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Picture a stage set of a bleak, devastated planet (Skaro). A blue box materializes and in it is a tall man with curly hair. He wears a long coat and an absurdly long scarf. With him is a young, blonde woman and a robot dog.

These characters are Dr. Who, his assistant, Romana, both of whom are Time Lords, and their computer K-9. The blue box is the doctor's space-time ship — Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space).

Skaro is the home of the Daleks, a race of evil automatons, created by Davros Dr. Who and Romana are about to save the universe from destruction once again.

THIS IS just one episode, "Destiny of the Daleks," from "Dr. Who," a British fantasy-science fiction program seen each Sunday at 11 p.m. on Channel 11.

A group of Quad-Citians met recently to form a local chapter of the Dr. Who Fan Club.

Howard Frye, Davenport, was the organizer. He decided on to form the group because, he said, "We're kind of far away from anyone who has anything on Dr. Who.

"We have to go to Chicago or Des Moines to get most things. I decided to look in the area for people who were interested in Dr. Who and I found quite a few."

SEVENTEEN INTERESTED people made up the first meeting of the club.

"Earthbound Time Lords" was chosen for the group's name, and they have agreed to meet on alternate Thursdays. All members will also join the North American Dr. Who Appreciation Society (NADWAS) at a cost of $10.

Other topics discussed include the July Dr. Who convention in Chicago and the many promotional items available for sale.

Frye said his primary goal for initiating the group is "as a forum of discussion of the show." He hopes to write some articles or fiction to be submitted to a publisher. NADWAS now publishes a newsletter and there is a magazine, TARDIS, in addition to several club publications.

Quad-Citians interested in becoming a part of the Dr. Who club may sign up at Thinker's Emporium, 400 Block, Davenport, where Dr. Who merchandise is stocked, said Frye.

Caption: Howard Frye and a group of interested Quad-Citians have formed a local chapter of the Dr. Who Fan Club. Frye is shown with some of his collection of Dr. Who items, many of which are available in area shops. 'Earthbound Time Lords' is the name decided on for the local group.

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