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chronological view
Dr Who fails to make the gradeLondon Evening Standard1985-02-27
UnmaskedDaily Mail1985-02-28
Beeb's shock for Dr. WhoDaily Star1985-02-28
Pay up to save Dr WhoLondon Evening Standard1985-02-28
Hands off Dr Who!Daily Record1985-02-28
Dr Who down-Graded!Daily Mail1985-02-28
Battlecry of the Dr Who fansLiverpool Echo1985-02-28
Doctor may go back in timeEdinburgh Evening News1985-02-28
Fans rally in bid to save TV's Dr WhoCambridge Evening News1985-02-28
Fans attack BBC at Dr Who breakThe Daily Telegraph1985-02-28
Ta-ta Tardis!The Mirror1985-02-28
BBC enters a time warpThe Guardian1985-02-28
Hard-up BBC axe Dr WhoDaily Express1985-02-28
BBC cash curbs ground Dr WhoThe Daily Telegraph1985-02-28
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plotThe Sun1985-02-28
BBC Daleks threaten the Doctor with hibernationThe Scotsman1985-02-28
Broke BBC shelve Dr WhoDaily Express1985-02-28
Temporary time warp for Dr WhoThe Times1985-02-28
Fury as Doctor is left in limboLiverpool Post1985-02-28
Aunty's runaway arroganceDaily Express1985-02-28
Dr Who fans protestFinancial Times1985-02-28
Doctor zapped by BeebThe Mirror1985-02-28
Dr. Who gaat voorgoed in rook opTrouw1985-03-01
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr GradeThe Sun1985-03-01
Fight for the Time LordDaily Star1985-03-01
Save our Tardis!The Sun1985-03-01
Who's the loser?London Evening Standard1985-03-01
Hooked on WhoDaily Star1985-03-01
Gareth gives BBC Doctor's ordersThe Mirror1985-03-01
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidateDaily Express1985-03-01
Clubs try to save Dr WhoThe Times1985-03-01
Doctor Who series shelved by BBCThe Tampa Tribune1985-03-01
Baddies of the BeebDaily Star1985-03-01
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decisionThe Daily Telegraph1985-03-02
BBC: Dr Who Will Be BackNottingham Post1985-03-02
Who's to guard us?Nottingham Post1985-03-02
Save Dr Who!The Mirror1985-03-02
BBC air-time lord says Dr will returnAberdeen Evening Express1985-03-02
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr WhoDaily Express1985-03-02
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-seriesThe Times1985-03-02
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star)Daily Star1985-03-02
Tardis star is left forlornThe Times1985-03-03
MP Angry at BBC's New BuyThe Mail on Sunday1985-03-03
Who's sorry now?The Sunday Times1985-03-03
Good riddance Dr WhoThe Mail on Sunday1985-03-03
A Bird's Eye ViewThe Canberra Times1985-03-03
Inquiry into ads on BBCThe Observer1985-03-03
A wicked plot to kill the DoctorEdinburgh Evening News1985-03-04
A power crazed madmanThe Guardian1985-03-04
Berks Dr Who fans fume over BBC axeReading Evening Post1985-03-04
Doctor's dilemma (London Evening Standard)London Evening Standard1985-03-04
Don't blackmail the Doctor fansDaily Express1985-03-05
Dr Who — the series I won't missReading Evening Post1985-03-06
From Mr Peter AnghelidesThe Times1985-03-08
Dr Who disc puts BBC into a spinLondon Evening Standard1985-03-08
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protestDaily Express1985-03-09
Thatcher favors advertising but prospect horrifies BBCTimes Colonist1985-03-11
From the Managing Director of BBC TelevisionThe Times1985-03-13
It's rotten of the BBC to decide to stop showing Dr WhoThe Mirror1985-03-14
Doctor No (Longer)Melody Maker1985-03-16
Doctor...Who Cares?New Musical Express1985-03-16
Dr Who fans 'hysterical' says GradeLondon Evening Standard1985-03-20
Who, What and WhereLondon Evening Standard1985-03-20
From Mr Dennis GuerrierThe Times1985-03-21
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 yearsDaily Express1985-03-21
21-year pledge on Dr WhoDaily Post1985-03-21
Who Cares? Cuts AlbumVariety1985-03-27
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBCThe New York Times
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Globe and Mail
High AnxietyThe Listener1985-04-11
The Doctor: In DistressStarlog1985-05-07
Dr. Who LivesLos Angeles Times1985-05-26
A timely new role for Tardis traveller NicolaLondon Evening Standard1985-05-29
The Doctor on HoldStarlog1985-06-06
The Tardis ShuffleStarlog1985-06-06
The Destiny of the DoctorStarlog1985-06-06
New crisis for the DoctorThe Sun1985-06-08
Meanwhile, Doctor Who, another public TV import, is trapped in a time warpWilmington Star-News1985-06-09
Grade slams Dr Who teamThe Stage and Television Today1985-10-17
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction heroSF Movieland1985-11-01
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequencesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dayton Daily News
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Albuquerque Journal
Daily Press
The Daily Register
La Crosse Tribune
York Daily Record
Chicago Tribune
Wisconsin State Journal
The Kansas City Star
Dr Who, your time is upThe Canberra Times1985-12-16
Dr Who on trial in new seriesAberdeen Evening Express1986-01-13
BBC doubts on future of Dr WhoThe Times1986-01-14
BBC keeps option of killing Dr WhoThe Times1986-01-14
Will the new Who get exterminated?The Sydney Morning Herald1986-01-20
Doctor backThe Times1986-04-12
Doctor Who-otBournemouth Entertainer1986-04-26
The Doctor on trial in new television seriesThe Times1986-08-30
Dr Who Chief Zapped By TV Script EditorThe Stage and Television Today1986-09-11
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalisedThe Canberra Times1986-09-22

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