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chronological view
Dr. Who' six-part episode kicks off new video yearThe Wichita Eagle1999-01-01
Man of the DaleksStarlog1999-01-03
Exterminate this messDaily Express1999-01-09
Missing 'Dr. Who' Episode Turns UpAssociated Press
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Spartanburg Herald-Journal
The Cedar Rapids Gazette
The San Francisco Examiner
Rapid City Journal
The Daily Herald (Saint George
Dr Who beats extermination by TV censorsThe Times1999-01-14
Missing, Presumed Lost In TimeThe Times1999-01-14
Lost Dr Who episode foundThe Daily Telegraph1999-01-14
Dr Who film that vanished from face of earth is foundDaily Express1999-01-14
Dr Who in time riddleThe Mirror1999-01-14
Film buff in Whodunit mystery over TV episodeThe Sunday Star-Times1999-01-17
Look Who's back (Daily Echo)Bournemouth Daily Echo1999-01-21
Dr Who find in NZ prompts legal threat from BBCThe Dominion Post (New Zealand)1999-01-26
Michael Craze, 56 - December 7, 1998Classic Images1999-02-01
Roger Avon obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-02-11
Worzel Gummidge and the GM scarsDaily Mail1999-02-18
Lost Dr. Who Episode Deemed Not AcceptableNational Post1999-02-23
Bryan Mosley obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-02-25
Blackadder goes forth as new WhoLondon Evening Standard1999-03-02
Timelord takes on feminine personaBournemouth Advertiser1999-03-04
Mr Bean Takes Time Out As New Dr WhoThe Courier Mail1999-03-04
What the Dr orderedLichfield Mercury1999-03-11
Fanatics and Daleks will invade RuslipUxbridge and West Drayton Gazette1999-03-24
Doctor Who ExhibitionChester Chronicle1999-04-01
Expurgate! Expurgate!The Sunday Times1999-04-04
It's the gay Dr Who mafiaThe Pink Paper1999-04-09
Look Who's landed in LiverpoolLiverpool Echo1999-04-13
Doctor Who Not You AgainThe Times1999-04-24
Dalek gets its marching ordersThe Sunday Mirror1999-04-25
Under Doctor's ordersThe Herald1999-05-18
Cult classicsBristol Post1999-05-29
Dr Who: The Mind Of EvilCinefantastique1999-06-01
John Wiles obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-06-17
Sci-fi fans beam down to Bristol!Bristol Observer1999-06-18
Sci-Fi TVPlayboy1999-07-01
Good Lord, Will Gary Fight the Daleks?TV Times1999-07-23
David McGillivray obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1999-07-29
This Is Science Fiction: An Epic Album of Adventure and ExplorationMixmag1999-08-01
Lights, Camera, ActionThe Field1999-08-01
Microsoft taps the market for voice-operated portablesFinancial Times1999-08-03
Regenerate!The Daily Telegraph1999-08-05
Dr. Who's Phone Booth Makes House CallVero Beach Press Journal1999-08-06
Baker's dark sideLondon Evening Standard1999-08-12
Time traveller (Sunday Times)The Sunday Times1999-08-15
My day as a DalekThe Guardian1999-08-17
Dalek sold for £6,670The Daily Telegraph1999-08-19
Tardis Ready For Take-Off AgainThe Independent1999-08-29
Scots police box set for star role in Dr Who filmEdinburgh Evening News1999-09-01
The sound of musicBulletin of the Atomic Scientists1999-09-01
Tardis appears from GlasgowThe Herald1999-09-01
The price is rightThe Guardian1999-09-09
Where have they goneThe Sunday Times1999-09-12
Dr Who?The Herald (Ireland)1999-09-17
Dr Who conquers time to land on planet HollywoodThe Sunday Times1999-09-19
How robots-on-casters can still dominate TVThe Age1999-09-23
We need a doctor!Radio Times1999-09-25
Declan Mulholland, 67 - June 29, 1999Classic Images1999-10-01
It's in the StarsPlayboy1999-10-01
Just what the doctor ordered! (Coventry Evening Telegraph)Coventry Evening Telegraph1999-10-15
BBC ploughs £40m into moviesThe Sunday Times1999-10-17
Who's that author?The Times1999-10-30
Stand by, the Doctor is on his wayThe News Letter
Coventry Evening Telegraph
The Bath Chronicle
Bristol Post
Paying tribute to the Doctor and the DaleksGorey Guardian1999-11-10
Dalek invaders are welcomed - by someFaversham Gazette & Times1999-11-10
Glitch turns Dr Who into Dr WhenLondon Evening Standard1999-11-11
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Scotsman)The Herald1999-11-11
Who would have thought he'd last?Evening Chronicle1999-11-12
Www.our.bytesThe Mirror1999-11-12
Time gentlemen pleaseTV Times1999-11-13
Time gentlemenRadio Times1999-11-13
Dr Who NightIrish Independent1999-11-13
Doc of agesTV & Satellite Week1999-11-13
Tom fooleryRadio Times1999-11-13
BBC2's Doctor Who NightRadio Times1999-11-13
Who goes there?Radio Times1999-11-13
Going back in time with Doctor WhoTV Choice1999-11-13
Doctor Who nightTV Times1999-11-13
Behind the sofa so goodTribune (London)1999-11-19
She's got it wrapped upThe Daily Telegraph1999-11-26
RealitywarpFilm Score Monthly1999-12-01
Noel Johnson, 83 - October 1, 1999Classic Images1999-12-01
Talent spotter treasures hunt for uncut diamondsThe Times1999-12-11
Who was Dr Who's Liz?Daily Mail1999-12-16

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