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After a long and agonising wait, Doctor Who has finally returned and we got a solid opening episode (15 April BBC1) to what will no doubt be a fitting final series for Peter Capaldi's Doctor, who still brings real magnetism to the role.

However, this truly was Pearl Mackie's hour. As Bill Potts, Mackie displays a charm and likeability that makes Bill believable and real, and the way the opening episode dealt with her sexuality, through her attraction to/connection with Heather (Stephanie Hyam), was genuinely moving. Thanks to Pearl Mackie we have a companion to root for, for many years to come.

Ryan Pollard Marsden,

West Yorkshire

...What an engaging opening episode. Serious issues were dealt with gently and convincingly. Our thanks go to the whole cast, but also to Stephanie Hyam and Matt Lucas, who added to the flavour.

Samya and Peter Cook Sudbury, Suffolk

...In episode one I recognised a photograph on the Doctor's desk of his granddaughter, whom he left behind (in London, I think), in an early series. At their parting, he solemnly promised to return! I wonder if this is an early indication that she will finally be seen again...

Denis Oglesby Bingley,

West Yorkshire

RT's Doctor Who expert Patrick Mulkern says: "Good spot. Susan (Carole Ann Ford) left the Tardis way back in 1964. Ford reprised the role for the show's 20th anniversary in 1983, and Claudia Grant played both Ford and Susan in the 50th-anniversary drama An Adventure in Space and Time. The 12th Doctor's photograph of Susan could be significant. Only time will tell..."

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