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Who's "It" in Brookfield

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I would like to tell you why at your last telethon a lot of people did not call in during Doctor Who. That night Doctor Who was on so late that no one watched it. I want to tell you something else. Kids like watching Doctor Who but it is on pretty late. Kids sometimes have soccer in the morning and play all day and are tired by the time Doctor Who comes on. Also, you should make commercials for Doctor Who like the ones for Nova.

J. D.

Brookfield, WI

I was watching a telethon on Channel 10 and you said you were taking off Doctor Who. Well I want to tell you that me and my friends only watch Channel 10 for Doctor Who and when you take it off you will be losing a lot of watchers.

M. S.

Brookfield, WI

I'm a Doctor Who fan and I thought I heard that Doctor Who was going off Channel 10 next year. I think that the reason you are taking it off is because you are not getting the viewing audience. Here's a way to get a bigger audience. You can do that by putting it on earlier. Also, you should put on Peter Davison then start over with Tom Baker and if you get complaints for that you should put on about 25 movies of Jon Pertwee. I have asked many people about this plan. I set up a booth at a neighbor's rummage and took a poll-205 people said it is a nice plan, 16 said it is not. Please give this plan a chance. I tell anyone I know who doesn't know about Doctor Who to watch it.

J. M.

Brookfield, WI

Well, it seems that the good Doctor has some very devoted and concerned fans in the city of Brookfield. You needn't worry, however. "Doctor Who" will return—this time in the guise of former 'All Creatures Great and Small" star Peter Davison. The first episode airs November 3 at 8pm.


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