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A long order1985-02-23Stevens Point Journal2019-08-09T23:28:24
Doctor Who Lost and Presumed Regenerated1984-11-01Program Guide (Wisconsin)2019-08-09T23:22:55
The Master, arch-enemy of Doctor Who2004-05-10The Independent2019-07-26T23:12:44
Here's Why Who's What's Happening1984-08-19St. Louis Post-Dispatch2019-07-26T23:05:16
Comic-Con an era of toxic fandom2018-07-24The Daily Advertiser2019-07-25T22:42:01
Doctor Who and the Creation of a Non-Gendered Hero Archetype2014-12-01Illinois State University thesis2019-07-25T22:36:42
John Barrowman in Naperville Oct. 312012-10-31Windy City Times2019-07-25T22:31:40
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series2011-11-30Windy City Times2019-07-25T22:29:32
Someone fetch me a doctor, my brain hurts2007-07-06Tribune (London)2019-07-25T22:25:34
Mistress of the universe2007-03-31The Daily Telegraph2019-07-25T22:23:10
Who Are You? (Out)2006-07-01Out2019-07-25T22:20:27
Armageddon Now2003-07-10London Review of Books2019-07-25T22:17:24
The doctor is still in2013-11-22St. Louis Post-Dispatch2019-07-25T03:50:00
Alehouse Rock2005-03-01New Humanist2019-07-25T03:38:02
BBC Takes 'Doctor Who' Online for Six-Week-Long Series2002-07-04New Media Age2019-07-25T03:29:33
British sci-fi series 'Doctor Who' makes return to TV in a movie1996-04-26Chicago Tribune2019-07-25T03:25:52
Tom Baker, who portrays Dr Who1984-08-17St. Louis Post-Dispatch2019-07-24T03:04:08
Trekkers Take Root At Shaw's Garden1984-01-12St. Louis Post-Dispatch2019-07-24T03:01:40
What a welcome move by the iconic time-travel adventure2018-07-23TV Guide2019-07-24T01:33:21
Young tune out as free licences for elderly cost BBC £200m2018-07-22The Sunday Times2019-07-24T01:30:28
I'll do it my way2018-07-21Radio Times2019-07-23T02:59:32
Doctor Ooooh! (The Sun)2018-07-21The Sun2019-07-23T02:13:22
I will be paid the same as Who, says Whittaker2018-07-20Metro (England)2019-07-23T02:10:42
Save us from the monks!2017-06-03What's on TV2019-07-23T02:09:35
About time!2018-07-20Entertainment Weekly2019-07-23T02:05:27
Old as the hills ... fresh as paint2017-04-15Ottawa Citizen
The Canadian Press
Nerd cave decor2015-04-22Springfield News-Sun
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Mind the Dalek: U.S. professor offers course in Doctor Who2014-11-11Ottawa Citizen2019-07-22T02:59:23
Doctor Who smart sci-fi2010-07-24Ottawa Citizen
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Mystery man returns2005-04-03Times Colonist
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Dr. Who's on first in sci-fi poll2003-01-02The Anniston Star2019-07-22T02:44:00
Fans of the doctor know who they're looking for1987-07-31Argus Leader2019-07-22T02:40:12
Who knew? (Postmedia News)2014-07-23Ottawa Citizen
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Actor saying fond farewell to iconic role2013-07-27Ottawa Citizen
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Time lord gets mojo back with new sidekick2013-03-29Ottawa Citizen
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New Doctor revives aging network2011-06-04Ottawa Citizen2019-07-20T19:57:42
Falling in love with Doctor Who2011-04-23Ottawa Citizen
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Doctor Who continues to amaze2010-04-17Ottawa Citizen
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Dr. Who fans get magazine, pen pals and upset by errors1990-04-21Ottawa Citizen2019-07-20T19:50:31
Doctor Who set to regenerate2009-08-05Ottawa Citizen
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Things fall apart on Torchwood as the series' current run burns out2008-10-24Ottawa Citizen2019-07-19T23:07:01
Doctor Who is many things, but dull isn't one of them2007-06-18Ottawa Citizen
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Doctor Who ends its season on a sober note2007-02-19Ottawa Citizen
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Doctor Who gets scary — well, sort of2007-02-05Ottawa Citizen
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The Cybermen clank back into business2006-11-20Ottawa Citizen2019-07-19T23:01:27
And now for a lampshade solo2018-07-18The Guardian2019-07-19T22:56:05
Wacky, witty new series should please Doctor Who fans2006-10-09Ottawa Citizen
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Producer created Avengers1997-11-01Ottawa Citizen2019-07-19T02:23:14
TVOntario cancels rest of Dr. Who1980-11-07Ottawa Citizen
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About Doctor Who1979-02-24Ottawa Citizen2019-07-19T02:11:32