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chronological view
Doctor Who to return again in 'adults-only' spin-off seriesThe Independent2005-10-17
FornicateDaily Star2005-10-18
Doctor Who spinoff 'dark, sexy'Associated Press
Edmonton Journal
Get ready world ... John Barrowman has his own TV showThe Joliet Herald News2005-11-27
Capt. Jack Gets Own ShowPerceptions2006-02-01
Jack of All TradesOut Northwest2006-04-01
Gore and snogging in Dr Who spin-offLondon Evening Standard2006-07-24
Dr. Who spinoff heads 'maverick' BBC3 lineupThe Hollywood Reporter2006-07-25
Power of the Prime Time LordSunday Express2006-08-06
Look Who's Back ... It's JackDaily Star2006-09-01
Billed as "X Files meets This Life"The Pink Paper2006-09-21
Jack of HeartsGay Times2006-10-01
All right JackThe Northern Echo2006-10-19
Jack the LadDaily Star2006-10-19
Fears over sexy new Doctor Who spin-offDaily Mail2006-10-20
Who DunntDaily Record2006-10-20
Torchwood is a much more difficult propositionThe Times2006-10-21
Gripping yarnsThe Times2006-10-21
Captain Jack is BackDaily Post2006-10-21
The Torchwood FilesRadio Times2006-10-21
It contains gay sex and bloody violence...but never mind, let your children stay up to see Torchwood, says the BBCSunday Express2006-10-22
Shame of BBC hypocritesSunday Express2006-10-22
I think I really can sustain interest in a series, purely on the basis that Captain Jack Harkness is sexually charismaticThe Times2006-10-23
Aspirational middle-youth telly viewers make sci-fi Torchwood a record-breakerWestern Mail2006-10-24
The X-Files meets This LifeDaily Express2006-10-25
Time lord's X-rated flopDaily Express2006-10-26
Base notesRadio Times2006-10-28
Programme times they are a-changin'The Times2006-11-02
The show is trashy and not in a good wayThe Stage and Television Today2006-11-02
Aliens, perverts and fun for all the familyTribune (London)2006-11-03
Daft and funny ... but strangely compellingThe Herald (Ireland)2006-11-09
Absolutely fabulous alien roleKentish Times2006-11-16
BBC Wales praised for 'sexy and modern' programmesWestern Mail2006-11-25
More spin-offs predicted after Doctor Who captures viewersWestern Mail2006-12-15
Originality is old hat as the BBC spins off its top seriesThe Times2006-12-16
Torchwood part oneThe Pink Paper2006-12-21
Bye Bi CaptainDaily Star2007-01-01
Down-to-earth guyThe Times2007-06-16
Minogue joins Doctor on sinking shipThe Times2007-07-03
The Doctor is in for season threePittsburgh Post-Gazette2007-07-05
Buffy star to join Torchwood line-upWestern Mail2007-07-16
It's a UFO BoyoDaily Star2007-08-02
And the geek shall inherit the earth...Sunday Express2007-08-05
Torchwood sleuths use alien technologyEl Paso Times
McClatchy News Service
Dr. Who adventurer spins off to 'Torchwood'Scripps Howard News Service
Globe Gazette
Ex-Opryland dancer stars in TorchwoodThe Knoxville News-Sentinel2007-09-02
His own universeMilwaukee Journal Sentinel2007-09-05
Torchwood celebrates a new kind of heroChicago Tribune2007-09-07
A Doctor Who World, With Sex in ItThe New York Times2007-09-08
Viewers can easily get off on Brit thrillerThe Philadelphia Inquirer2007-09-08
Torchwood Is Indescribably DeliciousLos Angeles Times2007-09-08
On-screen John Barrowman plays a sex-mad alien investigator. In real life he's from GlasgowOut2007-10-01
Doctor Who pal hits small screenCanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Gritty new sci-fi series is just what the Dr. Who orderedWinnipeg Free Press2007-10-05
Gwen's Having an Alien Nipper!Daily Star2007-10-09
Anything goesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
From 'X-Files' to the next filesCorvallis Gazette-Times2007-11-09
Dark, sexy Torchwood a supernatural delightEdmonton Journal
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Marsters pays lip serviceDaily Express2007-12-05
Some new episodes, series to air despite strikeChicago Tribune2008-01-06
Sex PistolsRadio Times2008-01-12
Captain! Stop that blowfishThe Times2008-01-17
Gay sci-fi's a little bit fishyDaily Star2008-01-20
Sci-fi series 'Torchwood beats repeatsAkron Beacon Journal2008-01-20
And finally...I found myself in a rift of rampant bisexuality last week with the return of TorchwoodSunday Express2008-01-20
I'll Save DoctorDaily Star2008-01-21
Sudsy, Sexy Sci-Fi TVExpress2008-01-22
Torchwood returns for new seasonAssociated Press
Deseret News
El Paso Times
The Bradenton Herald
Ventura County Star
The San Juan Star
The Herald-Palladium
Rapid City Journal
Big DVDThe Province2008-01-22
Torchwood does sci-fi with attitudeChicago Tribune2008-01-25
Jack's The Lad For MeDaily Record2008-01-29
Tosh's big love gets cold feetDaily Star2008-01-30
It's him behind 'Doctor Who'Los Angeles Times
Aliens? In Cardiff?The Times2008-02-07
Torch songWestern Mail2008-02-16
Lovely Martha Jones came to TorchwoodThe Times2008-02-21
I'm Jacking It In for the DocDaily Star2008-02-25
Death also came knocking in TorchwoodThe Times2008-02-28
Lord It's Time for a ChangeDaily Star2008-03-07
Sarah Jane launches; Torchwood winds downChicago Tribune2008-04-11
Kylie hears a Who: Minogue with TennantTV Guide2008-04-14
Gloves are off for EveDaily Star2008-04-18
Captain Jack hooks 'emNational Post
The Province
Calgary Herald
CanWest News Service
We'll always have freebootingNational Post2008-08-07
Stardom hurts Torchwood star's inner geekOttawa Citizen2008-08-08
Things fall apart on Torchwood as the series' current run burns outOttawa Citizen2008-10-24
End of season for sci-fi fave TorchwoodEdmonton Journal2008-10-24
Baby Joy for Monster MumDaily Star2009-05-07
Doctor Who, Torchwood lead BBC America's lineupOrlando Sentinel2009-06-27
Burning brightRadio Times2009-07-04
I'm all for the pulchritudinous John BarrowmanNew Statesman2009-07-06
Children Of Earth was five hours of pure thrillerSunday Express2009-07-12
Jack out of focusDaily Star2009-07-13
Aliens first, relationships laterAssociated Press
Toronto Star
Torchwood miniseries adds pulse to summer TVChicago Tribune2009-07-19
Torchwood miniseries offers huge unexpected twists in weekly showLansing State Journal2009-07-19
And Capt. Jack is crackerjackVariety2009-07-20
Torchwood faces child-care challengesLos Angeles Times2009-07-20
Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009)Entertainment Weekly2009-07-31
He's still the hero, no matter who he kissesThe Globe and Mail2009-07-31
Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,000South Wales Echo2009-12-26
Fox carries 'Torchwood' to U.S.The Hollywood Reporter2010-01-19
Baddies unitedDaily Star2010-02-17
Torchwood touches down statesideBetween the Lines2010-07-29
City centre stage for show's happy returnSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-26
Working with Catherine is 'a dream' for writer RussellSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-28
Who spinoff is not for kidsRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Torchwood's miracle lies in series writer's daringEdmonton Journal2011-07-06
Fumbled details betray 'Torchwood' high conceptThe Stanford Daily2011-07-14
Keeping the torch alightDaily Express2011-07-15
John BarrowmanOut2011-08-01
Doctoring a good taleDaily Express2011-08-26
I went from US President to death row for TorchwoodDaily Post2011-12-13
Torchwood star Eve heads for GlasgowEvening Times2012-01-10
Torchwood: the queerest show on TVGay Times2016-10-01
What is the superpower of 'Torchwood' star Barrowman? His fan connectionChicago Tribune2016-10-16

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