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Peter Jeffrey obituary2000-01-06 Stage.jpg
Master of Time2000-01-25 Starlog 272.pdf
Donald Cotton2000-01-28 National Post.jpg
Kenneth Waller2000-02-02 Times.jpg
Hooked on time travel: Whodunit2000-02-04 Age.jpg
Dr Who police box makes comeback2000-02-13 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Kenneth Waller obituary2000-02-17 Stage.jpg
Reginald Jessup obituary2000-02-24 Stage.jpg
Peter Davison: The At Home with the Braithwaites star2000-02-29 Bella.pdf
Ear Candy2000-03-02 Starlog 273.pdf
Look Who is set to revamp the Doctor2000-03-16 Manchester Evening News.jpg
Who's not going to New Zealand2000-03-16 Stage.jpg
Learning how to be a sophisticated spook2000-03-22 Gorey Guardian.jpg
Doctor Who return2000-03-23 Stage.jpg
An open letter to WQED2000-03-24 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
Look Who's back (The New Zealand Herald)2000-04-06 New Zealand Herald.jpg
F — you're fedorable2000-04-15 Telegraph.jpg
Remembering Jon Pertwee's Magic moments2000-05-11 Stage.jpg
No doctors but plenty of teachers in Tardis2000-05-12
Coming soon .. invasion of the aliens2000-05-23 Evening News.jpg
I Thought You Were Dead2000-06-01 Uncut.jpg
About time, too2000-06-14 Guardian.jpg
Hilary Minster obituary2000-06-22 Stage.jpg
Aubrey Richards obituary2000-06-29 Stage.jpg
Double your money2000-07-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
Mum's phobia hell2000-07-06 Daily Star.pdf
How the Daleks have made my life a misery2000-07-06 Daily Express.jpg
Exhibition throws light on dark side2000-07-15
David Neal obituary2000-08-10 Stage.jpg
Look Who's coming to visit2000-08-18 Metro.jpg
Freeware from IndiVideo2000-09-04 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
V Shop2000-09-05 National Post.jpg
25 years on, Basil Fawlty's antics cannot be surpassed2000-09-06 Daily Telegraph.jpg
The Doctor Is In (Cedar Rapids Gazette)2000-09-06 Cedar Rapids Gazette.pdf
Doctor Sceptic2000-09-07 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Colouring in Doctor Who2000-09-19
United They Fall2000-09-23 Spectator.pdf
Lawrence Davidson obituary2000-10-26 Stage.jpg
Sci-fi fans find plenty of the otherworldly2000-11-14 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Daphne Dare obituary2000-11-16 Stage.jpg
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death2000-11-24 Entertainment Weekly.jpg
Dyke calls up Daleks to take on Hollywood2000-11-26 Sunday Times.jpg
An Entrance To the World Of 'Doctor Who'2000-12-02 Washington Post.pdf
Spearhead from Space2000-12-13
A new library display about Who?2000-12-14 Ingenium.jpg
Science Vision: MSOE exhibit honors 'Dr. Who'2000-12-26 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.pdf
Who's that girl? (2000)2000-12-27
Robert Robertson2001-01-25 Stage.jpg
Who's meeting, is it?2001-02-01 Des Moines Register.jpg
Date with the Doctor2001-02-17
Rare Dalek for sale, one Doctor owner--you know Who2001-02-22 Bournemouth Advertiser.jpg
At home with a Dalek2001-02-22 Daily Echo.jpg
Lecture unveils whats, whys of 'Dr. Who'2001-03-05 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.jpg
Norman Mitchell2001-04-28 Times.jpg
Dr Who star says it's time to travel2001-05-06
Douglas Adams obituary (The Times)2001-05-14 Times.jpg
A journey of understanding2001-05-16 Financial Times.jpg
Jack Watling obituary2001-05-24 Times.jpg
British artist flies the flag of controversy at Biennale2001-06-07 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Timelord, hear our prayer2001-06-07 Stage.jpg
Hear this: Doctor Who makes a Web call2001-06-25 Informationweek.jpg
Who will play 'Who' role?2001-06-26 Daily Oklahoman.jpg
Dr. Who: City of Death2001-07-01 Gay Times.jpg
Delia Derbyshire: Pioneer of electronic music who produced the distinctive sound of Dr Who2001-07-07 Guardian.jpg
It's a miracle2001-07-07 TV Choice.jpg
Who'd be an online star?2001-07-19
Dr Who makes comeback online2001-07-20 Irish Times.jpg
Delia Derbyshire2001-07-23 Times.jpg
Dr. Who saves the day2001-07-25 Park Record.jpg
Delia Derbyshire (The Stage)2001-07-26 Stage.jpg
Playing "Doctor"2001-07-27 Entertainment Weekly.jpg
Douglas Adams obituary2001-08-01 Science Fiction Chronicle.pdf
Lost treasures2001-08-02 Stage.jpg
Dr Who tops the lot as a timeless classic2001-08-07 Daily Express.jpg
Cult TV still works its magic2001-08-08 Evening Herald.jpg
Caught by Dr Who2001-08-09 Daily Mail.jpg
Doctor Who brings thief down to earth2001-08-09 Daily Express.jpg
Camcorder thief foiled by return of Dr Who2001-08-09 Times.jpg
Dr. Who, racing fans catch action online2001-08-14 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Former Dr Who blasts BBC for blocking revival2001-08-24 Evening Standard.jpg
A who's who of TV2001-09-01 Radio Times.jpg
Whitechapel Art Gallery2001-09-01 Artforum International.jpg
Tardis to make a return2001-09-08 Daily Express.jpg
Science fiction fans flock to Philadelphia2001-09-13 Central New Jersey Home News.jpg
TV20012001-09-27 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Who Park Turned Into Nature Reserve2001-10-04
The battle is on to find TV's meanest bad guy, girl (or Dalek)2001-10-13 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who phenomenon spreads2001-10-15 Dimensions.jpg
Bad to the bone2001-10-27 Whats on TV.jpg
This eccentric BBC TV sci-fi series2001-11-01 Sound and Vision.jpg
Meet the new Doctor Who!2001-11-06 Bella.jpg
Dr Who Is Dead Funny2001-11-09 Daily Star.jpg
Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001)2001-11-15 Computer Music Journal.jpg
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse dies2001-11-24 Daily Telegraph p1.jpg
Mary Whitehouse2001-11-24 Daily Telegraph p27.jpg
Mary the tireless TV protester dies age 912001-11-24 Daily Express.jpg
Mary Whitehouse obituary2001-11-24 Times p29.jpg
Why there really was something about Mary2001-11-24 Times p3.jpg
Negative images2001-12-03 New Statesman.pdf
Covering up the naughty bits2001-12-05 Financial Times.jpg
Time And Relative, by Kim Newman2001-12-09 Sunday Express.jpg
Profitable dot-com having record year2001-12-10 Morning Call.jpg
Doctor Who: Master Tin Set2001-12-12
Edward Evans obituary2002-01-12 Times.jpg
Just what the Doctor ordered (New Scientist)2002-01-19 New Scientist.jpg
Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) isn't really2002-02-01 Science Fiction Chronicle.jpg
Fantasy Teachers: Ian Chesterton2002-02-15 TES.jpg
Who'd have believed it?2002-02-23 Guardian.jpg
Doctor Doddy?2002-02-27
By Jove! Doddy's in Line for Dr Who2002-02-28 Daily Star.jpg
Music for Dr Who2002-03-01 American Record Guide.jpg
Who's that Doctor? (Chicago Reader)2002-03-08 Chicago Reader.jpg
Dr Who Takes Fans Back In Time2002-04-01
Dr. Who fans plan auction of sci-fi items2002-04-02 Wausau Daily Herald.jpg
Donald Wilson obituary2002-04-25 Times.jpg
Peter's TV baby saga comes true2002-04-30 Daily Star.jpg
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the show2002-05-07 Daily Telegraph.jpg
John Nathan-Turner2002-05-07 Times.jpg
New galaxies opened for fans2002-05-07 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.jpg
John Nathan-Turner obituary2002-05-11 Guardian.jpg
Beeb honours Doctors Who2002-05-20
Bernard Wilkie obituary2002-06-03 Guardian.jpg
Sci-Fi Boss Who Nursed The Doctor2002-06-03
Dr Who was the best job but I wish I'd been a comedian instead2002-06-05 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor's back and it's Chris Who-dunnit2002-07-01
The Dr. Who Collection2002-07-01 Video Watchdog.pdf
Sherlock Holmes Meets Dr Who2002-07-01 Musical Opinion.jpg
Return of Dr Who2002-07-02 Daily Express.jpg
BBC Takes 'Doctor Who' Online for Six-Week-Long Series2002-07-04 New Media Age.jpg
Gerald Campion2002-07-11 Times.jpg
Gerald Campion (Sunday Independent)2002-07-21 Sunday Independent.jpg
Gerald Campion (The Stage)2002-07-25 Stage.jpg
Doctor Who Collector's Edition2002-08-01 Film Review.jpg
Carmen Silvera obituary2002-08-05 Times.jpg
Carmen Silvera2002-08-19 Variety.jpg
Beeb boxes clever to win Doc's Tardis2002-09-04 Daily Express.jpg
Mad for it2002-09-15 Room.jpg
What the Doctor ordered2002-10-17 Stage.jpg
Dr Who's timely victory over the Met2002-10-23 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who dares... and wins in the battle of Tardis2002-10-23 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who boxes clever2002-10-23 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who defeats the Met in battle for Tardis2002-10-23 Times.jpg
Denys Fisher obituary2002-10-26 Times.jpg
Tis the Season to be Shopping2002-11-01 Astronomy.jpg
Radio pioneer led the way for West Indians2002-11-13 Daily Express.jpg
The Doctor beats time to lead the heroes of science fiction2002-12-28 Times.jpg
Dr Who Named Lord Of The Sci-Fi Heroes2002-12-28
Dr. Who's on first in sci-fi poll2003-01-02 Anniston Star.jpg
Daphne Oram obituary2003-01-24 Times.jpg
Doctor Who Episode XIV the Faction Paradox2003-02-01 Modern Fix.jpg
Laying the track for a new sound2003-02-13 Daily Express.jpg
What a sci-fi guy2003-02-14
Daleks mark 40 years of exterminating2003-02-21 Evening Standard.jpg
Search for footage travels back in time2003-02-28
A hard knock life2003-03-06 Stage.jpg
Doctor Matrix2003-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsession2003-04-02
Digital destiny2003-04-10 Stage.jpg
Dalek jobs exterminated at the BBC due to lack of cash2003-04-10 Evening Standard.jpg
Death of the Daleks2003-04-11 Daily Express.jpg
Exterminate, exterminate! BBC kills off its Daleks workshop2003-04-11 Times.jpg
BBC Director-General Greg Dyke is facing a staff rebellion2003-04-24 Daily Express.jpg
Dalek Day2003-05-02 Evening Standard.jpg
Look who's TV favourite2003-05-13 Daily Express.jpg
I miss Doctor Who2003-06-01 Metro Magazine.jpg
Big day for Time Lords2003-06-10 Edinburgh Evening News.pdf
Dr. Who And The Daleks In Antioch2003-06-13 Northwest Herald.jpg
Exterminate! (2003)2003-06-14 New Scientist.jpg
Doctor makes peace with Daleks for convention2003-06-23
Do not exterminate2003-06-27 Pink Paper.jpg
Shane set for Dr role2003-06-29 Sunday Express.jpg
Armageddon Now2003-07-10 London Review of Books.jpg
Who goes there? (2003)2003-07-19 Radio Times p10.jpg
Cult hits grow Web roots2003-07-26 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Timeless lord2003-07-31
What and when plague Dr Who's return2003-08-09
Back to the future2003-08-11 New Statesman.pdf
Who's on the web2003-08-14 Guardian.jpg
Look Who's Back2003-08-25
Post-ironically, I failed2003-09-01 New Statesman.jpg
Fact fudging2003-09-02 Daily Express.jpg
The Doctor is in (The Age)2003-09-06 Age.jpg
About time2003-09-18
Peter Russell2003-09-25 Stage.jpg
Doctor Who ready to come out of the Tardis for Saturday TV series2003-09-26 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Cult Favorite 'Doctor Who' Coming Back2003-09-27 Sarasota Herald-Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who will survive2003-09-27 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Time to return?2003-09-27 Radio Times.jpg
The time's right for a new Who2003-09-27 Daily Star.jpg
Should Dr Who be reincarnated as a Time Lady?2003-09-28 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Exterminate Alistair Campbell2003-09-28 Sunday Times.jpg
BBC back to cult favorite 'Doctor Who'2003-09-29 Hollywood Reporter.pdf
Time for a Timelady in Tardis says ex-Dr Who2003-09-29 Daily Star.jpg
BBC tuning up time machine for 'Dr. Who'2003-09-30 Hollywood Reporter.jpg
Doctor Who? (Antiques and Collectables)2003-10-01 Antiques and Collectables.pdf
Eddie's time for Dr Who2003-10-02 Daily Star.jpg
Eddie to be Dr Who?2003-10-03 Daily Express.jpg
Who is the best Doctor2003-10-03 Daily Star.jpg
Eddie is set to be Dr. Who2003-10-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
Guess Who's coming to town2003-10-04 Des Moines Register.pdf
A camp transvestite doctor would breathe some new life into this ancient programme2003-10-04 Daily Star.jpg
New Dr Who located on planet of the character actors2003-10-05 Sunday Times.jpg
Welcome back, Dr Who2003-10-07 Financial Times.jpg
There's a Doctor in the house ...2003-10-08 Woolwich News Shopper.jpg
Who's the Doctor?2003-10-11 Radio Times p7.jpg
The Tardis is winging its way back, but who'll be at the controls?2003-10-11 Radio Times p13.jpg
Bookies Close Betting As The Smart Money Goes On Alan Davies To Be The New Doctor2003-10-12
The Good Bad and the Ugly2003-10-17 Daily Star.jpg
Why it must be the Dawn of new era for Dr Who...2003-10-19 Sunday Life.jpg
The 14-year wait could soon be over for Doctor Who fans2003-11-01 Televisual.jpg
Who's Who? (Gay Times)2003-11-01 Gay Times.jpg
Who's who of Dr Who2003-11-08 Daily Express.jpg
Richard E Grant's emergence as the ninth Doctor Who - albeit in cartoon form - will also herald the character's full regeneration on television2003-11-09
Doctor Who takes over in cyberspace2003-11-13 Times.jpg
Doctor Who: The Tenth Coming2003-11-16 Independent.jpg
Who goes there (2003)2003-11-17 Western Australian.pdf
Preparing the way for the 10th coming of Doctor Who2003-11-18
News delays Dr Who2003-11-19 News Shopper.jpg
Un-ex-ter-min-ate... the return of Dr Who2003-11-21 Times.pdf
Who's Who In Dr Who2003-11-22
The Whos' Who's Who2003-11-22 Radio Times p14.jpg
The RT Files2003-11-22 Radio Times pS5.pdf
Can't wait for the TV series?2003-11-22 Radio Times pS6a.jpg
Sounds out of this world2003-11-22 Radio Times pS6b.jpg
Lost tapes turn up2003-11-22 Radio Times pS6c.jpg
Who do you do?2003-11-22 Radio Times pS6d.jpg
Captured in time2003-11-22 Radio Times pS8.pdf
Docs on the box2003-11-22 Radio Times pS14a.jpg
Taking the plunger2003-11-22 Radio Times pS14b.jpg
All New Who2003-11-22 Radio Times pS2.pdf
Tom Baker on ...2003-11-22 Radio Times pS2a.jpg
My favourite Doctor2003-11-22 Radio Times pS4.jpg
The Regeneration Game (2003)2003-11-22 TV and Satellite Week.jpg
Happy Birthday, Timelord2003-11-22 TV Times.jpg
Who was the real me-and how, says Tom Baker2003-11-23 Sunday Express.jpg
Masters Of The Whoniverse2003-11-24
A Doctor Who Refuses To Be Exterminated2003-11-24
Cyberfans Demand Daleks Time-Travel Back To 20032003-11-25
The cult of Frisbie2003-11-26 Cityview.jpg
A stitch in time2003-11-27 Austin American-Statesman.jpg
Bill Strutton obituary2003-12-04 Times.jpg
Doctor Who plays it straight2003-12-06 TV Times.jpg
The ratings war2003-12-15 New Statesman.pdf
Gordon Reid2003-12-15 Times.jpg
The Story of Doctor Who2003-12-20 Radio Times p16-17.jpg
You will obey!2003-12-20 Radio Times p170.jpg
Alfred Lynch obituary2003-12-20 Times.jpg
What Britain's Top TV Critic Watched Last Night2003-12-31 Daily Express.jpg
The Story of Dr Who2003-12-31 Guardian.jpg
Basement tapes2004-01-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
Brian McDermott2004-01-03 Stage.jpg
Bill Strutton obituary (The Stage)2004-01-08 Stage.jpg
Alfred Lynch2004-01-15 Stage.jpg
Former Dr Who Peter Davison has found himself a new generation of fans2004-01-20 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who Fans To Go Back In Time As Long-Lost Episode Found2004-01-25
Spooky TV2004-01-31 Radio Times p16.jpg
Ain't it grand2004-02-12 Daily Variety.jpg
Look who's given up the wild times2004-02-22 Sunday Express.jpg
Thinking Inside the Box2004-02-24 St. Louis Post-Dispatch.jpg
Russell Hunter obituary2004-03-01 Times.jpg
Drop the dead Daleks, it's Dr Who the sex machine2004-03-07 Sunday Times.jpg
Who's a Dirty Doctor2004-03-08 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who Is Really Taking Off2004-03-13 Radio Times.jpg
The saviours of the BBC... Bruce, Cilla and Dr Who!2004-03-17 Daily Express.jpg
Eccleston's £1m Deal To Step Into Tardis2004-03-20
So guess who's the new Dr Who2004-03-20 Daily Express.jpg
New Dr Who is a Cracker2004-03-20 Daily Mail.jpg
Shakespeare actor Eccleston reincarnated as Doctor Who2004-03-20 Guardian.jpg
Cracker Chris is the new Dr Who2004-03-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
The star taking Dr Who to a new dimension2004-03-20 Daily Telegraph.jpg
BBC names actor to play ninth Dr Who2004-03-20 Times.jpg
New Dr Who on the way2004-03-20 Irish Independent.jpg
The news about the Beeb's revival of Doctor Who2004-03-23 Daily Mirror.jpg
Look Who's In Line For Top Actor Award2004-03-23 Yorkshire Evening Post.jpg
New Who Not Up To The Test2004-03-27 Daily Star.jpg
Return Of The Daleks .. Without The Sink Plungers2004-03-30 Daily Star.jpg
Who in Toon2004-04-01 Cinefantastique.pdf
Bill Strutton2004-04-01 Science Fiction Chronicle.jpg
Return of the Tardis2004-04-02 Pink Paper.jpg
Time for a change of image as Dr Who exterminates his scarf2004-04-02 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Chris, That's Who...2004-04-03 TV Times.jpg
England Looks to the Future: The Cultural Forum Model and "Doctor Who"2004-04-07
Who'll be Doctor's Girl?2004-04-24 Daily Express.jpg
Inner pain of the new Doctor Who2004-04-29 Times.jpg
Ninth life2004-04-29 Times p25.jpg
A step-up for Daleks2004-04-30 Daily Star.jpg
Is Doctor Who Political?2004-05-01
Martian Arts2004-05-01 Gay Times.jpg
Ex-tor-tion-ate!2004-05-04 Daily Express.jpg
Guess Who's on Xmas TV2004-05-05 Daily Star.jpg
Time Lord of the manor2004-05-08 Radio Times.jpg
BBC timelord setting course for academia2004-05-09
The Master, arch-enemy of Doctor Who2004-05-10 Independent.jpg
Anthony Ainley obituary2004-05-15 Guardian.jpg
One for all and all for one2004-05-20 Stage.jpg
Becks to do battle with the timelord2004-05-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who and the teenage pop star2004-05-25 Daily Express.jpg
Just Who the Doctor ordered ...2004-05-25 Metro.jpg
Billie's on board Tardis as Doctor's sidekick2004-05-25 Western Mail.jpg
Billie Piper is 'dynamic' new Dr Who assistant2004-05-25 Irish Independent.jpg
My brilliant Billie is a great star reborn2004-05-30 Sunday Express.jpg
Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors2004-06-01 Chronicle.jpg
Dr Who wins libel case on 'violence' remark2004-06-30 Irish Independent.jpg
Doctor still causing a Who-ha2004-07-02 THES.jpg
Exterminated! (The Sun)2004-07-02 Sun.jpg
Daleks snub sparks demo2004-07-03 Daily Star.jpg
Daleks silenced2004-07-03 Times.jpg
Dalek Attacks Beeb2004-07-06 Sun.jpg
Look Who's Back (Daily Mirror)2004-07-22 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's That Girl? (Daily Star)2004-07-22 Daily Star.jpg
Dalek's Boo-Who2004-07-23 Sun.jpg
The return of the Tardis2004-07-23 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who time machine back2004-07-23 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who's world of leather2004-07-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's there2004-07-28 Daily Star.jpg
Three reasons why the Daleks didn't get Blair2004-07-28 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Who Next?2004-07-30 Sun.jpg
From Gladiator to Gallifrey2004-08-01 Televisual.jpg
Where's the Tardis when you need it?2004-08-01 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Terror cops' Who-ha2004-08-02 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who still will do battle with Daleks2004-08-04 Hour.jpg
Exterminate the Daleks? You must be joking2004-08-05 Times.jpg
All Resistance Has Been Exterminated!2004-08-05 Sun censored.jpg
Daleks are saved from extermination2004-08-05 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Daleks fight on in Dr Who2004-08-05 Daily Express.jpg
The Daleks roll back with a vengeance2004-08-05 Daily Mail.jpg
Re-birth of the Daleks2004-08-05 Daily Star.jpg
Daleks to roll again after all2004-08-05 Western Mail.jpg
Beeb u-turn rescues exterminated Daleks2004-08-05 Irish Independent.jpg
Revenge of the Daleks2004-08-05 Evening Standard.jpg
Daleks back to ex-ter-min-ate2004-08-06 Australian.jpg
Anatomy of the Daleks2004-08-06 Times.jpg
Dalektable bosses2004-08-06 Financial Times.jpg
A new Dr Who but Daleks are still the best actors2004-08-06 Evening Standard.jpg
Worst thing we ever did-- giving them legs2004-08-09 Sun comic.jpg
Daleks to have da-legs2004-08-09 Sun.jpg
Dalek star is back2004-08-10 Daily Express.jpg
I ... was ... a ... Dalek2004-08-10 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Resurrection of the Tory Daleks2004-08-12 Times.jpg
The OK! Celebrity Charts2004-08-16 Daily Express.jpg
I thought it would be nice to bury the hatchet2004-09-01 Times.jpg
Timeframes2004-09-02 Evening Standard.jpg
Frederick Jaeger obituary2004-09-08 Guardian.jpg
New Doctor Gets Battered, Sexy Look2004-09-11 TV Times.jpg
The Name Game2004-09-13 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's coming to Glenbogle2004-09-18 Radio Times.pdf
Past masters2004-09-18 Radio Times p3.jpg
Tardis legend Tom has never heard of new star Eccleston2004-09-21 Sun.jpg
Dressed to kill, the new Doctor Who2004-09-22 Daily Express.jpg
Billie in the bad ol' days2004-09-22 Daily Star.jpg
Ex-Doctor Who Baker 'may return as villain'2004-09-22 Western Mail.jpg
Exterminated (2004)2004-09-23 Sun.jpg
You're seeing Who?2004-09-26 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Dr Who brings a tonic to the Glen2004-09-26 Sunday Express p65.jpg
Admit it, Billie there's something going on with you and Dr Who2004-09-27 Sun.jpg
UK's Top Cult TV Boffins2004-10-01 Journal of Community Nursing.jpg
Secret love of new Dr Who star2004-10-05 Daily Mail.jpg
Quick, get behind the sofa... here come the flying Daleks2004-10-30 Daily Express.jpg
Watch skies for Daleks2004-10-30 Western Mail.jpg
Levitate..Exterminate2004-10-30 Daily Mirror.jpg
Police were alerted yesterday after Daleks were involved in a shoot-out with armed guards2004-11-02 Western Mail.jpg
Doctored Who2004-11-03 Sun.jpg
Sitting pretty2004-11-07 Observer.jpg
Now Look Who's Holding Hands...2004-11-10 Daily Star.jpg
Billie and Chris MkII2004-11-10 Sun.jpg
Look Who's Walking...2004-11-10 Metro.jpg
Who's Next! Billie and Chris pose for cameras2004-11-10 South Wales Echo.jpg
Hand in hand: Billie and the Doctor2004-11-10 Western Mail.jpg
In The Picture - The Gentleman Who Wants To Be A Lord2004-11-13
Dr Who in a tight spot2004-11-21 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
As queer as Dr Who?2004-11-23 Times.jpg
Dr. Who in Rennes2004-11-28 News and Observer.jpg
Doctor Who back in time for winter on BBC12004-12-01 London Evening Standard.jpg
Fans' Death Threats to new Dr Who2004-12-02 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who: Lost in Time2004-12-22
Bring back police boxes to curb our spiraling crime rate2004-12-23 Daily Express.jpg
Bring Back the Tardis!2004-12-23 Daily Star.jpg
Exterminate Ant and Dec2004-12-30 Daily Star.jpg
The spin-off doctors2005-01-01
60 Second Interview: Mark Gatiss2005-01-06 Metro.jpg
Exterminute!2005-01-12 Daily Mirror.jpg
A Tall Order For Dr. Who2005-01-13 Hartford Courant.jpg
Pub Offers To Pay £1,000 To Charity For Return Of Worzel Gummidge2005-01-14
Evan Help Surgeon Who Did This, Chris!2005-01-29 Sun.jpg
The Daleks return with campaign to take over world of hi-tech toys2005-01-31 Times.pdf
Dalektable! (The Sun)2005-01-31 Sun.jpg
Daleks will exterminate parents' wallets if new Dr Who takes off2005-02-01 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor in the house2005-02-18 KM Leisure.jpg
Ecc of a duel2005-02-26 Daily Mirror.jpg
Enter "Doctor Who Magazine" No 3522005-02-27 Syracuse Post-Standard.jpg
BBC canned HD deal for Doctor Who2005-03-01 Televisual.jpg
Interview with Kate Orman: Dr Who Author2005-03-01
The Doctor will see you now ...2005-03-01 Out Northwest.pdf
Alehouse Rock2005-03-01 New Humanist.pdf
For 25 years, Doctor Who's creaky charm captivated a nation2005-03-06 Sunday Times Culture.jpg
Elevate, exterminate: Daleks conquer stairs in new Doctor Who2005-03-06 Sunday Times.jpg
The thrill of the chaise2005-03-06 Sunday Times Culture.pdf
What's Up Doc? (The Observer)2005-03-06 Observer.pdf
Quick! Behind the sofa!2005-03-07 Guardian.pdf
Let's hope Time Lord Christopher Eccleston is happy with his performance2005-03-07 Daily Express.jpg
Exterbinate!2005-03-08 Daily Mirror.jpg
Net pirates steal preview of Doctor Who comeback2005-03-08 Guardian.jpg
The Doctor faces his newest adversary ... the Canadians2005-03-09 Times.jpg
Carry on Doctor (Time Out London)2005-03-09
Eccleston and Billie, just what the Doctor ordered2005-03-09 Daily Mail.jpg
The good doctor2005-03-09 Televisual.pdf
BBC hopes for a rescue by Doctor Who2005-03-09 Telegraph.jpg
Top of the docs2005-03-09 Sun p13.jpg
Billie plots return to pop2005-03-09 Sun p21.jpg
Doctor Who puts accent on a new look to old show2005-03-10 Times.pdf
Doctor Who And A Scary £10m Gamble2005-03-10 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who Whodunit2005-03-10 New York Times.jpg
Flying Daleks and Hollywood-style special effects as BBC aims to get families cowering behind sofas again with revival of TV series2005-03-10 Guardian p7.jpg
Doctor Who leak previews future of broadcast content2005-03-10
Who's a bit camp2005-03-10 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who save my life says Billie Piper2005-03-10 Sun.jpg
Who's who of monsters2005-03-10 Sun p7.jpg
See Who Jimmy2005-03-10 Daily Record.jpg
Why can't daleks go up stairs?2005-03-10 Guardian Daleks.jpg
Forgotten timelord2005-03-11 Times.jpg
Who's who?2005-03-12 Radio Times.jpg
Everyone has a favourite Doctor Who as a matter of accident of birth, not of taste2005-03-12 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Carry On Doctor2005-03-13
Billie Bardot2005-03-13 Sunday Express.jpg
Another dimension2005-03-14 Independent.jpg
Doctor Who's new assistant2005-03-14 Guardian 2.jpg
Media Tarts2005-03-14 Guardian comic.jpg
Tom Baker voted top Doctor2005-03-14 Guardian.jpg
Just what the Doctor ordered (2005)2005-03-17 Stage.jpg
The Doctor goes space age2005-03-17 Design Week.jpg
The Return of the Time Lord2005-03-18 TES.pdf
Billie the kid2005-03-19 Times.pdf
Who said what?2005-03-19 Radio Times.jpg
The A-Z of Doctor Who2005-03-19 Daily Telegraph.pdf
It's properly scary and funny2005-03-19 Daily Telegraph.pdf
What Makes Who Special2005-03-19
A tale of British boffins2005-03-19 Daily Telegraph.pdf
Radio choice2005-03-19 Daily Telegraph 0001 TV.jpg
I've Fallen for a Dalek2005-03-19 Daily Star.jpg
Who?2005-03-19 Radio Times p129.jpg
A Time Lord Timeline2005-03-19 Total TV Guide.jpg
Billie's big comeback?2005-03-19 TV Quick.jpg
My sweet Time Lord: Are Sixties Daleks worth anything?2005-03-20 Observer.jpg
The Doctor's Darlings2005-03-20 Sunday Express.jpg
What's Up Doc?2005-03-20
Dr Who: talking about my generation2005-03-20 Sunday Independent.jpg
Doctor New (Sunday Life)2005-03-20 Sunday Life.jpg
Who Dunnit Once ... but can cult sci-fi classic save BBC again?2005-03-21 Variety.jpg
I chased an actor dressed up as an alien pig on my first day ... it was bonkers2005-03-21 Sun p30-31.jpg
Carry on Doctor (The Guardian)2005-03-21 Guardian.jpg
Rhodri Who? Minister mistaken for alien2005-03-21 Guardian 2.jpg
Chris Eccleston and I have shared a lot2005-03-21 New p22-23.jpg
Billie and I have on-screen chemistry2005-03-21 New p24.jpg
I don't regret leaving The Street2005-03-21 New p25.jpg
Piper at the gates of dim2005-03-21 Times.jpg
Doctor Who (2005)2005-03-22
Inside the Tardis2005-03-22 Sun.jpg
Who's the baddy!2005-03-22 Daily Sport.jpg
Ex-singer is taking on aliens2005-03-22 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Boo!2005-03-23 Sun.jpg
In short, I have a vanishingly small part in the new run of Doctor Who2005-03-23 Daily Telegraph.jpg
The Who-Sual Suspects2005-03-23 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who's Who2005-03-23 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who: funny he never married ...2005-03-24 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Who's this in a dogs' home?2005-03-24 Sun p3.jpg
Looka-Yikes2005-03-24 Sun p25.jpg
A new Who does it2005-03-24 Guardian.jpg
Who's That Girl (2005)2005-03-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
Timely return2005-03-24 Stage.jpg
Sexterminate! Sexterminate!2005-03-24 Daily Star.jpg
Time Lord's floozy - there's no future in that, Billie2005-03-24 Evening Standard.jpg
The Great Doctor Who Quiz2005-03-25 Daily Star.jpg
Doc foe dies of old age2005-03-25 Sun.jpg
I fear future as the Timelord, admits Dr Who2005-03-25 Daily Express.jpg
The Whys and Whats of Who2005-03-26 Times.pdf
Blonde Bombshell2005-03-26 Times Eve Myles.pdf
Piper calls the tune2005-03-26 Radio Times p4.jpg
Mr TARDIS2005-03-26 Radio Times p6.jpg
Who's the daddy?2005-03-26 Radio Times p2.pdf
The effects2005-03-26 Radio Times p14.jpg
The creatures2005-03-26 Radio Times p8.pdf
Bring on those nightmares!2005-03-26 Radio Times.pdf
Oh, My Time Lord2005-03-26
Return of the Daleks2005-03-26 Spectator.jpg
Doctor Who returns2005-03-26 Gazette.jpg
It's about Time (The Northern Echo)2005-03-26
The sexiest Time Lord yet2005-03-26 Globe and Mail.pdf
Doctor Who arrives in modern times. And it works2005-03-26 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Your handy cut-out guide to the greatest day on telly - ever2005-03-26 Sun.jpg
The BBC has no qualms about reviving old series2005-03-26 Daily Express.jpg
Best Regeneration2005-03-26 TV Quick.jpg
One of the scariest programmes (if you're eight years old)2005-03-26 TV Quick2.jpg
Children can't say they've had a proper upbringing until they've spent a Saturday evening hiding behind the sofa with one eye on Doctor Who2005-03-26 TV Times.jpg
A timely return for the Doctor2005-03-26 Daily Express Richard and Judy.jpg
The prognosis for feminism is not good2005-03-26 Independent.jpg
That's the wonder of Who...2005-03-26 Radio Times p3.jpg
Dalektable!2005-03-26 Whats on TV.jpg
Older time-travellers left on different planet2005-03-26 Financial Times.jpg
Heroes & Villains2005-03-26 Independent Magazine.jpg
The Who Was Who in Dr Who2005-03-26 Sun p28.jpg
Doctor faces a high-tech challenge2005-03-26 Times.jpg
Watch This2005-03-26 Guardian.jpg
Who dares..2005-03-26 Sun 2.jpg
He's no dummy2005-03-26 Radio Times p68.jpg
Doctor in the house!2005-03-26 TV Quick p22.jpg
Doctor in Love2005-03-26 TV Times p12.jpg
Lording it2005-03-26 Whats on TV 2.jpg
Who's the greatest!2005-03-26 Total TV Guide.jpg
The Doctor Will See You Now...2005-03-26 TV and Satellite Week.jpg
Corrie's Tricky Dicky is most chilling TV clip2005-03-26 Daily Express p47.jpg
Oh Lord, he's still stuck in the past2005-03-27 Sunday Times.jpg
Your worst nightmare .. new Daleks that can go UPSTAIRS!2005-03-27 Sun.jpg
Who the Doc is wheelie cool2005-03-27 News of the World.jpg
Now All-Out Dalek War2005-03-27 Daily Star on Sunday p24.jpg
Doc's grin and tonic2005-03-27 Daily Star on Sunday p31.jpg
BBC cashes in as new Doctor hits the screens2005-03-27 Sunday Express p3.jpg
Doctor prescribes a cure for Beeb's terminal misery2005-03-27 Sunday Express p62.jpg
Can Doctor Who Dec Ant?2005-03-27 Sunday Life.jpg
Just what the Doctor ordered2005-03-28 Times.jpg
Who's the daddy as 10m find time to see the Doctor2005-03-28 Times b.jpg
Run for your life2005-03-28 New Statesman.jpg
Ten million welcome back the Doctor2005-03-28
Express Charts2005-03-28 Daily Express.jpg
Who's the daddy (The Sun)2005-03-28 Sun.jpg
Dr Who wins Saturday night TV ratings war2005-03-28 Daily Express p3.jpg
This Doctor is the right prescription2005-03-28 Daily Express p13.jpg
Jason Flemyng2005-03-29 Daily Mirror.jpg
The Right Medicine?2005-03-30 Times.jpg
The Daleks Tried, The Cybermen Tried ... But It Finally Took A N.Wales Gardener To Destroy The Tardis2005-03-30
New Dr Who let down by same old cheesy effects2005-03-30 Daily Express p51.jpg
We'll Exterminate All the Other Toys2005-03-30 Daily Star.jpg
Prepare for an invasion of the Dr Who toys2005-03-30 Daily Express p23.jpg
Canadian TV worker fired for leaking Doctor Who2005-03-30 Vancouver Sun.jpg
Graham Norton on Dr Who? That is scary2005-03-30 Evening Standard.jpg
I quit as Dr Who2005-03-31
He saves the world and BBC, then Dr Who quits2005-03-31 Times.jpg
Doctor Woo2005-03-31 Sun.jpg
Doctor Who Quits2005-03-31 Sun p1.jpg
Who better to win the battle2005-03-31 Stage.jpg
Dr Who star makes way for Casanova2005-03-31 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who star says time's up2005-03-31 Evening Standard.jpg
BBC's anger at the vanishing Doctor Who2005-04-01
Casanova actor seduces the Doctor Who casting agent2005-04-01 Times.jpg
How Casanova made his next conquest a dalek2005-04-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
Greg's giggle2005-04-01 Daily Mirror 2.jpg
Who It All Again2005-04-01 Daily Mirror p11.jpg
I am not Spock: how some actors never manage to escape from their most famous characters2005-04-01 Independent.jpg
And the date of the election is ...2005-04-01 Sun.jpg
Who do you think you are?2005-04-01 Sun p9.jpg
Feeling like a completely new man2005-04-01 London Tribune.jpg
Is it all over for planet Earth?2005-04-01 Evening Standard p53.jpg
I thought it was just me who was convinced that doctors are getting younger2005-04-01 Evening Standard p30.jpg
Origin of species2005-04-02 Radio Times.pdf
Carry on, Doctor Who2005-04-02 National Post.jpg
The Doctor returns2005-04-02 Globe and Mail.pdf
Doctoring the results2005-04-02 Radio Times p10.jpg
Dr Who-Ha2005-04-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who Website In Meltdown2005-04-02
Who's in a £50m Mess2005-04-02 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who Told Beeb He'd Stay In Show2005-04-03
Mystery man returns2005-04-03 Times-Colonist.jpg
Who Cares If Time Lord Leaves Early?2005-04-04
Dr. Who wants to see you—again2005-04-04 Macleans.jpg
Tree's a crowd2005-04-04 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who viewers fall 2.6m2005-04-04 Daily Mirror.jpg
Forget the laughs, Doc, give us fear2005-04-04 Daily Express.jpg
Just look who's on the slide2005-04-04 Daily Star 2.jpg
Canada hears a Who2005-04-05 National Post.jpg
BBC says sorry to new Dr Who over typecasting claim2005-04-05 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Who's back. And Who's looking vastly entertaining2005-04-05 Globe and Mail.jpg
Rose in kidnap2005-04-06 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor new2005-04-07
Doctor in tune with past2005-04-07 Stage.jpg
Meet the Next P.M. ... and he's full of hot air like Blair2005-04-07 Daily Star.jpg
Letters2005-04-09 Radio Times letters.jpg
Their mutual friend2005-04-09 Radio Times.jpg
Billie's new role as Chris backs an Idiot2005-04-10 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Rose2005-04-11 Variety.jpg
Twisting the night away2005-04-11 Daily Mail.jpg
The traveller in time2005-04-11 Guardian.jpg
Who broke Big Ben?2005-04-13 Standard Lite.jpg
Billie Pins Down Celeb Wrestlers2005-04-13 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who too scary for young children2005-04-14 Times.jpg
Doctor Who is too scary for children2005-04-14 Daily Express.jpg
Who-ray! the doctor is in2005-04-14 Pink Paper.jpg
BBC climbs down over Doctor Who fear factor2005-04-15 Times.jpg
Too frightening for parents?2005-04-15 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Close encounters2005-04-15 South London Press p3.jpg
Destroy Ant and Dec!2005-04-15 South London Press.jpg
Killing time2005-04-16 Radio Times.jpg
Casanova regenerates into the new Doctor Who2005-04-16 Times.jpg
Casanova's next conquest is the Tardis2005-04-16 Daily Telegraph.jpg
David's the new Doc2005-04-16 Daily Star.jpg
Wild about the boy2005-04-16 Radio Times p9.jpg
Today's TV with Mike Ward2005-04-16 Daily Star listings.jpg
Casanova Will Be the New Dr Who2005-04-16 Sun.jpg
Political prisoners2005-04-16 Sun TV Magazine.jpg
She's out of this world2005-04-16 Daily Star.pdf
Alison Graham On... Who's The Doctor2005-04-16 Radio Times p69.jpg
Beam me up, scotty! There's klingons on the seafront2005-04-18
More outrage as Dr Who 'crucified'2005-04-18 Daily Express.jpg
Your View: Doctor Always Was A Thriller2005-04-19
Who's Afraid?2005-04-19 Times.jpg
Doctor Who brought back to life in new series2005-04-19 Regina Leader-Post.jpg
Who knew Doctor Who revival would be so good?2005-04-19 Windsor Star.jpg
Doctor Who gets 10th face2005-04-20 Chicago Tribune.jpg
This is a wind up2005-04-20 Daily Star.jpg
A Famous Dram For The New Dr Who2005-04-22
The face of evil?2005-04-23 Radio Times.jpg
Fair and square2005-04-23 Radio Times p9.jpg
Nigel Andrew's View2005-04-23 Times.jpg
World war2005-04-23 TV Magazine.jpg
Flight Of The Dalek2005-04-24 Observer listings.jpg
Who's who in pop's Tardis2005-04-24 Observer.jpg
Dr Who in kilt Scot my vote2005-04-24 Sunday World.jpg
Dr Who's T-Rusted Sidekick2005-04-25
Dr Who gets political2005-04-25 London Evening Standard.jpg
Exterminate Chris!2005-04-25 Daily Star.jpg
Chris Eccleston explains why he left Dr Who2005-04-26 Daily Mirror.jpg
Shocker for Doc2005-04-26 Sun.jpg
Posh 'n Becks crisis--latest2005-04-26 Daily Star.jpg
I Wanted to Exterminate the Daleks2005-04-26 Daily Star p11.jpg
Doctor Feud2005-04-26 Daily Mirror p11.jpg
Daleks v Girls on Girls Action2005-04-27 Daily Star.jpg
Rovers' returns2005-04-29 TLS.jpg
Give the man a BAFTA2005-04-29 Tribune.jpg
Tinpot dictator2005-04-30 Radio Times.pdf
Quickie...2005-04-30 Star.jpg
Gwen Stefani must be a secret fan of Doctor Who2005-04-30 Sun.jpg
It's just out of this world!2005-04-30 TV Quick.jpg
From Gay to Geek2005-04-30 TV Times.jpg
Exterminate! Exterminate!2005-04-30 What's on TV.jpg
Reader Rant2005-04-30 Daily Mirror.jpg
Keep us hanging on ...2005-04-30 Radio Times p8.jpg
Cheapskaaates2005-04-30 Daily Mirror p9.jpg
Doctor's deadliest enemy2005-04-30 Whats on TV.jpg
Inventor of Daleks only earned £80!!!2005-04-30 Daily Mirror comic.jpg
Exterminate the Wrestlers2005-04-30 Daily Star.jpg
So, the story we've all been waiting for2005-04-30 Radio Times p62.jpg
This is what we've been waiting for2005-04-30 TV Times listings.jpg
Be afraid, be very afraid... The Daleks are coming back to a living room near you!2005-04-30 TV and Satellite Week.jpg
Return of the Daleks!2005-04-30 TV and Satellite Week p4.jpg
D-aargh-lek's wimpy ending2005-05-01 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
Carry On, Doctor2005-05-01 Gay Times.pdf
The softer side of the sole remaining Dalek2005-05-02
Back behind the sofa — it's a Dalek2005-05-02 Times T2.jpg
£2m sales for the man who makes Daleks2005-05-02 Daily Express p21.jpg
Dalek Roy Yearns To Obey Orders2005-05-02 Daily Express p32.jpg
Daleks exterminate wrestlers2005-05-03 Evening Standard.jpg
Trust invaded by zombies, pigs and walking dummies2005-05-05 Health Service Journal.jpg
Wanted: One Time Lord, Tardis optional2005-05-06 TES.jpg
The naked Dalek2005-05-07 Radio Times.jpg
Free Doctor Who and Friends CD inside today plus bonus Star Wars track2005-05-07 Daily Star.jpg
It takes three ...2005-05-07 Radio Times p9.jpg
Today's TV with Mike Ward (2005-05-07)2005-05-07 Daily Star TV magazine.jpg
Dr Who's new enemy: Star Wars!2005-05-11 Daily Mail.jpg
Unholy terror2005-05-14 Radio Times.jpg
The galactic cardboard fantasy sets exterminated as a sexy new doctor materialises on our television screens time for fans old and new to find out who is who2005-05-14
Doctor Phew!2005-05-14 Daily Star.jpg
A well-crafted machine2005-05-14 Radio Times p9.jpg
From Daleks To Dracula!2005-05-15 Sunday Life.jpg
Let's not be beastly to Daleks2005-05-16 Times p3.jpg
An absurd ruling takes the fun out of Doctor Who2005-05-16 Times p15.jpg
Unsuitable for children2005-05-17 Times p16.jpg
The censors ... will ... exterminate2005-05-17 Times p18.jpg
The Daleks in my bedroom2005-05-18
Dr Who skull cracking is cut2005-05-18 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor treated2005-05-19 Times p11.jpg
Legislate! Legislate!2005-05-19 Times p68.jpg
Streaming for more?2005-05-19 Stage p24.jpg
Hamlet2005-05-19 Stage.jpg
Brits Still Enjoying 'Doctor Who' Antics2005-05-20 St. Petersburg Times.jpg
It helps to be a Time Lord2005-05-20 Church Times.jpg
Dreams and Nightmares2005-05-21 Radio Times.jpg
A doctor so sexy it's scary2005-05-21
The timely Doctor Who saves family audience Daleks make a welcome return to the living room2005-05-21 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Being true to Dr Who2005-05-22
Beeb exterminates Dr Who DVD plans2005-05-22 Sunday World.jpg
Billie: It's Ta-ta to the Tardis2005-05-23 Daily Star p5.jpg
Who's the daddy (The Stage)2005-05-26 Stage p24.jpg
Tranter promises more family drama on weekend2005-05-26 Stage.jpg
Who's a lucky devil2005-05-26 Daily Star.jpg
To be continued...2005-05-28 Radio Times.jpg
Just what the 'Doctor Who' ordered2005-05-28 North Adams Transcript.jpg
Time Lord travelling again, this time to the stage2005-05-31
Time teamer2005-06-02 Stage.jpg
I'm Trapped in Crash Wreck ... Tape Dr Who!2005-06-02 Daily Star.jpg
Boom Town2005-06-03 Tribune.jpg
What's next, Doc?2005-06-04 Radio Times.jpg
Death of the Doctor2005-06-04 Sun.jpg
Colin checks out Who wears what2005-06-04 Daily Express.jpg
Reality can be a killer2005-06-11 Radio Times.jpg
Geoffrey Toone2005-06-12 Sunday Independent.jpg
BBC advises Doctor Who fans to stay offline until the bitter end2005-06-14 Times.jpg
Sought, located2005-06-15 Times.jpg
The Doctor's fate is sealed with a first kiss — or two2005-06-16 Times.jpg
Who Lets The Dog Out2005-06-18 Sun.jpg
They're back ... and this time it's war!2005-06-18 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Ooooh!2005-06-18 Daily Star.jpg
Time up for Chris2005-06-18 Daily Star 2.jpg
Do catch the last in the current series of Dr Who2005-06-18 Morning Star.jpg
Doctor Who's greatest triumph - the return of TV for all the family2005-06-20 Independent p14.jpg
Local voices for local people2005-06-20 Independent.jpg
Silly Billie just lost the plot2005-06-22 Daily Star.jpg
Series 3 for Who2005-06-24 Bookseller.jpg
I'm prepared for my role as BBC Man, but how to fit Big Specs into the new Dr Who?2005-06-25 Times.jpg
Awkward squad2005-06-27 New Statesman.jpg
Saturday night fever2005-06-27 Independent.jpg
Soundbites2005-07-01 Professional Engineering.jpg
Doctor who? (Idea)2005-07-01 Idea.pdf
The regeneration game (The Stage)2005-07-07 Stage.jpg
You should know about ... Doctor Who2005-07-07 Austin-Daily-Texan.jpg
Captain Courageous2005-07-13
Actor dons Doctor Who cloak2005-07-19 Calgary Herald.jpg
Time Lords' capital stop2005-07-20
Singing detective to play Dr. Who2005-07-20 Vancouver Sun.jpg
My DIY Dalek2005-07-21
Timeless: A Doctor recalls2005-07-26 Guardian.jpg
Who's wearing geek chic?2005-07-26 Times.jpg
Doctor New!2005-07-26 Daily Star.jpg
I'd love to be Dr Nude2005-07-28 Sun.jpg
First pictures of new Doctor in action on Xmas special2005-07-29 Sun.jpg
Pure phase2005-08-01 Remix.jpg
Billie's a real doll2005-08-01 Daily Star.jpg
5 good reasons to watch Doctor2005-08-01 Odyssey.jpg
Who's the geeky Doctor?2005-08-04 Pink Paper.jpg
British television in race to put showrunners in place2005-08-04 Stage.jpg
Curse of the killer Santas2005-08-10 Daily Star.jpg
Peter hurt my career, says Sandra2005-08-23 Daily Express.jpg
The woman who suffers from phobia of the Daleks2005-08-24 Daily Express.jpg
Dr. Who leak spawns 'pre-TV'2005-08-27 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
The Dr. Who Conundrum2005-09-01 Security Management.jpg
Seventh heaven2005-09-08 Stage p16.jpg
The final frontier2005-09-08 Stage p14.jpg
Michael Sheard obituary2005-09-13 Guardian.jpg
K9 Is Killed Off (But he regenerates just like the Dr)2005-09-15
Who's that (The Times)2005-09-16 Times.jpg
Thanks for Doing a Brilliant Job2005-09-23
Sounds from the Dalek age2005-10-09 Evening Standard.jpg
TV's Doctor Who Little2005-10-12 Daily Mirror.jpg
Piper calls the tune (The Times)2005-10-16 Times Culture.jpg
Doctor Who to return again in 'adults-only' spin-off series2005-10-17 Independent.jpg
Fornicate2005-10-18 Daily Star.jpg
Who's this at birthday bash?2005-10-19 Woolwich Mercury.jpg
Doctor Who spinoff 'dark, sexy'2005-10-20 Edmonton Journal.jpg
Hip Hip Who-ray2005-10-26 Sun.pdf
Doctor Who: City of Death2005-11-04 Take 1.jpg
You Could Have Used The Tardis2005-11-09 Daily Star.jpg
ITV to battle Doctor Who with £6m fantasy drama2005-11-10 Stage.jpg
Who's Up for a Fight2005-11-10 Daily Star.jpg
Aaaaaaaargh! It's the Cybermen!2005-11-11 Times.jpg
Return of Cybermen2005-11-11
Billie Quits Show2005-11-12 Daily Mirror.jpg
We Don't Want Jock-Tor Who!2005-11-12 Daily Star.jpg
Hitchhiker's Guide to Doctor Who (as imagined by Douglas Adams)2005-11-13 Independent on Sunday.jpg
Just what the doctor ordered for fans of BBC sci-fi series2005-11-14
Ladies' night2005-11-14 New Statesman.jpg
Dalek jackpot2005-11-17 Times.jpg
Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror2005-11-18 Bookseller.jpg
Davison special guest at 'Doctor Who' event2005-11-25 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Doctor Who: Complete First Series2005-11-26 Radio Times.jpg
Piper Calls the Tune!2005-11-26 Radio Times p18.jpg
Get ready world ... John Barrowman has his own TV show2005-11-27 Joliet Herald News.pdf
Sexing up the Tardis2005-12-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
Regeneration: Doctor Who2005-12-01 Metro.jpg
Through Time2005-12-01 Science Fiction Chronicle.jpg
It's Ant and Doc!2005-12-03 Sun.jpg
Doctor Whoa there!2005-12-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
Tennant's extra fun as Dr Who2005-12-07 Daily Star.jpg
David Tennant is preparing to become the latest incarnation of Dr Who2005-12-09 Tribune.jpg
Carry on Doctor2005-12-10 Radio Times.pdf
Who Done It2005-12-10 TV Times.jpg
Small Tardis could fetch big price2005-12-10 Times.jpg
Bob Sloman2005-12-12 Times.jpg
Doctor Who, a sinister Santa and an alien army invade our living rooms on Christmas Day2005-12-13
Stephen Fry will have to wait until the third series of the revived Dr Who2005-12-16 Daily Express.jpg
Look Who Santa Is Bringing You This Christmas2005-12-17
I'm dreaming of a right Christmas2005-12-17 Radio Times p37.pdf
Is there a Doctor in the house?2005-12-17 Radio Times p40.pdf
Hidden depths2005-12-17 Radio Times p44.jpg
What a Christmas treat2005-12-17 Radio Times p162.jpg
Christmas crackers!2005-12-17 TV and Satellite Weekly.jpg
Who Begs: Don't Exterminate Me2005-12-21 Daily Star.jpg
Iraq war as told by the Daleks2005-12-21 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Feelgood2005-12-22 Bexley Times.jpg
Doctor Who's back: Why do we love him so much?2005-12-23 Evening Standard p42-43.jpg
Pick of the day2005-12-23 Evening Standard.jpg
Who can save lacklustre schedules for some festive fun2005-12-23 Tribune.jpg
Yes, it's the Doctor — but not as we know him2005-12-23 Evening Standard p34.jpg
Tourists follow in the footsteps of Doctor Who2005-12-24
Christopher Eccleston's magnificent Doctor Who is a hard act to follow2005-12-24 Times p61.jpg
Billie's sneaky kiss for you know Who2005-12-24 Daily Star Xmas TV.pdf
Are You a Timelord or Dozy Dalek?2005-12-24 Daily Star p28.jpg
What the Doctor did next2005-12-24 Times.jpg
Beck to future for Doc2005-12-26 Daily Star.jpg
Top of the Docs (2005)2005-12-26 Sun.jpg
Yes, I will see the Doctor now -- just the cure for your intergalactic woes2005-12-26 Times.jpg
Who Loves Ya2005-12-28 Daily Star.jpg
Broadcasting Top 10, 20052005-12-30 Stage.jpg
Brig player2005-12-30 Stage Brig.jpg
Bully for Who2005-12-30 Daily Star.jpg
Cherilea Swoppet Daleks2006-01-01 Plastic Warrior.pdf
Festive viewing2006-01-07 Spectator.jpg
Sci Fi Channel to Air New 'Doctor Who'2006-01-13
Doctor in at Sci Fi2006-01-13 Daily Variety.jpg
The Tardis touches down in the US2006-01-14
Captain Jack of all trades2006-01-14 Radio Times p16.jpg
You Ask Us2006-01-14 Radio Times p133.jpg
Letter of the week2006-01-14 Radio Times.jpg
Check out Doctor Who's Christmas2006-01-16
One-time Dr Who Colin Baker does not dwell in the past2006-01-17 Daily Express.jpg
£2,000 Dalek.. the ultimate toy!2006-01-20 Daily Star.jpg
Billie's with her Dr Woo2006-01-21 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Woo!2006-01-27 Daily Star.jpg
Capt. Jack Gets Own Show2006-02-01 Perceptions.jpg
The Queen has a new favourite Doctor2006-02-25 National Post.jpg
Time, Lord2006-02-25 Sun.jpg
Eve's on Doctors' orders2006-02-25 Daily Record.jpg
The scarf-clad Dr Who era dawns again Tom Baker's time-honoured look is back- with added chic2006-02-25 Financial Times.jpg
Dr. Who 2: Sexed-Up British Intelligence2006-03-05 New York Times.pdf
The Doctor is in?2006-03-10 Des Moines Register.jpg
Doctor Who makes cosmic return2006-03-14 Asbury Park Press.jpg
Beeb Must Ditch the Dumb Shows2006-03-15 Daily Star.jpg
Back to the future, with better FX: A new Doctor is in2006-03-15 Village Voice.jpg
Doctor Who pays return visit to U.S.2006-03-16 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
The Return of the Regenerated: A New 'Doctor Who'2006-03-17 New York Times.jpg
Who's Returning To TV? Doctor Who, That's Who2006-03-17 Hour.jpg
It's worth checking into what's up with 'Who'2006-03-17 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Doctor Operates As Charming Version Of Campy Time Traveler2006-03-17 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who is back to its campy roots2006-03-18 Toledo Blade.jpg
Sci-fi show with a special effect2006-03-19 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Exterminate to Fornicate2006-03-20 Daily Star.jpg
To sci-fi fans: The Doctor's back2006-03-21 Naperville Sun.jpg
New 'Doctor Who' is out of this world2006-03-21 Capital Times.jpg
Geek chic2006-03-28 Advocate.jpg
It's Doctor Who and the Bra-dis2006-03-29 Sun.jpg
Is the next driver of the Tardis set to be a woman2006-03-30 Times.jpg
Doctor Who returns, featuring K9 and Kay2006-03-30 Guardian.jpg
Long-term Tennant of the Tardis2006-03-30 Metro.jpg
Billie will do Who series 32006-03-30 Sun p3.jpg
Who's That Girl (2006)2006-03-31 Daily Star.jpg
It's not long now ...2006-04-01 Radio Times.jpg
Jack of All Trades2006-04-01 Out Monthly.pdf
Dr Who zombies inspired by the hospital superbug2006-04-02 Sunday Express.jpg
Lesbe Havin' Who Billie2006-04-02 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
More from Doctor Who2006-04-07 Bookseller.jpg
Time Lord or messiah?2006-04-07 Church Times.pdf
It's nearly time ...2006-04-08 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor! Doctor! (TV Quick)2006-04-08 TV Quick.jpg
David Tennant says there's going to be a bit of interplanetary nookie in the upcoming series of Dr Who2006-04-08 Daily Star.jpg
Here's to you, Doctor Who and all your regenerations2006-04-09 Cleveland Plain Dealer.jpg
Venus Envy2006-04-10 TV Guide crop.jpg
Dr Who's Willy is Just Like a Tardis2006-04-11 Daily Star.jpg
Tennant's The Man To Steel The Show2006-04-12
A waste of time and space2006-04-12 Times.jpg
The Who's Who of Doc Enemies2006-04-13 Daily Star.jpg
All aboard the TARDIS2006-04-15 Radio Times.pdf
Torrid times in the Tardis2006-04-15 Times The Knowledge p6.jpg
Parlez-vous Doctor Who?2006-04-15 Times Knowledge p42.jpg
Cat nurses, lonely zombies, mind-swap machines and a fat man who's slowly turning into stone2006-04-15 Guardian.jpg
The new series of Doctor Who gets off to a sensational start2006-04-15 Times 2.jpg
Charlie Brooker's screen burn2006-04-15 Guardian p52.jpg
Who's sexy?2006-04-15 TV Quick.jpg
David Tennant is perfect as the hero2006-04-15 Radio Times p84.jpg
Tennant moves in2006-04-15 Total TV Guide.jpg
Doctor's appointment (2006)2006-04-15 TV & Satellite Week.jpg
Billie is first £100m TV babe2006-04-15 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Tennant the Timephwhoard2006-04-17 Times The Knowledge p27.jpg
Doctor Who? (The Times)2006-04-17 Times p16.jpg
New Doctor wins the battle for TV viewers2006-04-17 Times p5.jpg
New Doctor's a real tonic2006-04-17 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who's 'Cut-Out' Girl Back2006-04-18
One star that's slightly dimmer2006-04-19 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Hype and not a Dalek in sight2006-04-20 Sun.jpg
Doctor Who not as serious as War of The Worlds2006-04-21 Times.jpg
Doctor Who always had time for a social crusade2006-04-21 Daily Express.jpg
Bad wolf?2006-04-22 Radio Times p12.jpg
Royal prey2006-04-22 Radio Times p15.jpg
The nuns' story2006-04-22 Spectator.jpg
Some kids are going to be wondering about their parents during tonight's episode2006-04-22 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Genesis of the Daleks2006-04-22 Radio Times.jpg
Free Doctor Who DVDs2006-04-22 Sun.jpg
Beast of the night2006-04-22 TV Magazine.jpg
Cybermania!2006-04-22 TV and Satellite Week.jpg
Billie's a waste of time2006-04-23 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Hot Doc bags a million more2006-04-24 Daily Star p7 0002.jpg
K9 is back and ready to fight in shining armour2006-04-24 Times.jpg
Dr Who Stars' Stalker Terror2006-04-24 Daily Star p1-7.pdf
Who's a lucky dog? K9 gets series2006-04-25
K9 back after 23-year paws2006-04-25
Television - Back In Time2006-04-27
Oil's not well at school canteen2006-04-28 TES.jpg
Friends reunited2006-04-29 Radio Times.pdf
K-9 bounds into cg for new Jetix spin-off show2006-05-01 Televisual p6.jpg
No complaints over this Doctor's fee2006-05-01 Times.jpg
Father of the Cybermen2006-05-01 Fortean Times.pdf
Ex-Doc has Six appeal2006-05-04 Daily Star.jpg
Tick tock!2006-05-06 Radio Times.jpg
One Final Question (Michelle Gomez)2006-05-06 Radio Times p146.jpg
Appointment TV (Radio Times)2006-05-06 Radio Times p144.jpg
The last of the red-hot lavas2006-05-06 Times TK.jpg
Who's that girl? Doctor's new assistant2006-05-07 Guardian.jpg
Will Billie be exterminated by the Beeb?2006-05-07 Sunday Express.jpg
BBC's digital stakeout riles rivals2006-05-08 Variety.jpg
Triple whammy for return of Time Lord2006-05-08 Daily Star.jpg
Nemesis to revelation2006-05-09
Billie to be first female Doctor Who?2006-05-09 Daily Star.jpg
Heavy metal2006-05-13 Radio Times.pdf
Monsters Inc2006-05-13 Times The Knowledge.jpg
It is bad enough when your computer crashes2006-05-13 Times.jpg
Heavy Metal (2006)2006-05-13 Total TV Guide.jpg
Doctor at The Mill2006-05-15 Televisual.jpg
Doctor Ooo ... you are awful2006-05-16 Daily Star.jpg
The Mick of Time2006-05-20 Radio Times.jpg
Two lonely hearts2006-05-20 Radio Times p152.jpg
Phoenix Frights2006-05-24 Daily Star.jpg
Who is The Doctor? He is TV's joybringer2006-05-26 Blackpool Tribune.jpg
Do not adjust...2006-05-27 Radio Times.jpg
Don't tell us Who2006-05-27 Radio Times letters.jpg
Doctor Who's Joliet tie2006-05-28
Turning TV shows into brands2006-06-01 Televisual.jpg
Doctor Who Knows His Aliens, But Just What Would He Make Of Big Brother?2006-06-01 Daily Star.jpg
Ood ... you are awful2006-06-03 Radio Times.jpg
You Ask Us (2006-06-03)2006-06-03 Radio Times p129.jpg
TV Billie says Ta-Tardis2006-06-06 Daily Star.jpg
More from the Timelord2006-06-09 Bookseller.jpg
Talk of the devil2006-06-10 Radio Times.jpg
You Ask Us (2006-06-10)2006-06-10 Radio Times letters.jpg
Mashup maps mix fiction, reality2006-06-12 Arizona Daily Star.jpg
Time's up, Billie2006-06-15 Sun.jpg
A fan's guide to the top five Dr Who companions2006-06-16
Cybermen battle is the last for Rose2006-06-16 Times.jpg
Who's This?2006-06-16 Sun.jpg
Who's that girl!2006-06-16 Daily Star p40-41.jpg
Careful what you wish for ...2006-06-17 Radio Times.jpg
What I'm watching2006-06-17 Radio Times Baker.jpg
BBC's 'Doctor Who' is plenty entertaining2006-06-17 Daily Journal.jpg
The Doctor with timeless appeal2006-06-19 Times T2.jpg
Across the Tellyverse2006-06-22 London Review of Books.pdf
Unearthly child2006-06-24 Radio Times.jpg
Dr Who helps lift BBC to record sales profits2006-06-28 Evening Standard.jpg
O Rose, thou art not sick2006-06-30 Bookseller.jpg
Time to move on2006-07-01 Radio Times.pdf
Storyboard news2006-07-01 Televisual.jpg
What's in the Piperline?2006-07-01 Radio Times p2.jpg
Monsters lite2006-07-01 Radio Times p144.jpg
Who Are You? (Out)2006-07-01 Out.jpg
New, improved 'Doctor Who'2006-07-04 Detroit Free Press.jpg
Sidekick whose time has come2006-07-05 Times p5.jpg
Who's that girl?2006-07-05 Times TT2 p2.jpg
Doctor New (Daily Mirror)2006-07-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
Agyeman to be next Doctor Who sidekick2006-07-06 Stage.jpg
Clever-clever2006-07-06 London Review of Books.jpg
On the set with ... David Tennant2006-07-08 Radio Times.pdf
The sad day has arrived for Billie Piper to bow out2006-07-08 Daily Mail.jpg
Tears before bedtime2006-07-08 Radio Times p3.jpg
Doctor keeps his patients waiting2006-07-10 Times T2.jpg
Doctor Who bids farewell to Billie2006-07-10 Daily Express.jpg
Big numbers tune in Piper exit on 'Who'2006-07-11 Hollywood Reporter.jpg
View from behind the sofa2006-07-15 Tablet.jpg
Let's hear it for British thrillers2006-07-15 Financial Times.jpg
The only contest worth watching last weekend was Daleks versus the Cybermen on Doctor Who2006-07-20 Stage.jpg
On another planet with you2006-07-22 Radio Times p136.jpg
DEF I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S.2006-07-22 Radio Times.jpg
I gushed tears watching Billie Piper's emotional farewell2006-07-22 Whats on TV.jpg
Gore and snogging in Dr Who spin-off2006-07-24 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr. Who spinoff heads 'maverick' BBC3 lineup2006-07-25 Hollywood Reporter.jpg
Running off with Dr Who ... am I bovvered?2006-07-25 Evening Standard.jpg
The science of Doctor Who2006-08-01 Focus.pdf
Who v Bitch2006-08-03 Sun.jpg
Power of the Prime Time Lord2006-08-06 Sunday Express.jpg
Just What The Doctor Ordered...2006-08-10 Evening Herald.jpg
The Martha Ship2006-08-10 Sun.jpg
Martha and the Tie Lord2006-08-12 Daily Star.jpg
Flash Doc's a Time lewd2006-08-12 Sun.jpg
Icon of the Month2006-09-01 Third Way.jpg
Look Who's Back ... It's Jack2006-09-01 Daily Star.jpg
Billie Piper2006-09-07 Stage.jpg
Billed as "X Files meets This Life"2006-09-21 Pink Paper.jpg
Time traveller steps into family history2006-09-27
Exterminating wasted time2006-09-27 Woolwich News Shopper.jpg
Popular 'Dr. Who' returns with new season2006-09-28 Baxter Bulletin.jpg
It's Doctor New On 'Doctor Who': 10th Actor Takes Title Role On Sci-Fi Series2006-09-29 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Jack of Hearts2006-10-01 Gay Times p40.pdf
Tides Grill2006-10-01 Gay Times p103.jpg
Appointment with the Doctor2006-10-05
Now, some thoughts on some recent TV watching2006-10-09 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Wacky, witty new series should please Doctor Who fans2006-10-09 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Join the time lords: they don't miss a minute2006-10-15 Sunday Times.jpg
All right Jack2006-10-19
Jack the Lad2006-10-19 Daily Star.jpg
Fears over sexy new Doctor Who spin-off2006-10-20
Who Dunnt2006-10-20
The Torchwood Files2006-10-21 Radio Times.pdf
Captain Jack is Back2006-10-21
Torchwood is a much more difficult proposition2006-10-21 Times TK p7.jpg
Gripping yarns2006-10-21 Times TK.jpg
It contains gay sex and bloody violence...but never mind, let your children stay up to see Torchwood, says the BBC2006-10-22 Sunday Express p3.jpg
Shame of BBC hypocrites2006-10-22 Sunday Express p26.jpg
I think I really can sustain interest in a series, purely on the basis that Captain Jack Harkness is sexually charismatic2006-10-23 Times T2.jpg
Aspirational middle-youth telly viewers make sci-fi Torchwood a record-breaker2006-10-24
The X-Files meets This Life2006-10-25 Daily Express.jpg
Time lord's X-rated flop2006-10-26 Daily Express.jpg
Obsessive fan of the week!2006-10-27 Entertainment Weekly.jpg
Base notes2006-10-28 Radio Times.jpg
Top Gear takes pole position at awards2006-11-01 Times.jpg
Programme times they are a-changin'2006-11-02 Times T2.jpg
The show is trashy and not in a good way2006-11-02 Stage.jpg
Aliens, perverts and fun for all the family2006-11-03 Tribune.jpg
Daft and funny ... but strangely compelling2006-11-09 Evening Herald.jpg
Parents under attack from the Daleks' pester power2006-11-12 Daily Mail.jpg
Absolutely fabulous alien role2006-11-16 Kentish Times.jpg
Who is top of the charts?2006-11-17 Bookseller.jpg
Techno Toys2006-11-18 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who most family-friendly hour on TV right now2006-11-20 Regina Leader-Post.jpg
The Cybermen clank back into business2006-11-20 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Richard Mayes2006-11-22 Times.jpg
BBC Wales praised for 'sexy and modern' programmes2006-11-25
A Cyberman isn't just for Christmas...2006-11-26 Sunday Times.jpg
Cyberman Christmas brain scramble2006-11-28
A Robot Santa? ... I Ain't Bovvered2006-11-30
RJ Bell2006-11-30 Stage.jpg
Doctor Who: Complete Series 22006-12-01 Empire.jpg
Review of the year 20062006-12-02 Radio Times.jpg
Christmas Shopping Guide2006-12-06 Evening Herald.jpg
Fans Say Dave Is Top Of The Docs2006-12-07
Back to the future (The Bookseller)2006-12-08 Bookseller.jpg
Top toys on Santa's list2006-12-13 Gorey Guardian.jpg
More spin-offs predicted after Doctor Who captures viewers2006-12-15
Originality is old hat as the BBC spins off its top series2006-12-16 Times.jpg
New water crisis as Doctor Who drains Thames2006-12-18 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Who takes on spiderwoman2006-12-19
Can Sarah Jane save the day?2006-12-21
Torchwood part one2006-12-21 Pink Paper.jpg
Monster smash: A Tardis chase, a spiderwoman and Catherine Tate on the run2006-12-22 Guardian.jpg
Dr Who's secrets revealed2006-12-23
The Claus of doom2006-12-23 Radio Times.pdf
The Inside Story2006-12-23 Radio Times.jpg
Dennis the Menace meets his match at last as Doctor Who annual tops the publishing charts2006-12-23 Guardian.jpg
Doctor Who: Blood of the Daleks2006-12-23 Radio Times p246.jpg
An intimate tête-à-Tate2006-12-23 Times TK.pdf
A feast of thrills!2006-12-23 TV Times.jpg
Doctor makes it a white hot Christmas2006-12-26 Times T2.jpg
Timeless - why I Love Doctor Who2006-12-28
Who's Next? (The Sun)2006-12-28 Sun.jpg
Doctor Who to quit denied but fourth series not yet ordered2006-12-29
The Doctor's deadliest foe? Typecasting2006-12-29 Times.jpg
Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders!2006-12-30
Here comes the bride - and the monster2006-12-30
Doctor Who: Timestreams2007-01-01 Game Room.pdf
Bye Bi Captain2007-01-01 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)2007-01-11 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (The Oklahoman)2007-01-19 Daily Oklahoman.jpg
My Hero, 'who' else but the BBC?2007-01-20 National Post.jpg
Relax with Dr Who2007-01-26 Bexley Times.jpg
Doctor Toon!2007-01-26 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr Who and the sex-mad Britney clones2007-01-26 Daily Star.jpg
The Tardis Chainsaw Massacre2007-01-26 Sun.jpg
Another new Doctor Who will see you now2007-01-27 Gazette.jpg
Who vs Marster2007-01-30 Sun.jpg
Your Money: Dalektable Sales Boost2007-02-01
Doctor Who -- Series 22007-02-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
Doctor Who gets scary — well, sort of2007-02-05 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Doctor Who: Complete Second Series2007-02-08 Northbrook Star.jpg
10th Dr. Who puts new spin on old role2007-02-09 Detroit Free Press.jpg
Who's a busy boy!2007-02-10 TV Times.jpg
The Invasion of Bash Street2007-02-15 BeanoMAX.pdf
Doctor Who ends its season on a sober note2007-02-19 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
An ordinary tragedy2007-02-24 TV Choice.jpg
Traveling Through Light Years of Quality Sci-Fi2007-03-02 Columbia Daily Spectator.jpg
Soundtracks: time to make a song and dance2007-03-03 Music Week.pdf
BBC builds on Dr Who2007-03-09 Bookseller.jpg
A comic odyssey2007-03-15
Gareth Hunt2007-03-15 Times.jpg
I'm Lust in Space with Dishy Doc2007-03-17 Daily Star.jpg
The Doctor returns with a sassy sidekick. Who?2007-03-22 Times.jpg
Dr Who-Hoo!2007-03-22 Mirror.jpg
Doctor Woo (Daily Star)2007-03-22 Daily Star.jpg
Kiss from you know Who2007-03-25 Sunday Express.jpg
Home isn't a Tardis, so collection must go2007-03-27
I Have Sex in Dr Who Clobber!2007-03-29 Daily Star.jpg
Who's hot2007-03-30 Times.pdf
The Two Doctors2007-03-31 Radio Times p12.pdf
Perfect Tennant2007-03-31 Radio Times p20.pdf
Brute force2007-03-31 Radio Times p16.pdf
Oodles of props2007-03-31 Radio Times p24.pdf
Torrid in the Tardis2007-03-31 Times p4.jpg
Here is some good news2007-03-31 Times p37.jpg
Who's that girl? (2007)2007-03-31 Total TV Guide.jpg
Mistress of the universe2007-03-31 Telegraph.jpg
Doctor Who is back and looking better than ever2007-04-01 Televisual.jpg
Doctor Who's bigger, bolder world2007-04-01 Televisual.jpg
Hit for Doctor Who2007-04-02 Times p4.jpg
The Doctor's new Rose blossoms2007-04-02 Times p19.jpg
8m2007-04-02 Irish Independent.jpg
A new chapter2007-04-05 Stage.jpg
Labour of love2007-04-07 Radio Times.jpg
Cat and Doc2007-04-14 Radio Times.jpg
TV Stats2007-04-14 Radio Times p144.jpg
Obituary of Dave Martin2007-04-17 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Who, what, where, when2007-04-21
The Thinking Man's Dalek2007-04-21 Radio Times.pdf
Dalek helmets from Character Smallcap Briefing2007-04-25 Financial Times.jpg
Enemy of the States2007-04-28 Radio Times.pdf
Doctor Ow!2007-04-28 Mirror.jpg
Download BBC shows for free2007-04-30 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series2007-05-01 Video Librarian.jpg
Who's scariest monster yet?2007-05-05 Radio Times.pdf
Burn, baby, burn2007-05-19 Radio Times.jpg
Leo's Dr Who birthday party — a last hurrah for Blairs at Chequers2007-05-24 Evening Standard.jpg
We're coming to get you!2007-05-26 Radio Times.pdf
Doctor Who: Series 3, Vol. 12007-06-01 Empire.jpg
Loving the Alien2007-06-02 Radio Times.jpg
Desperately Unhappy Kids Write To Captain Jack Asking To Be Adopted2007-06-03
Hell's Angels2007-06-09 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who this week almost dispensed with the Doctor entirely in a story about weeping statues sucking the life out of people2007-06-11 Times.jpg
The definitive Englishman, tweed coat, time travel and all2007-06-15
Look Who's a Gay Star!2007-06-15 Daily Star.jpg
And then there were three2007-06-16 Radio Times.pdf
Down-to-earth guy2007-06-16 Times.jpg
Airfix cements deal with Dr Who2007-06-16 Times p62.jpg
Doctor Who in medical emergency2007-06-18 Gazette.jpg
Why we should all be under the Doctor2007-06-18 Times.jpg
Doctor Who a pleasure to watch2007-06-18 Regina Leader-Post.jpg
Doctor Who is many things, but dull isn't one of them2007-06-18 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Master mind2007-06-23 Radio Times.jpg
Online world sneaks villain into No 10 for new Dr Who2007-06-23 Times.jpg
Who's Next (TV Guide)2007-06-25 TV Guide.jpg
The Master's class in power politics2007-06-25 Times.jpg
The Master is the new occupant of Number 10 Downing Street2007-06-29 Tribune.jpg
On set with... Freema Agyeman2007-06-30 Radio Times.pdf
Who dares and wins2007-06-30 Spectator.jpg
Simply masterful2007-06-30 Times.jpg
Who said that?2007-06-30 Daily Mail.jpg
Pick of the day (2007)2007-06-30 Daily Mail pick.jpg
New season brings a new companion to 'Doctor Who'2007-06-30 Pensacola News Journal.jpg
Dave Martin2007-07-01 Classic Images.jpg
On Sci Fi, the Doctor is in again2007-07-01 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.jpg
New companion for Dr Who2007-07-02 Times.jpg
Gordon Gostelow2007-07-02 Times p61.jpg
Can't Get Who Out Of My Head2007-07-03 Sun.jpg
Minogue joins Doctor on sinking ship2007-07-03 Times.jpg
Catherine Tate joins Doctor Who as new companion2007-07-04
The latest incarnation of 'Dr. Who' is playfully pleasant2007-07-05 Daily Herald.jpg
Space Hopper2007-07-05 Sun.jpg
Cheeky 'Dr. Who' back at top of game2007-07-05 Rutland Daily Herald.jpg
The Doctor is in for season three2007-07-05 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
Tercera temporada2007-07-06
Tennant delights as 'Doctor Who'2007-07-06 Chicago Tribune.jpg
This 'Doctor' is definitely in2007-07-06 Red Eye.jpg
Someone fetch me a doctor, my brain hurts2007-07-06 London Tribune.jpg
Dr Who's spot of bovver2007-07-06 Evening Standard.jpg
Freema Agyeman, Doctor Who's latest companion, is also the first visible minority to join him on his travels2007-07-07
The Daleks have no answer to this2007-07-07 Times.jpg
Who's N-ice Girlie Kyle2007-07-12 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who and Kylie should show the world that Wales has a Tardis of talent2007-07-16
Buffy star to join Torchwood line-up2007-07-16
The Master returns2007-07-20
Daleks invade Weta's workshop2007-07-20
Who's Got a New Love2007-07-26 Daily Star.jpg
The BBC lets British viewers download shows2007-07-28
I'm a Doctor Who hero2007-07-31
It's a UFO Boyo2007-08-02 Daily Star.jpg
And the geek shall inherit the earth...2007-08-05 Sunday Express.jpg
Dr Whodunnit2007-08-10 Daily Star.jpg
Doc feels the heat in Rome2007-08-12
The Doctor is in, Fridays on Sci-Fi2007-08-15 Dayton Daily News.jpg
John Normington2007-08-22 Times.jpg
Harry's the New Doctor2007-08-24 Daily Star.jpg
Stinker for Sarah2007-08-30 Daily Star.jpg
Torchwood sleuths use alien technology2007-08-31 El Paso Times.jpg
Dr. Who adventurer spins off to 'Torchwood'2007-09-01 Globe Gazette.jpg
Ex-Opryland dancer stars in Torchwood2007-09-02 Knoxville News Sentinel.jpg
Who's a Clever Geezer?2007-09-04 Daily Star p17.jpg
Dr Who Star Had to Work As Labourer2007-09-04 Daily Star p18.jpg
His own universe2007-09-05 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.pdf
Bookies make Radcliffe their favourite to be the new Doctor Who2007-09-06
Torchwood celebrates a new kind of hero2007-09-07 Chicago Tribune.jpg
A Doctor Who World, With Sex in It2007-09-08 New York Times.jpg
Sarah Jane gets a new lease of life as Slitheen seek revenge2007-09-08
Torchwood Is Indescribably Delicious2007-09-08 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Viewers can easily get off on Brit thriller2007-09-08 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Daleks are scared off2007-09-13 Daily Star.jpg
Out of this world2007-09-22 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who's erstwhile companion2007-09-25 Times.jpg
On-screen John Barrowman plays a sex-mad alien investigator. In real life he's from Glasgow2007-10-01 Out edit.pdf
It's Dr Who the Movie!2007-10-04 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who pal hits small screen2007-10-04 Nanaimo Daily News.jpg
Gritty new sci-fi series is just what the Dr. Who ordered2007-10-05 Winnipeg Free Press.jpg
Doctor Hooray!2007-10-08 Daily Star.jpg
Gwen's Having an Alien Nipper!2007-10-09 Daily Star.jpg
Former Doctor Who Talks About Life After The Tardis And Working In The US2007-10-13
Look Who's in line for a best actress award2007-10-15 Daily Express.jpg
The New Adventures of Old Skywalker2007-10-16 Boston Globe.pdf
Time waits for no man2007-10-17
Anything goes2007-10-19 Edmonton Journal.jpg
Dr Who: the timeline Lord2007-10-26 Bookseller.jpg
Who would like to meet Sarah-Jane?2007-11-01
Doctor Who: The Key to Time2007-11-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
Dr Who is master for Character2007-11-02 Financial Times.jpg
Dr Who's team2007-11-04 Sunday Times.jpg
Who's baldie?2007-11-04 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
Plastic fantastic2007-11-09 TES.jpg
From 'X-Files' to the next files2007-11-09 Corvallis Gazette Times.jpg
Doctor Who The Complete Third Season2007-11-09 Daily Oklahoman.jpg
Nuevas aventuras y aterradores monstruos2007-11-09 Palm Beach Post.jpg
Simm-ilarity is no problem as Master tipped for hero's job2007-11-12
Doctor Who treats fans to more sci-fi humor2007-11-17
Doctor Who strikes again2007-11-20
Dark, sexy Torchwood a supernatural delight2007-11-23 Edmonton Journal.jpg
Obituary of Verity Lambert2007-11-24 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Hollywood Who's Who ride Tardis2007-11-26 Daily Star.jpg
Look Who's back (The Sun)2007-11-28 Sun.jpg
Who Wouldn't Want Kylie?2007-11-29
Dr Who regenerates to boost TV ratings2007-11-30
Meet Chilly Piper2007-11-30 London Lite.jpg
Marsters pays lip service2007-12-05 Daily Express.jpg
Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series2007-12-06 Northbrook Star.jpg
Exterminogue2007-12-12 Sun.jpg
Titanic sales expected as Kylie sails in for Doctor Who special2007-12-15
The Unseen Doctor2007-12-15 Times.pdf
Doctor Who may quit, says co-star Catherine2007-12-16
The great defender: Russell T Davies, writer of Doctor Who, is British TV's hottest property2007-12-17 New Statesman.pdf
Tennant: I kept on kissing Kylie2007-12-19 London News.jpg
This is the moment Doctor Who gets a kiss from Kylie Minogue2007-12-19 Metro.jpg
Christians protest as Doctor Who is portrayed as 'messiah'2007-12-21 Times.jpg
Who's on board?2007-12-22 Radio Times.pdf
Who's the daddy2007-12-22 Times.jpg
Festive favourite2007-12-22 Total TV Guide.jpg
Who's got that sinking feeling?2007-12-26 Times p55.jpg
Dr Who near you2007-12-26 Times.jpg
Boo Who for Kylie!2007-12-30 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
Producer who revived Doctor Who to move to BBC1 drama role2007-12-31
Doctor Who and the Convergence of Media2008-01-01
The Lovely Smallness of Doctor Who2008-01-01 Film International.pdf
Peter Haining2008-01-05 Times.jpg
Some new episodes, series to air despite strike2008-01-06 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Telling all to my big sister2008-01-06 Sunday Times Magazine.jpg
Sex Pistols2008-01-12 Radio Times.pdf
Our dad built us a real-life Tardis2008-01-15
Kylie dress stars at show2008-01-17
Captain! Stop that blowfish2008-01-17 Times.jpg
BBC and ITV watched by less than half of viewers2008-01-17 Evening Standard.jpg
Gay sci-fi's a little bit fishy2008-01-20 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
And finally...I found myself in a rift of rampant bisexuality last week with the return of Torchwood2008-01-20 Sunday Express.jpg
Sci-fi series 'Torchwood beats repeats2008-01-20 Akron Beacon Journal.jpg
I'll Save Doctor2008-01-21 Daily Star.jpg
Torchwood returns for new season2008-01-22 El Paso Times.jpg
Big DVD2008-01-22 Province.jpg
Sudsy, Sexy Sci-Fi TV2008-01-22 Express.jpg
Torchwood does sci-fi with attitude2008-01-25 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Jack's The Lad For Me2008-01-29
Tosh's big love gets cold feet2008-01-30 Daily Star.jpg
It's him behind 'Doctor Who'2008-02-03 Los Angeles Times.jpg
BBC launches cinema push to back Doctor Who2008-02-04
Your pictures2008-02-07 London Paper.jpg
Aliens? In Cardiff?2008-02-07 Times T2.jpg
Go time-travelling with your own model of Dr Who's Tardis2008-02-10 Sunday Express.jpg
Sarah back2008-02-11 Daily Star.jpg
Who Just What U.S. Nets Ordered2008-02-11 Variety.pdf
Time-travelling garden with green credentials goes back its roots2008-02-16
Torch song2008-02-16
Stars in her eyes2008-02-16 Times.jpg
Lovely Martha Jones came to Torchwood2008-02-21 Times T2.jpg
Podcast of the week2008-02-23 Times.jpg
I'm Jacking It In for the Doc2008-02-25 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who The Hell Are You Looking At?2008-02-26
Death also came knocking in Torchwood2008-02-28 Times T2.jpg
The dispersible television text: theorising moments of the new Doctor Who2008-03-01
Who Are You? If Our Obsessions Define Us, What Does That Say About Fans Of A Certain Time Lord?2008-03-01
Mysterious secret of the Tardis is out: it materialises like an Ikea wardrobe2008-03-04 Times.jpg
Lord It's Time for a Change2008-03-07 Daily Star.jpg
A Who's Who (Daily Star on Sunday)2008-03-09 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
Doctor who writer at festival2008-03-19
Who's the Best?2008-03-25 Daily Star.jpg
Crowds of fatties to see the doctor2008-04-01 Televisual.jpg
Dr Who is a long way from pulling pints in the Rovers2008-04-02 Evening Herald.jpg
Peter's time has come2008-04-03
Look Who's coming!2008-04-04
Doctor New: Catherine Tate brings new life to the Time Lord2008-04-05
The stars are coming out2008-04-05 Radio Times p14.jpg
The definitive episode guide2008-04-05 Radio Times p18.pdf
Little monsters?2008-04-05 Radio Times p24.jpg
The Godmother2008-04-05 Radio Times p26.jpg
A Noble calling2008-04-05 Radio Times p23.jpg
Be my guest2008-04-05 Radio Times p17.jpg
It's Battlestar Fantastica2008-04-05 Times.jpg
Doctor in need of treatment2008-04-07 Times.jpg
I'm Dr Who's worst enemy2008-04-08
The Sarah Jane Adventures2008-04-08 Daily Variety.jpg
Be my guest, Doc2008-04-08 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Who and Kennedy. Who said Proms were elitist?2008-04-09 Telegraph.jpg
Piping up about Dr Who character2008-04-09 Your Shepway.jpg
Dr Who takes a bow at Proms2008-04-09 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Who to make a timely arrival at Proms2008-04-10 Times.jpg
Sarah Jane launches; Torchwood winds down2008-04-11 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Roman Holiday2008-04-12 Radio Times.pdf
Growing up in public2008-04-12 Irish Times.jpg
Kylie hears a Who: Minogue with Tennant2008-04-14 TV Guide.jpg
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf2008-04-14 Times.jpg
Catherine Tate has ruined Dr Who2008-04-16 Your Shepway.jpg
Judge exterminates Dalek claim2008-04-17 Times.jpg
From Dr Who to rebel Kennedy at the Proms2008-04-18 Bookseller.jpg
Gloves are off for Eve2008-04-18 Daily Star.jpg
She's back in the Whoniverse2008-04-18 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Ood, glorious Ood!2008-04-19 Radio Times.jpg
Who's your friend?2008-04-19 Times.jpg
Doctor's dilemma2008-04-19 Spectator.jpg
So Who's funeral are they filming, David?2008-04-22 London Lite.jpg
Who's Chilling Out?2008-04-22 London Paper.jpg
Dr Who & the Xmas Special2008-04-23 Daily Star.jpg
The Doctor's met his match in Tate2008-04-23 Your Shepway.jpg
Dalek suit sells for astronomic £3,2002008-04-24 Times.jpg
Head behind the sofas, the Sontarans are back!2008-04-25
The Sontarans are coming!2008-04-26 Radio Times.pdf
Fallece Tristram Cary, el padre de la música electrónica2008-04-28
Space oddity2008-04-28 Metro.jpg
Time for a woman to be Dr Who?2008-04-30 Your Shepway.jpg
Doctor Who, the complete third series2008-05-01 Video Watchdog.pdf
Dawkster who?2008-05-01 New Humanist.jpg
Build a Voice Changer2008-05-01 Nuts and Volts.pdf
Friend or foe?2008-05-03 Radio Times.jpg
It was time to dance the apocalyptic tango over at Doctor Who2008-05-06 Metro.jpg
Dave's the Prime Lord2008-05-06 Daily Star.jpg
Child of time2008-05-10 Radio Times.jpg
The Doctor had gained a child, albeit one spawned artificially in super-quick time2008-05-12 Times.jpg
Yes, we know he's not a real person2008-05-13 Times.jpg
Alien knitting patterns undo Dr Who fan2008-05-14 Times.jpg
Never Mind the Daleks Here's Davros!2008-05-17 Radio Times.pdf
Who-dunnit?2008-05-17 Radio Times.pdf
TV chiefs soften over Doctor Who fan's toys2008-05-17 Times.jpg
The writer Gareth Roberts was having fun on Saturday's Doctor Who2008-05-19 Times.jpg
There is one great writer who hasn't been visited by Dr Who: Jane Austen2008-05-24 Times.jpg
Protected species2008-05-26 New Statesman.jpg
Is Steven Moffat good news for Doctor Who?2008-05-26 Guardian Media.jpg
Leela was best Dr Who girl anyway2008-05-28 Your Dover.jpg
Davies Quits Doctor Who2008-05-29 Pink Paper.jpg
Spine-chiller2008-05-31 Radio Times.jpg
From Balaclavas to Jumpsuits: The Multiple Histories and Identities of "Doctor Who's" Cybermen2008-06-01
Fewer, bigger, better could be best2008-06-01 Televisual.jpg
Tristram Cary2008-06-06 Goldmine.jpg
Dark man2008-06-07 Radio Times.jpg
£440 for Dr Who sharpener2008-06-07 Times.jpg
Keep TV stars off West End stage says Miller (just as Dr Who arrives)2008-06-09 Evening Standard.jpg
Stay sharp!2008-06-14 Radio Times.jpg
One Final Question (Freema Agyeman)2008-06-14 Radio Times p154.jpg
Who Altered British TV? 'Who' Indeed2008-06-15 New York Times.pdf
Doctor Who is dead scared of repetition2008-06-16 Times.jpg
20 years on, and Davros doesn't look a day older2008-06-17 Sun.jpg
The Doctor's women2008-06-21 Radio Times.pdf
Turn Left2008-06-21 Hot TV.jpg
Freema Names Star Who Sneaks Choc Into Tardis2008-06-24 Daily Star.jpg
Red Alert2008-06-28 Radio Times.pdf
Doctor Who is the most self-confident programme on television2008-06-30 Times.jpg
Who's on the Boards2008-07-01 Whats on Stage.pdf
Everyone's going Doctor Who mad!2008-07-02
Could time be up for Tennant as Time Lord?2008-07-05
Master Behind Dr Who2008-07-05
Reinventing Davros2008-07-05 Telegraph.jpg
Has time finally run out for coolest man on TV?2008-07-05 Times.jpg
Doctor Two2008-07-06 Independent.jpg
When more isn't less2008-07-07 Times.jpg
Elizabeth Spriggs2008-07-07 Times p51.jpg
Return of the Brigadier2008-07-08 Daily Star.jpg
Kids can spot a Dalek but what is an owl?2008-07-09 Daily Star.jpg
Vworp! Stage left2008-07-11
Mystery of casting2008-07-12 Radio Times.jpg
Exterminate! (2008)2008-07-15 Evening Standard.jpg
Teletubbies vs Emu in Christmas battle2008-07-16 Metro.jpg
What a state, Tate!2008-07-17 London Lite.jpg
Ahead of her time ... academics find space for woman who made Doctor Who theme2008-07-18 Times.jpg
Billie bounces back2008-07-21 We Love Telly.jpg
The king of cut and stick2008-07-26 Financial Times.jpg
Weird — but Doctor Who prom was perfect for our geeky times2008-07-28 Daily Telegraph 2.jpg
People's Proms2008-08-01 Evening Standard.jpg
More like 'Doctor When'?2008-08-02 Los Angeles Times 0002.jpg
Who and a few2008-08-02 Los Angeles Times 0001.jpg
Captain Jack hooks 'em2008-08-07 Province.jpg
We'll always have freebooting2008-08-07 National Post.jpg
Stardom hurts Torchwood star's inner geek2008-08-08 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Who's this? Out of Tardis but in a taxi2008-08-09 Daily Express.jpg
Extra special Tennant2008-08-10 Sunday Times p16.jpg
Hamlet, sweet Time Lord of Denmark2008-08-10 Sunday Times p19.jpg
Am I too queer for Top Gear?2008-08-15 London Lite.jpg
Och aye Dr Who!2008-08-24
Enthusiasts flock to see who's at sci-fi convention2008-08-25
Big Screen Break: Fans Want A Dr Who Time Traveller Movie2008-08-25 Evening Herald.jpg
The lost geniuses of library music2008-08-29 Guardian.jpg
Doctor Who: The Forgotten No. 1 of 62008-08-31 Syracuse Post Standard.jpg
The Brain of Morbius2008-09-01 Sight and Sound.jpg
The BBC Dr Who Prom2008-09-01 Musical Opinion.pdf
How Dr. Who travels2008-09-03 Winnipeg Free Press.jpg
Stars in his eyes2008-09-11 Xtra.jpg
Love is round the corner for Belle2008-09-13 Heat.jpg
Brand bastion2008-09-26 Financial Times.jpg
Loft in Space2008-09-27 Radio Times.jpg
David Tennant will be Dr Who 'for ever'2008-09-28 Sunday Express.jpg
From Monopoly to Dr Who, Christmas toys this year are destined for a retro look2008-09-29 Times.jpg
Rose Tyler: The ethics of care and the limit of agency2008-10-01
Clone the Doctor Who Sound2008-10-01 Keyboard.jpg
Dr Who guide materialises2008-10-03 Bookseller.jpg
End of season for sci-fi fave Torchwood2008-10-24 Edmonton Journal.jpg
Things fall apart on Torchwood as the series' current run burns out2008-10-24 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Spin-off from the Tardis2008-10-30
Doctor Who Actor Steps Down2008-10-31 New York Times.jpg
David Tennant to quit 'Dr. Who'2008-10-31 Los Angeles Times.jpg
War without End?: Utopia, the Family, and the Post-9/11 World in Russell T. Davies's "Doctor Who"2008-11-01
Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth2008-11-01 Technology Review.pdf
Who's to be Who?2008-11-01 Daily Worker & Morning Star.jpg
I know Who can fill the Doctor's shoes2008-11-02
The Doctor's new enemy2008-11-14 Bookseller.jpg
Race To See Doctor Who2008-11-18
Daleks off to invade Scotland2008-11-18
So Who lives in a house like this?2008-11-19
Surviving Doctor Who2008-11-22 Telegraph.jpg
Doctor Who nearly flew in a bubble2008-11-23 Sunday Times.jpg
The Scooby-Doo challenge Kids' TV at the BBC2008-11-24
Doc in Cyber Special2008-11-24 Sun.jpg
Who Wear Wow2008-11-27
Daleks aim to break record2008-11-27 Evening Herald.jpg
Doctor Who: The Fourth Series2008-11-27 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
Elisabeth Sladen just what the 'Doctor' ordered2008-11-28 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud tales2008-11-29
Doctor Who Producer Receives Royal Honor2008-11-29 New York Times.jpg
New BBC Storm As Barrowman Flashes On Air2008-12-02 Daily Star.jpg
Terrify them, absolutely terrify them2008-12-04
Chance to snap up Doctor Who artwork2008-12-04
Return of Doctor Who hero2008-12-05 Times.jpg
The final curtain2008-12-05 Radio Times.pdf
If Tennant's out, Who'll be Hamlet?2008-12-09 London Paper.jpg
An annual battle2008-12-12 Bookseller.jpg
An Irishman's Diary2008-12-13 Irish Times.jpg
Cybermen in comeback2008-12-14 Sunday Express.jpg
Princely performance from understudy Bennett2008-12-18 Kentish Times.jpg
Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series2008-12-19 Daily Oklahoman.jpg
Look who's taking on the Time Lord2008-12-20
Doctor Doctor2008-12-20 Radio Times.pdf
Spoilt for choice2008-12-20 Spectator.jpg
Finally finished Scarf not always labor of love Kim Aaron spent two years knitting replica of Dr. Who neckwear2008-12-22
Me, my back and Dr Who2008-12-23 Evening Standard.pdf
Just what the Doctor ordered (2008)2008-12-24 Evening Standard.jpg
Doctored notes2008-12-26 Times p4.jpg
Seeing double2008-12-26 Times p56.jpg
Like flogging a dead reindeer2008-12-28 Sunday Times.jpg
Doctor in demand2008-12-31 Daily Mail.jpg
Tennant's exit a grim weeper2008-12-31 Daily Star.jpg
The Web planet: How the changing Internet divided "Doctor Who" fan fiction writers2009-01-01
Doctor Who To Be Him... Or Her2009-01-03
New Doctor unveiled today2009-01-03 Guardian.jpg
Is this the face of the new Dr Who?2009-01-03 Daily Mail.jpg
Doctor's orders2009-01-04
Matt Smith, that's Who2009-01-04
Doctor Who?2009-01-04 Independent.jpg
Time Lad2009-01-04 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Time is on side of new Doctor Who2009-01-04 Sunday Times.jpg
Dr Who Junior2009-01-04 Mail.pdf
Who's This New Who?2009-01-05 New York Times.jpg
Before-his-time lord2009-01-05 Times.jpg
Who's your lady friend, Doctor?2009-01-05 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who scam claims refuted2009-01-06 Irish Independent.jpg
We need a Dr Who has some charisma2009-01-07 Your Canterbury.jpg
Kim's home game2009-01-08 Daily Star.jpg
Going back to the future is a hazardous enterprise2009-01-09 Times.jpg
Booked in with beloved doctor2009-01-10
Young Who's marketing appeal is out of this world2009-01-11 Sunday Express.jpg
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lord2009-01-12
Magic tricks beyond the imagination of a sorcerer2009-01-12 Independent.jpg
Who's a lucky boy?2009-01-12
Not quite the new Doctor Who2009-01-22
Llega "Doctor Who" a público latinoamericano a partir de este sábado2009-01-23
Doctor Who's chief Dalek dies aged 822009-01-23 London Evening Standard.jpg
New Dr episodes set to be a real Who's who of talent2009-01-23
Veteran Mr Dalek dies at 822009-01-23 Daily Express-2.jpg
EastEnders star Michelle enters Tardis2009-01-23 Daily Express-1.jpg
John Scott Martin2009-01-24 Times.jpg
Doctor Who's friend takes a racy role2009-01-25 Detroit Free Press.jpg
Bionic woman Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special2009-01-26
Doctor Clu2009-01-27 Mirror.jpg
Dr Who and his girl from Ipanema2009-02-01 Mail on Sunday.jpg
I Cheated on Doctor Who2009-02-13
Daleks drawn for BBC Books2009-02-13 Bookseller.jpg
We get Dr Who off his Tardis!2009-02-13 Daily Star.jpg
Sands of Time Lord2009-02-14 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor's Stroppy Sidekick Revealed2009-02-19
A law unto herself2009-02-22
Crunch time for aliens2009-02-27 Daily Star.jpg
Alien pondlife2009-03-04 Times.jpg
City's many links with Time Lord2009-03-09
An actor with big 'Who' shoes to fill2009-03-09 Los Angeles Times.jpg
The BBC is out of touch with what children are thinking2009-03-23 Guardian.jpg
I was a plastic mustachioed bit-part alien in Doctor Who2009-04-04 Times.jpg
Knock, knock, Who's there?2009-04-05 Sunday Times.jpg
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All aboard the No 200 bus2009-04-11
How to make the most of Easter's big TV event2009-04-11 Times Playlist.jpg
Is it OK to ... find Dr Who a turn-off?2009-04-11 Times Weekend.jpg
Gillian all set to take on Doctor2009-04-23 Daily Express.jpg
What Katy did next2009-04-24
Baby Joy for Monster Mum2009-05-07 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who runs out of time2009-05-17 Sunday Express.jpg
Unsung Hero2009-05-24 Sunday Times Magazine.jpg
Who's That Girl? (2009)2009-05-30 Sun.jpg
Me and My Ego2009-05-31 Daily Star on Sunday.jpg
Why the Cybermen Stomp: Sound in the New Doctor Who2009-06-01
Shaping Fantasies: Responses to Shakespeare’s Magic in Popular Culture2009-06-01
Who's Who Of Whos2009-06-23
Doctor Who, Torchwood lead BBC America's lineup2009-06-27 Orlando Sentinel.jpg
Torchwood Star Gets Touchy2009-06-30 Daily Express.jpg
Burning bright2009-07-04 Radio Times.pdf
Treasure Hunters2009-07-05
I'm all for the pulchritudinous John Barrowman2009-07-06 New Statesman.jpg
The networks are boldly going heavy on science fiction and fantasy series2009-07-06 Journal News.jpg
Children Of Earth was five hours of pure thriller2009-07-12 Sunday Express p70.jpg
Dr Who genius ups sticks for America2009-07-12 Sunday Express p11.jpg
Jack out of focus2009-07-13 Daily Star.jpg
Aliens first, relationships later2009-07-16 Toronto Star.jpg
Torchwood miniseries adds pulse to summer TV2009-07-19 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Torchwood miniseries offers huge unexpected twists in weekly show2009-07-19 Lansing State Journal.jpg
And Capt. Jack is crackerjack2009-07-20 Variety.jpg
Torchwood faces child-care challenges2009-07-20 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Doctor Who's new clothes go back in time2009-07-21
Brilliant, says Matt as he steps into the Doctor's new boots on a Welsh beach2009-07-21
Suits Who, Sir2009-07-21 Sun.jpg
The Doctor who's turned back time2009-07-21 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doc takes a bow2009-07-21 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Who takes last romp2009-07-21 Oklahoman.jpg
U.K.'s 'Doctor Who' Coming to America2009-07-24 Washington Post.jpg
Who-niverse: The man who regenerated Doctor Who hits the limelight2009-07-25
Who's big-bang goodbye2009-07-25 Los Angeles Times.jpg
He's still the hero, no matter who he kisses2009-07-31 Globe and Mail.jpg
Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009)2009-07-31 Entertainment Weekly.jpg
The flight from history: from H G Wells to Doctor Who – and back again2009-08-01
Season 5 of 'Doctor Who' brings new slate of actors2009-08-04 Regina Leader-Post.jpg
Doctor Who set to regenerate2009-08-05 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Who did Katy Manning do next? - Bette Davis2009-08-07
Doctor Who as you have never seen him before2009-08-22 Times.jpg
Time and relative dimensions on line: Doctor Who, wikis and the production of narrative/history2009-09-01
BBC Brands Beyond Britain2009-09-01 License Global.pdf
Red carpet leads to door of the Tardis2009-09-02 Your Thanet.jpg
Fans fight to save Welsh Tardis2009-09-05 Times.jpg
El actor australiano Ray Barrett murió a los 82 años2009-09-08
Back with a bang...2009-09-12 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor2009-09-18 Daily Oklahoman.jpg
Tories to Flog Beeb2009-09-19 Daily Star.jpg
Ray Barrett obituary2009-09-21 Times.jpg
History Meets Fiction in Doctor Who, ‘The Fires of Pompeii’2009-10-01
Who's the pretty new assistant, Doctor?2009-10-06 Daily Express.jpg
Today's choices (2009-10-10)2009-10-10 Radio Times.jpg
Young On Time Travel2009-10-13
Unexceptional talents must have a place alongside Dr Who2009-10-15
Barry Letts (The Herald)2009-10-16
Barry Letts (The Times)2009-10-26 Times.jpg
Barry Letts obituary2009-10-30 Independent.jpg
Time Lord's exit line2009-10-31 Times.jpg
Travel with a Time Lord: using media to enhance literacy2009-11-01
Obituary of Barry Letts2009-11-04 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Time Lord of the castle2009-11-10 Mirror.jpg
Master of the loonie-verse2009-11-13 Mail.jpg
Too scary for kids?2009-11-14 Radio Times.pdf
Warts and all2009-11-21 Spectator.jpg
Christmas Dave2009-11-24 Mirror.jpg
Should children's TV programmes have cinema-style ratings?2009-11-26 Children and Young People Now.jpg
Time's up Doc2009-11-28 Daily Star.jpg
Playing creatures2009-12-01 Dancing Times.pdf
YouChoose Technology videos we love2009-12-03 Guardian.jpg
Talking head2009-12-07 Times.jpg
How Doctor Who Changed London2009-12-10 Time Out London p11.pdf
Davies on Tennant2009-12-10 Time Out London p16.pdf
David Tennant holds forth2009-12-10 Time Out London p20.jpg
So, who is this Matt Smith bloke?2009-12-10 Time Out London p22.jpg
Time Lord bows out2009-12-11 Gazette.jpg
This Doctor is Out2009-12-14 Philadelphia Daily News.pdf
It's the end of an era for Doctor Who2009-12-16 Liverpool Echo TV Guide.jpg
One last spin in a rather nifty phone booth2009-12-18
Doctor making his final rounds2009-12-18 Record.jpg
It's Not The End Of The World2009-12-19
The new face of David Tennant2009-12-19 Radio Times.pdf
Time to Go!2009-12-19 Total TV Guide.pdf
Boo Who2009-12-19 Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who actor didn't want to stay until people asked 'Why?'2009-12-19 Austin American Statesman.jpg
He's on to another time, space2009-12-19 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Dr. Who conjures biggest U.S. and yet2009-12-23 Variety.jpg
Treats from the Doctor2009-12-24
Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,0002009-12-26
The New Who? He's More Of A Junior Doctor2009-12-26 Mirror.jpg
A dark Christmas in the Square -- and in the Tardis2009-12-26 Times.jpg
Tennant pays tribute to 'Doctor Who' heroes as he bows out2009-12-27 Independent.jpg
Doctor Who fails to top ratings2009-12-27 Sunday Times.jpg
Doctor Who leads Welsh regeneration as TV dramas get welcome in hillsides2010-01-01 Guardian.jpg
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War!2010-01-01 Comic Buyers Guide.jpg
More Dr Who2010-01-01 Dancing Times.jpg