all like, 'Bloody hell!' I was absolutely, genuinely terrified... It's the eyes. She's got these incredible eyes. That was a really scary scene to shoot!"

"[Season Nine] is good, because we get cliffhangers," Capaldi tells us. "It's always lovely to get Doctor Who cliffhangers followed by the screeching sound of the soundtrack. So it's brilliant. It sort of gives you a bit more time. There seems to be more places to go and more character development stuff. It allows the writers a hit more time with the characters and story, and it's just great to be like, Is the Doctor dead? Can he be dead? Is Clara dead?' And at the end of each episode be like, 'Guess what!'"

If you know anything about Capaldi's history with Doctor Who, you'll know that A] He played Roman merchant Caecilius in Series Four episode The Fires Of Pompeii, and B) He's a Doctor Who fanboy himself. But he still insists he could easily get beaten in a knowledge-off by some of the crew.

"It would surprise you! The knowledge is immense! Joking aside, it is great that there are so many people who are fans of the show and who love the show who make it. I mean, to be honest, that's why, and I think it's always been the way since it's come back. it's sort of why it's been so successful. Despite the fact that it's been very successful as a worldwide brand, it's essentially made by people who love it, and also that means that they will go the extra mile. Maybe if you were working on something that you were less connected to, you might not put in the extra time and the extra effort to try and make it look better, sound better or whatever. But yeah, there area lot of big fans on the show."

He kind of expected that when he signed up, but what he really wasn't prepared for was the depth of affection of which the show is held internationally. 'That really came as a shock," he says. "To go to America and find that the show is beloved is very strange, because you'd never have thought that they'd had it in Mexico since 1963 and that it means something very powerful to people, or in South Korea or wherever you want to go, Australia. I knew that it was doing well, but I didn't know that there was such a love for it! It's powerful."

Some people involved in a phenomenon like Doctor Who might view being constantly recognised as a burden, but for Capaldi it's the opposite. "All I've got to do is walk into a room of people who like Doctor Who, and they sort of stop and smile. If I wasn't the Doctor that wouldn't happen! It's very easy to surf this tide of affection. I've been very lucky; people don't beat me up or tell me they hate me. They keep that to themselves! But that's a very privileged position for anyone to be in. I often have a sense of wonder that I'm even in that position! It's wonderful! Can you imagine, people smile when they see you all the time and they shout at you across the street, 'Doctor Who! Doctor Who!' and they wave at you. A little kid came up to me and threw herself at me, threw her arms around my shoulders. They want so little from you! They just want you to be Doctor Who."

However, he's not confident that the Who world will last for him like it has done for some, who repeatedly come back for anniversary episodes and Big Finish audios. "Future-former Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi!" he cackles. "There's a whole world out there. [The Thick Of It creator] Armando Iannucci said to me, 'That's your future: the Galaxy Quest life.' So I'm very lucky to have that available to him, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, which may be sooner rather than later."

Capaldi has been riding the tide of affection for a while, but for Oliver it's still relatively new. She has been Osgood longer than he has been the Doctor, but since she's only appeared in two episodes so far, Oliver is delighted by the fan reaction to her character.

"I got sent an extraordinary picture from [US Doctor Who convention] Gallifrey One, because I was supposed to go, but I couldn't, and I got sent this picture of sort of Osgoods, and it was absolutely bizarre. One of them was a 60-year-old man cosplaying Osgood, and I thought that was brilliant. Clearly mass appeal. 60-year-old men who want to be a girl scientist. It's a good outfit. I think if I was cosplaying I'd go for that. "

Having joined for both 'The Day Of The Doctor' and 'Death In Heaven', Oliver is probably one of a very few people who have starred with four different Doctors. "It was genuinely one of the most exciting things," she says. "I don't know that that's going to be topped... The 50th Anniversary was insane, and I was very aware of how lucky I was while I was doing it. There was one point where the three Doctors burst out of a painting, and I think I said this at the time actually, at the 50th, so it was John Hurt, David Tennant and Matt Smith, and they sort of do that macho stride to the camera. There was a wind machine, and I just started almost laughing. I was like, 'Oh my god, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life,' and I almost didn't know what to do with that visual information, and so I completely ruined the take.

"And then Peter is insanely brilliant, absolutely, genuinely. I've learnt a lot. I watch him from the shadows, I lurk. He's amazing. That was so gushing! I talk to him and I'm like, 'Ahhhh!' All in character."

Doctor Who Series Nine is currently airing on BBC One.


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The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) A 19th Century silk waistcoat. frock coat and cravat with a pocket watch as a final touch.

The Leather Rambler The War Doctor (John Hurt) A neckerchief and lots of leather: leather jacket, leather gaiters, boots. Lots of brown too.

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The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) A leather jacket, a dark t-shirt and jeans worn with a devil-may-care attitude.

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Davros 22 eps

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Here's our definitive guide to the highest joys and lowest woes of being a Doctor Who Companion,,,,

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Dates as companion: 2005-10

Aliases: Bad Wolf

Occupation: Shop assistant

First and last full episode as companion: 'Rose: 'Doomsday'

Greatest highs: Saves London with gymnastics: prevents her father's death; stands up to Sycorax: becomes Bad Wolf; saves Earth

Worst lows: Gets stuck in another dimension

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Dates as companion: 2007-10

Aliases; The Girl Who Walked The Earth

Occupation: Physician

First and last full episode as companion: 'Smith And Jones: 'Last Of The Time Lords'

Greatest highs: Gets hit on by Shakespeare; defeats the Master

Worst lows: Almost all of 'Family Of Blood': travels the world on foot

Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Dates as companion: 2008-10

Aliases: The DoctorDonna

Occupation: Temp

First and last full episode as companion: 'Partners In Came', 'Journey's End'

Greatest highs: Saves the Adipose: stops the Shadow Proclamation: saves a family in Pompeii; DoctorDonna

Worst lows: The whole of 'Turn Left': has her memory wiped

Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

Dates as companion: 2010-12

Aliases: The Girl Who Waited

Occupation: Kissogram, model, journalist

First and last full episode as companion: 'The Eleventh Hour: 'The Angels Take Manhattan'

Greatest highs: Makes the Doctor fish fingers and custard; sacrifices herself for Rory to try and create a paradox

Worst lows: Gets sent back in time

Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill)

Dates as companion: 2010-12

Aliases: The Last Centurion

Occupation: Nurse

First and last full episode as companion: 'The impossible Astronaut: 'The Angels Take Manhattan'

Greatest highs: Protects Amy in the Pandorica for 2000 years: punches

Hitler in the face

Worst lows: Gets killed. A lot

Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)

Dates as companion: 2013-present

Aliases: The Impossible Girl

Occupation: Teacher

First full episode as companion: 'The Bells Of St John'

Greatest highs: Enters the timestream to save the Doctor's life; gives three Doctors a pep talk

Worst lows: Being turned into a Dalek: numerous failed souffle attempts: gets trapped in the internet; Danny's death

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