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Jon Pertwee to be next Dr Who1969-06-21The Scotsman2024-07-10T00:53:54
Help! Dr. Who needs it as much as Ringo1965-08-28Hartlepool Mail2024-07-10T00:35:04
A fantastic demand from all parts of the country1965-08-07The Bookseller2024-07-10T00:32:47
Special events1988-11-18The Press of Atlantic City2024-07-09T23:51:48
NJN Designs Weekend TV for Devotees1987-04-24The Press of Atlantic City2024-07-09T23:45:13
N.J. Network Determines Who's 'Who'1987-06-26The Press of Atlantic City2024-07-09T23:06:56
Later in the year there will be two more "Dr. Who" books1965-01-30The Bookseller2024-07-06T00:27:12
More in orbit1964-02-03The Scotsman2024-07-06T00:18:35
Adding a soul to The Doctor's two hearts2005-05-14Express & Star2024-07-06T00:08:33
Dr Who two nominated for awards2005-07-05Express & Star2024-07-06T00:07:22
The Doctor and Rose are off on their travels again2006-04-15TV Times2024-07-06T00:01:07
Out of this world (TV Times)2006-04-15TV Times2024-07-05T23:57:22
A science-fiction series with 'humour'1978-10-01Newsday2024-07-05T23:54:04
A bit of tongue-in-cheek science fantasy from the BBC1978-09-10Newsday2024-07-05T23:50:27
Geek chic for Time Lord2005-07-26Express & Star2024-07-04T16:04:58
Dr Who backing push for helpers2005-09-16Express & Star2024-07-04T16:03:38
Shops warn of shortage on Dalek toy2005-11-09Express & Star2024-07-04T16:01:53
Celebrities in lights switch-on2005-11-18Express & Star2024-07-04T16:00:50
Ex-Dr Who to be only announcer in the village2005-11-12Express & Star2024-07-04T15:59:57
New Doctor Who tops list of best TV talent2005-11-24Express & Star2024-06-30T20:27:25
Settle down Who fans2005-12-24Express & Star2024-06-30T20:23:06
Look Who's back! (Daily Mail)2005-12-26Daily Mail2024-06-30T18:38:35
Space and Time: Celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who2023-06-01SFX2024-06-30T18:30:41
Dalek Hunter2023-06-01SFX2024-06-30T18:17:02
Doctor Who and the Dai-leks2006-04-23The Mail on Sunday2024-06-29T13:55:12
Michael Holden's All ears2009-05-14The Guardian2024-06-29T13:36:43
Yankee Doodles1966-06-02The Columbus Enquirer2024-06-29T13:25:54
Electronic Umpire1966-06-03The Columbus Enquirer2024-06-29T13:14:21
Doctor Who Visits Channel 451987-03-18Chattanooga News-Free Press2024-06-27T01:44:52
Bruno goes from Todd to the Tardis2005-04-27Express & Star2024-06-26T01:48:17
10million watch the new Dr Who2005-03-28Daily Mail2024-06-26T01:43:41
Who are you staring at?2005-03-10Daily Mail2024-06-26T00:18:41
New Doctor Who show leaked on the internet2005-03-08Express & Star2024-06-26T00:17:26
Daleks to do battle with the Doctor again2004-08-05Express & Star2024-06-26T00:16:05
But who's on first?1987-02-06The Tampa Tribune2024-06-26T00:13:41
So is Billie just Who the Doctor ordered?2004-03-28The Mail on Sunday2024-06-24T01:40:04
We've doctored the Golf1994-03-06The Mail on Sunday2024-06-24T00:48:09
Whovians join forces in El Paso get-together1987-11-23El Paso Herald-Post2024-06-24T00:31:36
Dr Who's tin terrors just live on and on1985-03-22Cambridge Evening News2024-06-23T23:56:36
It's light-years from the Tardis1984-05-19Express & Star2024-06-23T23:46:35
No Ordinary Joe2022-08-01Best of British2024-06-20T23:28:21
A dab-hand with the batmilk antidote1984-03-19Express & Star2024-06-20T23:25:06
Who's Who of Whos to mix1987-05-03The Tennessean2024-06-20T23:21:24
New signal1987-08-13The Kansas City Star2024-06-20T23:19:44
Comic-Con fans wild for new 'Doctor Who'2018-07-20Associated Press
Florence Morning News
Doctor Who returns; Capaldi eyes end of space/time travels2017-04-14Associated Press
Florence Morning News
A unique opportunity for a visit to the Doctor Who Experience Theatre1986-07-28Valley Advocate2024-06-19T23:19:59
A Doctor Who wedding for Raleigh couple2016-10-08The News & Observer2024-06-18T23:22:12
Humble pie served up for Doctor Who doubter2010-04-20Express & Star2024-06-18T23:14:52
Who was Dr Who's Liz?1999-12-16Daily Mail2024-06-18T23:13:21
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