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Wales (135 articles)publicationdate
Welcome was out of this worldNorth Wales Weekly News1964-12-31
Campaign Against TV Smut and ViolenceNeath Guardian1965-03-05
Tom, out on his ownDaily Post1981-04-15
Dr Who girl to quitDaily Post1982-07-15
Time of their livesDaily Post1982-07-19
This little girl gets younger every playDaily Post1983-06-03
It's time traveller Peri - that's WhoDaily Post1983-07-06
Search on for a new Dr WhoDaily Post1983-07-29
TV villain the new Doctor WhoDaily Post1983-08-20
Tom Who's Baker Street Blues ... and why Conan Doyle had themDaily Post1984-05-07
21-year pledge on Dr WhoDaily Post1985-03-21
A time lord diesWestern Mail1987-03-30
Dr Who heads for Wales with a giant display to woo touristsWestern Mail1995-06-05
Exterminate That Pint!Haverfordwest Guardian1995-10-06
Dr Who Park Turned Into Nature ReserveSouth Wales Echo2001-10-04
Doctor Doddy?Daily Post2002-02-27
Masters Of The WhoniverseDaily Post2003-11-24
A Doctor Who Refuses To Be ExterminatedDaily Post2003-11-24
Cyberfans Demand Daleks Time-Travel Back To 2003Western Mail2003-11-25
Billie's on board Tardis as Doctor's sidekickWestern Mail2004-05-25
Daleks to roll again after allWestern Mail2004-08-05
Ex-Doctor Who Baker 'may return as villain'Western Mail2004-09-22
Watch skies for DaleksWestern Mail2004-10-30
Police were alerted yesterday after Daleks were involved in a shoot-out with armed guardsWestern Mail2004-11-02
Hand in hand: Billie and the DoctorWestern Mail2004-11-10
Who's Next! Billie and Chris pose for camerasSouth Wales Echo2004-11-10
Pub Offers To Pay £1,000 To Charity For Return Of Worzel GummidgeDaily Post2005-01-14
Doctor Who (2005)Western Mail2005-03-22
The Daleks Tried, The Cybermen Tried ... But It Finally Took A N.Wales Gardener To Destroy The TardisDaily Post2005-03-30
Doctor Who, a sinister Santa and an alien army invade our living rooms on Christmas DayWestern Mail2005-12-13
Tourists follow in the footsteps of Doctor WhoWestern Mail2005-12-24
The Tardis touches down in the USWestern Mail2006-01-14
Check out Doctor Who's ChristmasSouth Wales Echo2006-01-16
A fan's guide to the top five Dr Who companionsWestern Mail2006-06-16
Captain Jack is BackDaily Post2006-10-21
Aspirational middle-youth telly viewers make sci-fi Torchwood a record-breakerWestern Mail2006-10-24
BBC Wales praised for 'sexy and modern' programmesWestern Mail2006-11-25
Cyberman Christmas brain scrambleWestern Mail2006-11-28
More spin-offs predicted after Doctor Who captures viewersWestern Mail2006-12-15
Dr Who's secrets revealedDaily Post2006-12-23
Doctor Who to quit denied but fourth series not yet orderedWestern Mail2006-12-29
Who, what, where, whenWestern Mail2007-04-21
Doctor Who and Kylie should show the world that Wales has a Tardis of talentWestern Mail2007-07-16
Buffy star to join Torchwood line-upWestern Mail2007-07-16
I'm a Doctor Who heroSouth Wales Echo2007-07-31
Doc feels the heat in RomeWestern Mail2007-08-12
Bookies make Radcliffe their favourite to be the new Doctor WhoWestern Mail2007-09-06
Sarah Jane gets a new lease of life as Slitheen seek revengeWestern Mail2007-09-08
Simm-ilarity is no problem as Master tipped for hero's jobWestern Mail2007-11-12
Doctor Who strikes againWestern Mail2007-11-20
Titanic sales expected as Kylie sails in for Doctor Who specialWestern Mail2007-12-15
Producer who revived Doctor Who to move to BBC1 drama roleWestern Mail2007-12-31
Our dad built us a real-life TardisSouth Wales Echo2008-01-15
Kylie dress stars at showSouth Wales Echo2008-01-17
Time-travelling garden with green credentials goes back its rootsWestern Mail2008-02-16
Torch songWestern Mail2008-02-16
I'm Dr Who's worst enemySouth Wales Argus2008-04-08
Daleks off to invade ScotlandSouth Wales Echo2008-11-18
Chance to snap up Doctor Who artworkWestern Mail2008-12-04
Terrify them, absolutely terrify themWestern Mail2008-12-04
New Dr episodes set to be a real Who's who of talentSouth Wales Echo2009-01-23
All aboard the No 200 busWestern Mail2009-04-11
Brilliant, says Matt as he steps into the Doctor's new boots on a Welsh beachWestern Mail2009-07-21
Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,000South Wales Echo2009-12-26
Exciting times as Doctor Who series 'regenerates'Western Mail2010-01-04
Cymru am byth from Cribbins tops off night for our award-winnersWestern Mail2010-01-21
Church that Doctor Who made famous up for saleSouth Wales Echo2010-02-03
Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auctionWestern Mail2010-02-25
Keeping up with the JonesesWestern Mail2010-02-27
Digging the sceneWestern Mail2010-04-03
Was the 907-year-old Doctor's passionate scene a kiss too far?Western Mail2010-05-06
As an actor, you regard being in Doctor Who as becoming part of television historyWestern Mail2010-05-22
Is Matt's Doctor a turn-off?South Wales Echo2010-07-01
Male and Female Archetypes in Doctor WhoConsciousness, Literature and the Arts2010-08-01
Just What the Doctor OrderedWestern Mail2010-12-26
City centre stage for show's happy returnSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-26
Working with Catherine is 'a dream' for writer RussellSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-28
Follow the trail of a Time LordSouth Wales Echo2011-03-05
Time is up for Doctor Who exhibitionSouth Wales Echo2011-03-23
Look Who's in mystery playSouth Wales Evening Post2011-08-04
Doctor and the headachesWestern Mail2011-08-27
Dr Who set for film transformationWestern Mail2011-11-16
What Will Hollywood Do To Our Doctor?Western Mail2011-11-20
Who Says Wales Is The Place To VisitWestern Mail2011-12-04
I went from US President to death row for TorchwoodDaily Post2011-12-13
Out of this world (South Wales Echo)South Wales Echo2012-03-24
Quick! Call The DoctorSouth Wales Echo2012-06-22
Fans from around the world flock to Doctor Who showWestern Mail2012-07-21
Centre of the Who-niverse!South Wales Echo2012-07-23
I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to leave the show in Doctor Who's biggest year, says MattWestern Mail2012-08-15
Big night for Dr Who fans as Timelord's companion makes her 'emotional departure'Western Mail2012-09-29
I love Doctor Who but this is so much betterWestern Mail2012-10-27
Big thank-Who for HannahSouth Wales Echo2012-11-17
Doctor Who quiz teams look to exterminate rivalsSouth Wales Echo2013-01-24
New Zealand's on the money to mark Doctor Who's half centuryThe Independent
Western Mail
Packing out the PromsWestern Mail2013-07-12
Lots of pomp, Doctors and the DaleksWestern Mail2013-07-15
Calling for The DoctorDaily Post2013-07-19
Cardiff Bay Gets A New Dimension...South Wales Echo2013-08-03
Raise The LordWestern Mail2013-08-04
OOuuttoofftthhiisswwoorrlldd!!Daily Post
Evening Gazette
Liverpool Echo
South Wales Echo
Birmingham Mail
Get ready for who's Who in TV spectacleSouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Cometh the day, cometh the DoctorsDaily Post2013-11-16
Doctor Who fans are out of this worldWestern Mail2013-11-20
Daleks creator Terry Nation honoured with blue plaqueSouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Who is having a day out with the Doctor?South Wales Echo2013-11-22
Dedicated fans keeping the Whoniverse aliveWestern Mail2013-11-22
Sci-fi superfan's shrine to DoctorDaily Post2013-11-23
Doctor Who sets TV recordSouth Wales Echo2013-11-25
Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the worldWestern Mail2013-11-25
Doctor Who was watched in 94 countries at onceDaily Post2013-11-25
Time to goDaily Post2013-12-14
A good Christmas present for historians, travellers and environmentalists alikeWestern Mail
The Newcastle Journal
Liverpool Post
Welsh whizzkid's Doctor Who gameSouth Wales Echo2013-12-19
Why I'm calling time on life as a TimelordBelfast Telegraph
Bristol Post
Carmarthen Journal
Liverpool Post
Gloucestershire Echo
Loughborough Echo
Derby Evening Telegraph
It's a whole new world for nervous Doctor Who debutantSouth Wales Echo2014-01-08
Lights, camera, action!South Wales Echo
Western Mail
Capaldi will be an 'amazing' Doctor, says starSouth Wales Echo2014-01-25
Easter promises new exciting Doctor Who experiencesSouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Female time lord? Moffat says he'll know when time is right Female time lordWestern Mail2014-05-27
Where in THE WHONIVERSE are the Doctor's pals now?Western Mail2014-06-27
New Doctor's 'A Lot Fiercer'Western Mail2014-07-13
Just what the (new) Doctor ordered, a big unveiling...South Wales Echo2014-07-26
Who's that girl? 18 ways to tell if you're a genuine Doctor Who superfanWestern Mail2014-08-02
Thousands line the streets as Doctor Who premiere lands in citySouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Were you in Dr Who episodes?Daily Post2014-08-12
Tracking down the Yetis of SnowdonDaily Post2014-08-21
New Doctor takes on the DaleksWestern Mail2014-08-28
Dalek NationSouth Wales Echo2014-08-30
How to experience the new Who...South Wales Echo2014-10-18
Dr Who got facts wrongDaily Post2014-11-13
Couple warned of trademark breaches carried on selling St Asaph Lovelight concertDaily Post2014-12-03
Doctor Who companion has a sex change for stunt sceneSouth Wales Echo2015-02-21
Teacher's warning for selling Dr Who goodsDaily Post2015-10-09
Who's That Pearl?Western Mail2016-04-24