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"The 3-D glasses are very much part of the plot. You'll have seen me wearing them in last week's episode. You won't know why I'm wearing them yet, and it's a nice reveal — it ends up being far more central to the plot than you would ever imagine."


"Paul Kasey is our head monster. That's his chin [top left corner]. Costumes have got his body cast, so he's the first choice every time a new monster comes around, as they can make things nice and quickly. He's also very good at it, so he was head Cyberman. But I have great respect for all our Cybermen. They were incredibly stoical and good-humoured."


"Here are some Cyberman heads, just lying around on r the floor. The poor guys who were in the suits had to take painkillers, cos the fibreglass suits were giving them such grief. The heads had to be clipped on at the last minute so the guys didn't suffocate, and when the heads weren't being worn, they were lined up at one end of the set. All the heads were made to measure, so you couldn't really get into one unless it was made for your own face."


"I just climbed into this Dalek and had a trundle around. It's very hard to resist when they're sitting around on set. I wasn't the only one who had a go. It looks glorious from the outside, but when you're on the inside, it's a bit like something from Ikea!"

The Doctor may be about to face the Cybermen and the Daleks, but look who took time out for some relaxed backstage photos exclusively for RT .. .


"This is me with the new Black Dalek. The other thing you can have a go on — though you can't see it here — is Nick Briggs's microphone [Briggs does the Dalek voice]. It takes some guts to use that microphone, because to be a Dalek you can't just speak into it, you really have to hector. So I never quite had the nerve to have a go at that."


"That's Shaun Dingwall (above left) who plays Rose's dad, and Billie [Piper]. I think I'm taking that, doing that holding-it-out thing with the cheesy grin you do when you're on the beach. That was just us hanging about in an aircraft hangar, supposedly the underground storeroom of Torchwood. We were just about to do a take, but Shaun and Billie have still got their warm jackets on. It was freezing! We've spent a lot of the past few months being very cold."


"Billie's checking her lines during a break in filming. You just have to keep on top of it, get into a routine and be very strict with yourself. I've found as long as you're disciplined about it and keep ahead then it's fine. The problem comes if you get a script every week, or you have a week off from doing homework, then suddenly it all catches up with you. You're cramming on the day, getting up at 4am to learn your lines. That's been the hardest bit of the whole job, the fact that it keeps on coming."


"There's a shelf round the back of the Tardis set that we hardly ever use, as it's not actually safe to be up there. But they put in supports, which you can't se' in this picture, then you can get up there for a specific scene. Camille [Coduri, who plays Jackie] is, I think, only the second person to have done any acting up there She's not loving heights; you can tell from her expression. She's putting a brave face on it. She spent an afternoon up there, not moving much from that position."


"That's Lindsay [Bonaccorsi] from the costume department. You never usually get to see the lining inside the Doctor's coat, and there are nice pocket details, too, making it all rather lush. It's actually made from a sofa material, not moleskin, although that's what it looks and feels like. I think they made three or four in the end. They're beautiful, all made by hand by the extraordinary people at Angels [the Costumiers, in London], who also made my suit."


"This is Lynsey [Muir], our third assistant director, who was desperate to get in a photograph and asked, 'How can you get me in Radio Times?" Give us something for the dads, Lyns!' I said, so that's what's going on here."


Who is the Doctor's greatest enemy? And which is your favourite foe? Here at RT, we've produced an exclusive double-sided poster featuring two of the very scariest — the Daleks and the Cybermen. Measuring 59 x 84cm/23 x 33in, the poster is the perfect size for a bedroom wall and is printed on both sides, so it's up to you to decide which image you like more — the Cybermen storming London, or the menacing Black Dalek.

To order the exclusive Doctor Who poster for £2.99 including p&p, you'll need to collect two tokens from Radio Times and complete the order form which will be printed in next week's issue (on sale from Tuesday 11 July). Cut out and keep the first token above; the second token will be printed next week — don't miss it!

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