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Look Who's back! (2020)2020-01-01 Chronicle.jpg
Bonding exercise2020-01-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
Sir Lenny's in the Aston's driving seat as Doctor Who goes all 0072020-01-02 Daily Mail p53.jpg
Doctor Who Gender off the agenda at last2020-01-02 Daily Mail.jpg
Scarcely human megalomaniacs ... it's hard not to see this as an allegory2020-01-02 Guardian.jpg
Fans give Jodie the heave Who2020-01-03 Sun.jpg
New Master's pride2020-01-04 Chronicle.jpg
The monsters in Doctor Who were much less complex2020-01-05 Sunday Times.jpg
Masterful shock rocks the Doc!2020-01-06 Daily Star.jpg
Dhawan's adventures in space and time2020-01-10 Eastern Eye.jpg
Jodie Is Doctor Woo-Hoo!2020-01-10 Sun.jpg
Worried that Doctor Who has become too politically correct?2020-01-12 Sunday Times.jpg
Bore Off Doc2020-01-14 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Few As Viewers Halve2020-01-14 Sun.jpg
That's my type of art!2020-01-16 Daily Mail.jpg
Sparks fly in power battle2020-01-17 Daily Star.jpg
25 Most-Watched Shows of the 2010s2020-01-17 Metro.jpg
Dr Who is turning into a PC Dr Woke2020-01-18 Daily Star.jpg
Don't turn your back, don't look away and don't blink2020-01-20 TV Guide.jpg
Doctor Who cares? Worst viewing figures in 34 years2020-01-23 Metro.jpg
Dr Woo Hoo!2020-01-27 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor True!2020-01-28 Daily Star.jpg
The Must List (2020)2020-02-01 Entertainment Weekly.jpg
Cyber Sunday!2020-02-05 Daily Star p27.jpg
Just Who on Earth's watching this tosh?2020-02-05 Daily Star p20.jpg
Doctor to face a whole new Cybermenace2020-02-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who loves its Nazi storylines but where are the Jews?2020-02-21 J.jpg
This is going to hurt2020-02-29 Radio Times p61.jpg
Who Knows Who? Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor) & Mandip Gill (Yaz)2020-02-29 Radio Times p10-11.jpg
Who Knows Who - Bradley Walsh (Graham) & Tosin Cole (Ryan)2020-02-29 Radio Times p12-13 - Copy.jpg
Meeting the Master2020-02-29 Radio Times p15.jpg
Is it wrong to enjoy outdated, unwoke TV shows? No. Don't write off the culture of the past — context is key2020-03-15 Sunday Times Magazine.jpg
Dr Who writer sets the TARDIS to defend Beeb2020-05-15 Evening Standard.jpg
How we helped rescue a missing classic2020-08-01 Radio Times.jpg
Troughton reanimated2020-09-01 ProSound News.jpg
Is time travel possible?2020-10-01 Science and Nature.jpg
The Doctor & Daleks2020-10-03 Radio Times.jpg
Dominant Narratives and Historical Perspective in Time Travel Stories: A Case Study of Doctor Who2020-10-09
The Daleks are back for a Christmas extravaganza2020-11-28 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
Howl at the Moon2020-12-01 New Moon Girls.jpg
Hope it's not a scarf!2020-12-19 Radio Times.jpg
Destroy the Daleks!2020-12-19 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
Together at Christmas2020-12-19 TV Times.jpg
Exterminate, exterminate!2020-12-19 We Love TV.jpg
Jeremy Bulloch, 1945-20202020-12-19 Wichita Eagle.jpg
Baby, it's cold outside2020-12-20 Sunday Times Culture.jpg
Captain Jack is Back (2020)2020-12-21 TV Guide.jpg
Jack what the Doctor ordered2020-12-26 Telegraph.pdf
Boy, 8, gets Tardis bedroom surprise2020-12-27 Sunday Times.jpg
Look Who's back for one big blast2021-01-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
Evil shakers!2021-01-01 Daily Star p6.jpg
Who's Dalek return2021-01-01 Daily Star p15.jpg
There's lots of stuff in tonight's Doctor Who2021-01-01 Daily Star p29.jpg
John Bishop ... Doctor ordered my dream role2021-01-02 Daily Express.jpg
Jenna's a glamorous predator... but is she scarier than Daleks at No 10?2021-01-02 Daily Mail.jpg
Who'll never walk alone2021-01-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Comic John joins Jodie for TARDIS adventures2021-01-02 Daily Star.jpg
Rejohnerate!2021-01-02 Sun.jpg
Revolution of the Daleks marked the return of the "most evil killing machine in the universe"2021-01-03 Sunday Times Culture.jpg
Jodie Quittaker ... Doctor Who star says it is time to leave the Tardis2021-01-04 Daily Express p3.jpg
Doctor through2021-01-04 Daily Record.jpg
Who Is Next In Tardis, Jodie?2021-01-04 Daily Star.jpg
Jodie to Quit as Dr Who2021-01-04 Sun.jpg
Jodie's off... so Who will replace her?2021-01-05 Daily Mail.jpg
Just what Holby doc ordered: Jo as Who2021-01-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's Next? (Metro)2021-01-05 Metro.jpg
The planets must be in alignment2021-01-05 Sun.jpg
Tucker's Luck2021-01-10 Best of British.pdf
Downing St Dangers2021-01-16 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who clothes deal for firm with Yentob links2021-01-26 Daily Mail.jpg
Adelantadas a su tiempo y sin reconocimiento2021-02-05 Verdad.jpg
What a Year It's Been2021-02-06 Radio Times.jpg
Line of data: TV crunches the numbers2021-05-09 Sunday Times.jpg
Heroines of electronica2021-05-15 Financial Times.jpg
Delia Who?2021-05-15 Radio Times.jpg
Honoring 'The Doctor'2021-06-09 Alexandria Daily Town Talk.pdf
Get with the (TV) programme2021-06-18 TES.jpg
Plunge Right In2021-06-20 Times.jpg
Who is 1st gay Doctor? ... Olly!2021-06-27 Sun.jpg
Jackie Lane2021-06-28 Times.jpg
Damaris Hayman2021-07-05 Times.jpg
Exterminate this dismal Doctor Who2021-08-01 Sunday Times.jpg
A Life in the Day: Jodie Whittaker2021-09-05 Sunday Times Magazine.jpg
She's not saying goodbye yet2021-09-13 TV Guide.jpg
It was a total blast2021-09-18 Radio Times.jpg
John Challis2021-09-20 Times.jpg
Tony Selby2021-09-21 Times.jpg
Time's up for Jodie2021-10-30 Daily Record.jpg
Casting Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor was a groundbreaking and largely successful move2021-10-30 Guardian.jpg
Outgoing star Jodie Whittaker has had a bumpy old time of it in the Tardis these past few years2021-10-30 Radio Times p57.jpg
Getting the Job was a Godsend2021-10-30 Radio Times p12-13.jpg
Space Force2021-10-30 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
I cried my eyes out!2021-10-30 TV Times p4-5.jpg
Looking for something scary for Halloween?2021-10-30 TV Times p44.jpg
Have your say -- who is the best of the new Doctors?2021-10-31 Sunday Times.jpg
Look Who's Back (SFX)2021-11-01 SFX.jpg
Half-Time Lord2021-11-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
We now know what the "flux" is2021-11-06 Radio Times.jpg
Fantasy figure2021-11-06 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
The Sontarans are back2021-11-06 TV Times.jpg
It is Jodie Whittaker's last time in charge of the Tardis2021-11-07 Sunday Times.jpg
Clifford Rose2021-11-11 Times.jpg
Who's still a mystery to me2021-11-13 Radio Times p37.jpg
So breathless and bombastic were episodes one and two2021-11-13 Radio Times p48.jpg
Risky business2021-11-13 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
The terrifying Cybermen are back2021-11-13 TV Times.jpg
The latest Doctor Who shows lost their way2021-11-16 Daily Star.jpg
What kind of audience is Doctor Who hoping to attract these days?2021-11-20 Radio Times.jpg
Henry Woolf2021-11-24 Times.jpg
Past, presents and future2021-11-27 Radio Times.jpg
Tears of terror2021-11-27 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
Karvanista makes an appearance2021-11-27 TV Times.jpg
How will the Doctor save the universe?2021-12-04 TV Times.jpg
Creating a Monster2021-12-04 Radio Times p26-27.jpg
At least the monsters can be relied upon to provide a distraction2021-12-04 Radio Times p58.jpg
Streaming now2021-12-18 Radio Times.jpg
They've survived the Flux2022-01-01 TV Times.jpg
Not even on 31 in December do the Daleks put plans to enslave the universe to one side2022-01-01 Radio Times p46.jpg
Who Goes There? (2022)2022-01-01 Radio Times p26.jpg
New Year, New Fear2022-01-01 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
Walter Scott Asks ... David Tennant2022-01-02 Parade US.jpg
A Life in the Day2022-02-06 Sunday Times Magazine.jpg
Beryl Vertue2022-02-16 Times.jpg
She changed television for ever2022-02-26 Radio Times.jpg
Who's Next? (Yours Retro)2022-03-01 Yours Retro.pdf
Hugh's Who2022-03-20 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Jenny - Still Running: The Doctor's Daughter, Series 22022-04-01 Audiofile.jpg
June Brown2022-04-05 Times.jpg
Jodie's Doctor to come clean about crush on female chum2022-04-12 Daily Mail.jpg
A Swashbuckling Swansong2022-04-16 Radio Times p8.pdf
It has been 38 years since the Doctor last encountered the amphibious Sea Devils2022-04-16 Radio Times p57.jpg
Treasure and terror2022-04-16 TV & Satellite Week.pdf
Speak of the Devils!2022-04-16 TV Times p11.jpg
Prepare to have your swashes buckled and your timbers shivered2022-04-16 TV Times p44.jpg
Who's Who of Doctor Who2022-04-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who goes there? (Leicester Mercury)2022-04-23 Leicester Mercury.jpg
Doctor woo-hoo... Ncuti ecstatic to be 14th Time Lord2022-05-09 Daily Express.jpg
Time to change history (again) ... it's the new face of Dr Who2022-05-09 Daily Mail.jpg
Ncuti's time travel..from Rwanda to Scotland to the Tardis2022-05-09 Daily Mirror.jpg
New Doctor revealed2022-05-09 Leicester Mercury.jpg
Sexterminate! (2022)2022-05-09 Sun.jpg
Doctor New (2022)2022-05-09 Daily Star.jpg
How I survived 50 years in showbusiness2022-06-26 Sunday Times.jpg
An African Dr Who2022-07-01 & 08 New African.jpg
Newman's Week2022-07-23 Sunday Times.jpg
The double life of Doctor Who2022-09-22 Yours Retro.pdf
If woke is an insult that's quite dangerous2022-10-02 Sunday Times.jpg
Dynamic presence2022-10-10 Time.jpg
Jodie Whittaker's Best Episodes2022-10-15 Radio Times.jpg
The Doctor's Out!2022-10-22 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
The Time of My Life...2022-10-22 Radio Times p32.pdf
Classic Doctor Who2022-10-22 Radio Times p47.jpg
It obviously takes someone as devious as the Master to work in the BBC press office2022-10-22 Radio Times p64.jpg
A distress call from an intergalactic bullet train2022-10-22 TV Times p44.jpg
Time Out!2022-10-22 TV Times p8-9.jpg
Jodie Whittaker bids farewell to the TARDIS2022-11-01 Empire.jpg
Doctor on Call (Radio Times)2022-11-05 Radio Times p7.jpg
Boney Master2022-11-05 Radio Times p150.jpg
Chris Boucher2022-12-20 Times.jpg
I was fortunate enough to work with Chris Boucher2022-12-30 Times.jpg
New Year Drama Preview2023-01-07 TV & Satellite Week.jpg