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Who's Party Is It? The Doctor's 1990-01-11
Back in time with Doctor Who 1990-01-13
Dr. Who makes a house call 1990-01-14
Big changes in store as Doctor leaves the BBC 1990-01-15
Texts, readers and contexts of reading: developments in the study of media audiences 1990-01-15
Dr Who's safety film 1990-01-18
Seven faces of Doctor Who 1990-01-27
KERA-TV Whofest '90 1990-02-02
Dr Who meeting 1990-02-12
Episode gaps 1990-02-26
BBC in 'dangerous' kids programming 1990-03-15
The TV Column 1990-03-20
Lost Dr. Who episodes will be shown 1990-03-26
Hanging on the telephone 1990-03-29
Move over Trekkies, the Doctor's TV series is still going strong 1990-04-21
Who are you, Whovians? 1990-04-29
BBC trade-names 1990-05-02
Forward into the past with Satellite 1990-05-02
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child is really for grown-up children 1990-05-05
Futuristic travel with Dr Who 1990-05-11
Lost Colony Tardis meeting 1990-05-16
Video Highlights 1990-05-26
Museum of Childhood 1990-07-27
BBC television costumes being unloaded yesterday 1990-07-31
Guess Who 1990-08-04
BBC Lionheart Television awards cable TV rights to its classic and popular Doctor Who science-fiction series to the Sci-Fi Channel 1990-08-24
Sex Change Time for Doctor Who 1990-08-26
Dr Who and cult cartoons in satellite TV battle 1990-08-30
Time Gentlemen (BSB TV Month) 1990-09-01
Open house 1990-09-08
Dr. Who's 'Galaxy' haven 1990-09-15
The Exterminator 1990-09-20
A Doctor Who weekend special interspersed with documentaries, star interviews, monsters, props and gadgets 1990-09-22
Publishers bite the financial bullet 1990-09-28
This would be the series' third big-screen leap 1990-09-29
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time Warp 1990-10-06
Tardis takes the Doctor to earth for Christmas 1990-10-20
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant Fans 1990-10-22
It's all for you Who! 1990-10-30
Sky out of bounds to Dr Who and Co says actors' union 1990-11-11
I love funerals 1990-11-13
Rutger Hauer Wordt Dr. Who 1990-11-15
It must be incredibly infuriating for television executives when programmes of which they long to get rid are lumbered with poor viewing figures 1990-11-22
Monty Python Fest 1990-11-30
Doctor Who meets Vladimir Propp: A comparative narrative analysis of myth/folktale and the television science fiction genre 1990-12-01
Global phone campaigners call for Dr Who 1990-12-01
The Intrepid Gamer 1990-12-06
Creator of Daleks 1991-01-02
The Doctor: In Recovery 1991-01-03
Convention beckons confirmed Trekkie 1991-01-18
The Sunday Doctor 1991-02-01
Backchat 1991-02-15
Who's watching whom? 1991-02-21
Major contender for Dr Who role 1991-02-22
Magnum Opus Convention 1991-02-27
Sergeant At Arms 1991-03-05
Robot Ron (1991) 1991-03-17
Daleks are up for grabs 1991-03-26
A Cyberman costume 1991-03-27
£2,000 to own a real Dalek! 1991-03-27
Space invaders 1991-03-27
Guess Who (Chicago Sun-Times) 1991-03-28
Sabotage by Space Invaders 1991-03-30
Doctor Who star Davison attends Dallas fest 1991-04-04
Dr Who runs out of space 1991-04-07
Who's on first? 1991-04-11
Gerald Blake obituary 1991-04-25
Moving moments for Dr Who 1991-05-02
A Time Lord's Times 1991-05-02
It was "idiotic" to get rid of the props 1991-05-11
Tardis just the ticket! 1991-05-12
Dodo's travels with The Doctor 1991-06-01
Television's 'lost' classics still coming to light 1991-06-05
Dr Who comes to Waterloo 1991-06-19
Take a trip into times now past 1991-06-25
Doctor Who: The Next Generation 1991-07-02
Classics too good to be forgotten 1991-07-04
Accumulate! Accumulate! 1991-07-05
Dr Who meets his eternal foes again 1991-07-05
Milton Subotsky (Variety) 1991-07-08
Dalek-voice kidnapper's 15 years for wife snatch 1991-07-16
Rutger Hauer Niet In Dr. Who-Film 1991-07-16
Arriving at end of the Lime 1991-07-18
Milton Subotsky (The Times) 1991-07-20
Let's Do The Time Warp Again... 1991-07-25
Will Doctor Who ever rematerialise? 1991-07-29
The Lost Doctor Who 1991-08-01
Sexterminate Him! Dr Who's Too Blue 1991-08-11
Don't exterminate Dr Who 1991-08-12
BBC banks on nostalgia with a TV binge 1991-08-19
Farewell to the fantasy factory 1991-08-30
Warm glow of the Lime light 1991-08-31
Milton Subotsky 1991-09-01
Who's who (Insight) 1991-09-01
For some reason, many Americans don't get into Doctor Who until they reach age 21 1991-09-03
Lloyd's tribute 1991-09-05
Alan Wheatley 1991-09-09
Scriptwriter, bridge player 1991-09-14
Gerry Davis 1991-09-16
Designs on the Doctor 1991-09-22
Who knows 1991-09-27
Ring Me Up, Scottie 1991-10-01
Why was there no mention of the most famous mutants of all, the Daleks 1991-10-01
Dr. Who is just what the doctor ordered for Lambs Farm coffers 1991-12-02
Do you plan to purchase any new episodes of Doctor Who? 1992-01-01
Bernard Wilkie: The Effective Pioneer 1992-01-01
Frazer Hines: The Second Doctor's Kilt-Swishing Highlander 1992-01-01
Pamela Salem: An Actress from the year dot 1992-01-01
Timewyrm: Revelation 1992-01-01
Resistance Is Useless 1992-01-03
Tom Baker is just one Doctor journeying through time 1992-01-03
Who's on First? (Starlog) 1992-01-03
Behind-the-armchair time travellers 1992-01-10
Time, gentlemen, please! 1992-01-11
The return of Who 1992-01-14
Sophie isn't crying into her beer 1992-01-16
A timely look at the Timelords 1992-01-18
It's not a what-not you know, it's Dr Who you know 1992-01-23
Going, going, gone! 1992-01-23
Who's next? (Edinburgh Evening News) 1992-01-31
BBC pushes to screen more archive shows 1992-02-06
Dr Who turns up in Hong Kong cellar 1992-02-13
When does a repeat become a TV classic? 1992-02-15
To badly go 1992-03-07
Dr Who: The Videos 1992-03-15
Carry on, Doctor! 1992-03-25
Invasion from Outer Space: Cable's USA Network to Launch Sci-Fi Channel 1992-03-31
Sci-Fi Cable Network Likely to Be Bought by USA TV Channel 1992-03-31
Terrance Dicks: Writing the Past, Present and Future 1992-04-01
Artists, writers take up challenge 1992-04-01
When Dr Who rematerialised 1992-04-02
Deborah Watling: In Time-travelling they can hear you scream... 1992-04-29
Dr Who fans set to get a special treat 1992-06-09
Promoting, not exterminating 1992-06-23
£1,000 label on Dr Who jacket 1992-07-20
The velvet jacket worn by actor Jon Pertwee 1992-07-20
The Daleks mean business this time 1992-07-23
Directing the unfinished Shada 1992-08-01
The New Adventures: Witch Mark 1992-08-01
Dr Who star Jon collapses 1992-08-06
The Shows May Be Ended But The Fan Clubs Linger On 1992-08-09
Whose lot is it? 1992-08-20
Cybermen and Daleks on sale 1992-08-21
Dalek auction 1992-08-22
Love a TV show? Join the club 1992-08-27
Dr. Who followers produce their own MPT pledge videos 1992-08-29
How Doctor Who was rescued from oblivion 1992-08-29
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Stage and Television Today) 1992-10-01
A Channel for Science Fiction 1992-10-01
The Economics of Underwriting Spawn Off-Beat Public Television 1992-10-02
Sly in Tardis Riddle 1992-10-06
Time's up for Rambo 1992-10-06
TV wizards save Dr Who classic from mists of time 1992-10-14
Support a free-standing BC ... uh, BBC 1992-10-14
Who could resist it? 1992-10-17
They ain't half old, mum ... 1992-10-21
The action is more cerebral than Flash Gordon 1992-10-24
Classics from outer space 1992-10-31
Sci-Fi Favorites 1992-11-01
Japanimation, kitsch classics no kids' stuff 1992-11-06
Feeling sick over Doctor's return 1992-11-06
Dr Who episodes never before broadcast in America 1992-11-09
Colour coordinating the return of the Doctor 1992-11-12
Return of The Daemon 1992-11-14
Sci-fi fans can feast at holiday convention 1992-11-17
Resistance is useless ... 1992-11-19
The colour of Dr Who 1992-11-20
Visions Of Sci-Fi TV Stars Due Here 1992-11-23
Doctor Who: The Sixties 1993-01-01
Comes the Stranger 1993-02-02
Alexei Sayle on being a minor celebrity 1993-02-14
Man tilts his way to pinball title 1993-02-16
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Times) 1993-02-24
Dr Who confronts the deadly Daleks 1993-03-01
60's Heroes 1993-03-01
Jacqueline Hill obituary 1993-03-04
Whodunits? 1993-03-04
Take me back to the future! 1993-03-12
Jacqueline Hill obituary (Variety) 1993-03-15
Victorian Screamer 1993-04-01
Dr Hoot 1993-04-10
Look Who's Back (Daily Star) 1993-04-18
Guess who's 30 this year? 1993-04-18
Time throws a spanner in the Tardis's works as Dr Who celebrates his 30th birthday 1993-04-28
Tardis travels for Dr Who convention 1993-04-29
Dr Who & The Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 AD 1993-05-01
Doing what comes naturally 1993-05-06
Daleks invaded the club 1993-05-08
Thirty years and a handful of Doctors later, Doctor Who is still going strong 1993-05-19
Dr Who actor Peter Davison is to divorce 1993-06-05
Back To The Future For Dr Whos 30th Birthday 1993-06-17
Who... when... why? 1993-06-18
Coming soon: A Who's Who of Dr Whos 1993-06-18
It's time for a Dr Who special 1993-06-18
Dr Who: he really is invincible 1993-06-20
Dr Who reunion wrecked 1993-07-10
The Latest Online! 1993-07-15
Doctor, where am I? 1993-08-06
This Sorry Tale Of Whose Who 1993-08-07
Even Dr Who is not missing out 1993-08-07
Sci-Fi turns to media to spread its name 1993-08-16
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph) 1993-08-23
Unexterminated 1993-08-27
Second 'time' around for Jon 1993-08-27
Potter hits at BBC 'Daleks' 1993-08-28
Dr Who pops into the Vic 1993-09-01
The BBC has released a special limited edition boxed set of the Doc adventures 1993-09-04
The Doctor lives again 1993-09-09
Phillip Schofield presents 1993-09-19
Sylvester reveals the real McCoy 1993-10-09
About time (Chicago Tribune) 1993-10-19
Daleks invade America 1993-10-27
Can Dr Who survive Steven Spielberg? 1993-10-27
Galactic gamble 1993-10-27
Dr Who lands among a new galaxy of stars 1993-10-28
No 273: Doctor Who 1993-10-29
The elegant Jon Pertwee 1993-10-30
10 things you didn't know about ... Doctor Who 1993-11-01
Take us to your leaders 1993-11-01
Forever The Doctor 1993-11-02
Doctor Who's New Dimension 1993-11-02
Meanwhile, the BBC has confirmed that it is in negotiations with top US film director Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin about producing a new version of Dr Who 1993-11-04
Just look Who's back! 1993-11-05
Planet of the Daleks 1993-11-05
Dr Who joins EastEnders in 3D special 1993-11-05
The Doctor with an American accent — you've got to be kidding! 1993-11-11
Dr Who enters another dimension 1993-11-13
Send for the Doctor! 1993-11-13
What a hullabaWho! 1993-11-18
Treat the Doctor with due respect 1993-11-18
Convention's not lost on space fans 1993-11-18
Tale of a Time Lord 1993-11-20
Monster Who's Who 1993-11-20
Carry on Screaming! 1993-11-20
Tardis in a Time-Warp 1993-11-20
Doctor, who's that old girl? 1993-11-20
Doctor Who, and friends, make a spectacle of themselves! 1993-11-20
Doctor, you've made me feel 20 years older 1993-11-20
Time Lord Back From The Universe 1993-11-21
Dr Who's waste of space 1993-11-26
Rave from the cave 1993-11-26
Let's hope it's no 2-D effort 1993-11-26
Who's Kidding Who? 1993-11-27
Visions honors British TV sci-fi 1993-11-28
Bring back doctor 1993-11-29
Stage struck 1993-11-30
Seven Time Lords in police box 1993-12-01
When the fast forward button comes into its own 1993-12-02
Bernard Martin obituary 1993-12-02
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fans 1993-12-02
Cockney Companion 1993-12-03
Stars help make sci-fi charity auction shine 1993-12-05
Dalek creator on mission to exterminate the imposters 1993-12-09
A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor away 1993-12-09
Spielberg resurrects 'Dr. Who' 1993-12-09
Good and bad times with the Time Lord 1993-12-16
Top Sci-fi 1993-12-17
Dr Who: Thirty Years In The Tardis 1994-01-01
Who's Latest 1994-01-04
What Goes Around, Comes Around 1994-01-09
Sewer Rat Drains The Doctor 1994-01-25
Spielberg aims to film Dr Who with Crawford as Time Lord 1994-01-28
Spielberg role 1994-02-01
Dr Who travels forward in time 1994-02-01
The 200 Most Important People 1994-02-01
Beep your horn one more time, pal, and I will ... Exterminate! 1994-02-04
Dr Who's sex change 1994-02-12
The Doctor Who Music Invasion 1994-03-01
Who's Stranger 1994-03-01
These are our demands--Who has the answers? 1994-03-03
Cheeky VW hitch ride with Dr Whos 1994-03-04
Dr Who gets Spielberg call to Hollywood 1994-03-06
Hunt for new Dr Who as Spielberg hijacks series 1994-03-07
Tia's to Lord it with hero Dr Who 1994-03-18
Mechanical Sea Monster Eats Dr Who Boffin 1994-03-31
Who's Companion 1994-04-03
Who's On Line 1994-04-16
RJB The Pinball Store 1994-04-24
Exterminate! (1994) 1994-05-01
Daleks take to the air 1994-05-18
Elevate! 1994-05-18
Dr Who's flying circus 1994-05-22
Now for something completely different 1994-05-23
Eric stops Idle gossip 1994-05-27
Pick Alan, not Hugh, as the next Dr Who 1994-05-29
Fan club gathering 1994-06-03
I Used To Sneak In And Burn My Son's Clothes 1994-06-14
Eileen Way obituary 1994-06-30
Spielberg plans to revive Dr Who 1994-07-08
Who's a Silly Boy 1994-07-27
I can barely get through a shave, let alone see myself on television 1994-07-30
My perfect day 1994-08-06
Peter Cushing, gaunt star of classical, horror films 1994-08-12
Hammer horror king Cushing dies of cancer 1994-08-12
Peter Cushing obituary 1994-08-15
Could we ever be Time Lords? 1994-08-19
Why are so many Doctor Who fans gay? 1994-08-19
Tom Baker is a rather rumpled, disheveled Dr. Who 1994-08-19
Closed Circuits and Monitored Lives: Television as Power in Doctor Who 1994-09-01
Roy Castle 1994-09-03
Here comes K-999 to sniff out crime 1994-09-08
On This Week 1994-09-17
Designer of the Daleks 'withdrew from world' 1994-09-23
Brains behind Daleks ended life as recluse 1994-09-23
Dalek designer 'wasted away' 1994-09-29
Peter Cushing 1913-1994 1994-10-04
The Doctor will see you now (The Telegraph) 1994-10-08
Sabalon Glitz delivered a brilliant set at the Empty Bottle 1994-10-10
Cuddle up to a Dalek 1994-10-15
The Doctor's last landing 1994-10-28
Monster Spin-Off As Doctor's Fans Shake It In Space 1994-10-30
Final adventure for Doctor Who 1994-11-10
Doctor is in as WUSF airs "Who'-dunit 1994-11-11
Beware the cybermen 1994-11-18
Fancy our Fred? 1994-11-25
Futurevision 1994-12-04
Look Who's Here! 1994-12-09
My Choice: Sophie Aldred 1994-12-14
Back in the Tardis for doctor with timeless quality Dr Who: The Seventies 1994-12-15
The Doctor is in - again 1995-01-01
Doctor Who dials up a visit to the 1990s 1995-01-01
Inspiration From Afar - Spacy Sounds Aren't Alien To Chicago's Sabalon Glitz 1995-01-06
TV Sophie joins tribute to Dr Who 1995-01-07
Timelord takes off for final showing 1995-01-12
Star struck! 1995-01-17
John J Carney 1995-03-16
Much more than Who 1995-04-27
Batman's Batman 1995-05-02
Python Eric is Dr Who 1995-05-22
Dr Who heads for Wales with a giant display to woo tourists 1995-06-05
Matthew Jacobs 1995-06-14
Dr Who travels back to his TV future 1995-06-14
Who's in Wales for a while 1995-06-22
Exterminate! (1995) 1995-07-25
The Space Place 1995-08-06
Gordon Flemyng obituary 1995-08-10
Doctor Who returns with a hi-tech Tardis 1995-08-29
Take a trip down memory lane with 30 years of Doctor Who 1995-09-23
Exterminate That Pint! 1995-10-06
Gay actor set to play Doctor Who 1995-10-20
Dursley McLinden obituary 1995-11-02
Beautiful Companion 1995-11-02
Doctor is missing but video is destined to be a hit 1995-11-03
Dud Daleks 1995-11-03
Time-warp Doctor is back to the future 1995-12-03
Smart Alick 1995-12-04
For the fan who has everything 1995-12-07
Secret plot to create a Dalek master race 1995-12-16
Move over Dalek 1996-01-03
Exterminated:Dream of British Doctor Who film 1996-01-10
Bad news for Daleks as the doctor is reincarnated 1996-01-11
Calling The Doctor 1996-01-11
Doctor Who to return after time out 1996-01-11
Dear Paul McGann 1996-01-11
Smart Dalek 1996-01-11
Look Who's Doctor No 8 1996-01-11
Dr Who takes off in £5m TV revival 1996-01-11
Look who's Who! 1996-01-11
Our man McGann beats the stars to become new Dr Who 1996-01-11
Revival of Dr Who 1996-01-11
Having The Time Of His Lives 1996-01-14
Discarded Tardis 1996-01-17
Eight score eight 1996-01-19
Discarded Tardis reply 1996-01-20
Jon Pertwee is back aboard the Tardis 1996-01-20
Doctor Who: The Ghosts of N Space 1996-01-20
Who's that high-speed girl? 1996-01-20
Doctor Who fans 1996-01-26
It's Dr Who and the Dial-eks! 1996-01-31
Look Who Gets A Bonk! 1996-02-11
Who's Sorry Now (The Mirror) 1996-02-15
Who is McGann this time? 1996-02-17
So Who's a pretty boy then, Doctor? 1996-02-17
Doctor Who highlights sci-fi programs on WUSF, channel 16 1996-03-01
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Sight & Sound) 1996-03-01
Time future contained in time past? 1996-03-01
Daleks whisk back in time 1996-03-01
Dr Who goes head first to the future 1996-03-03
TARDIS Travel Agent 1996-03-05
Peter Pan 'nightmare' 1996-03-08
London kerbs Dalek assault 1996-03-08
My Dr Who Had No Time For Sex 1996-03-14
Doctor who had no name 1996-03-15
Dalek dialect 1996-03-16
Inside the Tardis (Radio Times) 1996-03-16
Dr Who — Return of the Lord of Time 1996-03-16
Doctor Who, 2 BBC Dramas, AbFab Released 1996-03-24
Dr. Who boosts Ch. 42 1996-03-29
Credit to the extermination 1996-04-01
Time-traveling alien from BBC, "Dr. Who' at USF 1996-04-13
Doctor Who leads the nostalgia boom 1996-04-18
Tardis 2 has its insider secrets 1996-04-18
Time proves no barrier to police box 1996-04-19
The Backlot 1996-04-22
Liza: I'm not a druggie 1996-04-30
Look who's being revived 1996-05-01
Raiders of the lost archives 1996-05-04
Up against the old enemy 1996-05-04
Time Lord travels to the Nineties 1996-05-04
The New Doctor Who (1996) 1996-05-07
Larry McMurtry and 'Doctor Who' Tower Over TV's 'Sweeps' Month 1996-05-09
Preston Lockwood obituary 1996-05-09
The new Who 1996-05-11
The low-budget BBC sci-fi series comes to Fox as a big-budget made-for-TV movie 1996-05-11
Saving the world from dastardly aliens 1996-05-11
The doctor's in -- this time on Fox 1996-05-12
Sci-Fi Gets Ready for the Millennium 1996-05-12
Dr. Who? When? Where? 1996-05-12
Dr. Who Comes Back In Time 1996-05-12
Back from the past 1996-05-12
Who's On First With Fans 1996-05-12
Show Builds on 26-Year Journey Through Time and Space 1996-05-12
Best bets 1996-05-12
Britain's 'Doctor Who' is revived in Fox TV movie 1996-05-12
Doctor Who returns to TV in yet another incarnation 1996-05-12
On the lighter side, the world is ending 1996-05-12
Doctor Who lacks charm to gain new sci-fi fans 1996-05-13
Who's On: First A Telepic, Maybe A Series 1996-05-13
Superb 'Doctor Who' movie likely pilot for new series 1996-05-13
Doctor returns to TV tonight with a big 'Who'-ray! 1996-05-13
Who's this? Fox doctors up old sci-fi show 1996-05-13
You Know Who 1996-05-13
Who Next? Paul McGann 1996-05-13
Fox's 'Dr. Who' Leaves Its Viewers Yearning for More of The Doctor 1996-05-13
Paul McGann is eighth 'Doctor Who' this time in two-hour Fox movie 1996-05-14
Paging Doctor Who: a by-the-numbers guide for Whovians-come-lately 1996-05-14
Who's on Fox? Yes Indeed 1996-05-14
Universe in Trouble? Just Call Doctor Who 1996-05-14
Fox Flick a Who's 'Who' of Sci-Fi 1996-05-14
Bringing cult hero back to life 1996-05-14
Doctor Who is for fans only 1996-05-14
Fox Revives Doctor Who Tonight 1996-05-14
Who's Back? Another 'Dr. Who,' That's Who 1996-05-14
Will Fox's 'Doctor Who' Woo Fans? 1996-05-14
Doctor Who 1996-05-14
The Doctor Is In: New Version Of Cult Science-Fiction Show Serves Up Sly, Hip Entertainment 1996-05-14
Who cares about bad knockoffs? 1996-05-14
Dr. Who debut welcome return for Fox, viewers 1996-05-14
Doctor Who makes new transformation 1996-05-14
Rx for Pleasure: A New "Dr. Who" 1996-05-14
Fox Steals Charm of Dr. Who 1996-05-14
Dr. Who's calling in a new film 1996-05-14
A famous science-fiction series seeks a new audience with a TV movie 1996-05-14
Clever 'Dr. Who' has not lost his touch 1996-05-14
T.A.R.D.I.S. Brings Dr. Who to Fox Tonight 1996-05-14
Who's Next - Fox Movie Puts a New High-Tech Shine on Old Sci-Fi Icon 1996-05-14
Who of BBC fame returns 1996-05-14
Dr. Who Gets New Life As TV Film 1996-05-14
Who's coming to prime time 1996-05-14
There's a new Who, and it's about time 1996-05-14
Role lifts Paul McGann from Who? to Doctor Who 1996-05-14
Sci-fi fans should enjoy 'Doctor Who' flick on Fox tonight 1996-05-14
Paul McGann stars in "Doctor Who" 1996-05-14
Stepford men and 'Dr. Who' are just weakened updates 1996-05-14
This is the first new telemovie about the millennium 1996-05-14
Calling all Whovians (1996) 1996-05-14
A hue and cry for Doctor Who 1996-05-14
The original series was terribly British 1996-05-14
Who's Dr Who? 1996-05-19
Jon Pertwee obituary 1996-05-20
Dr Who actor Pertwee dies 1996-05-20
Time Lords Mourn Jon Pertwee 1996-05-20
Doctor Who comes down to earth 1996-05-20
Daemon Software 1996-05-20
List of Week's TV Ratings, May 13-19, 1996 1996-05-21
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of all 1996-05-21
A Doctor For All Time 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee, British actor 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (Daily Telegraph) 1996-05-21
The world of Dr Who mourns Jon Pertwee 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Times) 1996-05-21
New Dr Who wastes no time for first kiss 1996-05-21
Dr Who, but not as we know him 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Independent) 1996-05-21
The true eccentric who was born to be Dr Who 1996-05-21
Time runs out for a veteran Time Lord 1996-05-21
Jon Pertwee obituary (The Stage) 1996-05-23
New incarnation of TV's most enduring doctor 1996-05-23
Lives Lived: Jon Pertwee 1996-05-24
Knowing who's Who 1996-05-24
He's Back! 1996-05-24
Doctor Who Meets Planet Hollywood 1996-05-25
Up against the Doc 1996-05-25
Return of the Time Lord 1996-05-25
Doctor Who Trivia Test 1996-05-25
Doctor Phew! (The Sun) 1996-05-25
The nostalgic may hanker for the old black-and-white days and Daleks, but the Time Lord has moved on 1996-05-25
It's Doctor Who - but not as we know it! 1996-05-25
Time is of the essence for Dr Who Paul McGann 1996-05-25
Doctor's Appointment 1996-05-25
The big TV event this week is the return of Doctor Who 1996-05-25
It's the moment Doctor Who fans have been waiting for 1996-05-25
It's life, Doctor, but not as we know it 1996-05-26
Andrew Billen meets Paul McGann, the new, made-for-America Doctor Who 1996-05-26
Any chance of taking us back to a holiday heatwave? 1996-05-27
Don't miss ... 1996-05-27
Will the earth move when the Doctor shares his first screen kiss with Grace Holloway? 1996-05-27
Why I Won't Be At Jon's Funeral - Jean Marsh 1996-05-28
Waste of time travel 1996-05-28
Switch On 1996-05-28
A Time Lord's place is in the past 1996-05-28
Who's Last 1996-05-28
Who's time just ran out? 1996-05-28
Selling out and alienating everyone 1996-05-28
Welcome back, Doctor, whoever you are 1996-05-28
Doctor's timely return 1996-05-28
What I Watched Last Night 1996-05-28
Dr Who has been exterminated 1996-05-29
The Time Lord lands in a period drama 1996-05-29
Who Dares Wins! 1996-05-29
Doctor with the PR touch 1996-05-30
Fanzine tribute to the Doctor 1996-05-30
Dr Why? 1996-05-31
The punters queue for new Doctor Who 1996-05-31
Jon Pertwee (Radio Times) 1996-06-01
Return of 'Doctor Who' 1996-06-01
That very odd one-off Americanised feature length instalment of Dr Who 1996-06-01
Down to earth with a bump 1996-06-02
Doctor Who leaves his hearts in San Francisco 1996-06-02
Time Lord Immemorial 1996-06-03
Doctor's orders (1996) 1996-06-08
Under attack from giant rabbits and Daleks 1996-06-14
Who-ray! The Doctor's back 1996-06-15
Dr Defiant 1996-06-15
Partners in time 1996-07-01
Jon Pertwee 1919-1996 1996-07-02
Patent problem for dancing K9 1996-07-02
Dr Who returns 1996-07-05
Design Choice: The Tardis 1996-07-11
Jon Pertwee (Variety) 1996-07-22
Turn-Off Dr Who Is Exterminated 1996-07-26
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