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title publication date
Unmasked Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Dr Who down-Graded! Daily Mail 1985-02-28
Aunty's runaway arrogance Daily Express 1985-02-28
Ta-ta Tardis! The Mirror 1985-02-28
Battlecry of the Dr Who fans Liverpool Echo 1985-02-28
BBC Daleks threaten the Doctor with hibernation The Scotsman 1985-02-28
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plot The Sun 1985-02-28
BBC cash curbs ground Dr Who The Daily Telegraph 1985-02-28
Doctor may go back in time Edinburgh Evening News 1985-02-28
BBC enters a time warp The Guardian 1985-02-28
Broke BBC shelve Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Hard-up BBC axe Dr Who Daily Express 1985-02-28
Dr Who fans protest Financial Times 1985-02-28
Doctor zapped by Beeb The Mirror 1985-02-28
Beeb's shock for Dr. Who Daily Star 1985-02-28
Hands off Dr Who! Daily Record 1985-02-28
Temporary time warp for Dr Who The Times 1985-02-28
Dr. Who gaat voorgoed in rook op Trouw 1985-03-01
Fight for the Time Lord Daily Star 1985-03-01
Clubs try to save Dr Who The Times 1985-03-01
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidate Daily Express 1985-03-01
Save our Tardis! The Sun 1985-03-01
Hooked on Who Daily Star 1985-03-01
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade The Sun 1985-03-01
Baddies of the Beeb Daily Star 1985-03-01
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-series The Times 1985-03-02
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star) Daily Star 1985-03-02
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr Who Daily Express 1985-03-02
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decision The Daily Telegraph 1985-03-02
Who's sorry now? The Sunday Times 1985-03-03
Tardis star is left forlorn The Times 1985-03-03
Inquiry into ads on BBC The Observer 1985-03-03
Good riddance Dr Who The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
A Bird's Eye View The Canberra Times 1985-03-03
MP Angry at BBC's New Buy The Mail on Sunday 1985-03-03
A power crazed madman The Guardian 1985-03-04
A wicked plot to kill the Doctor Edinburgh Evening News 1985-03-04
Don't blackmail the Doctor fans Daily Express 1985-03-05
From Mr Peter Anghelides The Times 1985-03-08
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest Daily Express 1985-03-09
From the Managing Director of BBC Television The Times 1985-03-13
Doctor No (Longer) Melody Maker 1985-03-16
Doctor...Who Cares? New Musical Express 1985-03-16
From Mr Dennis Guerrier The Times 1985-03-21
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 years Daily Express 1985-03-21
Who Cares? Cuts Album Variety 1985-03-27
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBC The New York Times
The Globe and Mail
High Anxiety The Listener 1985-04-11
The Doctor: In Distress Starlog 1985-05-07
Dr. Who Lives Los Angeles Times 1985-05-26
A timely new role for Tardis traveller Nicola London Evening Standard 1985-05-29
The Doctor on Hold Starlog 1985-06-06
The Tardis Shuffle Starlog 1985-06-06
The Destiny of the Doctor Starlog 1985-06-06
New crisis for the Doctor The Sun 1985-06-08
Meanwhile, Doctor Who, another public TV import, is trapped in a time warp Wilmington Star-News 1985-06-09
Fans Have Final Say Orlando Sentinel 1985-07-21
Grade slams Dr Who team The Stage and Television Today 1985-10-17
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction hero SF Movieland 1985-11-01
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequences Chicago Tribune
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dr Who, your time is up The Canberra Times 1985-12-16
BBC doubts on future of Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
BBC keeps option of killing Dr Who The Times 1986-01-14
Will the new Who get exterminated? The Sydney Morning Herald 1986-01-20
Doctor back The Times 1986-04-12
Doctor Who-ot Bournemouth Entertainer 1986-04-26
The Doctor on trial in new television series The Times 1986-08-30
Dr Who Chief Zapped By TV Script Editor The Stage and Television Today 1986-09-11
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalised The Canberra Times 1986-09-22

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