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Yoo-Hoo! It's the New Dr Who Girl

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WHO is going to replace Katy Manning on the jaunts through outer space with Doctor so Who? That's the question that's a been on the lips of TV fans for quite a while.

Wonder no more— for Diana reveals all!

Elisabeth Sladen is the lucky young lady's name and she'll be taking the role of Sarah Jane Smith.

She's a journalist— and very new to the game. To start with there's some friction between Sarah and the Doctor, because she asks so many questions. But they get on all right eventually," explains Liz.

Born in Liverpool — where her parents still live— her first introduction to show business came when she was just a few years old.

"None of my family was in show business, but I enjoyed dancing so my parents let me go to dancing classes on Saturdays. There was also a drama school attached, but I wasn't interested in acting then."

But a few years later Liz changed her mind.

"By the time I was 14 I'd given up any ideas of becoming a professional dancer— it was too much hard work. So I switched to the drama classes instead.

"Then when I left school, I just continued there as a full-time drama student.

"Funnily enough, it didn't even occur to me to try a drama school in London.

"The course I was on was supposed to last three years— but after two I left."


"I managed to find a job— as assistant stage manager at the Liverpool Playhouse, which is the local rep."

MORE theatre work soon came for the very talented young lady, including three seasons at the Library Theatre in Manchester—"which," says Elisabeth, "is a nice place to work"—and a few summer seasons around Britain.

Soon after came Liz's very first television appearance— as Len Fairclough's new girlfriend in "Coronation Street."

"I was in that for a whole six episodes!"

Then Liz decided to give London a try and landed some plum roles on the West End stage.

And of course, the TV side of things was still on the move and in no time at all Liz had appeared in such top programmes as "Z Cars," "Doomwatch," "Special Branch," "Public Eye," and "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em."

Then Katy Manning decided to leave the "Dr Who" series— so of course a new girl was needed. So how did Elisabeth manage to land the part?

"The 'Dr Who' producer was looking for suitable girls for the part. One day he was talking to another producer of one of the shows I had appeared in—and he suggested me! It was very lucky really."

Although the series doesn't begin transmission until December, Liz actually began filming in September.

"We're doing 26 episodes and they'll go right through till May."

What sort of things does Liz do in her spare time?

"Well, I don't really have' any hobbies, but I do enjoy things like decorating. I painted several of the rooms in my flat. Once I start something I like to see it finished.

"I also like growing flowers—there's a lovely garden outside but I'm not allowed to touch it, so I have to make do with indoor plants."

Elisabeth does have another interest too.

"I'm an Elvis fan. I've liked him ever since I was little. I've got lots of his records and I've seen nearly all his films— I've even seen some of them more than once!

"When I was in the USA a while ago I was lucky enough to see Elvis's home in Hollywood— only from the outside though.

"And if I'd had enough time I could actually have gone to see Elvis on stage in Las Vegas..I was so disappointed when I couldn't."

Well, if Elvis ever needs a co-star for one of his movies. I'm sure we all know who to suggest, don't we?

Caption: Len Fairclough's Girlfriend

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