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Northern Ireland (60 articles)publicationdate
Top disc jockey for Balmoral exhibitionBelfast Telegraph1964-10-08
60,000 Expected At Radio ShowBelfast Telegraph1964-10-12
The Dalek BookBelfast Telegraph1964-12-07
Tarnished! The heroes of my childhoodBelfast Telegraph1965-09-16
Daleks are coming for ChristmasBelfast Telegraph1965-10-23
Space girls land in BelfastBelfast Telegraph1965-11-19
Meet the Daleks in Ann StreetBelfast Telegraph1965-11-22
Ann Street Christmas ListBelfast Telegraph1965-11-29
Dalek TicketsBelfast Telegraph1965-12-01
Hurry to Ann StreetBelfast Telegraph1965-12-08
Arrangements are being made for the dubbing in ArabicBelfast Telegraph1965-12-10
Ann Street One Stop Shopping for Your Last Minute GiftsBelfast Telegraph1965-12-15
Dr. Who (Belfast Telegraph)Belfast Telegraph1966-08-06
The secretary DalekBelfast Telegraph1966-10-05
More adventure ahead for the girl who made the CybermanBelfast Telegraph1968-03-15
Jon Pertwee is Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1969-06-21
There Will Always Be A Place For You Know WhoBelfast Telegraph1969-06-21
Dr. Who is currently having trouble with some very large and disgusting - looking maggotsBelfast Telegraph1973-06-16
The man who brought the Daleks to lifeBelfast Telegraph1973-08-18
Dr. Who under fireBelfast Telegraph1975-01-21
The doctor's dilemmaBelfast Telegraph1975-01-25
Terry and the Daleks—or how to write yourself into a profitable cornerBelfast Telegraph1975-09-11
His life is just a stuntBelfast Telegraph1976-11-29
Students vote for a DalekBelfast Telegraph1977-05-24
TV violence under attackBelfast Telegraph1977-09-07
If you see this dog floating past ...Belfast Telegraph1978-05-12
Tomorrow's Adults Snub The Big ShowBelfast Telegraph1978-05-13
Meet the stars on BBC standBelfast Telegraph1978-08-28
Your next washing machineBelfast Telegraph
The Mirror
Good Lord-it's LallaBelfast Telegraph1980-06-05
Yesterday's Men and WomenBelfast Telegraph1980-08-09
Inside Dr. Who and the WomblesBelfast Telegraph1980-09-29
Page 1 BookshopBelfast Telegraph1980-09-29
Dalek booked for Co. DownBelfast Telegraph1980-10-02
A pair of Dr. Who's socks will also go under the hammerBelfast Telegraph1980-10-06
Love catches up with Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1980-11-19
Time lord has no time for a honeymoonBelfast Telegraph1980-12-13
Diana Is 19 Charles Is 32, I Does An Age Gap Matter?Belfast Telegraph1981-03-05
The new Dr. Who has made an appearanceBelfast Telegraph1982-01-09
Peter Davison, the current, rather excellent Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1982-01-30
How good are the new Grange Hill and the new Dr. Who?Belfast Telegraph1982-01-30
Lalla wins case over bogus sex photosBelfast Telegraph1983-07-14
Actor set to quit role as Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1983-07-28
Two decades of Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1983-11-19
Time to call time on the Time LordSunday Life1988-11-27
Cybermen and Daleks on saleBelfast Telegraph1992-08-21
Dr Who visits UlsterSunday Life1998-01-04
Who's threatening to start doctoring with time in down?The News Letter1998-01-05
Exterminated: But You Know Who Still Lives OnThe News Letter1998-11-19
Stand by, the Doctor is on his wayThe News Letter
Coventry Evening Telegraph
The Bath Chronicle
Bristol Post
Why it must be the Dawn of new era for Dr Who...Sunday Life2003-10-19
Doctor New (Sunday Life)Sunday Life2005-03-20
Can Doctor Who Dec Ant?Sunday Life2005-03-27
From Daleks To Dracula!Sunday Life2005-05-15
I know Who can fill the Doctor's shoesSunday Life2008-11-02
Nigel PlanerBelfast Telegraph2010-10-09
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor WhoBelfast Telegraph2012-12-26
Doctor Who writer confirms movieBelfast Telegraph2012-12-27
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rightsBelfast Telegraph2013-11-28
Why I'm calling time on life as a TimelordBelfast Telegraph
Bristol Post
Carmarthen Journal
Liverpool Post
Gloucestershire Echo
Loughborough Echo
Derby Evening Telegraph