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  • Publication: The Sun
  • Date: 1979-05-05
  • Author: Chris Kenworthy
  • Page: 11
  • Language: English

The Doctor's a wow in Paris

DR WHO made it as a big noise in Paris this week. On his first visit there, television's top time traveller tripped the burglar alarm in a museum of modern art and put the fear of the Time Lords up the gendarmes.

It happened while a BBC unit was filming Dr Who on location in France for the first time.

Tom Baker, the BBC's Dr Who for the last four years, accidently set off the alarm during a chase sequence filmed in the Boulevard St. Germain on the French capital's left Bank.

Baker, 46, rushed up to the art gallery and rattled the doors. But because it was a public holiday, the gallery was closed —and the alarm went off.

Without even the' benefit of the Tardis, the cast, crew and cameras vanished without trace before the authorities could arrive.

BBC audiences will see the incident when the series starts again in September.

Baker and the new Dr Who girl, 28-year-old Lalla Ward, made a big hit on their first official visit to France.


"It is something of a novelty to be able to walk down the street without everybody stopping you," said Baker, resting his tired feet at his hotel later.

They might not have stopped him. But they certainly noticed him.

Even on May Day, with parades jamming the traffic, Parisians took time out to stare at the six-footer in the floppy hat, frock coat and eight-foot scarf.

Baker started life in a poor family in Liverpool.

He says: " My mother was very religious. At one time I even tried to become a monk."

He finished up acting one instead, as Rasputin in the film Nicholas And Alexandra.


Now Dr Who occupies his life totally — but it does sometimes tax his sense of humour.

"Aren't you Dr Who?" a man asked him in his Soho local the other day. "I love Blake's Seven. What are you drinking ?"

"A gin and tonic and thank you very much," said Baker, only slightly hurt.

"Oh, I'm not buying you a drink," said the man. "I was just interested."

It takes patience to be a Time Lord.

Caption: Paris in the spring ... but it lined up a wet welcome for Dr Who (Tom Baker) on his first visit this week.

Filming in France ... the Doctor and new Who girl Lalla Ward. Picture : PHIL FOSTER

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