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Doctor Who Fans, Mark Your Calendars!1988-06-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-21T00:06:53
A Search Paid Off1987-08-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:57:44
Doctor Who Coming to South Dakota1987-07-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:56:17
Dr. Who Makes Life Complete1987-02-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:54:41
One of My Favorites1986-11-01Program Guide (South Dakota)2020-01-18T00:50:36
Bill Sellars2019-01-15The Times2020-01-16T23:44:34
138m Doctor Who fans travel back in time2019-01-14The Times2020-01-16T01:53:29
Good Lord, Will Gary Fight the Daleks?1999-07-23TV Times2020-01-14T04:29:28
Who's Who at Dr. Who Party2014-08-01The Des Moines Register2020-01-13T00:57:39
Dylan Cooper2014-08-21The Indianapolis Star2020-01-13T00:56:08
Catch the new Dr. Who with Season 8 Premiere at Theatre N2014-08-22The News Journal2020-01-13T00:46:59
New 'Dr. Who' season premieres on big screen2014-08-25Waterloo Courier2020-01-13T00:42:59
Celebrate opening of library's Teen Scene2014-12-26The Tribune (Jackson County, IN)2020-01-12T21:54:27
Inside the Audio of Doctor Who2019-01-01Pro Sound News2020-01-11T17:39:28
The ghost in the machine2019-01-01Mixmag2020-01-11T17:31:29
Don't blame the Daleks it's hysterical remainers who will exterminate a deal2019-01-06The Sunday Times2020-01-11T01:50:27
That was 20182019-01-01The Crack2020-01-11T01:44:02
A Mystery Trip to Where?2018-10-15CAMRA Angle2020-01-11T01:34:00
Daleks and dad issues dog Whittaker's lonely Doctor2019-01-05The Guardian2020-01-07T05:18:35
Knock, Knock... Who's Here?2019-01-04Metro (England)2020-01-07T05:16:42
Watching the detective2019-01-04Evening Chronicle2020-01-07T05:15:26
Knowing 'Who' matters most2014-01-04Los Angeles Times2020-01-05T02:00:46
Peter Capaldi quiting Doctor Who2017-02-01Associated Press
Kenosha News
New on DVD: Reacher, Doctor Who, Pinocchio2017-02-01Kenosha News2020-01-04T22:25:47
Play Dr. Who Clue at library2014-05-12Kenosha News2020-01-04T22:13:44
Dr. Who party slated at Community Library2012-07-27Kenosha News2020-01-04T22:09:29
Sixty Seconds With Bradley Walsh2019-01-02Metro (England)2020-01-04T02:55:00
Hail to the Doctor: the leader for these times2019-01-02The Guardian2020-01-04T02:43:05
Celebrate Dr. Who at Salem library2013-10-24Kenosha News2020-01-04T02:35:30
Apps for time travel2013-07-04Kenosha News2020-01-04T02:34:31
Who Goes There (Evening Chronicle)2019-01-01Evening Chronicle2020-01-03T03:20:38
Dame June Whitfield2018-12-31The Times2020-01-03T03:14:25
Today's Teen1984-02-20Kenosha News2019-12-30T03:13:39
Parkside students fans of British TV series1984-01-11Kenosha News2019-12-30T03:06:10
Lectures focus on The City2012-09-11The Tennessean2019-12-29T22:50:47
Dr. Who and the Wild West on tube this weekend2012-08-11Ottawa Citizen
Postmedia News
A Dr. Who party2012-07-30Kenosha News2019-12-29T22:12:51
Dr. Who adventurer spins off to 'Torchwood'2007-09-01Scripps Howard News Service
Globe Gazette
Doctor Who, in its glorious eccentricity2012-08-18Calgary Herald
Postmedia News
Dr. Who sues News Corp.2012-09-18Calgary Herald2019-12-28T22:43:03
In the grip of the Yeti ... the new Dr Who1969-06-21Daily Mail2019-12-28T22:41:43
Haunt the Zoo2012-10-26The Oklahoman2019-12-28T01:41:01
Dr. Who, season 6, humorous2012-04-05Montgomery Advertiser2019-12-28T01:27:29
No space for comedy with new 'Dr. Who'1969-12-20Competitors Journal2019-12-28T01:23:37
Comics & Characters2012-01-15Albuquerque Journal2019-12-27T03:40:29
Watch the skies1996-05-12Chicago Tribune2019-12-27T03:31:53
Tradition is the enemy of suspense2012-01-08McClatchy News Service
Resolution: Break out of a rut2018-12-24TV Guide2019-12-25T15:09:07
Jodie is just what Doctor ordered2018-12-19Metro (England)2019-12-25T15:04:36
What the Doctor ordered, as Jodie boosts TV ratings2018-12-18Metro (England)2019-12-25T15:02:55
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