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New Dr Who plays it straight1970-01-03 Daily Sketch.jpg
Spearhead from Space, part 11970-01-03 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Dr Who is alive and well1970-01-19 Reading Evening Post.jpg
It's dimensionally transcendental1970-01-24 Newcastle Journal.jpg
The vintage nightmare1970-01-26 Daily Mirror.jpg
Two Edwardian chassis1970-01-29 Radio Times.jpg
Fine display of craftsmanship1970-02-05 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Family viewing1970-02-23 Telegraph.jpg
Sounds Incredible - 11970-04-15 Practical Electronics.pdf
Look Who has come back ..1970-04-27 Daily Mirror.jpg
Next stop the Sahara for the amazing Dr. Who1970-05-07 Acton Gazette.jpg
Sounds Incredible - 21970-05-15 Practical Electronics.pdf
Helping hand for 'Tardis'1970-05-15 Kensington Post.jpg
Brainless Biomims: A threat to Man?1970-05-17 Amarillo Globe Times.jpg
Toy risk: Commons question1970-05-25 Guardian.jpg
Dr. Who sets-- 'not Ministry's fault'1970-05-25 Birmingham Post.jpg
MP Attacks 'Dr Who' Kits1970-05-25 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Danger check on toy Dr Who kits1970-05-25 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Dr. Who Goes to the Rif Mountains1970-06-05 Times.jpg
Who's the Joker in the cloak!1970-06-06 Daily Mirror.jpg
Children met their number one hero at school fete1970-06-19 Bucks Examiner.jpg
The Man from Uncool1970-07-16 Times.jpg
Dr Who back next year1970-07-23 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dial a tune1970-09-03 Guardian.jpg
Kenneth Baily's Big Name Column1971-01-03 People.jpg
The considerable fund of popularity1971-01-04 Birmingham Post.jpg
Actress Susan Jameson was to have started work this month1971-02-03 Daily Express.jpg
Sight and sound1971-02-07 Telegraph.jpg
Quizword1971-02-19 Daily Mirror.jpg
A Look-in guide to your TV favourites1971-02-20 Look-in.jpg
Dr Who still going strong on well-balanced format1971-03-04 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Patricia Gordino is blonde, beautiful and has green eyes1971-03-13 Daily Mirror.jpg
It's Mum who loves monsters, says Jon1971-03-13 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Violence too remote to harm children1971-03-25 Stage and Television Today.jpg
This Dr. Whose daughter has a timeless style1971-04-06 Telegraph.jpg
Dr. Who And Disco Graphics at Design Exhibition1971-04-09 Television Mail.jpg
Why My Monsters are Marvellous1971-04-17 Titbits.jpg
Dr Who and Disco 2 Graphics at Paris Design Exhibition1971-05-01 Ariel.jpg
Double Image1971-05-03 Daily Express.jpg
This Week's Competition1971-05-15 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Laser dance1971-05-17 Times.jpg
Dr. Who for fair at school1971-06-23 Coventry Evening Telegraph.jpg
Crowds and Taking Down at Fete1971-07-09 Cheddar Valley Gazette.jpg
Tom Baker1971-10-19 Look.pdf
T-shirts1971-12-12 Observer.jpg
What to do in the holidays1971-12-22 Guardian.jpg
Daleks back for a spot of ex-ter-min-a-tion1972-01-03 Telegraph.jpg
The week ahead1972-01-20 New Scientist.jpg
Violence every half hour1972-01-27 Guardian p10.jpg
TV violence 'discounted'1972-01-27 Guardian p22.jpg
Great sponsor of the violence campaign1972-01-27 Times p17.jpg
Points of View1972-01-27 Times.jpg
B.B.C. Study Finds U.S. Fare Twice as Violent as British TV1972-01-27 New York Times.jpg
BBC Study Claims TV Violence Needed1972-01-27 Abilene Reporter-News.jpg
News violence 'necessary'1972-01-27 Irish Times.jpg
Violence is not really Dr Who's cup of tea1972-01-29 Times.jpg
Who is the world's most gentle doctor?1972-01-29 Daily Express.jpg
The BBC's study on violence BBC makes important contribution1972-02-03 Stage and Television Today.jpg
TV serial cuts worry producers1972-02-15 Telegraph.jpg
All That Jason Said was Dr. Who?1972-02-15 Coventry Evening Telegraph.jpg
Dalek Girl1972-02-25 Lichfield Mercury.jpg
Tomorrow morning at breakfast you can own a free historic model car1972-03-01 Buster and Jet.jpg
Who is Dr Who?1972-03-30 Stage and Television Today.jpg
A New Way To Look At Television1972-04-05 Variety.jpg
Who and I1972-04-14 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Why Policeman Stopped Dr. Who1972-04-21 Coventry Evening Telegraph.jpg
VIP guests-the Daleks1972-05-22 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Yoo-Hoo, Monsters!1972-06-10 TV Guide.jpg
Verity Lambert, who has produced such television successes as 'Dr Who' and 'Budgie,' talks to Linda Christmas1972-06-23 Guardian.jpg
Children's Doctor1972-07-01 TV Guide.jpg
Even Dr. Who would be quite acceptable1972-07-01 TV Week (Australia).jpg
Winners of the Fancy Dress Competition1972-08-04 Wicklow People.jpg
Tune in Nightly for the Perils of 'Dr. Who' on Channel 171972-08-22 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Doctor Who visits Soton1972-09-23 Southern Evening Echo.jpg
Actor Roger Delgado, alias Master in TVs "Dr. Who" series1972-12-01 Harrow Observer.jpg
Nicked! Dr Who's Daleks1972-12-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
Plastic fiends1972-12-07 Times.jpg
BBC TV special effects Science Museum until 10 June, 19731972-12-07 New Scientist.jpg
Write your own Dr Who adventure...1972-12-30 Radio Times.jpg
Who's the Doc? (Newcastle Journal)1972-12-30 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Much as I would like to add my compliments to the BBC's Special Effects Department1973-01-07 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Just Who the doctor ordered1973-01-27 Daily Mirror.jpg
BBC 1 programmes for 14 March, 19811973-03-14 Daily Mirror.jpg
Time out1973-03-26 Daily Express.jpg
The metamorphoses of Who1973-04-09 Times.jpg
Warning of risk for children in 'Dr Who'1973-04-09 Guardian.jpg
Dr Who's politics1973-05-26 Spectator.jpg
Introducing the British 'Dr Who'1973-06-04 Washington Post.jpg
Hunt for Daleks plea to children1973-06-07 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Missing 'daleks' found1973-06-09 Times.jpg
Good catch rewarded1973-06-15 Middlesex County Times.jpg
Dr. Who is currently having trouble with some very large and disgusting - looking maggots1973-06-16 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Roger Delgado obituary (The Times)1973-06-20 Times.jpg
Actor killed1973-06-20 Guardian.jpg
Dr. Who star killed in crash1973-06-20 Telegraph.jpg
The Master killed1973-06-20 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who's enemy dies in crash1973-06-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who is Liz? She's just what the doctor ordered1973-06-27 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who's new girl (1973)1973-06-27 Daily Mirror.jpg
Roger Delgado (Variety)1973-06-27 Variety.jpg
Roger Delgado obituary1973-06-28 Stage.jpg
New assistant for Dr Who1973-07-05 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who's wizardry goes on show1973-07-05 Newcastle Journal.jpg
A Dalek is coming to Cheddar1973-07-06 Central Somerset Gazette.jpg
Roger Delgado (letter)1973-07-12 Stage and Television Today 2.jpg
BBC's exhibition on the road1973-07-14 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Katy Manning - Sticks and stones won't break her bones!1973-08-11 Diana for Girls.jpg
The man who brought the Daleks to life1973-08-18 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
For sale and wanted1973-09-21 Times.jpg
Daleks don't stand a chance against this dream machine1973-09-24 Daily Express.jpg
Whoosh! It's Dr Who1973-09-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
Baking Party!1973-09-28 Lichfield Mercury.jpg
BBC sales top million profit for the first time1973-10-04 Stage.jpg
Dr Who Gets Back To Earth1973-10-11 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Yoo-Hoo! It's the New Dr Who Girl1973-10-13 Diana for Girls.jpg
Starry names in charity panto at The Lane1973-11-08 Stage.jpg
Reptiles That Rule1973-11-11 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Terrifying1973-12-11 Times.jpg
Dr. Who - a spaceman in his granddad's cloak1973-12-12 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Prophets of doom1973-12-13 Guardian.jpg
Who's who among Who's friends1973-12-13 Radio Times.jpg
A new buddy1973-12-17 Guardian.jpg
Warrior on show1973-12-17 Newcastle Journal.jpg
The Green Death1974-01-03 Stage and Television Today.jpg
A lot depends on 'Who'1974-01-06 Sunday Independent.jpg
Monster Hit for Who1974-01-12 Daily Mirror.jpg
Fishy1974-01-15 Times.jpg
Strange Goings-On1974-01-17 Listener.jpg
Guess Who?1974-01-26 Greenville News.jpg
TV car of the future shows up in real life1974-02-01 Popular Mechanics.jpg
Sax appeal1974-02-02 Guardian.jpg
Who will be Who?1974-02-09 Times.jpg
Pertwee to quit as Dr. Who1974-02-09 Telegraph.jpg
Who Next? Jon Pertwee (I can't stand Daleks) quits1974-02-09 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who will be the new doctor?1974-02-09 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Television's new Dr Who1974-02-16 Times.jpg
Out of the unknown—a new face to fight the Space villains1974-02-16 Sun.jpg
Who's Who (The Guardian, 1974)1974-02-16 Guardian.jpg
Latest Dr. Who once played Rasputin1974-02-16 Telegraph.jpg
Rasputin switches over to Dr. Who1974-02-16 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who, I Presume1974-02-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dalek-builders1974-02-23 Radio Times.jpg
The new Doctor is sad to leave his mates1974-02-23 Daily Express.jpg
Union to fight for widow1974-03-31 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Together. By Ingeborg Pertwee1974-04-11 Listener.jpg
Dr. Who Is Coming to Town1974-04-18 Birmingham Post.jpg
The Dr Who Noise Machine1974-04-23 Mirror.jpg
Is this the best they can do for young viewers?1974-05-02 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Final role1974-05-03 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Dr. Who is dead ... long live Dr. Who1974-05-04 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's best1974-05-26 Observer.jpg
BBC programmes hit by strike1974-05-28 Irish Times.jpg
A New Dalek Invasion1974-09-25 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Tom Baker, the actor, was nursing a badly injured arm1974-10-01 Telegraph.jpg
Ouch! Dr Who Hurt1974-10-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
Just the ticket1974-10-26 Guardian.jpg
Theatres1974-11-08 Times.jpg
Weird Dalek Is A Practical Invention1974-11-13 Australian Womans Weekly.jpg
Complete casting for "Seven Keys to Doomsday"1974-12-05 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen1974-12-06 TLS.jpg
Children's shows1974-12-08 Observer.jpg
Adelphi1974-12-16 Guardian.jpg
A new Dr Who1974-12-17 Times.jpg
Dr Who and the Daleks (The Times)1974-12-17 Times p7.jpg
Fruity Dr. Who faces new Dalek menace1974-12-17 Telegraph.jpg
Humans lose out to Daleks and gadgetry1974-12-18 Daily Express.jpg
Inside a Dalek1974-12-20 Times.jpg
Dr Who In Trouble On The Tube1974-12-22 Sunday People.jpg
Good and scarey Daleks1974-12-23 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Holiday Shows1974-12-24 Daily Express.jpg
Simply Dalektable1974-12-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
The new who is taking off in real style1974-12-28 Sun.jpg
Guess Who? It's Big Tom1974-12-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
London theatres1975-01-02 Guardian.jpg
Move over, Dalek (Times Literary Supplement)1975-01-03 TLS.jpg
The nice, the nasty and the ugly in a star line-up from Dr Who1975-01-09 Sun.jpg
Dr Who -watch it in D.E.R!1975-01-15 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who's party tricks1975-01-17 Harrow Observer.jpg
Colored employment neglected in British TV1975-01-18 Daily Illini.jpg
BBC chief on 'too rich TV diet' for children1975-01-21 Times.jpg
Now Mrs. Whitehouse takes on Dr. Who1975-01-21 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who Gets a Blasting1975-01-21 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who under fire1975-01-21 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
A camp fellow1975-01-23 Listener.jpg
The new Dr Who episode has been a sad disappointment1975-01-24 New Statesman.jpg
Who is afraid of Who?1975-01-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
How boiler-suit Tom became Dr Who1975-01-25 Evening News.jpg
The doctor's dilemma1975-01-25 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
The Yo-Yo Makes a Comeback1975-02-06 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Meanwhile, back on the frontiers of Time and Space1975-02-13 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Actors wins fight for annuity1975-02-20 Telegraph.jpg
The mean machines1975-03-08 Radio Times.jpg
Weekend Wallpaper1975-03-17 Irish Times.jpg
Misadventure in Manchester1975-03-21 Sight & Sound.jpg
Curb Dr Who-Mary1975-03-27 Daily Mirror.jpg
Contrary1975-04-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who — he changed my life1975-04-11 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Hell-raiser Tom calms down, on Doctor's orders1975-04-19 Daily Express.jpg
William Hartnell obituary (Associated Press)1975-04-24 Washington Post.jpg
TV's First Dr. Who Dies Aged 671975-04-24 Liverpool Echo.jpg
TV's First 'Dr Who' Dies1975-04-24 Coventry Evening Telegraph.jpg
William Hartnell obituary (The Guardian)1975-04-25 Guardian.jpg
Mr William Hartnell1975-04-25 Times.jpg
Actor William Hartnell dies at 671975-04-25 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Original 'Dr Who' Dies1975-04-25 Canberra Times.jpg
The dotty, dotty doctor, hero of 15 million1975-04-25 Daily Express.jpg
The original Dr. Who dies at 671975-04-25 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who, the first Dalek fighter, dies1975-04-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
First Dr. Who dies1975-04-25 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Dr Who is blamed over epidemic of spider fears among young children1975-04-28 Times.jpg
Doctor Who gives kids the creeps1975-04-28 Guardian.jpg
Dr Who Blasted For TV Tots' Web of Fear1975-04-28 Daily Express.jpg
Be warned ...1975-04-28 Liverpool Echo.jpg
William Hartnell obituary (Variety)1975-04-30 Variety.jpg
William Hartnell obituary (Television Today)1975-05-01 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Kevin Lindsay obituary1975-05-08 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Who's afraid ...?1975-05-15 New Scientist.jpg
On a tuffet1975-05-22 Listener.jpg
The Saturday "spot" has had a great deal to do with the success of BBC's Dr Who1975-05-23 Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who: Science Fiction Hero1975-06-29 Bakersfield Californian.jpg
The British produced this series of campy comedy1975-06-29 Morgantown Sunday Dominion Post.jpg
Cliff-Hangers of Dr. Who1975-07-01 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Channel 28 launches summer season1975-07-01 Press-Telegram.jpg
Dr. Who wordt gespeeld door de Engelse acteur Tom Baker1975-07-21 Telegraaf.jpg
Nieuwe jeugdserie1975-07-28 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden.jpg
Oplettende kijkers zullen hebben gezien dat rie eerste aflevering van de science-fiction jeugdserie „Dr Who" helemaal niet de eerste was1975-07-30 Telegraaf.jpg
Dedicated Georgian 'Dr Who' arrested1975-08-07 Times.jpg
Leven van het verleden1975-08-12 Parool.jpg
Daleks' Join the Wage War1975-08-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who Is Coming To Town!!1975-08-22 Bucks Examiner.jpg
5.15 Disney Time1975-08-23 Radio Times.jpg
Op de foto Tom Baker als Doctor Who1975-08-25 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden.jpg
Doctor Ooh1975-09-01 Mad 161.pdf
Dr. Who in Harrow1975-09-02 Harrow Observer.jpg
Master of the Daleks1975-09-03 Newcastle Journal 1.jpg
Who knows?1975-09-03 Newcastle Journal 2.jpg
KCET Tops Public TV Stations in Pledge Drive1975-09-04 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Terry and the Daleks—or how to write yourself into a profitable corner1975-09-11 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
A Dalek in the drive - and money in the bank1975-09-16 Reading Evening Post.jpg
I needed that Tardis at the theater1975-09-19 Reveille.jpg
Exterminate1975-09-25 Gay News.jpg
Click--I Light Up Blackpool!1975-09-26 Reveille.jpg
Who's Who in the time warp?1975-10-02 Listener.pdf
Fun on the Pitch with Pete Murray1975-10-03 Reveille.jpg
Fight against time1975-10-17 Reveille.jpg
Sunk by a slice of cheesecake1975-10-24 Reveille.jpg
Playing football charity match1975-11-13 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Time Lord has a timely attitude1975-11-14 Universe.jpg
Discover KCET Tonight1975-11-18 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Watch This Space - At Your Peril!1975-11-22 Daily Mirror.jpg
Poor old Dr. Who1975-12-04 Stage and Television Today.jpg
The TV addict's Who's Who ..1975-12-12 Daily Mirror.jpg
Feet up for Dr. Who's Sarah1975-12-20 Liverpool Echo.jpg
For Tom Baker, Dr Who is better than a dog's life1976-01-03 Times.pdf
Heading for a Rough Landing1976-01-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
Marriage shock of Dr Who girl1976-01-18 Sunday People.jpg
Television's science fiction man for the young1976-01-24 Irish Times.jpg
Tardis time-slip urged1976-01-26 Guardian.jpg
Watch out Dr Who, Mary's fighting mad1976-01-26 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who finds a champion1976-01-28 Guardian.jpg
When Daniel Fryer and Caroline Simpson express their views ... they are not to be brushed lightly aside1976-02-02 Guardian.jpg
Intergalactic pod now faces Dr Who1976-02-02 Telegraph.jpg
It's Sarah Jane - star of scream1976-02-19 Daily Express.jpg
Dr.1976-02-21 Parool.jpg
Dr. Who te griezelig1976-02-25 Telegraaf.jpg
Doctor Poo1976-03-01 Monster Fun.pdf
Currently battling with the gigantic horror of the Krynoids1976-03-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who's Value1976-03-07 Sunday Times.jpg
Dr. Who en het onheil1976-03-08 Limburgsch dagblad.jpg
Dr. Who komt op derde Science Fiction festival1976-03-11 Vrije volk.jpg
Dr. Who op Science Ficion festival1976-03-18 Nieuwsblad van het Noorden.jpg
Kijk, Daar Is Dr Who!1976-03-18 Vrije volk.jpg
Originele „tunes" van BBC-series op de plaat1976-03-20 Leeuwarder Courant.jpg
Actor divorced1976-03-31 Times.jpg
Your chance to ask about UFOs1976-04-06 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr Who on a flying visit1976-04-29 Acton Gazette.jpg
Screen premier for youngsters1976-05-03 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Simple Computer Voice1976-05-15 Practical Electronics.pdf
Liz Sladen (Sarah Jane) stopt met „Doctor Who"1976-05-17 Telegraaf.jpg
Who are you, Doctor Who?1976-06-11 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Jon Pertwee and the Time Machine1976-06-12 Times.jpg
A Dr Who is captured1976-06-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
The amazing world of Doctor Who1976-07-01 Woman.jpg
Dr Who meets the Clichés1976-07-01 Listener.jpg
Dr. Who and the Pescatons1976-07-10 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Flash to Dr Who1976-07-11 Observer.jpg
Keep your Daleks1976-07-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Terror TV1976-08-01 Monster Fun.pdf
Dr. Who and the Pescatons contest winners1976-08-14 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Who loves you Doctor?1976-08-31 Guardian.jpg
The man Who is1976-09-04 Guardian.jpg
Mandragora energy!1976-09-04 Radio Times.jpg
Win a Raleigh Chopper in the Monster Painting Competition1976-09-04 Battle Picture Weekly.jpg
Saturday preview1976-09-11 Toronto Star.jpg
A Season for All Viewers1976-09-18 Ottawa Journal.jpg
Ashford's Choice (1976-09-18)1976-09-18 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Batman of dr. Who?1976-09-24 Leeuwarder Courant.jpg
A science fiction series1976-09-25 Ottawa Journal.jpg
Why Katy did it!1976-10-01 Reveille.jpg
The Daleks invade England!1976-10-01 Famous Monsters.pdf
Ashford's Choice (1976-10-02)1976-10-02 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Star Swap1976-10-02 Radio Times.jpg
Prof. Bullseye1976-10-08 Ealing Gazette.jpg
Who girl bows out1976-10-23 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who do you do-- it's Leela, the Doctor's new girl1976-10-27 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who should perhaps no longer be a source of surprise1976-11-01 Guardian.jpg
British TV Machine No. 1 in World Market1976-11-20 Kansas City Times.jpg
Dynamic Jon Shake Can't Off Dr. Who1976-11-25 Acton Gazette.jpg
Slecht?1976-11-26 Leeuwarder Courant.jpg
His life is just a stunt1976-11-29 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Jon Pertwee is who1976-12-04 Ottawa Journal.jpg
Tough and sexy-that's Dr Who's new ally1976-12-29 Bristol Evening News.jpg
BBC admits Dr Who was 'too realistic'1976-12-29 Guardian.jpg
BBC sorry for sadism in Dr. Who1976-12-29 Telegraph.jpg
Mary Misses Out on Dr Who1976-12-29 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who and the Hell Planet1976-12-31 Daily Mirror.jpg
Cover-up job for Louise1977-01-01 Sun.jpg
In father's footsteps1977-01-02 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
A rebuke for Dr Who, but why wasn't Engelbert roasted?1977-01-04 Guardian.jpg
Where King Dalek is always the hero...1977-01-10 Daily Express.jpg
Violence for young audiences1977-01-13 Telegraph.jpg
Chiswick, W.41977-01-19 Times.jpg
Switch it off1977-01-24 Telegraph.jpg
Run-in with the robots1977-01-29 Mirror.jpg
The monsters our children love to hate1977-01-29 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Ah! you don't get titles like those any more!1977-02-03 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Who do you think you are, scaring my innocent child?1977-02-11 Daily Express.jpg
Hindsight in science fiction1977-02-28 Times.jpg
Flumps and Muppets1977-03-03 Listener.jpg
Making Up Is Hard to Do1977-03-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
This is the official view1977-03-24 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Free with Weetabix Doctor Who Action Games1977-04-01 Look In.jpg
Autons, Krotons, Daleks ... and now the Doctor faces Melvyn Bragg!1977-04-02 Daily Mail.jpg
Mystery of Dr Who sagas revealed1977-04-02 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Switch to your own time trip1977-04-07 Daily Express.jpg
Time Lord of the air waves1977-04-09 Guardian.jpg
Out of the Air1977-04-14 Listener.jpg
Night time is the right time1977-04-14 Guardian.jpg
In Engeland is Dr. Who al klassiek1977-04-20 Volskrant.jpg
BBC hits £8.5m. mark in overseas sales1977-04-21 Financial Times.jpg
Tom's fanmail from the children answers the question: Who's afraid of Dr Who?1977-04-25 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr Who - For You!1977-04-28 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who a cantankerous cult hero1977-05-17 Province.jpg
Students vote for a Dalek1977-05-24 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Monsters are just what the Doctor ordered1977-06-03 Sun.jpg
Trying to keep one step ahead of the audience1977-06-23 Stage and Television Today.jpg
All Your Own1977-07-16 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Have a lot of affairs, then get married1977-07-17 Sun.jpg
Boffin Wanda1977-08-21 Sunday People.jpg
240 different people can sit quite comfortably in a Princess1977-08-25 Times.jpg
A Dog's Life for Leela1977-09-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
TV violence under attack1977-09-07 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Rooms with a view ...1977-09-20 Telegraph.jpg
Happy landings for the 'Who' special!1977-09-23 Nottingham Evening Post.jpg
There's something on Dr Who's mind1977-09-30 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr. Who is one kind of Timelord1977-10-01 Daily Express.jpg
It looks like a Dalek1977-10-03 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Top Posers1977-10-07 Daily Mail 2.jpg
Heaven scent ... Dr Who's K9 companion1977-10-07 Daily Mail.jpg
Peering anxiously round a lamppost1977-10-07 Guardian.jpg
The Invisible Enemy1977-10-10 Times.jpg
A showdown for television Time Lord1977-10-13 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Deteriorating standard of English1977-10-13 Long Eaton Advertiser.jpg
He's here, there and everywhere1977-10-18 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr meets 70 horrors1977-10-21 Newcastle Journal.jpg
This is a must week for Doctor Who fans1977-10-29 Ottawa Journal.jpg
The Solid Gold Girl Comes Back1977-10-29 Daily Mirror.jpg
3 fantastic offers from Crosse & Blackwell1977-11-01 Krazy Comic.jpg
Under 18 Platform1977-11-02 Daily Express.jpg
I've had enough says TV's Dr Who1977-11-05 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who to lose his assistant1977-11-07 Times.jpg
TV Choice (The Times)1977-11-12 Times.jpg
Selected Exhibitions1977-12-03 Times.jpg
8mm Film Sales1977-12-23 Harrow Observer.jpg
Underworld1978-01-01 Observer.jpg
What is being kept for posterity1978-01-05 Stage and Television Today.pdf
Who says he is a hero!1978-01-07 Daily Mirror.jpg
We must be less respectful to the classics1978-01-12 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Jury told of a 'Dr Who' and an invisible drug1978-01-28 Times.jpg
Doctor Who's on First1978-02-01 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.pdf
Of higglers, body snatchers, and Dr. Who (Who?)1978-02-04 Ottawa Journal.jpg
New Peril for Dr Who1978-02-11 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who and the Pilgrims of Horror (Episode one)1978-02-15 Daily Express.jpg
New 'Dr Who' girl1978-02-18 Times.jpg
Who's Who (The Guardian)1978-02-18 Guardian.jpg
Wow! Who's a lucky doc..1978-02-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who's space-mate1978-02-18 Daily Express.jpg
Mary joins Dr Who in time...1978-02-18 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Meeste kinderen bang voor geweld in tv-programma1978-02-28 Vrije Volk.jpg
Success of the sexy savage1978-03-11 Daily Mirror.jpg
The afternoon Tom Baker sat down quietly to watch Dr Who1978-03-12 Sunday Express.jpg
Save Our Leela1978-03-19 Times.jpg
A Life in the Day of Tom Baker1978-03-19 Sunday Times.jpg
Whodunnit? (Look-in)1978-04-01 Look-In.jpg
Who's next (The Herald)1978-04-26 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Introducing the new Time Lady--Mary Tamm1978-04-26 Telegraph.jpg
Mary Tamme uus roll1978-04-26 Estniska Dagbladet.jpg
Who'd Be a Who Girl?1978-04-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
Mary Tamm teeb karjääri1978-05-04 Vaba Eestlane.jpg
Many seven year olds watch TV until 9pm1978-05-10 Guardian.jpg
If you see this dog floating past ...1978-05-12 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dalek guest1978-05-12 Middlesex County Times.jpg
Tomorrow's Adults Snub The Big Show1978-05-13 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who due at sci-fi show1978-06-09 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Tom Baker, British TV's 'Dr. Who,' Dares To Make A Three-Day Belfast Visit1978-06-21 Variety.pdf
David Ellis obituary1978-07-13 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Bone to pick with this dog1978-07-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's Who in Tardis set?1978-07-28 THES.jpg
Fun of the fair1978-07-28 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr. Who Comes to America1978-08-01 Space Wars.pdf
Standing up for Dr Who1978-08-07 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr Who's Who's Who1978-08-13 Observer.jpg
Dr Who is going to America1978-08-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's for Dr. Who? (The Telegraph)1978-08-18 Telegraph.jpg
Space City1978-08-24 Acton Gazette.jpg
For 14 years now, a science fiction program, "Doctor Who" has been frightening and entertaining children in Britain1978-08-26 Palm Beach Post-Times.pdf
Meet the stars on BBC stand1978-08-28 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Who's fooling who?1978-08-30 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Mary has no love for Dr Who1978-09-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Tamm's a big time lady...1978-09-02 Daily Express.jpg
Good lighting and costumes1978-09-07 Stage and Television Today.jpg
A world of difference on public television1978-10-01 Oklahoman.jpg
Dr. Who Series Seen Evenings1978-10-15 Scrantonian.jpg
Star Makes BBC's 'Dr. Who' Click1978-10-18 Santa Ana Orange County Register.jpg
U.S. Invaded By Doctor Who1978-10-24 Starlog.jpg
Your next washing machine1978-10-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
TV Star Scene (1978)1978-10-27 Santa Cruz Sentinel.jpg
Dr. Who, is the latest BBC import to go about charming Americans1978-10-28 Tampa Times.jpg
Sinister situations for the Doctor1978-10-30 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Mr Brian Hayles1978-10-31 Times.jpg
Brian Hayles obituary (The Telegraph)1978-10-31 Telegraph.jpg
It would be nice to play a lunatic or something like that1978-11-01 Photoplay.jpg
Take care with those fireworks1978-11-01 East Fife Mail.jpg
Brian Hayles obituary1978-11-02 Stage and Television Today.jpg
TV Star Scene (1978-11-03)1978-11-03 Santa Cruz Sentinel.jpg
By Gummidge, It's Who!1978-11-11 Sun.jpg
TV Ticker1978-11-22 Cicero Life.jpg
Doctor Does Time On Tara1978-11-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
Television birthday1978-11-25 Womans Realm.jpg
Marc's View1978-11-25 Radio Times.jpg
How Dr Who beats time1978-11-25 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Who's Who (Daily Express)1978-12-02 Daily Express.jpg
Will runaway Mary escape the Doctor?1978-12-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Evil .. Ugly and Scruffy1978-12-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
The Swamp People worship Kroll1978-12-23 Financial Times.jpg
Terry Nation1979-01-01 Starburst.pdf
The Zygon monster1979-01-05 New Journal and Guide.jpg
For Zombie Lovers1979-01-05 Pensacola News Journal.jpg
Birthday for Dr Who1979-01-11 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Wellgate Centre, Dundee1979-01-12 Courier and Advertiser.jpg
Dr Who turns over a new leaf1979-01-13 Daily Mirror.jpg
Lis the unwanted lovely1979-01-13 TV Times.jpg
The Doc's 500th Show1979-01-20 Evening Telegraph.jpg
Time runs out for Romana1979-01-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
Mixing media1979-01-21 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Former Dr Who, Jon Pertwee, pictured at his London home with his King Charles spaniel1979-01-23 Evening Telegraph.jpg
Katy Manning with a double bundle of happiness1979-01-27 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who Is Brought to Book1979-01-27 TV Times.pdf
Dr Who in Heart Scare1979-01-29 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who—no longer taking him seriously1979-02-01 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Action!1979-02-03 Ottawa Journal.jpg
Two Daleks were at Sydney Airport1979-02-04 Canberra Times.jpg
How time flies for new Dr Who girl1979-02-07 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr Who, television's ageless time-traveller1979-02-07 Guardian.jpg
When children come face to face with the real Dr Who...1979-02-07 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Lalla Ward, the actress now playing Princess Astra1979-02-07 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Affirmative, new mistress!1979-02-07 Daily Express.jpg
Who is Tom? You're right!1979-02-11 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Well look Who's here1979-02-16 Age.jpg
The monk who became Dr Who1979-02-19 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
A Dr. Who encounter of the philosophical kind1979-02-22 Age.pdf
About Doctor Who1979-02-24 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Club (March 1979)1979-03-01 Club.jpg
Who will save lovable Dr. Who?1979-03-05 Daily Iowan.jpg
Worzel is perfect for me1979-03-10 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Hooked on Who (Starlog)1979-03-12 Starlog.jpg
Change for the Gremlins1979-03-12 Daily Iowan.jpg
Not just another pretty face1979-03-15 Daily Iowan.jpg
Star Trek fans are finding a place in their hearts for another TV science-fiction hero1979-03-22 Buffalo Evening News.jpg
Where K9 gets his bark1979-03-25 Observer.jpg
The new sound of music1979-03-29 Listener.jpg
Choose a book for Dr Who's dog K.91979-04-06 Guardian.jpg
Mark's Model1979-04-14 Look-in.jpg
Dr Who Going French1979-04-22 Sunday People.jpg
Calling Dr. Who1979-05-01 American Film.jpg
Who-La-La!1979-05-05 Sun.pdf
Who La-La!1979-05-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
WPBT Pursues Young Audience With 'Benny Hill, "Dr. Who'1979-05-05 Fort Lauderdale News.jpg
Britain's Time Traveler Arrives in the Colonies1979-05-08 Starlog.pdf
A sexy enemy from space - Suzanne1979-05-25 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who Sound Effects1979-05-25 Starburst 010 p42.jpg
Who's Who: A profile of Tom Baker1979-06-01 Starburst.pdf
Master of TV Time and Space1979-06-01 Fangoria 001.pdf
Dr. Who at last1979-06-09 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who requires extra tall lady1979-06-14 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Who's she..1979-06-30 Daily Record.jpg
A cold carry-on for space-age Suzanne1979-06-30 Daily Mirror.pdf
Dr. Who Takes L.A. by Storm1979-07-03 Starlog.jpg
Malcolm Hulke obituary1979-07-12 Stage and Television Today.jpg
It's the Tardis1979-07-12 Telegraph.jpg
Baker's "Who"1979-07-31 Starlog.jpg
Hyde and Who1979-08-01 She.jpg
Who's after all those jelly babies?1979-08-03 Harrow Observer.jpg
I am a fan of the British television series 'Dr. Who'1979-08-05 North East Bay Independent and Gazette.jpg
Dr. Who is pleasant surprise among children's shows1979-08-10 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Dr. Who's Rogues Gallery1979-08-16 Fangoria 002.pdf
Ex-Vampire Lalla to Step Back in Time as Dr. Who's Girl Friday1979-08-21 Liverpool Echo.jpg
I could never fall in love with Dr. Who says Lalla Ward1979-08-25 Evening Post.jpg
The hype and the hyperspace1979-08-27 Guardian.jpg
Sue's role: as easy as falling off a horse1979-08-31 Telegraph.jpg
The day the Daleks were born1979-09-01 Daily Mail.jpg
Come In No. 151979-09-01 Daily Express.jpg
Action ext-erminate ... Dr Who faces dreaded Daleks1979-09-01 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Phonic boom1979-09-02 Telegraph.jpg
Daleks herald attack on new season1979-09-03 Telegraph.jpg
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde1979-09-06 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Sexy Suzanne Danielle is a Movellan1979-09-08 Daily Mirror.jpg
All geared up to halt the Daleks1979-09-08 Liverpool Echo.jpg
The horrors of Dr Who1979-09-10 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Dr. Who (TV World)1979-09-29 TV World.pdf
The longest-running science fiction television series in the world conquers America1979-10-01 Super Star Heroes.pdf
Who! Huh? Who! What? Dr. Who! Oh!!!1979-10-01 Fantastic Films.pdf
Cut Price Miracles1979-10-01 Starburst.pdf
See Dr. Who in person1979-10-06 Sun.jpg
Dr. Who journeyed back in time over 30 years to-day1979-10-10 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Zoom! Splat! It's comic hero Dr Who1979-10-11 Liverpool Echo.jpg
A Sad Tale1979-10-23 Starlog.jpg
Capture Dracula, Dr Who, Auntie Deirdre in this tiny box1979-10-23 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who's ideal girl: fat and fun1979-10-27 Reading Evening Post.jpg
The Four Faces Dr. Who1979-11-01 Famous Monsters.pdf
The Changing Face of Doctor Who1979-11-01 Starburst.pdf
Setting Chroma-Key Free with Scene-Sync1979-11-01 American Cinematographer.pdf
Letter from Buzz Dixon1979-11-01 Science Fiction Review.pdf
In View1979-11-11 TV Times.jpg
Nothing new under the sun for TV executive1979-11-12 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dalek startles strollers in Civic1979-11-15 Canberra Times.jpg
Dr Who's girl in row over sex film1979-11-17 Daily Express.jpg
Dr. Who fans get together1979-11-23 Age.jpg
Who Goes Where?1979-11-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
But BBC row puts an end to filming1979-11-28 Daily Express.jpg
In praise of the doctor1979-11-29 New Scientist.pdf
Pythons, Others Due On Gillette-Madison Release1979-12-19 Variety.jpg
Doctor Who hearty actor1979-12-30 Boca Raton News.jpg