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Roger Delgado killed in car crashLondon Evening Standard1973-06-19
Actor killedThe Guardian1973-06-20
The Master killedDaily Express1973-06-20
Dr. Who star killed in crashThe Daily Telegraph1973-06-20
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times)The Times1973-06-20
Dr Who's enemy dies in crashThe Mirror1973-06-20
Roger Delgado (Variety)Variety1973-06-27
Roger Delgado obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1973-06-28
Roger Delgado (letter)The Stage and Television Today1973-07-12
Final roleThe Herald1974-05-03
The first Dr Who dies at 67London Evening Standard1975-04-24
TV's First 'Dr Who' DiesCoventry Evening Telegraph1975-04-24
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press)Associated Press
The New York Times
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Washington Post
TV's First Dr. Who Dies Aged 67Liverpool Echo1975-04-24
First Dr. Who diesThe Newcastle Journal1975-04-25
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 millionDaily Express1975-04-25
Deaths ElsewhereAkron Beacon Journal1975-04-25
Original 'Dr Who' DiesThe Canberra Times1975-04-25
Mr William HartnellThe Times1975-04-25
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian)The Guardian1975-04-25
The original Dr. Who dies at 67The Daily Telegraph1975-04-25
Actor William Hartnell dies at 67The Herald1975-04-25
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, diesThe Mirror1975-04-25
William Hartnell obituary (Variety)Variety1975-04-30
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today)The Stage and Television Today1975-05-01
Kevin Lindsay obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1975-05-08
David Ellis obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1978-07-13
Mr Brian HaylesThe Times1978-10-31
Brian Hayles obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1978-10-31
Brian Hayles obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1978-11-02
Malcolm Hulke obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1979-07-12
David Whitaker obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1980-02-14
Hit composer Ron is deadThe Sun1981-02-23
Ron Grainer obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1981-02-26
Sudden death of Dr DoomDaily Express1981-05-28
Creator of TV 'Doomwatch' dies at 53The Daily Telegraph1981-05-28
Latest willsThe Times1981-06-02
Latest wills (1981-08-15)The Times1981-08-15
Peter GlazeThe Daily Telegraph1983-02-22
TV's Mrs Poo dies at 77The Mirror1983-06-24
Daphne HeardVariety1983-07-29
Douglas CamfieldThe Stage and Television Today1984-02-09
Richard Hurndall obituaryThe Daily Telegraph1984-04-14
Richard HurndallThe Times1984-04-16
Valentine DyallThe Times1985-06-26
Miss Daphne HeardThe Times1986-06-24
Dennis SpoonerVariety1986-10-01
Dennis Spooner obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1986-10-02
Ian Marter, 1986Comics Buyer's Guide1986-11-21
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 67Associated Press
The New York Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Daily Register (New Jersey)
Chicago Tribune
Time Has Run Out for Dr Who PatrickNews of the World1987-03-29
Doctor Who deadThe Sunday Mirror1987-03-29
Dr. Who Star Troughton Dies in CityColumbus Ledger-Enquirer1987-03-29
Dr Who's last journeyToday1987-03-30
Mr Patrick TroughtonThe Times1987-03-30
A time lord diesWestern Mail1987-03-30
Dr Who Troughton diesSunday Express1987-03-30
Lost time lordThe Guardian1987-03-30
Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1987-03-30
Former star of Dr. Who dies in hotelEdmonton Journal
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
The Oklahoman
Patrick Troughton obituary (Variety)Variety1987-04-01
Ian Marter 1943-1986Starlog1987-04-07
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today)The Stage and Television Today1987-04-09
Pat Troughton 1987Comics Buyer's Guide1987-04-24
Second Doctor Who DiesProgram Guide (Wisconsin)1987-05-01
Patrick George TroughtonScience Fiction Chronicle1987-05-01
A pioneer at WTTW - Ed Morris blazed trails in local TVChicago Sun-Times1987-05-20
Patrick Troughton obituaryScene 2 and 171987-06-01
Memorial Scholarship for Second Dr. WhoPatterns1987-06-01
Patrick Troughton 1920-1987Starlog1987-06-02
Gerald FloodVariety1989-03-07
McBain dies at height of TV careerThe Herald1989-04-27
Kenny McBainThe Times1989-04-29
Kenneth McBainVariety1989-05-17
Colbourne's wayRadio Times1989-08-26
Modelmaker diesThe Times1990-12-22
Creator of DaleksUxbridge and West Drayton Gazette1991-01-02
Gerald Blake obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1991-04-25
Milton Subotsky (Variety)Variety1991-07-08
Milton Subotsky (The Times)The Times1991-07-20
Milton SubotskyScience Fiction Chronicle1991-09-01
Lloyd's tributeThe Stage and Television Today1991-09-05
Alan WheatleyVariety1991-09-09
Gerry DavisVariety1991-09-16
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Times)The Times1993-02-24
Jacqueline Hill obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1993-03-04
Jacqueline Hill obituary (Variety)Variety1993-03-15
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1993-08-23
Bernard Martin obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
Eileen Way obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1994-06-30
Peter Cushing, gaunt star of classical, horror filmsAssociated Press
Chicago Tribune
Hammer horror king Cushing dies of cancerIrish Independent1994-08-12
Peter Cushing obituaryVariety1994-08-15
Roy CastleThe Times1994-09-03
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world'The Daily Telegraph1994-09-23
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluseThe Guardian1994-09-23
Dalek designer 'wasted away'The Stage and Television Today1994-09-29
Peter Cushing 1913-1994Starlog1994-10-04
John J CarneyThe Stage and Television Today1995-03-16
Gordon Flemyng obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1995-08-10
Dursley McLinden obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1995-11-02
Preston Lockwood obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1996-05-09
Jon Pertwee obituaryAssociated Press
Toronto Sun
Dr Who actor Pertwee diesAgence France Presse1996-05-20
Heart attack kills dandy Doctor WhoLondon Evening Standard1996-05-20
Time Lords Mourn Jon PertweePress Association
The Irish Times
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Independent)The Independent1996-05-21
The world of Dr Who mourns Jon PertweeThe Daily Telegraph1996-05-21
A Doctor For All TimeThe Guardian1996-05-21
Tributes pour in for Dr Who starThe Press and Journal1996-05-21
Time runs out for a veteran Time LordDaily Express1996-05-21
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of allThe Herald1996-05-21
The true eccentric who was born to be Dr WhoThe Daily Telegraph1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee, British actorThe Washington Post1996-05-21
Dr Who star dies of heart attackIrish Independent1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Times)The Times1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (Daily Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1996-05-21
Ex-Time Lord who turned into Worzel Gummidge dies on holiday aged 76The Guardian1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today1996-05-23
Lives Lived: Jon PertweeThe Globe and Mail1996-05-24
Why I Won't Be At Jon's Funeral - Jean MarshPress Association1996-05-28
Doctor with the PR touchThe Stage and Television Today1996-05-30
Private burial for Jon PertweeThe Courier & Advertiser1996-05-30
Pertwee is buriedAberdeen Evening Express1996-05-30
Jon Pertwee (Radio Times)Radio Times1996-06-01
Time Lord ImmemorialWho Weekly1996-06-03
Jon Pertwee 1919-1996Starlog1996-07-02
Jon Pertwee (Variety)Variety1996-07-22
Writer who made the Daleks a monster hitDaily Mail1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1997-03-12
Mr Dalek DiesThe Mirror1997-03-12
Terry Nation obituary (The Times)The Times1997-03-13
The man who invented the DaleksThe Guardian
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Age
Terry Nation obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-03-20
Arthur Hewlett obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-03-27
Julia Smith obituaryAssociated Press
The Sacramento Bee
South Bend Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Don Henderson obituaryThe Times1997-06-28
Leonard Maguire obituary (The Times)The Times1997-09-29
Leonard Maguire obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-10-09
Paul Bernard obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1997-10-16
Paul Bernard obituary (The Times)The Times1997-10-20
Sydney Newman obituaryThe Times1997-11-01
Producer created AvengersOttawa Citizen1997-11-01
Kenneth Wilson obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-08-13
Carl Forgione obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-10-15
Michael Craze obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-12-24
Michael Craze, 56 - December 7, 1998Classic Images1999-02-01
Roger Avon obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-02-11
Bryan Mosley obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-02-25
John Wiles obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-06-17
David McGillivray obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-07-29
Declan Mulholland, 67 - June 29, 1999Classic Images1999-10-01
Noel Johnson, 83 - October 1, 1999Classic Images1999-12-01
Peter Jeffrey obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-01-06
Donald CottonNational Post2000-01-28
Kenneth WallerThe Times2000-02-02
Kenneth Waller obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-02-17
Reginald Jessup obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-02-24
Hilary Minster obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-06-22
Aubrey Richards obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-06-29
David Neal obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-08-10
Lawrence Davidson obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-10-26
Daphne Dare obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-11-16
Robert RobertsonThe Stage and Television Today2001-01-25
Norman MitchellThe Times2001-04-28
Douglas Adams obituary (The Times)The Times2001-05-14
Jack Watling obituaryThe Times2001-05-24
Timelord, hear our prayerThe Stage and Television Today2001-06-07
Delia Derbyshire: Pioneer of electronic music who produced the distinctive sound of Dr WhoThe Guardian2001-07-07
Delia DerbyshireThe Times2001-07-23
Delia Derbyshire (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2001-07-26
Douglas Adams obituaryScience Fiction Chronicle2001-08-01
Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001)Computer Music Journal2001-11-15
Mary Whitehouse obituaryThe Times2001-11-24
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse diesThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Mary WhitehouseThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Mary the tireless TV protester dies age 91Daily Express2001-11-24
Edward Evans obituaryThe Times2002-01-12
Donald Wilson obituaryThe Times2002-04-25
John Nathan-TurnerThe Times2002-05-07
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the showThe Daily Telegraph2002-05-07
John Nathan-Turner obituaryThe Guardian2002-05-11
Bernard Wilkie obituaryThe Guardian2002-06-03
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The DoctorDaily Express2002-06-03
Gerald CampionThe Times2002-07-11
Gerald Campion (Sunday Independent)Sunday Independent2002-07-21
Gerald Campion (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2002-07-25
Carmen Silvera obituaryThe Times2002-08-05
Carmen SilveraVariety2002-08-19
What the Doctor orderedThe Stage and Television Today2002-10-17
Denys Fisher obituaryThe Times2002-10-26
Radio pioneer led the way for West IndiansDaily Express2002-11-13
Daphne Oram obituaryThe Times2003-01-24
Laying the track for a new soundDaily Express2003-02-13
Peter RussellThe Stage and Television Today2003-09-25
Bill Strutton obituaryThe Times2003-12-04
Gordon ReidThe Times2003-12-15
Alfred Lynch obituaryThe Times2003-12-20
Brian McDermottThe Stage and Television Today2004-01-03
Bill Strutton obituary (The Stage)The Stage and Television Today2004-01-08
Alfred LynchThe Stage and Television Today2004-01-15
Russell Hunter obituaryThe Times2004-03-01
Bill StruttonScience Fiction Chronicle2004-04-01
The Master, arch-enemy of Doctor WhoThe Independent2004-05-10
Anthony Ainley obituaryThe Guardian2004-05-15
Frederick Jaeger obituaryThe Guardian2004-09-08
Geoffrey TooneSunday Independent2005-06-12
Michael Sheard obituaryThe Guardian2005-09-13
Bob SlomanThe Times2005-12-12
Richard MayesThe Times2006-11-22
RJ BellThe Stage and Television Today2006-11-30
Gareth HuntThe Times2007-03-15
Obituary of Dave MartinThe Daily Telegraph2007-04-17
Dave MartinClassic Images2007-07-01
Gordon GostelowThe Times2007-07-02
John NormingtonThe Times2007-08-22
Obituary of Verity LambertThe Daily Telegraph2007-11-24
Peter HainingThe Times2008-01-05
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónicaAgencia EFE, S.A.2008-04-28
Tristram CaryGoldmine2008-06-06
Elizabeth SpriggsThe Times2008-07-07
Veteran Mr Dalek dies at 82Daily Express2009-01-23
Doctor Who's chief Dalek dies aged 82London Evening Standard2009-01-23
John Scott MartinThe Times2009-01-24
El actor australiano Ray Barrett murió a los 82 añosAgencia EFE, S.A.2009-09-08
Ray Barrett obituaryThe Times2009-09-21
Barry Letts (The Herald)The Herald2009-10-16
Barry Letts (The Times)The Times2009-10-26
Barry Letts obituaryThe Independent2009-10-30
Obituary of Barry LettsThe Daily Telegraph2009-11-04
Louis MarksThe Times2010-09-25
Graham CrowdenThe Times2010-10-21
Geoffrey BurgonGoldmine2010-10-22
Mervyn Haisman obituaryThe Guardian2010-12-10
Nicholas Courtney obituaryThe Guardian2011-02-24
Farewell to the Doctor's Loyal FriendThe Mirror2011-02-24
The brigadier 'most loved' by Dr Who fansWestern Daily Press2011-02-24
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81The Herald2011-02-24
Actor who starred opposite five Doctor Whos as Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartThe Daily Telegraph2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald)The Herald2011-02-26
Actor known for his long-running role as the Brigadier in Doctor WhoThe Independent2011-02-26
Timeless appeal of Who's BrigadierSunday Express2011-02-27
Batman's 'butler' Michael Gough dies at 94Associated Press
The News Journal
Michael Gough obituaryThe Guardian2011-03-18
Elisabeth Sladen obituaryThe Guardian2011-04-11
Doctor Who Star Sladen Dies Aged 63Press Association2011-04-20
Doctor Who star Elisabeth Sladen diesAssociated Press
The Palm Beach Post
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Boston Globe
The Newark Advocate
Tallahassee Democrat
Longview News-Journal
Statesman Journal
Lancaster Eagle-Gazette
Coshocton Tribune
Republican and Herald
The Progress-Index
The Bismark Tribune
The Journal and Courier
The La Crosse Tribune
The Daily Sentinel
Kenosha News
Herald and Review
Fry And Barrowman Pay Tribute To SladenWorld Entertainment News Network2011-04-20
Death of actress who played Sarah Jane to the DoctorThe Times2011-04-20
Doctor Who Favourite Elisabeth Dies Aged 63The Mirror2011-04-20
Tributes to Doctor Who time travel legendLiverpool Echo2011-04-20
Doctor Who's most famous companion diesThe Northern Echo2011-04-20
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer FightDaily Record2011-04-20
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Times)The Times2011-04-21
Elisabeth Sladen obituary (The Washington Post)The Washington Post2011-04-22
Dr Who's favourite assistantDaily Express2011-04-23
Elisabeth Sladen, 63, of 'Doctor Who'The New York Times2011-04-28
Elisabeth Sladen 1948-2011Radio Times2011-04-30
Farewell, Sarah JaneThe Spectator2011-05-07
Roy Skelton obituaryThe Guardian2011-07-08
Doctor Who tribute marks death of Brigadier actorThe Guardian2011-10-01
Mum & I were so closeRadio Times2011-10-01
Jenny TomasinThe Times2012-01-23
Peter HallidayThe Times2012-05-23
Caroline John obituaryThe Guardian2012-06-21
Mary Tamm obituaryThe Guardian2012-07-27
Husband of TV actress dies hours after her funeralThe Times2012-08-10
Bernard Horsfall obituaryThe Herald2013-02-02
Death of Daleks' designerSunday Express2013-02-24
Ray CusickThe Times2013-02-25
Raymond Cusick obituaryThe Guardian2013-02-25
Designer who brought the Daleks to lifeDaily Express2013-03-02
Ray Cusick obituaryThe Economist2013-03-02
From chimney pot to Daleks; Dr. Who designer said to have been inspired by school roof lineEdmonton Journal2013-03-04
Roger Lloyd Pack obituaryThe Times2014-01-17
Christopher Barry obituary (The Herald)The Herald2014-02-17
Christopher Barry obituaryThe Scotsman2014-02-18
Christopher Barry obituary (The Independent)The Independent2014-02-19
Christopher Barry obituary (The Guardian)The Guardian2014-03-21
Tributes as Dynasty star Kate O'Mara dies aged 74Daily Express2014-03-31
British-born actress delighted in Dynasty, Doctor WhoThe Vancouver Sun2014-03-31
Derek Martinus obituaryThe Guardian2014-04-03
Kate O'Mara obituary (Variety)Variety2014-04-08
Nigel TerryVariety2015-05-12
Ken EarlThe Times2015-10-16
Scots creator of TV sleuth Bergerac diesThe Herald2016-01-16
Ken GrieveThe Guardian2017-01-05
He had a range, and a thirst, that few could matchThe Sunday Times2017-01-29
Geoffrey BayldonThe Guardian
The Sunday Times
Peter SallisThe Times2017-06-06
Doctor's sidekick tragedyThe Sun2017-07-22
Deborah WatlingThe Times2017-07-26
Deborah Watling (The Sunday Times)The Sunday Times2017-07-30
Hywel BennettThe Times2017-08-05
Paddy RussellThe Guardian2017-11-16
Dudley SimpsonThe Times2017-11-17
Leslie GranthamThe Times2018-06-16
Jacqueline PearceThe Times2018-09-20
Michael PickwoadThe Guardian2018-10-09
Zienia MertonThe Guardian2018-10-13
Last Words: Derrick SherwinThe Sunday Times2018-11-04
Derrick SherwinThe Guardian2018-11-08
Derrick Sherwin (The Times)The Times2018-12-06
Dame June WhitfieldThe Times2018-12-31
Bill SellarsThe Times2019-01-15
Clive SwiftThe Times2019-02-05
Max ArthurThe Times2019-05-23
Paul DarrowThe Times2019-06-10
Royce MillsThe Times2019-06-13
Stephen ThorneThe Times2019-07-03
Stephen Thorne (The Guardian)The Guardian2019-07-20
Terrance Dicks, longtime Doctor Who writer, dies at 84The Guardian2019-09-03
Terrance Dicks obituaryThe Guardian2019-09-04
Terrance Dicks (The Times)The Times2019-10-07
Jeremy Bulloch, 1945-2020Associated Press
The Wichita Eagle
Jackie LaneThe Times2021-06-28
Damaris HaymanThe Times2021-07-05
John ChallisThe Times2021-09-20
Tony SelbyThe Times2021-09-21
Clifford RoseThe Times2021-11-11
Henry WoolfThe Times2021-11-24

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