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Yes, with Doctor Who about to burst back on to our screens - complete with cores of scary monsters and super aliens.

The show is back tomorrow night, with Christopher Eccleston, 41, bringing a sexy new twist to the role of the Timelord.

But are you ready for the TV event of the year? And do you know your Daleks from your doctors?

Now is the time to find out with our out-of-this-world quiz -bout the show - past, present and future.

Test yourself against our 42 tricky teasers, one for each year since Dr Who began, and then see if you're a winner or loser in the time ravel stakes...

1. Which of these TV babes is playing Rose Tyler, the Doctor's sexy sidekick?

A. Billie Piper

B. Cat Deeley

C. Jordan

2. The Doctor is the master of time travel. But in which of these years did he start his adventures?

A. 1863

B. 1963

C. 1983

3. The TARDIS was the name of the time travelling machine used by Doctor Who. But what did the initials stand for?

A. Tin And Rubber Device In Space

B. Time And Relative Demented In Space

C. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

4. What did the TARDIS appear to be from the outside?

A. A police box

B. A horse box

C. A lunch box

5. What was unique about the relationship between Tom Baker and his companion, actress Lalla Ward?

A. They got married in real life

B They were brother and sister in real life

C. They refused to speak to each other on set

6. What do the Autons disguise themselves as in the new series?

A. Wheelie bins

B. Belisha beacons

C. Bananas

7. Which of these people has NOT played Doctor Who?

A. Tom Baker

B. Colin Baker

C. Kenneth Baker

8. What's different about the Daleks this time round?

A. They speak in a Geordie accent

B. They can fly

C. They can go under water

9. What was the name of Doctor Who's robot dog sidekick?

A. R2-D2

B. K-9

C. Metal Mickey

10. What is Doctor Who able to do if he dies?

A. Refrigerate

B. Regenerate

C. Resuscitate

11. Which incarnation of the Doctor is Christopher Eccleston?

A. Eighth

B. Ninth

C. Tenth

12. What were the Daleks powered by?

A. Sunlight

B. Mains electricity

C. Static electricity

13. Who was the first actor to play Doctor Who?

A. Patrick Troughton

B. William Hartnell

C. Jon Pertwee

14. What was the name of the silvery foes who first appeared in the show in 1966?

A. Cybermen

B. Cyberbabes

C. Cybernauts

15. In what shape was the umbrella carried by Sylvester McCoy's. the eighth doctor?

A. Question mark

B. Exclamation mark

C. An asterisk

16. What is the name of Doctor Who's device used for opening doors and killing monsters?

A. Sonic screwdriver

B. Sonic boom

C. Sonic hedgehog

17. What was the name of the evil creator of the Daleks?

A. The Master

B. Davros

C. Doris

18. Which planet was Doctor Who from?

A. Earth

B. Mondas

C. Gallifrey

19. What item of clothing did Tom Baker's Doctor become famous for?

A. Multi-coloured socks

B. Multi-coloured scarfs

C. Multi-coloured ties

20. What instrument did the second Doctor play?

A. A recorder

B. A bassoon

C. A harmonica

21. In which city did the new Doctor Who have its premiere?

A. Cardiff

B. Manchester

C. Newcastle

22. Why was the first ever episode of Doctor Who in 1963 delayed?

A. It was stolen

B. It got lost

C. The assassination of President Kennedy

23. Where had Doctor Who's old foes the Zygons been hiding out before they attacked?

A. Loch Ness

B. The River Thames

C. Antarctica

24. What was the name of the yellow classic car once driven by Doctor Who?

A. Rosie

B. Bessie

C. Romana

25. What was unique about the actress Katy Manning, who played Doctor Who's companion Jo Grant?

A. She was actually a man

B. She showed her boobs on set

C. She posed naked with a Dalek for a magazine

26. Dr Who became famous for its cheap special effects. In an episode called The Green Death what were the villainous giant maggots made of?

A. Inflated condoms

B. Washing up liquid bottles

C. Painted duvets

27. When was the last Doctor Who series regularly on our TVs?

A. 1988

B. 1989

C. 1990

28. Seven EastEnders actors have appeared in Doctor Who. Which of these three, who all starred in the show, played a slave to the villain Davros?

A. Leslie Grantham

B. Lucy Benjamin

C. Mike Reid

29. Which of these Monty Python stars once had a cameo in the show as an art dealer?

A. Michael Palin

B. John Cleese

C. Eric Idle

30. What is unusual about the Doctor's body?

A. He has two hearts

B. He has three legs

C. He has four brains

31. Which sci-fi show did Christopher Eccleston prefer to Doctor Who as a kid?

A. Star Trek

B. Battlestar Galactica

C. Blakes 7

32. What is the name of the new BBC chairman who was responsible for cancelling the show's first run?

A. Michael Grade

B. Greg Dyke

C. Tony Blair

33. Where does writer Russell T Davies say he still wants kids to hide?

A. In a cupboard

B. Under the stairs

C. Behind the sofa

34. Which comedian played Doctor Who in a 1999 Comic Relief spoof called The Curse of Fatal Death?

A. David Walliams

B. Rowan Atkinson

C. Jim Bowen

35. How many incarnations of Doctor Who are there allowed to be in total?

A. 9

B. 12

C. Infinite

36. Jon Pertwee, the third doctor, was also famous for his role in which of these shows?

A. All Creatures Great and Small

B. Worzel Gummidge

C. Dempsey and Makepeace

37. Child star and stage actress Bonnie Langford played one of the Doctor's companions. But what was her name?

A. Melanie

B. Ace

C. Peri

38. Who played Doctor Who in a spin-off US film version in 1996?

A. Stephen McGann

B. Paul McGann

C. Mark McGann

39. In which sport was the fifth doctor, played by Peter Davison, an expert?

A. Rugby

B. Cricket

C. Surfing

40. Why did the Sea Devils and Alpha Centauri from the 1972 series cause controversy?

A. They were too frightening

B. They were too nice

C. They were originally naked

41. What is the famous Dalek war cry?

A. Exterminate!

B. Eliminate!

C. Exfoliate!

42. There is a Doctor Who monster for every letter of the alphabet. Which one of these have we made up?

A. Garglebusters

B. Slitheens

C. Moxx of Balhoon

Who did you do?


1) A 2) B 3) C 4) A 5)A 6)A 7)C 8)8 9)8 10)B 11)8 12)C 13)13 14)A 15) A 16)A 17)B 18)C 19)B 20)A 21)A 22)C 23)A 24)B 25)C 26)A 27)B 28)A 29)B 30)A 31)A 32)A 33)C 34)8 35)B 36)B 37)A 38)B 39)8 40)C 41)A 42)A


10-15 DOCTOR WHO ARE YA? You're as daft as a Dalek and should be as sick as a cyberman. You better regenerate and try the quiz again.

16-30 SOFA SO GOOD Three chairs for your Doctor Who knowledge. But you obviously spent a bit too much time behind that sofa as a kid.

31-42 TIMELORD OF TRIVIA You really know your Chumblies from your Sontarans - a truly monster performance. Call the BBC. you could be the next incarnation of the Doctor...

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