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... I am writing this letter in response to an article on Doctor Who in STARLOG #18. In my view, Tom Baker isn't my idea of the doctor when compared with the original, William Hartnell, or the later doctors, Patrick Troughton and John Pertwee. My idea of the doctor does not run around with robot mutts and half-naked savage girls. So please don't thrust Baker's Dr. Who down our throats — more on Hartnell or Troughton. Please!!!

Paul Heulidey

83/2 Calder Gardens

Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1 LLQ

Paul, as much as we appreciate our fans around the world, our first obligation is to our American readers who, for the most part, have only been given the opportunity to see Baker in the role.


... I only recently discovered Dr. Who on Tulsa's public television station. So I was excited to see your article on him in the June issue (STARLOG #23). I want to take this opportunity to say that I especially enjoy the column by David Gerrold. He sounds like a neat guy.

Ann Shelby

1601 North Lynn Lane

Tulsa, OK 74138

...You've finally done it!!! Dr. Who, I mean. I was in England three years ago when I first heard of "the Doctor." Who has not reached Seattle yet so I'm really glad you've brought me a little in advance. Thanks again.

Scott Griffiths

Bellevue, WA

... I have just seen my very first episode of the British Dr. Who. I would like to thank the BBC and Time-Life Televison for letting the Dr. be syndicated in America. I found your article very helpful in understanding the series — I found it the best article (next to the Alien preview) in issue #23 ! Okay, STARLOG people, we got Star Trek into a movie, our next assignment is to get the rest of Dr. Who syndicated! Let's get it done!

Tony Sax

615 Elberton Avenue

Dayton, OH45403

...Where in the U.S. is the series Dr. Who playing? I've heard that it plays the large cities. I live near Detroit, which is pretty large.

Steve Savage

Perrysburg, OH

The syndicated series is playing on about 80 television stations across the country. If it's not playing in your area now, you should write to the programming directors of the television stations in your area (the addresses are listed in your phone book).

Spelling correction: Jon Pertwee

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