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Loved it ... loathed it

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The two-part season finale was the darkest and most grown-up Doctor Who (BBC1) there has ever been - gripping, exciting and emotional, with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman both at the top of their game and the Cybermen a terrifying adversary.

Yes, the story might have troubled a younger audience, but I thought it worked well in context. Overall, this series has been an incredibly strong start for Capaldi's hopefully long tenure as the Doctor. Roll on Christmas Day!

Ryan Pollard Marsden, West Yorkshire


Doctor Who is moving ever closer to the pure fantasy of Harry Potter and has less and less to do with "sci"-fi. The sonic screwdriver is constantly wafted around like Harry Potter's wand. When was the last time we saw it used for just opening doors?

A problem with too many of the stories since 2005 has been that the plot comes a poor second to the relationships between the characters: it's become a soap opera in space. I want characterisation, but I want a decent story too, one that makes me think.

Ian Morland Warrington

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