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title publication date
Dr Who travels back to his TV future Daily Express 1995-06-14
Gay actor set to play Doctor Who The Pink Paper 1995-10-20
Dr Who snared by time trek gal The Herald (Ireland) 1995-12-02
Our man McGann beats the stars to become new Dr Who Daily Express 1996-01-11
Dr Who takes off in £5m TV revival The Daily Telegraph 1996-01-11
Doctor Who to return after time out The Scotsman 1996-01-11
Dear Paul McGann The Independent 1996-01-11
Smart Dalek Daily Record 1996-01-11
Bad news for Daleks as the doctor is reincarnated The Times 1996-01-11
Revival of Dr Who Irish Independent 1996-01-11
Look Who's Doctor No 8 The Mirror 1996-01-11
Calling The Doctor Daily Mail 1996-01-11
Look who's Who! The Sun 1996-01-11
Having The Time Of His Lives The Observer 1996-01-14
Whoville express The Morning Call
Detroit Free Press
Eight score eight New Statesman 1996-01-19
Look Who Gets A Bonk! The People 1996-02-11
Who is McGann this time? Radio Times 1996-02-17
So Who's a pretty boy then, Doctor? Daily Express 1996-02-17
Dr Who hits the airwaves The Herald (Ireland) 1996-03-02
London kerbs Dalek assault Daily Express 1996-03-08
Inside the Tardis (Radio Times) Radio Times 1996-03-16
Look Who's Tops in £250m TV Package Liverpool Echo 1996-03-27
The Backlot MediaWeek 1996-04-22
Look who's being revived The Sydney Morning Herald 1996-05-01
Time Lord travels to the Nineties The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-04
A blast from the past and the future - it's Doctor Who Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Patriot-News
Deseret News
The New Doctor Who (1996) Starlog 1996-05-07
Larry McMurtry and 'Doctor Who' Tower Over TV's 'Sweeps' Month The Christian Science Monitor 1996-05-09
Mr. Who? The Town Talk 1996-05-11
The new Who TV Guide 1996-05-11
Saving the world from dastardly aliens The Globe and Mail 1996-05-11
Britain's 'Doctor Who' is revived in Fox TV movie Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Billings Gazette
Dr. Who Comes Back In Time Tulsa World 1996-05-12
Best bets The Boston Globe 1996-05-12
Back from the past Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph
Knight Ridder
Dr. Who? When? Where? The Washington Post 1996-05-12
Sci-Fi Gets Ready for the Millennium The New York Times 1996-05-12
Who's On First With Fans Chicago Sun-Times 1996-05-12
On the lighter side, the world is ending St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1996-05-12
Doctor Who returns to TV in yet another incarnation Knight Ridder
Beaver County Times
Green Bay Press-Gazette
The Des Moines Register
Show Builds on 26-Year Journey Through Time and Space Chicago Sun-Times 1996-05-12
The doctor's in -- this time on Fox The Orange County Register 1996-05-12
Fox's 'Dr. Who' Leaves Its Viewers Yearning for More of The Doctor Times Union 1996-05-13
Who's this? Fox doctors up old sci-fi show Daily Herald 1996-05-13
You Know Who Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Medicine Hat News
Doctor Who lacks charm to gain new sci-fi fans Austin American-Statesman 1996-05-13
Who's On: First A Telepic, Maybe A Series Daily News
Tallahassee Democrat
Superb 'Doctor Who' movie likely pilot for new series The Denver Post 1996-05-13
Doctor returns to TV tonight with a big 'Who'-ray! Associated Press
Times Daily
Bangor Daily News
Kentucky New Era
North Hills New Record
Great Falls Tribune
The Greenville News
Mattoon (Ill.) Journal Gazette
Northwest Herald
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Stevens Point Journal
North Hills News Record
South Bend Tribune
Daily World
The Daily Advertiser
Who's Next - Fox Movie Puts a New High-Tech Shine on Old Sci-Fi Icon Sun-Sentinel 1996-05-14
Doctor Who Variety 1996-05-14
Role lifts Paul McGann from Who? to Doctor Who The Baltimore Sun 1996-05-14
Paging Doctor Who: a by-the-numbers guide for Whovians-come-lately Philadelphia Daily News 1996-05-14
Clever 'Dr. Who' has not lost his touch Mobile Register 1996-05-14
Doctor Who is for fans only USA Today 1996-05-14
A hue and cry for Doctor Who The Indianapolis Star 1996-05-14
Rx for Pleasure: A New "Dr. Who" Contra Costa Times 1996-05-14
Sci-fi fans should enjoy 'Doctor Who' flick on Fox tonight The Courier-Journal 1996-05-14
Fox Revives Doctor Who Tonight The Virginian-Pilot 1996-05-14
The original series was terribly British Lansing State Journal 1996-05-14
Bringing cult hero back to life USA Today 1996-05-14
Who of BBC fame returns Houston Chronicle 1996-05-14
The Doctor Is In: New Version Of Cult Science-Fiction Show Serves Up Sly, Hip Entertainment Chicago Tribune 1996-05-14
Fox Steals Charm of Dr. Who The Miami Herald 1996-05-14
Who's coming to prime time The New Orleans Times-Picayune 1996-05-14
Paul McGann stars in "Doctor Who" Daily Journal (Indiana) 1996-05-14
Who's on Fox? Yes Indeed The Washington Post
Lakeland Ledger
Who cares about bad knockoffs? The Globe and Mail 1996-05-14
T.A.R.D.I.S. Brings Dr. Who to Fox Tonight Orlando Sentinel 1996-05-14
Who's Back? Another 'Dr. Who,' That's Who St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Commercial Appeal
Universe in Trouble? Just Call Doctor Who The New York Times
The Anniston Star
Paul McGann is eighth 'Doctor Who' this time in two-hour Fox movie The Brownsville Herald
The Tampa Tribune
Philadelphia Daily News
Knight Ridder
The Free Lance-Star
The San Bernadino County Sun
Albuquerque Journal
The Clarion-Ledger
Rockland Journal News
The Daily Advertiser
Dr. Who's calling in a new film The Dallas Morning News 1996-05-14
Stepford men and 'Dr. Who' are just weakened updates Detroit Free Press 1996-05-14
Dr. Who debut welcome return for Fox, viewers The Cleveland Plain Dealer 1996-05-14
950-year-old alien with two hearts lands in S.F.! Only time will tell his fate The San Francisco Examiner 1996-05-14
Will Fox's 'Doctor Who' Woo Fans? Richmond Times-Dispatch 1996-05-14
Doctor Who makes new transformation Los Angeles Times 1996-05-14
Fox Flick a Who's 'Who' of Sci-Fi Daily News 1996-05-14
There's a new Who, and it's about time The Baltimore Sun 1996-05-14
Dr. Who Gets New Life As TV Film San Francisco Chronicle 1996-05-14
A famous science-fiction series seeks a new audience with a TV movie Greensboro News & Record 1996-05-14
This is the first new telemovie about the millennium The Philadelphia Inquirer 1996-05-14
Doctor Who comes down to earth The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-20
Dr Who, but not as we know him London Evening Standard 1996-05-21
List of Week's TV Ratings, May 13-19, 1996 Associated Press 1996-05-21
New Dr Who wastes no time for first kiss London Evening Standard 1996-05-21
New incarnation of TV's most enduring doctor Wicklow People
New Ross Standard
Enniscorthy Guardian
The Bray People
The Gorey Guardian
He's Back! The Sun 1996-05-24
Knowing who's Who The Independent 1996-05-24
Doctor's Appointment TV & Satellite Week 1996-05-25
Doctor Who Meets Planet Hollywood The Times 1996-05-25
Up against the Doc Daily Record 1996-05-25
The nostalgic may hanker for the old black-and-white days and Daleks, but the Time Lord has moved on The Times 1996-05-25
The big TV event this week is the return of Doctor Who TV Times 1996-05-25
Doctor Phew! (The Sun) The Sun 1996-05-25
Return of the Time Lord Radio Times 1996-05-25
It's Doctor Who - but not as we know it! TV Times 1996-05-25
It's the moment Doctor Who fans have been waiting for TV Times 1996-05-25
Time is of the essence for Dr Who Paul McGann Hello! 1996-05-25
Andrew Billen meets Paul McGann, the new, made-for-America Doctor Who The Observer 1996-05-26
It's life, Doctor, but not as we know it The Sunday Times 1996-05-26
Any chance of taking us back to a holiday heatwave? The Sun 1996-05-27
Will the earth move when the Doctor shares his first screen kiss with Grace Holloway? Daily Express 1996-05-27
Don't miss ... The Sun 1996-05-27
A Time Lord's place is in the past The Daily Telegraph 1996-05-28
Waste of time travel The Guardian 1996-05-28
What I Watched Last Night The Sun 1996-05-28
Who's time just ran out? Daily Mail 1996-05-28
Switch On Daily Record 1996-05-28
Selling out and alienating everyone London Evening Standard 1996-05-28
Welcome back, Doctor, whoever you are The Times 1996-05-28
Dr Who has been exterminated The Independent 1996-05-29
Who Dares Wins! The Sun 1996-05-29
Dr Why? New Statesman 1996-05-31
That very odd one-off Americanised feature length instalment of Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1996-06-01
Return of 'Doctor Who' Sight & Sound 1996-06-01
Down to earth with a bump The Sunday Times 1996-06-02
Doctor Who leaves his hearts in San Francisco News of the World 1996-06-02
Doctor's orders (1996) Radio Times 1996-06-08
Who-ray! The Doctor's back Radio Times 1996-06-15
Partners in time Empire 1996-07-01
Dr Who returns The Times (Victor Harbor, South Australia) 1996-07-05
Turn-Off Dr Who Is Exterminated The Mirror 1996-07-26
I can't let Doctor Who pass without comment Gay Times 1996-08-01
Doctor Who has changed Woroni 1996-08-15
Dr. Who Bombed Sun-Sentinel 1996-08-25
Time Lord Tales Starlog 1996-09-05
Doctor Who (Cinefantastique) Cinefantastique 1996-11-01
He vanquished the Daleks but proved no match for Roseanne The Guardian 1996-12-07
Doctor Death The Box 1997-04-01
Doctor Who: The Movie Cult-TV 1998-06-01
The Doctor Hits America Radio Times 2013-11-23

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