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Ireland (82 articles)publicationdate
Park Royal InvadedGuinness Time1968-10-12
News violence 'necessary'Press Association
The Irish Times
Winners of the Fancy Dress CompetitionWicklow People1972-08-04
A lot depends on 'Who'Sunday Independent1974-01-06
BBC programmes hit by strikePress Association
The Irish Times
Weekend WallpaperThe Irish Times1975-03-17
Television's science fiction man for the youngThe Irish Times1976-01-24
Who's ready to break outThe Herald (Ireland)1986-08-06
Like a trip to the moonThe Herald (Ireland)1986-09-15
Zany world of Dr. WhoThe Herald (Ireland)1986-09-27
Dr. Who: time runs outThe Herald (Ireland)1986-12-16
All eyes on new Dr. WhoThe Herald (Ireland)1987-04-25
Ken's zapped in 'Dr. Who'Irish Independent1987-07-06
The nice Mr. Briers gets nastyThe Herald (Ireland)1987-09-07
Sylvester's new look as Dr. WhoThe Herald (Ireland)1987-09-21
Can't say I'm over the moon about the latest Dr. Who series on BBC-TV.The Herald (Ireland)1987-12-05
Dr. Who reruns 'Best'The Herald (Ireland)1988-09-17
Time to exterminate the DoctorThe Herald (Ireland)1988-10-25
Sutherland dares Daleks in Dr Who roleThe Herald (Ireland)1989-10-23
Dr. Who's 'Galaxy' havenThe Herald (Ireland)1990-09-15
Time's up for RamboThe Herald (Ireland)1992-10-06
The search on for TV's golden oldiesThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-02
3D Dr Who goes east for charityThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-27
Dr Who is back on track for TVThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-28
The show they could never exterminateThe Herald (Ireland)1993-11-06
The new Dr. Who?The Herald (Ireland)1993-11-20
Dr Who's girl is her own womanThe Herald (Ireland)1993-12-09
Dr Who's sex changeThe Herald (Ireland)1994-02-12
Hammer horror king Cushing dies of cancerIrish Independent1994-08-12
Peter's new role just what the Doctor orderedThe Herald (Ireland)1995-01-26
Dr Who snared by time trek galThe Herald (Ireland)1995-12-02
Revival of Dr WhoIrish Independent1996-01-11
Dr Who hits the airwavesThe Herald (Ireland)1996-03-02
Dr Who — Return of the Lord of TimeIrish Independent1996-03-16
Time Lords Mourn Jon PertweePress Association
The Irish Times
Dr Who star dies of heart attackIrish Independent1996-05-21
New incarnation of TV's most enduring doctorWicklow People
New Ross Standard
Enniscorthy Guardian
The Bray People
The Gorey Guardian
The New WhoThe Irish Times1996-05-25
Dr Who in £22m suitIrish Independent1997-02-15
What's up with Dr Who?The Herald (Ireland)1997-11-03
Toying with the marketThe Herald (Ireland)1997-12-05
Dr Who?The Herald (Ireland)1999-09-17
Paying tribute to the Doctor and the DaleksGorey Guardian1999-11-10
Dr Who NightIrish Independent1999-11-13
Learning how to be a sophisticated spookGorey Guardian2000-03-22
Dr Who makes comeback onlineThe Irish Times2001-07-20
Cult TV still works its magicThe Herald (Ireland)2001-08-08
Gerald Campion (Sunday Independent)Sunday Independent2002-07-21
New Dr Who on the wayIrish Independent2004-03-20
Billie Piper is 'dynamic' new Dr Who assistantIrish Independent2004-05-25
Dr Who wins libel case on 'violence' remarkIrish Independent2004-06-30
Beeb u-turn rescues exterminated DaleksIrish Independent2004-08-05
Dr Who: talking about my generationSunday Independent2005-03-20
Doctor Who: funny he never married ...Sunday Independent
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
The Daily Telegraph
Geoffrey TooneSunday Independent2005-06-12
Just What The Doctor Ordered...The Herald (Ireland)2006-08-10
Daft and funny ... but strangely compellingThe Herald (Ireland)2006-11-09
Christmas Shopping GuideThe Herald (Ireland)2006-12-06
Top toys on Santa's listGorey Guardian2006-12-13
8mIrish Independent2007-04-02
Dr Who is a long way from pulling pints in the RoversThe Herald (Ireland)2008-04-02
Growing up in publicThe Irish Times2008-04-12
Big Screen Break: Fans Want A Dr Who Time Traveller MovieThe Herald (Ireland)2008-08-25
An Irishman's DiaryThe Irish Times2008-12-13
Dr Who scam claims refutedIrish Independent2009-01-06
Day saved by Dr WhoThe Irish Times2010-01-02
Far from the TardisThe Irish Times2010-06-04
Doctor Who leads way with simultaneous time travelThe Irish Times2011-04-22
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Irish Times)The Irish Times2011-04-30
Who alert! The doctor is teleportng to cinemasThe Irish Times2011-11-18
Then & now Sylvester McCoy, actorThe Irish Times2012-09-15
How Dr Who model-maker fulfilled his boyhood dreamThe Observer
Sunday Independent
The Doctor Challenges You!Irish Daily Mail2013-11-30
Kitchen sink dramaIrish Daily Mail2013-12-01
On top of the worldMetro Herald2013-12-20
Who's that girlThe Irish Times2014-06-06
Where next for Doctor Who?The Irish Times2014-08-23
It's quite fun to indulge the darker aspects of your psycheThe Irish Times2015-12-05
Watch these bad boys or you'll end up like my last companion Doctor Who unveils his new partner (and she's a real Pearl)Irish Daily Mail
The Mail on Sunday
A sex change for James Bond and Doctor Who? Give me a breakThe Irish Times2017-02-21
Dr Who is back in our dimension, and once again he's acting inappropriately, and being chased by DaleksThe Irish Times2017-04-21
Doctor Who as a woman? Yes pleaseThe Irish Times2017-07-08