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Reflections in My Kitchen Window

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I don't know why it is, but as the years go by, the Christmases not only get more and more frantic, but they seem to come closer together.

It seems like only yesterday that I was collapsing gratefully after underdecking our halls and stowing away all those ornaments, and here It la time to take everything out and start the deck. lag all over again.

What with shopping, mailing, addressing, stamping and all the rest, I haven't had a minute to make out what Marcy calla my "Want-for-Christmas" list, and judging from the way things look tight now, I may never get to it in time for this year's Yuletide.

But I do know for sure what I don't want, and I'd like to get the message across before I start hearing sleigh bells, and that pitter, patter of little feet on the roof turns out to be reindeer, and net just our cats again.


What I don't want for Christmas is a Dalek. And, in case you've never heard of one of the creatures, let me enlighten you. A Dalek, according to a newspaper story I've just finished reading is a kind of monster created for a children's television series, in England, called "Dr. Who." This program, it seems, is a space-time serial that has flickered along from planet to planet for years without causing much furor.

But suddenly, "Dr. Who" has become a household word, all because of a startling story of an invasion by the Daleks.

To be specific, a Dalek, is further described as "an armor-plated cone, topped by a sort of helmet, with death-ray antennae." Inside is what was once a human and is now a monster, so terribly revolting that it is never even shown on television.


Daleks come ready made in two sizes. One is battery-powered and wobbles across the floor, all the while emitting strange, moraine noises. The other available model is child-powered, tailored to fit the average eight-year-old. And, if you're the rugged type of individual who likes to do things for yourself, you can obtain detailed instructions for braiding your own Dalek from the British Broadcasting Corp.

What really curdles my blood, though, is the advertising pitch for the Dalek toys and outfits. It is simple, direct and to the point. It suggests: "Super fun: Disintegrate your Dad."

I am especially disturbed by the fact that all of those nice little English children, whom I have always regarded as rather sedate and well behaved, are going wild over Daleks.

Every moppet is pleading with Old St. Nick, or Father Christmas, or whoever it is that comes wriggling down dome amity English chimneys, to please, please bring him one of these repulsive monsters. Daleks, it seems, are going to be even more popular than the Beatles.

At the risk of being branded a spoil-sport and a wet blanket, I must confess I am fervently hoping that the Dalek fever will burn itself out in Merrie Olde England, without crossing the great Atlantic.

We are still recovering from the last invasion of the Beatles, and besides, I think the average American father has problems enough with his offspring these days, without having to worry about being disintegrated at any moment. And while I think of it, dear Old Santa, there is Something else I might mention. Another thing I don't want for Christmas is a Beatle.

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