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chronological view
Caroline Munro: Starting OverStarlog1988-04-05
Doctor goes independentThe Stage and Television Today1989-11-30
Daleks invade AmericaThe Times1993-10-27
Can Dr Who survive Steven Spielberg?The Times1993-10-27
Galactic gambleThe Times1993-10-27
Dr Who lands among a new galaxy of starsDaily Express1993-10-28
Meanwhile, the BBC has confirmed that it is in negotiations with top US film director Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin about producing a new version of Dr WhoThe Stage and Television Today1993-11-04
The Doctor with an American accent — you've got to be kidding!The Stage and Television Today1993-11-11
Treat the Doctor with due respectThe Stage and Television Today1993-11-18
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fansThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor awayThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-09
Spielberg resurrects 'Dr. Who'The Newark Advocate1993-12-09
Good and bad times with the Time LordThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-16
Spielberg aims to film Dr Who with Crawford as Time LordDaily Mail1994-01-28
Spielberg roleThe Times1994-02-01
These are our demands--Who has the answers?The Stage and Television Today1994-03-03
Dr Who gets Spielberg call to HollywoodThe Sunday Times1994-03-06
Hunt for new Dr Who as Spielberg hijacks seriesThe Times1994-03-07
Tia's to Lord it with hero Dr WhoDaily Express1994-03-18
Dr Who's flying circusThe Mail on Sunday1994-05-22
Spielberg plans to revive Dr WhoThe Straits Times1994-07-08
The Doctor is in - againSt. Petersburg Times1995-01-01
Doctor Who returns with a hi-tech TardisLondon Evening Standard1995-08-29
Exterminated:Dream of British Doctor Who filmLondon Evening Standard1996-01-10
Dr Who lands in the middle of a £22m lawsuitThe Times1997-02-15