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Doctor travels in time to end a festive tradition2018-11-16Press Association
The Guardian
Gang is set to Av it2018-11-14Daily Star2019-11-15T23:18:17
Trouble in store2018-11-13Daily Star2019-11-15T23:17:02
The Salvific Power of Friendship, Memory, and Time in Augustine’s Confessions and in the Revived Doctor Who2016-09-01The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2019-11-15T02:45:49
Princess is the tops1982-01-27Aberdeen Evening Express2019-11-14T00:10:20
Doctor Who's New Tardis2018-11-12TV Guide2019-11-14T00:02:30
Doctor Who Reinvents the Christmas Classic2011-12-23Times Colonist2019-11-12T23:19:54
Doctor Who catapults actress into sci-fi acme2011-09-06Sun-Sentinel
McClatchy News Service
Doctor's doll to-do2018-11-11The Sun2019-11-12T23:08:02
200 Who fans browse, banter at the Hilton1985-09-08The Scrantonian2019-11-11T03:29:05
On the record ... with Lynne Thomas2011-09-28The MidWeek2019-11-11T03:19:43
Doctor Who's unlikely hero2011-09-09Red Eye2019-11-11T03:16:38
Young folks take charge on Doctor Who2011-07-30Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Postmedia News
At least they weren't made by Daleks!2011-05-25National Post
Postmedia News
A white director asked her in rehearsal: 'How does one pick cotton?'2018-11-08The Times2019-11-09T23:53:18
Derrick Sherwin2018-11-08The Guardian2019-11-09T23:48:37
Dr Who and her chronic view diver2018-11-06The Sun2019-11-09T23:45:41
Program survey results pour in1984-06-20The Dial (Oregon)2019-11-09T22:14:34
X Factor vote suffers 'attack of the Daleks'2018-11-05The Guardian2019-11-07T00:19:01
Last Words: Derrick Sherwin2018-11-04The Sunday Times2019-11-07T00:15:33
It's good to know Who your Friends are1984-04-18The Dial (Oregon)2019-11-07T00:04:31
Heroes & Inspirations: Jodie Whittaker2018-11-01SFX2019-11-05T00:35:27
Dr Who: Back to the future2018-11-02Eastern Eye2019-11-05T00:11:37
Overtime Lord! Playing Doctor was hard work, admits Peter2018-11-01Metro (England)2019-11-05T00:02:10
The science and tech of Doctor Who2018-10-01How It Works2019-10-29T23:26:35
Doctor Who's Lucky No. 132018-10-29TV Guide2019-10-29T23:07:29
For Younger Readers2018-10-29Metro (England)2019-10-29T23:05:28
Fans' backlash over Doctor Who's latest transformation into TV's most PC show2018-10-28The Mail on Sunday2019-10-29T23:02:40
The regeneration game (Times Literary Supplement)2018-10-26The Times Literary Supplement2019-10-29T23:01:31
Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowflakes...2018-10-23The Sun2019-10-25T22:50:45
Sixty Seconds with John Barrowman2018-10-23Metro (England)2019-10-25T22:48:00
Fetch boy! K-9 to get his own lead2018-10-12Metro (England)2019-10-24T21:48:54
Just the dippy-but-brainy Time Lord next door2018-10-08The Times2019-10-24T21:47:08
Who's in charge? Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Doctor2018-10-06The Times2019-10-24T21:41:03
We wouldn't dare taunt a Time Lord with a spoiler2018-10-06The Times2019-10-24T21:36:33
The Encoding and Decoding of Gendered Heroic Quests in Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Red Dwarf, and Torchwood2015-08-01Indiana University of Pennsylvania thesis2019-10-24T21:31:10
Clever-clever2006-07-06London Review of Books2019-10-24T21:26:54
Across the Tellyverse2006-06-22London Review of Books2019-10-24T21:23:46
Close Encounters: Alex Kingston2016-02-01SFX Magazine2019-10-19T18:05:30
Who's that? (Daily Mail)2018-10-17Daily Star2019-10-19T18:03:48
My Doctor Boo-Who2018-10-16Metro (England)2019-10-18T00:46:43
Jodie's tears in Tardis2018-10-16Daily Star2019-10-18T00:43:54
Fan Art2018-10-15TV Guide2019-10-16T17:47:10
Tardis Pizza is Just What the Doctor Ordered2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:42:15
Trapped in a gender cocoon?2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:40:05
She wears the trousers2018-10-14The Sunday Times2019-10-16T17:38:18
Get woke, go broke2018-10-13The Spectator2019-10-15T01:48:39
The Doctor Is In Safe Hands2018-10-13Regina Leader-Post2019-10-15T01:47:14
Zienia Merton2018-10-13The Guardian2019-10-15T01:44:51
Mad, sad and brilliant at her job2018-10-13Financial Times2019-10-15T01:43:35
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