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The Doctor is out, but not forgotten1997-04-03Zanesville Times Recorder2023-11-18T14:10:52
Write for Dr. Who1997-04-17Zanesville Times Recorder2023-11-18T13:55:07
The Doctor's Out!2022-10-22TV & Satellite Week2023-11-15T03:35:40
Jodie Whittaker's Best Episodes2022-10-15Radio Times2023-11-15T00:38:36
Who's Doctor Who? (Globe)1985-03-12Globe2023-10-23T23:26:10
Tom Baker: Doctored Memoirs1997-10-15TV Zone2023-10-23T23:14:37
Doctor McCoy on stage1987-08-07Comics Buyer's Guide2023-10-21T00:31:53
Calling all timelords!1985-11-01The Marquette Flambeau2023-10-21T00:05:35
Doctor Who time-travels to the USA1986-05-27USA Today2023-10-21T00:00:15
Old-timer Jon lands a job with Mrs T!1989-03-17The Kingston Informer2023-10-15T19:02:00
You Asked ...1986-02-16Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2023-10-15T18:39:39
Dynamic presence2022-10-10Time2023-10-12T14:03:32
If woke is an insult that's quite dangerous2022-10-02The Sunday Times2023-10-12T13:58:55
The double life of Doctor Who2022-09-22Yours Retro2023-10-12T13:47:04
Newman's Week2022-07-23The Sunday Times2023-10-12T13:19:51
An African Dr Who2022-07-01New African2023-09-04T14:05:46
How I survived 50 years in showbusiness2022-06-26The Sunday Times2023-09-04T13:57:40
Sexterminate! (2022)2022-05-09The Sun2023-09-04T13:41:38
New Doctor revealed2022-05-09Leicester Mercury2023-09-04T13:30:43
Doctor New (2022)2022-05-09Daily Star2023-09-04T13:29:03
Ncuti's time travel..from Rwanda to Scotland to the Tardis2022-05-09The Mirror2023-09-04T13:24:28
Doctor Who to appear at mall1986-08-12Evening Express2023-07-28T02:01:03
Dr. Who fan club being organized1986-06-24The Journal Tribune2023-07-28T00:53:42
Dr. Who on the road in Maine1986-08-15Morning Sentinel2023-07-27T23:31:23
Time to change history (again) ... it's the new face of Dr Who2022-05-09Daily Mail2023-07-21T20:13:35
Doctor woo-hoo... Ncuti ecstatic to be 14th Time Lord2022-05-09Daily Express2023-07-21T20:11:24
Who goes there? (Leicester Mercury)2022-04-23Leicester Mercury2023-07-21T20:08:44
Who's Who of Doctor Who2022-04-18The Mirror2023-07-21T19:25:06
The Doctor Who Convention1979-11-30LA Weekly2023-07-21T19:15:11
Prepare to have your swashes buckled and your timbers shivered2022-04-16TV Times2023-07-03T17:53:27
Speak of the Devils!2022-04-16TV Times2023-07-03T17:51:20
Dr Who in kilt Scot my vote2005-04-24Sunday World2023-07-03T17:34:32
Dr. Who is Here!1979-04-09Greensboro News & Record2023-07-03T17:23:29
Balm for 'Doctor Who' fans1985-06-06The Roanoke Times2023-07-02T19:05:38
I am a fairly large fan of Dr. Who1989-01-08The Fresno Bee2023-07-02T18:58:24
Ex-Dr Whos' tribute to Jon Pertwee1996-05-21Birmingham Mail2023-07-02T18:52:28
The Five Doctors (Advance)1986-03-01Advance2023-06-27T23:55:18
Doctor Who National Tour Comes to Iowa Public Television Broadcast Center August 1 and 21987-07-01Advance2023-06-27T23:38:48
Just Who do you think they are kidding, Doctor?1997-04-03The Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser2023-06-11T04:17:16
Treasure and terror2022-04-16TV & Satellite Week2023-06-11T03:45:21
Win a Dr Who Battle for the Universe1990-10-25Saffron Walden Weekly News2023-05-27T12:23:13
It has been 38 years since the Doctor last encountered the amphibious Sea Devils2022-04-16Radio Times2023-05-27T12:11:54
A Swashbuckling Swansong2022-04-16Radio Times2023-05-27T12:09:26
Here come the Sci-Fi world's Whovians' and Joel Ossar1984-02-26The Manhattan Mercury2023-05-25T18:04:37
Guess who's on their way?1998-10-28Hoylake & West Kirby News2023-05-14T23:22:42
Good-lord! Who raises £1001989-04-11Thanet Times2023-05-14T23:18:22
A Time Lord with jet lag1988-10-05Hull Daily Mail2023-05-14T23:12:34
BBC in court over Dr Who1997-02-15Heartland Evening News2023-05-14T22:59:41
Dr Who's Time Is Up1996-12-07Daily Record2023-05-14T22:58:42
Clive's trapped in a parallel universe1996-08-08Birmingham Mail2023-05-14T22:57:09
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