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chronological view
Dr Who visits UlsterSunday Life1998-01-04
Who's threatening to start doctoring with time in down?The News Letter1998-01-05
Tardis survivorsThe Pink Paper1998-01-23
Lost Dr. Who foundWinnipeg Free Press1998-01-29
Daleks are back .. playing it for laughsDaily Star1998-02-10
Look! It's the amazing sonic toothbrushOrlando Sentinel1998-03-04
Colin Baker: just what the Doctor orderedAlldays Magazine1998-03-15
Dr Who will not be exterminatedUxbridge and West Drayton Gazette1998-03-25
Fan's £1,800 bank loan to buy a DalekDaily Mail1998-03-26
Six frequently requested episodes of Britain's "Dr. Who"The Wichita Eagle1998-04-10
Revelations from beyond the TardisThe Sunday Star-Times1998-04-12
Doctor Who: Destiny of the DoctorsThe Sydney Morning Herald1998-04-25
Are our bodies falling to bits in the computer age?The Times1998-04-28
Electric WhoCult-TV1998-05-01
Three "Missing Adventures" of Dr. WhoScience Fiction Chronicle1998-05-01
They came from outta hereNew Statesman1998-05-15
Visiting a land down underThe Times1998-05-16
Dr Who in Movie BidLiverpool Echo1998-05-18
Step forward in time for the new DrDaily Express1998-05-19
How time has travelled ... next Dr Who to be a womanLondon Evening Standard1998-05-19
Who is that?East Grinstead Observer1998-05-20
Dr Who's A Pretty Girl ThenThe Mirror1998-05-25
If you blinked you missed it, but a fun time was had by allSeattle Gay News1998-05-29
Doctor Who: The MovieCult-TV1998-06-01
Where Are They Now?Tribune (London)1998-06-21
Dr Who fanatic pirated tapesThe Daily Telegraph1998-07-07
Wiped Out!Crawley News1998-07-08
A giant step from teacher to Time LordAberdeen Evening Express1998-07-10
Hillingdon's Dr WhoUxbridge and West Drayton Gazette1998-07-15
Carl Davis and the RLPOThe Stage and Television Today1998-07-23
Last Man RunningScience Fiction Chronicle1998-08-01
Kenneth Wilson obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-08-13
What Katy DidThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1998-08-16
The Good Doctor Lives OnThe Canberra Times1998-08-17
Dr Who design team sues BBC over film rightsThe Times1998-08-24
Unique Sale by AuctionThe Stage and Television Today1998-09-24
Doctor, Doctor...?The Pink Paper1998-10-09
New Labour In Spin On My Tardis TripThe Sun1998-10-10
Tardis lands a winnerThe Sun1998-10-14
Carl Forgione obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-10-15
Guess who's on their way?Hoylake & West Kirby News1998-10-28
Mail Order To The StarsIncome Opportunities1998-11-01
Battle of the DaleksSci-Fi & Fantasy Models1998-11-01
A history of Britain in 48 stampsThe Times1998-11-13
1,000 years on the back of a stampThe Times1998-11-18
Trek fans beam in for Con 8The Union-News1998-11-19
Exterminated: But You Know Who Still Lives OnThe News Letter1998-11-19
Dr Who bonanza at sci-fi night outReading Weekend Post1998-11-20
Who's a television legendThe Newcastle Journal1998-11-20
Pick of the weekThe Daily Telegraph1998-11-21
For people who've lost the power of speech, the voice synthesiser is a godsendTime Out London1998-11-25
Trekkies take on Timelord fansThe Plymouth Herald1998-11-27
Space adventures: music from "Doctor Who" 1963-1971Film Score Monthly1998-12-01
British to 'apologise'Financial Times1998-12-16
Michael Craze obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1998-12-24

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