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Dr. Who? (Southall Gazette)1976-04-09Southall Gazette2022-08-17T00:05:15
Who's in town1988-10-29Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-17T00:03:06
Dr Who fans step into time machine1989-07-01Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-17T00:00:19
Calling All Kids1990-06-01BSB TV Month2022-08-16T23:58:08
Who's doing what?1990-07-29Sunday Sun2022-08-16T23:56:01
Dog designer shows his metal1995-12-05Aberdeen Evening Express2022-08-16T23:54:43
TV Fans bid for Dr Who boxes1995-08-04The Press and Journal2022-08-16T23:53:31
I think it's time the BBC resurrected Dr Who1991-10-09The Mirror2022-08-15T22:34:51
Dr Who defeated at hotel1989-10-23Reading Evening Post2022-08-15T22:33:30
A must for all Who fans1989-07-20East Kent Mercury2022-08-15T22:32:09
Timelord Jon wearing well1989-03-31Aberdeen Evening Express2022-08-15T22:30:00
Actress Rebecca Thornhill1989-02-24The Courier & Advertiser2022-08-15T22:28:04
New quest for Dr. fanatics1989-01-19Derby Express2022-08-15T22:25:37
Time to call time on the Time Lord1988-11-27Sunday Life2022-08-15T22:23:43
Destination America for the Doctor1988-10-14Reading Evening Post
Birmingham Daily News
Dr Who visits Ulster1998-01-04Sunday Life2022-08-14T05:19:36
Just what the doctor ordered (Courier and Advertiser)1994-08-08The Courier & Advertiser2022-08-14T05:01:35
Meet the real McCoy at Hudsons1988-10-27Birmingham Mail2022-08-14T00:14:44
He will not be exterminated1988-10-06Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-14T00:11:18
Sylvester McCoy is almost as eccentric as Tom Baker1987-12-01The Mirror2022-08-14T00:06:20
Sylvester McCoy is a wimp1987-11-25The Mirror2022-08-14T00:05:02
Who's best friend?1980-10-18The Rugeley Times2022-08-13T19:50:16
Screen doctor1987-10-13Birmingham Daily News2022-08-13T19:29:03
Tom Baker makes his first appearance as Doctor Who1974-12-27The Stage and Television Today2022-08-13T19:24:31
The decline of Doctor Who1987-09-18Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-13T10:17:04
Not the real McCoy1987-09-14Sandwell Evening Mail2022-08-13T10:14:17
Beyond Star Trek1995-10-01Tuff Stuff's Collect!2022-08-13T02:00:06
Who's to guard us?1985-03-02Nottingham Post2022-08-11T21:52:25
Dr Who — the series I won't miss1985-03-06Reading Evening Post2022-08-11T21:46:39
Exterminate this dismal Doctor Who2021-08-01The Sunday Times2022-08-11T21:22:41
Truly Revolting1990-04-01Airfix Magazine2022-08-09T00:03:43
Battle of the Daleks1998-11-01Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models2022-08-08T23:50:55
The Doctor's Adventures in Comix1989-11-01Speakeasy2022-08-02T22:55:02
All Is Not Lost1989-06-14Strange Things are Happening2022-08-01T23:42:52
Dogged by the Doc1985-06-08Nottingham Post2022-07-31T01:47:37
Wild and whacky life of Dr Who1987-09-04Birmingham Daily News2022-07-31T01:31:03
CJHS play provides 'triumphant' experience2014-03-27The Joliet Herald News2022-07-29T22:21:03
The Literary Travels of Dr Who1992-10-15Paperback Pulp and Comic Collector2022-07-27T22:41:43
Dr Who bonanza at sci-fi night out1998-11-20Reading Weekend Post2022-07-23T09:18:44
Former 'Doctor Who' companions head to Wichita for the adventure2017-10-20The Wichita Eagle2022-07-23T09:10:57
Today's reminder2014-07-03Statesman Journal2022-07-23T08:51:29
'Nuff Said!1985-02-01The Independent Florida Alligator2022-07-23T08:39:48
Bright Local Offerings1973-09-23Palo Alto Times2022-07-23T08:27:27
R/C Dalek1966-01-01Radio Control Models and Electronics2022-07-20T22:26:39
Doctor Who and The Mystery of The Body1978-11-10Private Eye2022-07-19T02:23:20
What's Up, Doc?1987-11-21The Mirror2022-07-15T13:13:05
Never for kids1987-10-23The Burton Mail2022-07-15T13:03:18
Who put Who on at that time?1987-10-16The Burton Mail2022-07-15T12:56:13
Exit Doddy1987-11-09The Burton Mail2022-07-15T02:35:14
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