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chronological view
Dr. Who and Jamie to quit BBC showThe Mirror1969-01-07
Now Who Will Be the New Dr. Who?Daily Express1969-01-07
Dr Who turns his back on SpaceDaily Mail1969-01-07
Looking for a new Dr. WhoThe Stage and Television Today1969-01-09
Living Dead and Dr. Who CitywideLos Angeles Times1969-01-10
Dr Who and Softly, Softly are already 'colourised'Reading Evening Post1969-01-21
Dr. Who at WedmoreThe Cheddar Valley Gazette1969-01-31
Face to Face with Fraser HinesJackie1969-02-08
Dr Who—Why?New Zealand TV Weekly1969-03-03
Wendy to quit T.V's Dr. WhoGazette and Post1969-03-06
Dr. Who's coming adventureThe Stage and Television Today1969-03-06
Dr. Who actor hit by carDaily Express1969-03-10
Mr Music of the small screenRadio Times1969-03-13
Who does itThe Spectator1969-03-14
Fear is their formulaReading Evening Post1969-03-20
Ex-ter-min-ateReading Evening Post1969-03-21
Where's That Bus?Tit-bits1969-04-05
Back on earth for The War GamesRadio Times1969-04-17
Daleks in EdinburghThe Herald1969-04-22
Dr Who's crew abandon shipThe Sunday Mirror1969-05-25
Dr Who - Can He Survive Final Peril?Daily Express1969-05-31
After Dr Who...Daily Mail1969-06-02
Space hero replacing 'Dr. Who'The Daily Telegraph1969-06-02
U.S. series replaces Dr. WhoThe Stage and Television Today1969-06-05
Dr. Who role for Jon PertweeThe Daily Telegraph1969-06-21
There Will Always Be A Place For You Know WhoBelfast Telegraph1969-06-21
Dr Who switchThe Times1969-06-21
In the grip of the Yeti ... the new Dr WhoDaily Mail1969-06-21
End of time for Dr WhoDaily Mail1969-06-21
Dr Jon WhoThe Times1969-06-21
The New Dr Who Meets an Old FoeThe Mirror1969-06-21
Jon Pertwee is Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1969-06-21
Straight into a new world with Dr. WhoDaily Express1969-06-23
Pertwee is new Dr. WhoThe Stage and Television Today1969-06-26
Straight from TV's Dr. WhoMiddlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette1969-06-27
TeleviewpointThe Mirror1969-06-28
Dr. Who and the RobotsSuper DC1969-07-01
Deus ex Machina?The Listener1969-07-10
Robots With EyesThe Mirror1969-09-09
Caroline, the new Dr Who girlRadio Times1969-09-13
Dr Who Boxes GoThe Mirror1969-09-26
Waris HusseinIndependent Film Journal1969-09-30
BBC drama all in colour next yearThe Stage and Television Today1969-11-06
A Strategy for BroadcastingThe Listener1969-12-11
Our flying camera teamTelevision Mail1969-12-19
No space for comedy with new 'Dr. Who'Competitors Journal1969-12-20
Who's the new Dr Who?Radio Times1969-12-20