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Who Was Dr Who's Father?Synthese1982-06-01
Dr Who: Similarity and DifferenceAustralian Journal of Screen Theory1982-11-15
Children upset by OETA actionThe Oklahoman1983-10-31
Convention: Fiction Mixed with FantasyOmaha World-Herald1985-04-26
What Would The Doctor Think? - Sci-fi Buffs Taken Out of the Real WorldOmaha World-Herald1985-08-04
CBS-Fox Video to Offer Home Video of BBC-Produced ShowsAssociated Press1985-12-02
Sheer simplicity the key to Doctor Who's popularityToronto Star1986-08-20
The Dr Who convention: Who? Sometimes specialty conventions are just plain silly - on purposeBusiness First (Columbus, OH)1986-09-08
A 'remarkable Canadian' who changed the face of TVThe Globe and Mail1987-02-11
Public TV Outlet's Auction Falls Short Of Goal, Raising $137,000 To Buy ProgramsSun-Sentinel1987-04-17
Mini-festThe Seattle Times1987-04-25
Who's That?The Oregonian1987-09-18
Dr Who: This Time The Fight Is RealThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1987-09-20
WMHT (Channel 17) aired its monthly call-in program Wednesday nightTimes Union1987-10-09
History and mystery haunt Chiselhurst's ancient cavesToronto Star1987-10-31
Tom Baker's teasing performance and low-budget special effects bring Dr. Who episodes to lifeToronto Star1987-11-21
LPB to begin Winterfest on Nov. 29The Advocate (Baton Rouge)1987-11-27
Look who's in town to support Channel 8Houston Chronicle1987-11-27
A critical examination of the mythological and symbolic elements of two modern science fiction series: "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who"Louisiana State University thesis1987-12-01
Club Reveals Who They LoveThe Harvard Crimson1987-12-02
Katy's Life After Dr WhoThe Courier Mail1987-12-05
Pass The Popcorn: WCNY-TV Airs 48 Hours Of Fine Films This WeekendSyracuse Herald-Journal1988-01-21
Daleks cease hostilities Dr Who turns 25The Herald1988-11-21
Doctor Who 25th AnniversaryToronto Star1989-04-02
Doctor Who: televized science fiction as contemporary melodramaExtrapolation1989-04-15
Dr. WhodunitToronto Star1989-11-11
Dr. Who makes a house callToronto Star1990-01-14
Texts, readers and contexts of reading: developments in the study of media audiencesMedia, Culture & Society1990-01-15
BBC Lionheart Television awards cable TV rights to its classic and popular Doctor Who science-fiction series to the Sci-Fi ChannelBusiness Wire1990-08-24
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time WarpThe Courier Mail1990-10-06
Doctor Who meets Vladimir Propp: A comparative narrative analysis of myth/folktale and the television science fiction genreNorthwestern University thesis1990-12-01
The Economics of Underwriting Spawn Off-Beat Public TelevisionWarfield's Business Record1992-10-02
Dr Who reunion wreckedDaily Mail1993-07-10
This Sorry Tale Of Whose WhoDaily Mail1993-08-07
Time Lord Back From The UniverseThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1993-11-21
Spielberg aims to film Dr Who with Crawford as Time LordDaily Mail1994-01-28
Cheeky VW hitch ride with Dr WhosDaily Mail1994-03-04
I Used To Sneak In And Burn My Son's ClothesDaily Mail1994-06-14
Spielberg plans to revive Dr WhoThe Straits Times1994-07-08
Closed Circuits and Monitored Lives: Television as Power in Doctor WhoExtrapolation1994-09-01
Doctor is missing but video is destined to be a hitPress Association1995-11-03
Smart DalekDaily Record1996-01-11
It's Dr Who and the Dial-eks!Daily Record1996-01-31
Doctor Who highlights sci-fi programs on WUSF, channel 16Sarasota Magazine1996-03-01
Raiders of the lost archivesThe Herald1996-05-04
Up against the old enemyThe Herald1996-05-04
Dr. Who Comes Back In TimeTulsa World1996-05-12
Fox's 'Dr. Who' Leaves Its Viewers Yearning for More of The DoctorTimes Union1996-05-13
Will Fox's 'Doctor Who' Woo Fans?Richmond Times-Dispatch1996-05-14
Dr. Who Gets New Life As TV FilmSan Francisco Chronicle1996-05-14
Doctor WhoDaily Variety1996-05-14
Rx for Pleasure: A New "Dr. Who"Contra Costa Times1996-05-14
Clever 'Dr. Who' has not lost his touchMobile Register1996-05-14
Dr. Who's calling in a new filmThe Dallas Morning News1996-05-14
Fox Revives Doctor Who TonightThe Virginian-Pilot1996-05-14
A famous science-fiction series seeks a new audience with a TV movieGreensboro News & Record1996-05-14
Dr Who actor Pertwee diesAgence France Presse1996-05-20
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of allThe Herald1996-05-21
List of Week's TV Ratings, May 13-19, 1996Associated Press1996-05-21
Up against the DocDaily Record1996-05-25
Switch OnDaily Record1996-05-28
Why I Won't Be At Jon's Funeral - Jean MarshPress Association1996-05-28
Dr. Who BombedSun-Sentinel1996-08-25
Where's Who?The Gainesville Sun1996-10-21
Invasion LlangollenIn Britain1996-11-01
Science Fiction Audiences: watching Doctor Who and Star TrekHistorical Journal of Film, Radio & Television1997-08-01
Dr Who Is Star Of Show Line-UpBristol Post1997-08-18
Frightfully British Dr like nothing on earthThe Sunday Star-Times1997-11-30
Who on Earth is Tom Baker?The Australian1997-12-19
Who's threatening to start doctoring with time in down?The News Letter1998-01-05
Revelations from beyond the TardisThe Sunday Star-Times1998-04-12
Dr Who's A Pretty Girl ThenThe Mirror1998-05-25
What Katy DidThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1998-08-16
The Good Doctor Lives OnThe Canberra Times1998-08-17
Exterminated: But You Know Who Still Lives OnThe News Letter1998-11-19
Who's a television legendThe Newcastle Journal1998-11-20
Trekkies take on Timelord fansThe Plymouth Herald1998-11-27
British to 'apologise'Financial Times1998-12-16
Dr Who find in NZ prompts legal threat from BBCThe Dominion Post (New Zealand)1999-01-26
Worzel Gummidge and the GM scarsDaily Mail1999-02-18
Mr Bean Takes Time Out As New Dr WhoThe Courier Mail1999-03-04
Under Doctor's ordersThe Herald1999-05-18
Cult classicsBristol Post1999-05-29
Dr. Who's Phone Booth Makes House CallVero Beach Press Journal1999-08-06
Time traveller (Sunday Times)The Sunday Times1999-08-15
Tardis appears from GlasgowThe Herald1999-09-01
Just what the doctor ordered! (Coventry Evening Telegraph)Coventry Evening Telegraph1999-10-15
Stand by, the Doctor is on his wayThe News Letter
Coventry Evening Telegraph
The Bath Chronicle
Bristol Post
Who would have thought he'd last?Evening Chronicle1999-11-12
No doctors but plenty of teachers in TardisThe Northern Echo2000-05-12
Exhibition throws light on dark sideThe Northern Echo2000-07-15
Colouring in Doctor WhoThe Press2000-09-19
Spearhead from SpaceEvening Chronicle2000-12-13
Who's that girl? (2000)The Advertiser2000-12-27
Date with the DoctorThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2001-02-17
Dr Who star says it's time to travelThe Sunday Times2001-05-06
Extortionate!Daily Record
The Mirror
Who'd be an online star?The Australian2001-07-19
Dr Who Park Turned Into Nature ReserveSouth Wales Echo2001-10-04
Doctor Who: Master Tin SetTime Out London2001-12-12
Doctor Doddy?Daily Post2002-02-27
Dr Who Takes Fans Back In TimeCoventry Evening Telegraph2002-04-01
Beeb honours Doctors WhoCoventry Evening Telegraph
Western Daily Press
The Sun
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The DoctorDaily Express2002-06-03
Doctor's back and it's Chris Who-dunnitYorkshire Evening Post2002-07-01
What a sci-fi guyThe Age2003-02-14
Search for footage travels back in timeBlackpool Gazette2003-02-28
Doctor MatrixThe Australian2003-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsessionThe Australian2003-04-02
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for conventionThe Northern Echo2003-06-23
Timeless lordBristol Post2003-07-31
What and when plague Dr Who's returnThe Courier Mail2003-08-09
Look Who's BackEvening Gazette2003-08-25
About timeThe Age2003-09-18
Bookies Close Betting As The Smart Money Goes On Alan Davies To Be The New DoctorSunday Express2003-10-12
Richard E Grant's emergence as the ninth Doctor Who - albeit in cartoon form - will also herald the character's full regeneration on televisionSunday Herald2003-11-09
Preparing the way for the 10th coming of Doctor WhoThe New Zealand Herald2003-11-18
Who's Who In Dr WhoBirmingham Post2003-11-22
Masters Of The WhoniverseDaily Post2003-11-24
A Doctor Who Refuses To Be ExterminatedDaily Post2003-11-24
Cyberfans Demand Daleks Time-Travel Back To 2003Western Mail2003-11-25
Doctor Who Fans To Go Back In Time As Long-Lost Episode FoundScotland on Sunday2004-01-25
Eccleston's £1m Deal To Step Into TardisDaily Express2004-03-20
England Looks to the Future: The Cultural Forum Model and "Doctor Who"The Journal of Popular Culture2004-04-07
Is Doctor Who Political?European Journal of Cultural Studies2004-05-01
BBC timelord setting course for academiaSunday Herald2004-05-09
In The Picture - The Gentleman Who Wants To Be A LordThe Northern Echo2004-11-13
Dr Who: Lost in TimeThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2004-12-22
The spin-off doctorsThe Sydney Morning Herald2005-01-01
Pub Offers To Pay £1,000 To Charity For Return Of Worzel GummidgeDaily Post2005-01-14
Interview with Kate Orman: Dr Who AuthorContinuum2005-03-01
Carry on Doctor (Time Out London)Time Out London2005-03-09
Doctor Who leak previews future of broadcast contentNew Media Age2005-03-10
Carry On DoctorSunday Herald2005-03-13
What Makes Who SpecialThe Scotsman2005-03-19
What's Up Doc?Sunday Mercury2005-03-20
Doctor Who (2005)Western Mail2005-03-22
It's about Time (The Northern Echo)The Northern Echo2005-03-26
Oh, My Time LordBirmingham Post2005-03-26
Ten million welcome back the DoctorThe Northern Echo2005-03-28
The Daleks Tried, The Cybermen Tried ... But It Finally Took A N.Wales Gardener To Destroy The TardisDaily Post2005-03-30
I quit as Dr WhoDaily Mail2005-03-31
BBC's anger at the vanishing Doctor WhoDaily Mail2005-04-01
Dr Who Website In MeltdownDaily Record2005-04-02
Dr Who Told Beeb He'd Stay In ShowThe Sunday Mirror2005-04-03
Who Cares If Time Lord Leaves Early?The Sun2005-04-04
Doctor newThe Northern Echo2005-04-07
Beam me up, scotty! There's klingons on the seafrontBristol Post2005-04-18
Your View: Doctor Always Was A ThrillerDaily Record2005-04-19
A Famous Dram For The New Dr WhoThe Scotsman2005-04-22
Dr Who's T-Rusted SidekickThe Sun2005-04-25
The softer side of the sole remaining DalekThe Northern Echo2005-05-02
The galactic cardboard fantasy sets exterminated as a sexy new doctor materialises on our television screens time for fans old and new to find out who is whoThe Advertiser2005-05-14
The Daleks in my bedroomAshbourne News Telegraph2005-05-18
A doctor so sexy it's scaryThe Age2005-05-21
Being true to Dr WhoThe Canberra Times2005-05-22
Time Lord travelling again, this time to the stageThe Age2005-05-31
Captain CourageousThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2005-07-13
Time Lords' capital stopThe Canberra Times2005-07-20
My DIY DalekDaily Record2005-07-21
K9 Is Killed Off (But he regenerates just like the Dr)The Sun2005-09-15
Thanks for Doing a Brilliant JobTimes Educational Supplement2005-09-23
Return of CybermenDaily Express2005-11-11
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi seriesThe Northern Echo2005-11-14
Doctor Who, a sinister Santa and an alien army invade our living rooms on Christmas DayWestern Mail2005-12-13
Look Who Santa Is Bringing You This ChristmasCoventry Evening Telegraph2005-12-17
Tourists follow in the footsteps of Doctor WhoWestern Mail2005-12-24
Sci Fi Channel to Air New 'Doctor Who'Associated Press2006-01-13
The Tardis touches down in the USWestern Mail2006-01-14
Check out Doctor Who's ChristmasSouth Wales Echo2006-01-16
Tennant's The Man To Steel The ShowThe Mirror2006-04-12
Dr Who's 'Cut-Out' Girl BackThe Mirror
Who's a lucky dog? K9 gets seriesThe Australian2006-04-25
K9 back after 23-year pawsEdinburgh Evening News2006-04-25
Television - Back In TimeThe Northern Echo2006-04-27
Nemesis to revelationBirmingham Post2006-05-09
Doctor Who's Joliet tieThe Joliet Herald News2006-05-28
A fan's guide to the top five Dr Who companionsWestern Mail2006-06-16
Time traveller steps into family historyExpress & Echo2006-09-27
Appointment with the DoctorWaikato Times2006-10-05
All right JackThe Northern Echo2006-10-19
Who DunntDaily Record2006-10-20
Fears over sexy new Doctor Who spin-offDaily Mail2006-10-20
Captain Jack is BackDaily Post2006-10-21
Aspirational middle-youth telly viewers make sci-fi Torchwood a record-breakerWestern Mail2006-10-24
BBC Wales praised for 'sexy and modern' programmesWestern Mail2006-11-25
Cyberman Christmas brain scrambleWestern Mail2006-11-28
A Robot Santa? ... I Ain't BovveredDaily Record2006-11-30
Fans Say Dave Is Top Of The DocsDaily Star2006-12-07
More spin-offs predicted after Doctor Who captures viewersWestern Mail2006-12-15
Doctor Who takes on spiderwomanThe Northern Echo2006-12-19
Can Sarah Jane save the day?Birmingham Mail2006-12-21
Dr Who's secrets revealedDaily Post2006-12-23
Timeless - why I Love Doctor WhoThe Age2006-12-28
Doctor Who to quit denied but fourth series not yet orderedWestern Mail2006-12-29
Here comes the bride - and the monsterThe Press and Journal2006-12-30
Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders!Evening Times2006-12-30
Your Money: Dalektable Sales BoostThe Mirror2007-02-01
RSVPThe Sydney Morning Herald2007-02-06
A comic odysseyBristol Post2007-03-15
Home isn't a Tardis, so collection must goThe Northern Echo2007-03-27
Who, what, where, whenWestern Mail2007-04-21
Desperately Unhappy Kids Write To Captain Jack Asking To Be AdoptedThe People2007-06-03
The definitive Englishman, tweed coat, time travel and allThe Globe and Mail2007-06-15
Catherine Tate joins Doctor Who as new companionBrand Republic News Releases2007-07-04
Tercera temporadaLa Opinión2007-07-06
Freema Agyeman, Doctor Who's latest companion, is also the first visible minority to join him on his travelsToronto Star2007-07-07
Doctor Who and Kylie should show the world that Wales has a Tardis of talentWestern Mail2007-07-16
Buffy star to join Torchwood line-upWestern Mail2007-07-16
The Master returnsDaily Mail2007-07-20
Daleks invade Weta's workshopThe Dominion Post (New Zealand)2007-07-20
The BBC lets British viewers download showsThe Wall Street Journal2007-07-28
I'm a Doctor Who heroSouth Wales Echo2007-07-31
Doc feels the heat in RomeWestern Mail2007-08-12
Bookies make Radcliffe their favourite to be the new Doctor WhoWestern Mail2007-09-06
Sarah Jane gets a new lease of life as Slitheen seek revengeWestern Mail2007-09-08
Former Doctor Who Talks About Life After The Tardis And Working In The USDaily Record2007-10-13
Time waits for no manHerald Sun2007-10-17
Who would like to meet Sarah-Jane?Sunderland Echo2007-11-01
Simm-ilarity is no problem as Master tipped for hero's jobWestern Mail2007-11-12
Doctor Who treats fans to more sci-fi humorThe Washington Times2007-11-17
Doctor Who strikes againWestern Mail2007-11-20
Who Wouldn't Want Kylie?Daily Record2007-11-29
Dr Who regenerates to boost TV ratingsPR Week2007-11-30
Titanic sales expected as Kylie sails in for Doctor Who specialWestern Mail2007-12-15
Doctor Who may quit, says co-star CatherineSunday Express2007-12-16
Producer who revived Doctor Who to move to BBC1 drama roleWestern Mail2007-12-31
Doctor Who and the Convergence of MediaConvergence2008-01-01
Our dad built us a real-life TardisSouth Wales Echo2008-01-15
Kylie dress stars at showSouth Wales Echo2008-01-17
Jack's The Lad For MeDaily Record2008-01-29
BBC launches cinema push to back Doctor WhoBrand Republic News Releases2008-02-04
Time-travelling garden with green credentials goes back its rootsWestern Mail2008-02-16
Torch songWestern Mail2008-02-16
Dr Who The Hell Are You Looking At?Daily Star2008-02-26
Who Are You? If Our Obsessions Define Us, What Does That Say About Fans Of A Certain Time Lord?The Scotsman2008-03-01
The dispersible television text: theorising moments of the new Doctor WhoScience Fiction Film and Television2008-03-01
Doctor who writer at festivalBrentwood Gazette2008-03-19
Who-ray!The Northern Echo2008-04-03
Peter's time has comeDaily Express2008-04-03
Look Who's coming!Evening Times2008-04-04
Doctor New: Catherine Tate brings new life to the Time LordEvening Times2008-04-05
I'm Dr Who's worst enemySouth Wales Argus2008-04-08
Head behind the sofas, the Sontarans are back!Express & Echo2008-04-25
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónicaAgencia EFE, S.A.2008-04-28
From Balaclavas to Jumpsuits: The Multiple Histories and Identities of "Doctor Who's" CybermenAtlantis2008-06-01
Everyone's going Doctor Who mad!Wakefield Express2008-07-02
Could time be up for Tennant as Time Lord?Edinburgh Evening News2008-07-05
Master Behind Dr WhoThe Mirror2008-07-05
Vworp! Stage leftEdinburgh Evening News2008-07-11
Och aye Dr Who!Sunday Mercury2008-08-24
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi conventionThe Northern Echo2008-08-25
Rose Tyler: The ethics of care and the limit of agencyScience Fiction Film and Television2008-10-01
Spin-off from the TardisThe Age2008-10-30
War without End?: Utopia, the Family, and the Post-9/11 World in Russell T. Davies's "Doctor Who"Science Fiction Studies2008-11-01
I know Who can fill the Doctor's shoesSunday Life2008-11-02
Daleks off to invade ScotlandSouth Wales Echo2008-11-18
Race To See Doctor WhoThe Herald2008-11-18
So Who lives in a house like this?Daily Mail2008-11-19
The Scooby-Doo challenge Kids' TV at the BBCThe Guardian2008-11-24
Who Wear WowDaily Record
The Mirror
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud talesThe Canberra Times2008-11-29
Chance to snap up Doctor Who artworkWestern Mail2008-12-04
Terrify them, absolutely terrify themWestern Mail2008-12-04
Look who's taking on the Time LordDaily Mail2008-12-20
Finally finished Scarf not always labor of love Kim Aaron spent two years knitting replica of Dr. Who neckwearCharleston Daily Mail2008-12-22
The Web planet: How the changing Internet divided "Doctor Who" fan fiction writersTransformative Works and Cultures2009-01-01
Doctor Who To Be Him... Or HerDaily Record2009-01-03
Matt Smith, that's WhoScotland on Sunday2009-01-04
Doctor's ordersThe Sunday Telegraph (England)2009-01-04
Booked in with beloved doctorThe Mercury2009-01-10
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lordThe Courier Mail2009-01-12
Who's a lucky boy?The Northern Echo2009-01-12
Not quite the new Doctor WhoThe Age2009-01-22
New Dr episodes set to be a real Who's who of talentSouth Wales Echo2009-01-23
Llega "Doctor Who" a público latinoamericano a partir de este sábadoNotimex2009-01-23
Bionic woman Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who specialBrand Republic News Releases2009-01-26
I Cheated on Doctor WhoDaily Record2009-02-13
Doctor's Stroppy Sidekick RevealedDaily Star2009-02-19
A law unto herselfScotland on Sunday2009-02-22
City's many links with Time LordCoventry Evening Telegraph2009-03-09
All aboard the No 200 busWestern Mail2009-04-11
What Katy did nextEdinburgh Evening News2009-04-24
Why the Cybermen Stomp: Sound in the New Doctor WhoMosaic2009-06-01
Shaping Fantasies: Responses to Shakespeare’s Magic in Popular CultureShakespeare2009-06-01
Who's Who Of WhosThe Mirror2009-06-23
Treasure HuntersThe Sunday Mirror2009-07-05
Brilliant, says Matt as he steps into the Doctor's new boots on a Welsh beachWestern Mail2009-07-21
Doctor Who's new clothes go back in timeThe Herald
Evening Times
Who-niverse: The man who regenerated Doctor Who hits the limelightToronto Star2009-07-25
The flight from history: from H G Wells to Doctor Who – and back againColloquy2009-08-01
Who did Katy Manning do next? - Bette DavisEdinburgh Evening News2009-08-07
Time and relative dimensions on line: Doctor Who, wikis and the production of narrative/historyInteractions2009-09-01
El actor australiano Ray Barrett murió a los 82 añosAgencia EFE, S.A.2009-09-08
History Meets Fiction in Doctor Who, ‘The Fires of Pompeii’Greece & Rome2009-10-01
Young On Time TravelDaily Record2009-10-13
Unexceptional talents must have a place alongside Dr WhoCommunity Care2009-10-15
Barry Letts (The Herald)The Herald2009-10-16
Travel with a Time Lord: using media to enhance literacyLiteracy2009-11-01
One last spin in a rather nifty phone boothThe Globe and Mail2009-12-18
It's Not The End Of The WorldThe Herald2009-12-19
Treats from the DoctorThe Northern Echo2009-12-24
Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,000South Wales Echo2009-12-26
Tardis present opens up a world of possibilities for RobThe Northern Echo2010-01-02
Follow that Tardis, order BBC Scotland executivesThe Times2010-01-02
Exciting times as Doctor Who series 'regenerates'Western Mail2010-01-04
It's Not What The Doctor OrderedDaily Record2010-01-07
Call for the DoctorThe Herald2010-01-13
Cymru am byth from Cribbins tops off night for our award-winnersWestern Mail2010-01-21
Church that Doctor Who made famous up for saleSouth Wales Echo2010-02-03
I believe David Tennant is the best Doctor in the history of Doctor Who ...The Courier Mail2010-02-19
Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auctionWestern Mail2010-02-25
Keeping up with the JonesesWestern Mail2010-02-27
Sci-fi fans check out final frontierThe Hawk Eye2010-03-21
K9Sunday Mail (Adelaide)2010-03-21
Who Lets The Dog Out (2010)The Sun-Herald2010-03-28
Robo-dog bites backThe Sydney Morning Herald2010-03-29
Barking up the right Dr Who legend, that's tinny K9The West Australian2010-03-30
Who's the man?The Northern Echo2010-03-31
Digging the sceneWestern Mail2010-04-03
The old dog's newest trickThe Courier Mail2010-04-03
So Didn't Who Do WellThe Sunday Mirror2010-04-04
How to buy a TardisDaily Star2010-04-06
Who's The Clown In The Tardis? How Viewers Disliked Every New DoctorDaily Mail2010-04-13
TV viewers are the Doctor's greatest foeThe Herald2010-04-13
He looks awfully young to be a DoctorThe Globe and Mail2010-04-16
The new Doctor is in at lastToronto Star2010-04-17
BBC blocks use of Dr Who as role model for gifted children charityThe Herald2010-04-17
New Doctor appears in Sarah Jane spin-offYorkshire Post2010-04-20
Doctor Who time travels anewNorth Carolina State University Technician2010-04-27
Was the 907-year-old Doctor's passionate scene a kiss too far?Western Mail2010-05-06
Remember, there's no sofaThe Northern Echo2010-05-21
As an actor, you regard being in Doctor Who as becoming part of television historyWestern Mail2010-05-22
Sociopathetic Abscess or Yawning Chasm? The Absent Postcolonial Transition in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Commonwealth Literature2010-06-01
Daleks, Cybermen and children what the Doctor orderedThe Herald2010-06-23
Torchwood põe sexualidade em primeiro plano em caça a ETsFolha de S. Paulo2010-06-28
Is Matt's Doctor a turn-off?South Wales Echo2010-07-01
Waterloo Doctor Who buffs build life-sized DalekToronto Star2010-07-17
Exhausted and Exhausting: Television Studies and British Soap OperaCritical Studies in Television2010-07-27
Male and Female Archetypes in Doctor WhoConsciousness, Literature and the Arts2010-08-01
Proto-electronica vs. martial marches: Doctor Who, Stingray, Thunderbirds and the music of 1960s' British sf televisionScience Fiction Film and Television2010-09-01
Doctor Who fans materialise for Sheffield conventionSheffield Telegraph2010-09-02
Political Satire and British-American Relations in Five Decades of Doctor WhoThe Journal of Popular Culture2010-09-28
Nigel PlanerBelfast Telegraph2010-10-09
The Main Event: Doctor Who LiveScotland on Sunday2010-10-10
Lost soul of literature revels in the adventures of the DoctorScotland on Sunday2010-11-14
Who's ScroogeSunday Mercury2010-12-19
Panto favourite's career really took off with Doctor Who roleEvening Times2010-12-21
Paying the price to be the DoctorHerald Sun2010-12-22
What The Dickens!Evening Times2010-12-22
Festive Tardis right on timeThe Age2010-12-23
Who knew the Doctor was a footballer too?The Courier Mail2010-12-24
Fast-tracked TARDISThe Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, NSW)2010-12-26
Just What the Doctor OrderedWestern Mail2010-12-26
A special gift for AussieThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)2010-12-26
Is 10th Doctor Who Having A Baby With Fifth Doctor Who's Daughter After She Plays 10th Doctor Who's Daughter?The Mirror2011-01-15
Listening from behind the sofa? The (un)earthly roles of sound in BBC Wales' Doctor WhoNew Review of Film and Television Studies2011-01-26
City centre stage for show's happy returnSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-26
Working with Catherine is 'a dream' for writer RussellSouth Wales Evening Post2011-01-28
Morris Men who starred in Dr Who take centre stage at sci-fi conventionOxford Mail2011-01-29
Nicholas Courtney obituaryThe Guardian2011-02-24
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81The Herald2011-02-24
Farewell to the Doctor's Loyal FriendThe Mirror2011-02-24
The brigadier 'most loved' by Dr Who fansWestern Daily Press2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald)The Herald2011-02-26
Follow the trail of a Time LordSouth Wales Echo2011-03-05
The crack of doom: The uncanny echoes of Steven Moffat's Doctor WhoScience Fiction Film and Television2011-03-15
Michael Gough obituaryThe Guardian2011-03-18
Time is up for Doctor Who exhibitionSouth Wales Echo2011-03-23
Doctor Who script by Douglas Adams to be a novelThe Guardian2011-03-25
BBC Books set to bring back exterminated Dr Who novelsThe Bookseller2011-03-25
In Thrall to the Archives of Empire: Torchwood -- "Children of Earth"Journal of British Cinema and Television2011-04-01
The Doctor is back - promising to be the scariest and darkest yetThe Guardian2011-04-05
Doctor Who: The best show you’re not watchingThe Earlham Word2011-04-07
Elisabeth Sladen obituaryThe Guardian2011-04-11
Fry And Barrowman Pay Tribute To SladenWorld Entertainment News Network2011-04-20
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer FightDaily Record2011-04-20
Doctor Who Favourite Elisabeth Dies Aged 63The Mirror2011-04-20
Doctor Who's most famous companion diesThe Northern Echo2011-04-20
Doctor Who Star Sladen Dies Aged 63Press Association2011-04-20
Tributes to Doctor Who time travel legendLiverpool Echo2011-04-20
A Doctor Who for modern timesThe Globe and Mail2011-04-27
Katie’s Doctor Who Confidential: Ep. 1The New Paltz Oracle2011-04-28
The Idiot Box: Doctor Which?The Wesleyan Argus2011-04-29
Smaller on the inside: the space-time continuum distorts perception of size--a rule in physics that could as well be applied to the machine-vision industryVision Systems Design2011-05-01
Just what the Doctor ordered: Destination EnglandThe Sydney Morning Herald2011-05-28
Exterminated!Metro (England)2011-05-31
Barrowman at his bestChester Chronicle2011-06-09
La BBC pone a la venta su emblemática sede central en LondresAgencia EFE, S.A.2011-06-13
Who's the ladies man? - Worcester native gives voice to 'Dr. Who's' female fansWorcester Telegram & Gazette2011-06-22
Antirationalist critique or fifth column of scientism? Challenges from Doctor Who to the mad scientist tropePublic Understanding of Science2011-07-01
Roy Skelton obituaryThe Guardian2011-07-08
Costumes, properties and fans, oh my!License!2011-08-01
Look Who's in mystery playSouth Wales Evening Post2011-08-04
Doctor Who is back! But should the Time Lord be celebrated - or exterminated?The Guardian2011-08-20
Doctor and the headachesWestern Mail2011-08-27
Matt's among the sexiest on every planetThe Courier Mail2011-09-10
Going For The Doctor Karen Relishes Her Big Moment In Who HistoryThe Sun-Herald
Sunday Tasmanian
The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, NSW)
Screening Wales: Portrayal, Representation and Identity: A Case StudyCritical Studies in Television2011-10-01
Doctor Who tribute marks death of Brigadier actorThe Guardian2011-10-01
You're welcome to stay... just switch off that exterminatorThe Northern Echo2011-10-14
Delightful spin-off comes to a sad endBirmingham Mail2011-10-18
Centre says hello to former Dr WhoThe Northern Echo2011-10-24
Paradise is a little too green for me: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who 1963-2010Colloquy2011-11-01
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BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games Introduces Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO Online GameEntertainment Close-up2012-03-19
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Comic Outpost hosts "Doctor Who" viewing partiesGolden Gate Xpress2012-09-02
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Mystery and sorrow in new season of Doctor WhoThe Fourth Estate2012-09-18
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Big night for Dr Who fans as Timelord's companion makes her 'emotional departure'Western Mail2012-09-29
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New to Who: A Beginners Guide to Doctor WhoRoosevelt Torch2012-11-05
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Sounds inspired by galaxies far, far awayThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2012-12-10
Doctor Who 'inspired by Blackadder' says Matt SmithThe Daily Telegraph2012-12-11
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Who in Rotorua and a promotion? I'm keen!Waikato Times2012-12-17
Just what the Doctor ordered (Scotland on Sunday)Scotland on Sunday2012-12-23
Stamps mark 50 years of Doctor WhoBelfast Telegraph2012-12-26
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Doctor Who writer confirms movieBelfast Telegraph2012-12-27
Author, AuthorThe Guardian2013-01-12
Campus involvement beneficial to studentsThe Daily Vidette2013-01-14
Doctor Who quiz teams look to exterminate rivalsSouth Wales Echo2013-01-24
New Zealand's on the money to mark Doctor Who's half centuryThe Independent
Western Mail
Doctor Who and Race: Reflections on the Change of Britain’s Status in the International SystemThe Round Table2013-02-01
Bernard Horsfall obituaryThe Herald2013-02-02
Doctor Who at 50: BBC announces 3D birthday specialThe Guardian2013-02-12
Doctor Who anniversary show to reunite all 11 Time LordsThe Daily Telegraph2013-02-15
Doctor Who to get 50th anniversary specialThe Augsburg Echo2013-02-15
Doctor Who Convention Gallifrey One Sells Out, as 3,200 Fans Pack the L.A. Airport MarriottLA Weekly2013-02-18
Robots, costumes highlight Geeks’ Night OutThe State Press2013-02-21
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From secret agent to Dr WhoDaily Express2013-02-25
Revenge of the Geeks: Fifty Years of Doctor WhoScreen Education2013-03-01
Nerdy Dancing, Where Pasty Meets PastieThe Wall Street Journal2013-03-05
Who's the best Doctor? Well, it's all relative (obviously...)Kent and Sussex Courier2013-03-15
I've travelled back to the beginning of Time (Lord)Sunday Express2013-03-17
Who's got answers on Time Lord?Evening Times2013-03-23
Back in time: A frank new book about Doctor Who is full of shocking claimsThe Guardian2013-03-23
Doctor Who and the child molesterThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2013-03-26
Sony DADC New Media Solutions and BBC Worldwide Launches Doctor Who with PlayStationHomeEntertainment Close-up2013-03-28
GOOFORDIAN: Vworp…vworp…VWORP! You need a doctorThe Guilfordian2013-03-29
Five minutes with... Jenna-Louise ColemanThe Northern Echo2013-03-30
It's an urban thriller - very James BondThe Mirror2013-03-30
Time files when we're having funThe Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, NSW)2013-03-31
Fan girls for equalityThe State Press2013-04-02
The life and time travels of Dr Who's sexy new assistantThe Mirror2013-04-06
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Flights of FantasyThe Sunday Times (Western Australia)2013-04-21
Reifying the Fan: Inspector Spacetime as Fan PracticePopular Communication2013-04-29
The doctor is in at DePaul: 'Doctor Who' colloquium celebrates 50 years of televisionThe DePaulia2013-05-12
The fans of Britain are coming to St. Louis ParkSt. Louis Park Sun-Sailor2013-05-21
Dr. Who series lovers establish chapter in AltusThe Lawton Constitution2013-05-26
Who's next as Matt calls time?The Northern Echo2013-06-08
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr WhoThe Herald2013-06-10
Father, son build time machine replica from 'Doctor Who'Salisbury Post2013-06-21
Packing out the PromsWestern Mail2013-07-12
Dr. Who box causing a stir in downtown SalemThe Salem News2013-07-13
Lots of pomp, Doctors and the DaleksWestern Mail2013-07-15
Calling for The DoctorDaily Post2013-07-19
As Doctor Who celebrates big 5-0, another era endsToronto Star2013-07-28
RWS fetes Doctor WhoPro Sound News2013-08-01
Sherlock Holmes and the Leap of Faith: The Forces of Fandom and Convergence in Adaptations of the Holmes and Watson StoriesAdaptation2013-08-01
Cardiff Bay Gets A New Dimension...South Wales Echo2013-08-03
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Doctor Blue named as 12th Time LordDaily Express2013-08-05
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Tiene Doctor Who un nuevo rostroReforma2013-08-05
Doctor Who? It's Peter CapaldiThe Australian2013-08-06
And the geek shall inherit the earth..Daily Record
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
I was really hoping for a new female heroThe Daily Telegraph2013-08-07
Revealed: Capaldi's early role in Dr Who fan clubThe Herald2013-08-08
OOuuttoofftthhiisswwoorrlldd!!Daily Post
Evening Gazette
Liverpool Echo
South Wales Echo
Birmingham Mail
Doctor Who will always go onThe Scotsman2013-08-13
Google Street View takes a peek inside the TardisThe Independent2013-08-14
New Doctor may grace NZ's shoresThe Dominion Post (New Zealand)2013-08-19
John Smith and the Common Men: Sounds From The Inferno (Hysterion HYS 001)Record Collector2013-09-01
Club orbits around hit British TV showThe Daily Lobo2013-09-03
British TV InvasionThe Global Times2013-09-09
More than a Companion: "The Doctor's Wife" and Representations of Women in Doctor WhoStudies in Popular Culture2013-09-12
In America, TV writers are no longer made to feel like spare partsThe Guardian2013-09-16
Doctor Who writers among festival drawsEastern Daily Press2013-09-27
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Maybe that's what happens if you touch the Doctor, even for a second: Trauma in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Popular Culture2013-10-23
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A Celebration of Doctor WhoScience Fiction Studies2013-11-01
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Get ready for who's Who in TV spectacleSouth Wales Echo
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Who is bestThe Northern Echo2013-11-09
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Dr. Who Convention Finds Home on Long IslandLong Island Press2013-11-11
I need to see a doctor, and soonErie Times-News2013-11-11
He Doctor is in: 'Dr. Who' 50th anniversary plansThe Seattle Times2013-11-14
How Dr Who was nearly exterminated at birthDaily Mail2013-11-15
The nation’s favourite Doctor finds that his time has comeThe Guardian2013-11-15
More than just a nice guyThe Southland Times2013-11-15
Cometh the day, cometh the DoctorsDaily Post2013-11-16
After 50 years of creaky sets and floppy hair, it's time Doctor Who diedThe Mail on Sunday2013-11-17
Origin movie part of 'Dr. Who' anniversaryCape Cod Times2013-11-17
Goodies idea!Sunday Mercury2013-11-17
Students await the 50th anniversary and return of "Doctor Who"The Mirror (University of Northern Colorado)2013-11-18
The universe awaits ...The Guardian2013-11-19
Doctor Who and my wifeThe Northern Echo2013-11-19
Doctor Two (Daily Record)Daily Record2013-11-19
Doctor Who celebrates 50 yearsThe Jerusalem Post2013-11-20
A time lord in residenceThe Canberra Times2013-11-20
Doctor Who fans are out of this worldWestern Mail2013-11-20
Doctor Who event draws young fansThe Northern Star2013-11-20
British Bites brings a taste of England to PuyallupPuyallup Herald2013-11-20
Sydney NewmanToronto Star
Waterloo Region Record
Guelph Mercury
Adventurous movie lovingly salutes sci-fi underdogSan Francisco Chronicle2013-11-21
Once upon a timeThe Northern Echo2013-11-21
Terrifically TimelessChattanooga Times Free Press2013-11-21
Daleks creator Terry Nation honoured with blue plaqueSouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Promises Star-Studded ReprisesThe Student Life2013-11-22
Dedicated fans keeping the Whoniverse aliveWestern Mail2013-11-22
Doctor writes a prescription for patienceEvening Telegraph2013-11-22
The Writer, the Box and the Time LordChurch of England Newspaper2013-11-22
TV show 'Dr. Who' has large fan base, rich historyThe Guilfordian2013-11-22
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Area fans reflect on BBC's iconic sci-fi seriesThe Gainesville Sun2013-11-22
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Rob still travelling in his TardisThe Northern Echo2013-11-23
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The Day of the Doctor approachesThe Fourth Estate2013-11-23
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a DoctorThe Canberra Times
The Sydney Morning Herald
Sci-fi superfan's shrine to DoctorDaily Post2013-11-23
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50thThe Age2013-11-23
Doctor had plenty of time for companionsThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2013-11-23
BBC resists indulging in Who-haThe Mirror2013-11-24
Doc overdose makes me illThe People2013-11-24
Day of the Doctor dawns for millionsThe Sunday Telegraph (England)2013-11-24
Be transported into the wonderful world of GallifreySunday Tasmanian2013-11-24
Doctor Who fundraiser attracts new generation of nerdsCorvallis Gazette-Times2013-11-24
Sci-Fi, So Good!Birmingham Mail
Sunday Mercury
Doctor Who sets TV recordSouth Wales Echo2013-11-25
Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the worldWestern Mail2013-11-25
Doctor Who comes to the big screen for one night onlyThe Post (Ohio University)2013-11-25
Doctor Who was watched in 94 countries at onceDaily Post2013-11-25
Doctor Who continues to delight after 50 yearsDakota Student2013-11-26
A Short History of Doctor WhoSouth Waikato News2013-11-27
77 millions de téléspectateurs ont vu l’épisode spécial de Doctor WhoLe Journal de Québec2013-11-27
Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rightsBelfast Telegraph2013-11-28
What? How? Where? Decoding 'Dr. Who'The Cleveland Plain Dealer2013-11-29
The Doctor Challenges You!Irish Daily Mail2013-11-30
Peter Capaldi begins his run as The Doctor in this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas specialThe Citizens' Voice2013-11-30
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Fifty Years of Flying Through Time and SpaceThe Outlook (Monmouth University)2013-12-04
The Timelord's Tardis that's now home to a wheelbarrow!Nottingham Post2013-12-04
Doctor Who fanatic Giovanni Antonelli can rattle off the names of all 240 stories from the cult show in 15 breath-taking minutesManchester Evening News2013-12-04
Mixed response to Smith's PsychoPress Association2013-12-13
Old SF, New FX: Exploring the Reception of Replacement Special Effects for Older Episodes of Doctor Who and Star TrekCritical Studies in Television2013-12-13
Matt Smith on saying goodbye to Doctor WhoBournemouth Daily Echo2013-12-14
A good Christmas present for historians, travellers and environmentalists alikeWestern Mail
The Newcastle Journal
Liverpool Post
Time to goDaily Post2013-12-14
Cracking good reads for teensCape Argus2013-12-16
Why I'm calling time on life as a TimelordBelfast Telegraph
Bristol Post
Carmarthen Journal
Liverpool Post
Gloucestershire Echo
Loughborough Echo
Derby Evening Telegraph
Welsh whizzkid's Doctor Who gameSouth Wales Echo2013-12-19
Doctor to host stellar symphonyThe Age2013-12-19
On top of the worldMetro Herald2013-12-20
Smith: I can move on from DoctorPress Association2013-12-22
A Who's Who of Time Lords as image merges 12 faces of DoctorThe Times2013-12-24
Actress lands roles in Dr Who and SherlockThe Bath Chronicle2014-01-02
Books of the weekDaily Record
The Sunday Mail (Scotland)
Becoming Dr. Who - Lake student patterns bedroom door after British TV showThe Repository2014-01-07
It's a whole new world for nervous Doctor Who debutantSouth Wales Echo2014-01-08
The Doctor will see you now, ClaraDaily Record2014-01-08
I'm addicted to repeats, says starThe Mirror2014-01-09
BBC accountant jailed over Doctor Who theftKingston Whig-Standard
The Daily Observer
Orillia Packet and Times
Timmins Press
Lights, camera, action!South Wales Echo
Western Mail
Doctor lines up new fansHerald Sun2014-01-19
Capaldi will be an 'amazing' Doctor, says starSouth Wales Echo2014-01-25
Doctor Who? Queensland Fans Snubbed By Time LordThe Courier Mail2014-01-28
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It's fun tuning in to British TV showsThe Buffalo News2014-02-06
WhoviansBlack & Magenta2014-02-13
Matt's LONG distance callThe Mirror2014-02-14
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Face-To-Face With Doctor Who CreepsThe Dominion Post (New Zealand)2014-02-22
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Tributes as Dynasty star Kate O'Mara dies aged 74Daily Express2014-03-31
A schoolboy scored a coup for his Doctor Who Society when he successfully invited a companion to the Time Lord to give a talk at his schoolHampstead and Highgate Express2014-04-03
Keep calm and join a fandomThe Herald (Arkansas State University)2014-04-03
Monsters and aliens will invade Chippenham town hallWiltshire Gazette and Herald2014-04-04
Frank gets his Doctor's appointmentLiverpool Echo2014-04-06
Doctor Who lands to delight sci-fi loversBarking and Dagenham Post2014-04-09
Easter promises new exciting Doctor Who experiencesSouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Meet London's megafansTime Out London2014-04-15
Sorry, but I just don't get all this Doctor Who-haThe Mail on Sunday2014-04-24
Doctors in the houseThe Courier Mail2014-04-26
Vickie made up to win a BAFTALiverpool Echo2014-05-01
Whovians and Directionares: Challenging the Fangirl IdentityColumbia College (Chicago) thesis2014-05-01
Young Doctor Who fanatic comes face-to-face with his new DalekRedditch Advertiser2014-05-06
Graeme brings stars and fans togetherEvening Gazette2014-05-19
Female time lord? Moffat says he'll know when time is right Female time lordWestern Mail2014-05-27
The Girls Who Waited? Female Companions and Gender in Doctor WhoCritical Studies in Television2014-06-06
Way Out - Of This World! Delia Derbyshire, Doctor Who and the British Public's Awareness of Electronic Music in the 1960sCritical Studies in Television2014-06-06
Fifty Years in the TARDIS: The Historical Moments of Doctor WhoCritical Studies in Television2014-06-06
When Doctor Who Enters Its Own Timeline: The Database Aesthetics and Hyperdiegesis of Multi-Doctor StoriesCritical Studies in Television2014-06-06
The Name's Rimmer, Shane RimmerThe Newport Daily Express2014-06-10
Where in THE WHONIVERSE are the Doctor's pals now?Western Mail2014-06-27
Insufficient evidenceScience Fiction Film and Television2014-07-01
The many Doctors symposiumScience Fiction Film and Television2014-07-01
The year of the DoctorScience Fiction Film and Television2014-07-01
Periodising Doctor WhoScience Fiction Film and Television2014-07-01
Doctor Who scripts leaked onlineThe Sydney Morning Herald2014-07-09
New Doctor's 'A Lot Fiercer'Western Mail2014-07-13
Case Study 2 - Nottinghamshire - Education - Parents' and children's skills boosted by Dr WhoChildren Now2014-07-22
Fan of Doctor Who searches for lost episodes of cult TV classicThe Gazette2014-07-23
Just what the (new) Doctor ordered, a big unveiling...South Wales Echo2014-07-26
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Who's that girl? 18 ways to tell if you're a genuine Doctor Who superfanWestern Mail2014-08-02
Brian Blessed rejected Doctor Who roleThe Independent2014-08-06
Doctor Who series 8 premieres in Cardiff as Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat drop big hintsThe Independent2014-08-07
Thousands line the streets as Doctor Who premiere lands in citySouth Wales Echo
Western Mail
Were you in Dr Who episodes?Daily Post2014-08-12
Dr. Who, con Peter Capaldi y Jenna Coleman, hace parada en MéxicoNotimex2014-08-16
Peaking after 51 years on TV, 'Dr. Who' trots out a new lead actorThe Orange County Register2014-08-19
A new, older Doctor Who is back to scratch your itchThe Gazette2014-08-21
The Doctor will see you now (The Age)The Age2014-08-21
Dr. Who event Saturday, Aug. 30, at Beaches Branch LibraryThe Beaches Leader2014-08-21
Tracking down the Yetis of SnowdonDaily Post2014-08-21
Finally, I'm on board the TardisThe Daily Telegraph2014-08-23
Dr Who event cancelled ... in the nick of timeEvening Gazette2014-08-23
Quirks and outrageThe Canberra Times2014-08-24
Buskirk-Chumley hosts 'Intruders,' 'Doctor Who' premieresIndiana Daily Student2014-08-25
Dover Library Plays Host To Doctor Who FansDover Post2014-08-29
Are we all deluded about Doctor Who?The Daily Telegraph2014-08-30
Fifty Years of Science Fiction TelevisionAdministrative Theory & Praxis2014-09-01
Mystery TARDIS materialises on Red HillThe Canberra Times2014-09-04
How to experience the new Who...South Wales Echo2014-10-18
The Last Word... With Peter Capaldi, Doctor WhoThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)
The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, NSW)
Couple ham it up in their Dr Who-themed weddingThe Canberra Times2014-10-31
It's about time (Newsday)Newsday2014-11-06
Long Island Doctor Who Convention Outgrows VenueLong Island Press2014-11-11
Dr Who got facts wrongDaily Post2014-11-13
The first female Master is as big as Hillary Clinton running for presidentThe Independent2014-11-19
Doctor Who and the Creation of a Non-Gendered Hero ArchetypeIllinois State University thesis2014-12-01
Couple warned of trademark breaches carried on selling St Asaph Lovelight concertDaily Post2014-12-03
Several books aimed at fans of the classic BBC TV show "Doctor Who" are out this holiday seasonThe News & Observer2014-12-07
Musical trip back for Doctor WhoThe West Australian2014-12-10
Steven Moffat on Doctor Who Christmas special: The scariest bits are for the kidsThe Daily Telegraph2014-12-19
Frost puts the chill in Father ChristmasBirmingham Mail2014-12-20
Who's next for musical outingThe Advertiser2014-12-21
Out of this world (The Advertiser)The Advertiser2015-01-10
Doctor Who conquers TV universeLos Angeles Daily News2015-02-10
Meeting of the TribesFilm Journal International2015-04-01
Small Screen to Big ScreenFilm Journal International2015-04-01
It's All a Bit Harry Potter: The Bard, The Doctor and The Cultural TARDIS in Doctor Who: The Shakespeare CodeThe Journal of Popular Culture2015-04-22
Delia Derbyshire : sound and music for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 1962-1973University of York thesis2015-06-01
Where is Jenna Coleman?The Mirror2015-06-05
Sci-fi fans flock town as The Doctor drops byEvening Gazette2015-06-08
It’s the Master! (Step in Time): Hearts of Darkness and Postcolonial Paradoxes in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Popular Culture2015-06-20
Sci-fi fans go back to the future in the big who's whoWestern Morning News2015-07-06
Join the Daleks for sci-fi SundayEvening Chronicle2015-07-14
Dr Who writer: Plan to reform BBC is wretched and wrongThe Herald2015-07-24
Girls in time and space: a feminist analysis of the companions of Doctor Who from 1963-1975Tarleton State University thesis2015-08-01
The Encoding and Decoding of Gendered Heroic Quests in Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Red Dwarf, and TorchwoodIndiana University of Pennsylvania thesis2015-08-01
Belleville artist - is in Who's Who - of Dr. WhoBelleville News-Democrat2015-08-14
Jenna Coleman confirms she's quit Doctor Who as she teases "emotional" goodbye to the TARDISThe Mirror2015-09-27
The Time LoudThe Sunday Mirror2015-09-27
Teacher's warning for selling Dr Who goodsDaily Post2015-10-09
Explicit and Implicit Religion in Doctor Who and Star TrekImplicit Religion2015-10-15
As We See, So We Learn: Doctor Who as Religious EducationImplicit Religion2015-10-15
The Doctor’s Original Face: Watching Doctor Who Episodes as Buddhist KoansImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Into the Arms of Dr Who: Implicit Religion and a Cowboy’s RedemptionImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again: Exploring Faith, Doubt, and the Disciple Journey of a Companion to the DoctorImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Screenwriters as Theologians: Doctor Who’s Scope for Theological ExplorationImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Implicit Religion in Popular Culture: The Case of Doctor WhoImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Doctor Who and Immortality: Influence of Christian and Buddhist EthicsImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Afterword: The Hope of the DoctorImplicit Religion2015-10-15
The Impossible Pit: Satan, Hell, and Teaching with Doctor WhoImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Doctor Who and the Iconographic Search for an Ecstatic Human Religious ExperienceImplicit Religion2015-10-15
Insensitive jet blast scene shocks Doctor Who fansThe Scottish Mail on Sunday2015-11-08
Students are able to sell handmade items through the book storeThe Knox Student2015-12-18
John Cura: Pioneer of the Television ArchiveJournal of British Cinema and Television2016-01-01
The Gendered Culture of Scientific Competence: A Study of Scientist Characters in Doctor Who 1963–2013Sex Roles2016-03-02
Fans celebrate a sci-fi legacy at WhoFest 3The Irving Rambler2016-04-30
Bringing Doctor Who back for the masses: regenerating cult, commodifying classScience Fiction Film and Television2016-06-01
The one you watched when you were twelve: regenerations of Doctor Who and enduring fandom's 'life-transitional objects'Journal of British Cinema and Television2017-04-01
Chasing Dr. WhoThe Lamp (Lincoln Land Community College)2017-05-25
Dalektable (2017)The Sun2017-07-17
Reconstructing the Author for a Wide Audience: Dickens in Doctor Who (2005) and Assassin's Creed (2015)Etudes Britanniques Contemporaines2018-06-01
Watch the Blood-Soaked Old General in Action: Blochian Atheism, Exodus, and Utopia in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2018-06-15
Time Can Be Rewritten:The Doctor, the Book, and the DatabaseThe Journal of Popular Culture2018-09-16
An Enemy Within: The London Underground and Doctor Who's "The Web of Fear"Journal of Popular Film & Television2019-09-01
Essentialism Is Dead! Long Live EssentialismFemspec2020-03-15

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