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The new Doctor Who and the old fans

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MANY THANKS from one grateful family for the latest series of Doctor Who (4 January-30 March BBC1). We are recent converts to the programme, having thoroughly enjoyed the re-runs on BBC2 last year. Monday and Tuesday evenings have become quite sacred meeting times, to be missed only under extreme circumstances.

The time of the programme is just right for our six- and seven-year-old children and has brightened up the winter weeks at school. Completing each story In two weeks holds their attention and keeps us all from the pangs of impatience!

Adric's death did cause some problems. Please balance out the sexes again next year so everyone can Identify with someone.

Elizabeth and Rodney Holt Stalybridge, Tameside

I like Peter

I am tired of reading comments in the press disparaging Peter Davison's portrayal of Doctor Who. I like him very much end hope he has a long and happy time playing the part.

But would any of his predecessors really have abandoned a girl companion without saying goodbye? It quite marred my enjoyment of the final episode.

(Mrs) Sarah M. Bell Rotherham, S Yorkshire

Stranded Tegan

On 30 March I sat on the edge of my chair, wondering what was going to happen to Tegan; I very much hoped that she would not be written out of Doctor Who.

Sadly, this charming and courageous young lady, whose twice-weekly appearance on our screens made me a regular viewer of the serial, was left stranded and sad In Heathrow. I do hope this is not for long, and that we shall see her back on the Tardis for the next serial, Tegan Is a first-class character, too good to lose; and If she can't come back to Doctor Who, could we perhaps see her in her own series?

Justice for Tegan!

Nigel Colin Cooper Weymouth, Dorset

Tegan, we can exclusively reveal, will be back In the 1983 series o Doctor Who. — Letters editor

Atmosphere wrong

I would like to thank the BBC for the recent series of Doctor Who and I am pleased to say I am now accepting Peter Davison as the Doctor (I thought that I never would). I also approve of Adric's departure, which was very well performed and much better than the usual departures (assistants going off with secondary characters or electing to remain on certain planets).

However, I do have one criticism — the new time slot. Please put Doctor Who back on Saturday; the atmosphere is completely wrong on a weekday ...

(Miss) A. Bradbury Enfield, Middlesex

Life after death?

I have seen various comments (LETTERS, 3-9 April) about the sad demise of Adric. What does not seem to have been grasped is the fact that Doctor Who and his associates went back In time and witnessed the explosion which is supposed to have disposed of dinosaurs, etc; and Adric was apparently killed in the explosion.

Then how could he have been alive in the future to go back in time?

(Mrs) R. F. Hartshorn Mayfield, E Sussex

Comic: We're investigating the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Tom Baker

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