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chronological view
Daleks back for a spot of ex-ter-min-a-tionThe Daily Telegraph1972-01-03
The week aheadNew Scientist1972-01-20
BBC get new code on TV violenceLondon Evening Standard1972-01-27
BBC Study Claims TV Violence NeededAssociated Press
Albuquerque Journal
Great sponsor of the violence campaignThe Times1972-01-27
Violence every half hourThe Guardian1972-01-27
News violence 'necessary'Press Association
The Irish Times
Points of ViewThe Times1972-01-27
B.B.C. Study Finds U.S. Fare Twice as Violent as British TVThe New York Times1972-01-27
TV violence 'discounted'The Guardian1972-01-27
Violence is not really Dr Who's cup of teaThe Times1972-01-29
Who is the world's most gentle doctor?Daily Express1972-01-29
Children of the violent boxLondon Evening Standard1972-02-02
The BBC's study on violence BBC makes important contributionThe Stage and Television Today1972-02-03
All That Jason Said was Dr. Who?Coventry Evening Telegraph1972-02-15
TV serial cuts worry producersThe Daily Telegraph1972-02-15
Dalek GirlLichfield Mercury1972-02-25
Tomorrow morning at breakfast you can own a free historic model carBuster and Jet1972-03-01
Who is Dr Who?The Stage and Television Today1972-03-30
A New Way To Look At TelevisionVariety1972-04-05
Look Who's here (1972)Reading Evening Post1972-04-05
Who and IReading Evening Post1972-04-14
Why Policeman Stopped Dr. WhoCoventry Evening Telegraph1972-04-21
Music for Doctor Who - and you?The Leicester Chronicle1972-05-05
Dr Who will lead the funLondon Evening Standard1972-05-12
VIP guests-the DaleksReading Evening Post1972-05-22
Yoo-Hoo, Monsters!TV Guide1972-06-10
Verity Lambert, who has produced such television successes as 'Dr Who' and 'Budgie,' talks to Linda ChristmasThe Guardian1972-06-23
Children's DoctorTV Guide1972-07-01
Even Dr. Who would be quite acceptableTV Week (Australia)1972-07-01
Winners of the Fancy Dress CompetitionWicklow People1972-08-04
The thriller Dr. Who will premiere on WPHL-TVThe York Dispatch1972-08-08
Tune in Nightly for the Perils of 'Dr. Who' on Channel 17The Philadelphia Inquirer1972-08-22
Doctor Who visits SotonSouthern Evening Echo1972-09-23
Wendy plays her namesakeLondon Evening Standard1972-09-28
Actor Roger Delgado, alias Master in TVs "Dr. Who" seriesHarrow Observer1972-12-01
Record will be e-lim-in-a-tedNottingham Guardian1972-12-05
Nicked! Dr Who's DaleksThe Mirror1972-12-05
Plastic fiendsThe Times1972-12-07
BBC TV special effects Science Museum until 10 June, 1973New Scientist1972-12-07
Who's the Doc? (Newcastle Journal)The Newcastle Journal1972-12-30
Write your own Dr Who adventure...Radio Times1972-12-30

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