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Better in black and white

It is with banshee-like cries of "EXASPERATE! EXASPERATE!" that I, an oh-so-very-long-term fan of Doctor Who, feel impelled to write with regards to the revamped Daleks (17 April BBC1). Maybe these new, drastic-plastic models with their Day-Glo paint jobs are planning to defeat enemies via paroxysms of laughter. For that's how I felt when, like five snooker balls, they bumbled into view. Maybe they could star in their own spin-off for CBeebies.

Paul Reynard


... our favourite baddies have been changed into M&M-inspired, blow-moulded travesties! Bigger, fatter, a real eye on a stick, some weird gizmo round the back that I can only assume is an iPod dock of some kind... and they don't even yell "Exterminate!" any more! Come on, Steven Moffat, we know you want your place in Who history, but the phrase "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" applies to the exoskeletons of alien mutant lifeforms.

... what next? Pink Cybermen?

Simon Denny

Lowestoft, Suffolk

Caption: Colourful, but ... Now there's a Dalek for nearly every day of the week. Which is nice.

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