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The what, when & how of the new Doctor Who1996-06-02The Age2022-06-25T18:19:14
Plunge Right In2021-06-20The Times2022-06-22T23:27:36
Get with the (TV) programme2021-06-18Times Educational Supplement2022-06-20T01:52:50
BBC to present 'Dr. Who' exhibit at Presque Isle1986-08-23Bangor Daily News2022-06-15T01:30:57
Beauty and beast1986-07-04Reading Evening Post2022-06-15T01:09:50
Father of the Cybermen2006-05-01Fortean Times2022-06-14T15:08:27
Fans get a closer look at who Dr. Who is1987-09-24Redding Record Searchlight2022-06-12T19:47:03
Dr. Who replaced by 'The Avengers'1981-11-01The New Orleans Times-Picayune2022-06-12T19:40:48
Tardis landing1989-07-06East Kent Mercury2022-06-10T14:03:35
Another Doctor1989-05-15Sandwell Evening Mail2022-06-10T13:56:09
Thatcher Calls In Dr Who!1989-03-11Daily Record2022-06-10T13:51:55
Gissa hug, Earthling1989-02-24The Mirror2022-06-10T13:47:03
Dull doctor1989-03-04Look-in2022-06-10T13:41:03
Dr Who Fan's Dalek Is Just the Ticket1995-09-01The Spalding Guardian2022-06-09T12:26:26
Dr Who starts on another exploit1980-09-27Reading Evening Post2022-06-09T12:20:52
Dalek man on the air1974-03-01Faversham News2022-06-09T12:19:04
Dalek chases Jan to the ball1973-05-24Reading Evening Post2022-06-09T12:16:55
Little Wendy Has a Big Idea For All You Peter Pans1971-04-03Tit-bits2022-06-09T12:13:41
Dominant Narratives and Historical Perspective in Time Travel Stories: A Case Study of Doctor Who2020-10-09The Social Studies2022-06-07T23:23:40
Dr. Who heads the Heads' Who's who1971-04-17Disc2022-06-07T23:16:05
Dr Who v The Master1971-01-02Radio Times2022-06-07T23:11:14
Welcome to 1970 - See what the stars will be doing1970-01-01Radio Times2022-06-07T23:08:40
Dr Who Bound for an Alien Landscape1979-11-16Reading Evening Post2022-06-05T23:02:29
Doctor Who Meets the Pescatons1976-07-23Look-in2022-06-05T22:57:04
The Time Machine in Mark's Garden1976-06-18Whitstable Times2022-06-05T22:47:25
Berks Dr Who fans fume over BBC axe1985-03-04Reading Evening Post2022-06-03T19:42:34
Save Dr Who!1985-03-02The Mirror2022-06-03T19:36:07
BBC: Dr Who Will Be Back1985-03-02Nottingham Post2022-06-03T19:31:49
Buck Rogers and Dr Who have declared a truce for Christmas1980-12-20Reading Evening Post2022-06-03T19:10:01
Who's Who (1981)1981-05-02The Rugeley Times2022-06-03T18:48:32
I Wish the BBC would repeat early episodes of Dr Who1995-05-29The Mirror2022-06-02T22:07:11
Yankee Who Exclusive1994-07-16Sandwell Evening Mail2022-06-02T22:05:49
Dr Who comes down to earth (1980)1980-09-26Harrow Observer2022-06-02T22:01:55
Oldrids1979-08-31The Spalding Guardian2022-06-02T22:00:18
The Who girl's big secret1974-05-16Tit-bits2022-06-02T21:54:33
Dr. Who's Space-Age Car1973-12-13Weekender2022-06-02T21:43:36
The Real McCoy (Sandwell Evening Mail)1993-11-19Sandwell Evening Mail2022-05-31T23:49:06
Who cares?1985-03-09The Press and Journal2022-05-31T23:47:18
TV's Mrs Poo dies at 771983-06-24The Mirror2022-05-31T23:45:37
Dr Who's snub1983-02-17The Mirror2022-05-31T23:43:45
Who's This? (Countdown)1971-04-24Countdown2022-05-31T23:41:17
Dr Who and the Dialects1970-01-17Reveille2022-05-31T23:39:50
Pat Troughton 19871987-04-24Comics Buyer's Guide2022-05-28T13:54:17
Look Who's here (1972)1972-04-05Reading Evening Post2022-05-27T22:03:24
Meeting the faces behind the words of 'Dr. Who' and 'Tamworth Pig'1978-09-29Atherstone Herald
Coleshill Herald
Dr Who Stars at Bookshop1977-10-07The Spalding Guardian2022-05-27T03:57:38
Dr. Who – on a flying visit1976-04-29Gazette and Post2022-05-27T03:55:24
Nina is racing to stardom1974-01-31Gazette and Post2022-05-27T03:54:17
The Leicester man behind "Doctor Who"1971-03-12The Leicester Chronicle2022-05-27T03:52:18
Maman, j'ai peur1965-08-20Fejuille d'avis de Lausanne2022-05-25T23:53:20
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