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I feel that I have to correct R.W. Clark when he states that Dr Who is a children's programme.

The show has never, ever been a children's programme — it has always been made by the drama department.

If he wants to know about the stock market then he should watch the excellent Channel 4 News.

I for one as a lifelong fan of Dr Who feel insulted when the show is attacked like this.

It appeals to all ages, from one to 1001, and long may it do so.

Personally I would show it before EastEnders on a Tuesday or Thursday, and not opposite Coronation Street, which stops it from getting the high ratings it deserves.

—Duncan Harvey,

I am writing to complain about a letter you printed on 'Telly Talk' on Friday, October 16. The letter in question was from R W Clark who severley knocked 'Dr Who' by calling it a children's programme. Doctor Who is NOT a children's programme, although thousands of children watch it all over the world. It has been running for twenty-four years and has a cult following in many countries, especially the USA.

The letter from R W Clarke was specifically complaining about the time of screening. It is screened at this time because it is an adult's programme and has, is, and always will be screened in the evenings as an adults programme (except if it is on Saturdays).

R W Clark obviously knows nothing about the programme for if he/she did they would not be so utterly rude about something that is a British institution and is loved by millions of viewers both adults and children worldwide. He/she shouldn't knock something that they are entirely ignorant about.

R W Clarke also said that when a person returns home from work they need something topical e.g. the news. This may be his/her personal inclination but it is not mine. After a hard days work in school and after all my homework I need to get away from real life and watch something exciting which is almost pure fantasy. Aso children of my age (or round about) don't stay at home all day watching 'Play School,' we work hard (or most of us) and so the remark 'the kiddies' of appropriate age for Doctor Who is severely damaging.

I have been a Doctor Who fan (as well as my parents, who are forty and still love it) for as long as I can remember and the unjustified remarks of R W Clarke seemed to be directed at people like me, fans of the show, as well as the programme itself.

Doctor Who is more than just a programme — it is a way of life.

- Joanne Sennitt, (aged 13, but wise about television).

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