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An open letter to WQED

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Many years ago, my wife and I used to pledge to WQEX-TV. We loved to watch "Dr. Who," "EastEnders" and other good British programs. We would pledge generously and WQEX would play the programs. It was a nice arrangement, and I was happy to support the concept of public TV and unique and diverse programming.

Imagine my surprise when last year WQED began running "Dr. Who." It was great to see this old classic come back. Then I began to notice a pattern. "Dr. Who" would be on during pledge drives with many warnings about what would happen to the series if nobody pledged. Then next week, "Dr. Who" wouldn't be on because of some "special." This happens again and again and, frankly it's hard for me to commit to a pledge when WQED can't commit to a programming schedule.

Please consider this in the future: If you want my pledge, use the formula 'QEX had in the past -- when you schedule a program, play it at that time every week, not just when the mood strikes you. When you can become a consistent programmer, I can become a consistent member.


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