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Unforgettable - actor Arthur Hewlett

My first experience of Arthur Hewlett was hearing peals of laughter coming from an adjoining room in digs in Leeds. The cause, according to his wife, was that Arthur had forgotten to pack his pills. I could hardly have guessed that there would be 30 more years of laughter and absentmindedness.

Arthur was one who never remembered a face. It was advisable to say who you were and why, if you came on him unexpectedly. Though there was one afternoon when a vaguely familiar face smiled at him. Arthur was so pleased, he said: "Hello - haven't seen you for a long time. When was it we last met?" "This morning," the face replied. "I'm your director."

He began his career in 1930 at Plymouth Rep and completed it in his 89th year in New York, having been flown there to film a commercial written specially for him.

During the thirties, he appeared with various companies, including the Malvem Festival Theatre, where he had the rare experience of being rehearsed by George Bemard Shaw himself.

On the day war broke out, having been appalled at the outcome of the Munich crisis, he presented himself at a recruiting office, only to be told that he would be much more use to the local rep.

However, he eventually joined the Devon Regiment and served with distinction in North Africa and Italy, and was mentioned in despatches. There was one occasion of pleasure when he was selected to escort King George VI on one of his visits to the troops.

Arthur was a great patriot. Latterly, he held an enduring admiration for Margaret Thatcher. Not for him the trendy scorn. He was her cavalier to the last.

In 1949, he returned to Malvem, where he was in the original production of Buoyant Billions and went with it to the West End.

Thereafter, he seldom stopped working in the theatre, television and films. His versatility was immense, he ranged from Pinter to William Douglas Home, from Doctor Who to Shakespeare.

He had a gloriously happy marriage to Margaret Denyer. and a great many friends, who loved him dearly. He may not quite remember us, but we shall never forget him.

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