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A spy's wife stays mum1980-01-04 Sun.jpg
Bianchi Aviation Film Services1980-01-09 Variety.jpg
Baker's Brought To Book!1980-01-12 Look In.jpg
This man builds spaceships for a living!1980-01-12 2000 A.D..jpg
Welcome Back Dr Who1980-01-13 Observer.jpg
Where's there a Who club?1980-01-15 Starlog.jpg
A new fantasy lies beyond NU at Chicago sci-fi escape shop1980-01-18 Daily Northwestern.jpg
Doctor Who for the grown-ups1980-01-24 Age.jpg
Great moments that stay in the memory1980-01-31 Stage and Television Today.pdf
Una nuova serie di telefilm inglesi prende il posto di «Happy Days»1980-02-03 TV Sorrisi e Canzoni.pdf
Dr. Who's Lalla is a big draw1980-02-10 Sunday People.jpg
David Whitaker obituary1980-02-14 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who's avid fan down under1980-02-14 Age.jpg
Parents give 'Dr Who' a bitter pill to swallow1980-02-15 Times.jpg
Now Dr Who Faces Parents' Attack1980-02-15 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Lalla on a new time trip1980-02-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Lalla Wooed by Dr Who1980-02-18 Sun.jpg
Time tripper's fear of flying1980-02-22 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Who's Who? (The Sun)1980-02-28 Sun.jpg
LA 'Doctor Who' Convention Set1980-02-29 Santa Ana Register.jpg
Why Who's In The Land Of Tut1980-03-01 TV Times.jpg
The Who Interview1980-03-01 Starburst 019.pdf
Who Goes There (1980)1980-03-05 Times.jpg
Dr Who ads 'successful'1980-03-05 Canberra Times.jpg
Dr Who's Leela gets a call from the West1980-03-06 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr. who? Dr. Who -- that's who!1980-03-09 Los Angeles Herald Examiner.jpg
Sci-Fi Convention Set at Valley View1980-03-10 Times Tribune.jpg
Logopolis1980-03-13 Dunfermline Press.jpg
Who do they appreciate1980-03-19 Courier and Advertiser.jpg
Day Dr Who got cold feet!1980-03-21 Evening Argus.jpg
My only love - by Elsie's Dan1980-03-23 Sunday People.jpg
A Visit with The Doctor (Who)1980-04-01 Starlog p36.pdf
America Loves The Doctor1980-04-01 Starlog p40.pdf
Dr. Who? I'm slave to it, says Penny1980-04-10 Journal.jpg
Dr. Who fans rejoice!1980-04-20 Des Moines Register.jpg
The good doctor at work1980-04-30 Age.jpg
National Museum of Broadcasting1980-05-01 Wireless World.jpg
Who's Re-runs1980-05-03 TV Week Australia.jpg
Doctor's Office1980-05-06 Starlog.jpg
Lalla goes back in time1980-05-10 Evening Post.jpg
Who's the new boy?1980-05-15 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Who's boy wonder takes off1980-05-16 Sun.jpg
Matthew Who1980-05-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Can I have some information about Tom Baker?1980-05-17 Peoples Friend.jpg
Lalla Takes a Trip1980-05-24 Sun.jpg
Who's a lucky girl, then?1980-05-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
Here's a Starter for ---1980-05-25 Telegraph.jpg
Dalek Chase1980-06-01 Electronics Today International.jpg
Dr. Who made his stateside television debut during this past year1980-06-03 Starlog p34.pdf
The Doctor's In1980-06-03 Starlog.jpg
Good Lord-it's Lalla1980-06-05 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Will the cruel Beeb really kill off K9?1980-06-07 Sun.jpg
Spacious Living in Lincoln!1980-06-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
It was gratifying to see an original interview with Tom Baker1980-07-08 Starlog p7.jpg
Terrance Dicks1980-07-08 Starlog p43.pdf
K9 lives!1980-07-12 Sun.jpg
How will Who lose his Lalla?1980-07-15 Sun.jpg
Solidarity with Dr Who1980-07-25 New Statesman.jpg
What's Doctor Who doing in the desert?1980-07-31 TV Times.jpg
Suzanne Danielle1980-08-06 Sun.jpg
Yesterday's Men and Women1980-08-09 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Tuning up 'Doctor Who'1980-08-10 Canberra Times.jpg
Spy girl Mary is playing it dirty1980-08-14 Sun.jpg
A teeny plea for Who1980-08-16 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Last of the Jaggeroth!1980-08-24 Times.jpg
Doctor's dilemma (The Age)1980-08-25 Age.jpg
Readers put their views about Dr Who's sex life1980-08-26 Age.jpg
Dalek lover1980-08-27 Age.jpg
What is Dr Who?1980-08-28 Age.jpg
Building a time machine1980-08-28 New Scientist.pdf
This is a new Who!1980-08-30 Sun.jpg
Who's New Out in Space?1980-09-06 Daily Mirror.jpg
And just look Who turned up1980-09-12 Chronicle Herald.jpg
Life at 400 can be a pain1980-09-13 Sun.jpg
Who's a lucky girl?1980-09-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Strike ends at the BBC1980-09-19 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Shows go on as Beeb scenery strike ends1980-09-20 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who comes down to earth (1980)1980-09-26 Harrow Observer.jpg
Who's Next? (Matthew Waterhouse)1980-09-27 Blue Jeans.jpg
Meglos1980-09-27 Sun.jpg
Teenage takeover in 'Doctor Who'?1980-09-27 Radio Times.jpg
Dr Who starts on another exploit1980-09-27 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Inside Dr. Who and the Wombles1980-09-29 Belfast Telegraph p9.jpg
Page 1 Bookshop1980-09-29 Belfast Telegraph p10.jpg
Dalek booked for Co. Down1980-10-02 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
All go in Book Week1980-10-04 Newcastle Evening Chronicle.jpg
A pair of Dr. Who's socks will also go under the hammer1980-10-06 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Ex-ter-min-ate! It's The End for Dr Who's Dog1980-10-08 Daily Express.jpg
K9 gets the boot!1980-10-08 Daily Mirror.jpg
Curtains for K-9 and Romana1980-10-08 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
The best thing about Dr Who1980-10-11 Reading Evening Post.jpg
A dog's life1980-10-13 Age.jpg
The New Dr Who1980-10-15 Starburst 027.pdf
What it's like to be Dr. Who1980-10-18 Evening Post.jpg
Who's best friend?1980-10-18 Rugeley Times.jpg
Janet's the new girl in life of Dr. Who ...1980-10-23 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Tough Aussie for Dr Who1980-10-23 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Who's new girl1980-10-24 Daily Express.jpg
Janet who? .. she's the girl for Dr Who1980-10-24 Daily Record.jpg
New girl for flying Dr Who1980-10-24 Daily Star.jpg
On Doctor's Orders1980-10-24 Daily Mail.jpg
Australian Girl for Dr Who1980-10-24 Telegraph.jpg
Tom Baker to quit as Dr Who1980-10-24 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Who's new tonic1980-10-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
Tom Baker quits after seven years1980-10-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
Two lucky lads step into space1980-10-25 Daily Express.jpg
And now for Miss Who?1980-10-25 Daily Express 2.jpg
Exterminate!1980-10-25 Daily Record.jpg
Time's up, Doctor1980-10-25 Daily Star.jpg
Who's who in Who1980-10-25 Daily Mail p17.jpg
Who's on next?1980-10-25 Daily Mail.jpg
Tom Quits--now a woman Dr Who?1980-10-25 Sun.jpg
Tom quits as Dr Who1980-10-25 Daily Mirror 2.jpg
Short cut into space1980-10-25 Sun 2.jpg
It's time for a change, says Dr Who1980-10-25 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Goodbye! Tom Quits as Dr Who1980-10-25 Daily Express p1-3.pdf
Who's next?1980-10-25 Times.jpg
Dr Who man hangs up his scarf...1980-10-25 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Will Viewers Exterminate Dr. Who Before These Do?1980-10-26 Sunday People.jpg
Dr Who gets Aussie co-star1980-10-26 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
A female Dr. Who?1980-10-30 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Who do you want next?1980-11-01 Sun.jpg
The descent of K91980-11-01 Radio Times.jpg
Peter Who?1980-11-05 Daily Record.jpg
A journey into the unknown1980-11-05 Daily Record p10.pdf
A Doctor Who from the dales1980-11-05 Courier and Advertiser.jpg
Tristan boards the Tardis1980-11-05 Daily Mail.jpg
Just what the Doctor ordered (1980)1980-11-05 Express and Star.jpg
TV Vet Is New Space Doctor1980-11-05 Sun.jpg
TV Vet's The New Dr Who1980-11-05 Daily Mirror p3.jpg
New Doctor Who1980-11-05 Times.jpg
TVOntario kills Dr. Who after 'racism' protest1980-11-06 Toronto Star.jpg
Is Dr Who, aged 750, about to face up to sex?1980-11-06 Daily Express.jpg
Tristan as Dr Who1980-11-07 Canberra Times.jpg
TVOntario cancels rest of Dr. Who1980-11-07 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Chinese Chop for Dr. Who1980-11-09 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Farmer Frazer can't find true love1980-11-15 Sun.jpg
Tom and Lalla to wed1980-11-19 Evening Mail.jpg
Dr Who to wed Romana1980-11-19 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Love catches up with Dr. Who1980-11-19 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Wedding bells on the Tardis!1980-11-19 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Doctor Who, I love you ...1980-11-19 New Standard.jpg
Dr Who Finds Time To Wed Lalla!1980-11-20 Sun.jpg
Tom Baker, television's Dr Who1980-11-20 Telegraph.jpg
Wedding bells for Dr. Who1980-11-20 Newcastle Journal.jpg
My romance with Lalla, by 'Dr Who'1980-11-20 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Who loves ya, Lalla!1980-11-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
New image for Dr Who1980-11-20 Sun (Australia).jpg
And whosoever knoweth just cause or impediment1980-11-21 Daily Mail.jpg
I'm afraid it's going to be a huge wedding guest list!1980-11-21 Evening Mail.jpg
Another girl for Dr Who1980-11-21 New Standard.jpg
Make space for three, Dr Who1980-11-22 Daily Express p7.jpg
Dr Who recruit1980-11-22 Times.jpg
Love in the Tardis1980-11-22 Sun.jpg
A date with the Doctor1980-11-22 Sun 2.jpg
Dr Who Recruit (The Telegraph)1980-11-22 Telegraph.jpg
How I fell for Dr Who1980-11-22 Daily Express p9.jpg
Sarah's Set to Join Dr Who1980-11-22 Daily Mirror.jpg
Attack of the funnybook fanatics1980-11-25 Mass Media.jpg
History in wax1980-12-01 Illustrated London News.pdf
Dr. Who's Companions Come to Hollywood1980-12-02 Starlog.pdf
It's getting to be a tight squeeze in Dr Who's time machine these days1980-12-04 Sun.jpg
K9 Gets A 'Vet' With A Nose For Fear ...1980-12-06 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Why John had to be put down1980-12-13 Daily Record.jpg
Time lord has no time for a honeymoon1980-12-13 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who is just walking on air1980-12-13 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Dr Who meets his match1980-12-14 Observer.jpg
Doctor Who's Next Adventure1980-12-14 Sunday Times.jpg
Television time traveller Dr. Who1980-12-14 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Look Who's Got Married1980-12-14 Sunday Express.jpg
Time to Wed for Dr. Who!1980-12-14 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Dr and Mrs Who1980-12-15 Times.jpg
May the Force be with you!1980-12-18 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Buck Rogers and Dr Who have declared a truce for Christmas1980-12-20 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Inflation threat to TV favourites1980-12-21 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Welcome, Villainy1980-12-25 Boston Globe.jpg
The spoofy British series makes its bow Saturday1980-12-28 New Orleans Times-Picayune.jpg
Sci-fi flicks1980-12-31 Miami News.jpg
Knock, knock! 'Who's there?' Doctor... 'Doctor Who?'1981-01-02 Bucks Examiner.jpg
Dr. Who strikes again1981-01-03 Miami News.jpg
Dr Who Is On The Move Again1981-01-04 Telegraph.pdf
Dr. Who's on first (1981)1981-01-07 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Children's Science Film Festival: The Three Doctors1981-01-09 Miami News.jpg
Rebecca's World by Terry Nation1981-01-10 Reading Evening Post.jpg
The Shadow Man1981-01-12 TV Times.jpg
It's carry on K91981-01-16 Daily Express.jpg
Children's Science Film Festival: Robot1981-01-16 Miami News.jpg
The Voice of Youth1981-01-21 Daily Express.jpg
Children's Science Film Festival: Whose Dr. Who?1981-01-23 Miami News.jpg
A fan of Who?1981-01-23 Atherstone News and Herald.jpg
The Keeper of Traken1981-01-30 Dunfermline Press.jpg
Who's not afraid now, Doctor?1981-01-31 Daily Record.jpg
Meet Dr. Who's pretty new partner1981-01-31 Daily Mirror.jpg
Nudes are not for me says Lalla1981-02-08 Sunday People.jpg
An experiement in self-portrait photography1981-02-08 Sunday Times.jpg
All creatures great for the new Dr Who1981-02-11 Australian Womans Weekly.jpg
Dr Who's last fling1981-02-13 Daily Mirror.jpg
Hit composer Ron is dead1981-02-23 Sun.jpg
Ron Grainer obituary1981-02-26 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Janet Fielding, who plays Tegan1981-02-27 Dunfermline Press.jpg
I'm bossy enough to take on two doctors!1981-02-28 Daily Express.jpg
Tom picks up another girl1981-02-28 Daily Record.jpg
Just What The Doctors Ordered1981-02-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
WVIZ's 'Doctor Who' offers fantasy for science fiction lovers1981-03-03 Daily Kent Stater.jpg
Diana Is 19 Charles Is 32, I Does An Age Gap Matter?1981-03-05 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Doctor's Orders: Get Away From It All1981-03-08 Sunday Times.jpg
Jon did it - but who's got it?1981-03-13 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Time's up for the Time Lord1981-03-21 Daily Mirror.jpg
Vet Peter Joins The Doctors' Who's Who1981-03-21 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Tom runs out of time!1981-03-21 Sun.jpg
Personal choice1981-03-21 Times.jpg
Where Dr Who fears to tread1981-03-21 Daily Mail.jpg
Marriage is good for me says Tom1981-03-21 Daily Express.pdf
Dr Who Does Vanishing Act1981-03-22 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Who needs a change1981-03-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
... and this Dr Who's last journey1981-03-28 Radio Times.jpg
Back to word1981-04-15 Times.jpg
The new-look doctor is a cricket fan1981-04-15 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
New Dr Who aims to hit fans for six1981-04-15 New Standard.jpg
Tom, out on his own1981-04-15 Daily Post.jpg
Whozat! Doctor to skittle 'em1981-04-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
It was all just a con1981-04-26 Palm Beach Post.jpg
Ramware Presents ... Time Lord1981-05-01 Micro.jpg
Who's Who (1981)1981-05-02 Rugeley Times.jpg
The Return of Doctor Who1981-05-05 Starlog.pdf
Well, this certainly buggers our plan to conquer the Universe1981-05-08 Punch.jpg
Tales of the kids' lib detectives1981-05-11 Christian Science Monitor.jpg
Doctor Where? (The Age)1981-05-21 Age.jpg
Courtroom Drama Is Gripping1981-05-22 Worthing Gazette and Herald.jpg
Black group tells CRTC racists using the media1981-05-26 Globe and Mail.jpg
Creator of TV 'Doomwatch' dies at 531981-05-28 Telegraph.jpg
Sudden death of Dr Doom1981-05-28 Daily Express.jpg
Latest wills1981-06-02 Times.jpg
More Demand for Dr. Who1981-06-04 Age.jpg
A family affair at Yannathan1981-06-11 Age.jpg
Much ado about Dr Who1981-06-11 Age 2.jpg
Dr Who fans unite1981-06-18 Age.jpg
What can you tell me about mad, lovable "Dr. Who"1981-06-21 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Two for Who1981-06-27 Sun.jpg
Sci-fi fans agree: Star Trek's the most enterprising series1981-06-28 Fort Lauderdale News.jpg
Dr. Who, Tardis Rocket Into City 14 Years Late1981-07-13 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
More on "Dr. Who"1981-07-23 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Who's Who: A History of the Six Doctors Who1981-08-04 Starlog 050.pdf
Jeremy Bulloch1981-08-04 Starlog 050 p17.pdf
U.S. Viewers Fancy BBC Sci-Fi Fantasy1981-08-12 Variety.jpg
What's a Panopticon? Ask a 'Who' Fan1981-08-15 Tulsa World.jpg
Latest wills (1981-08-15)1981-08-15 Times.jpg
Rock on . . with Pam and the BBC1981-08-19 Standard.jpg
Not the Nine O'Clock Nudes!1981-08-20 Daily Record.jpg
Look Who fell in love1981-08-29 Sun (2).jpg
Lis aims to be a slimline Sarah Jane1981-09-07 Liverpool Echo.jpg
I have three questions1981-09-12 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Dr. Who Series On Channel 251981-10-03 Call and Post.jpg
Dr Who creator joins book-week fun1981-10-05 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Julian Glover1981-10-06 Starlog 052.pdf
British Leyland1981-10-16 Daily Mail.jpg
In the swim?1981-10-17 Radio Times.pdf
A timely guide to who's who in space1981-10-29 Evening Post.jpg
Who's Who? (The Times)1981-10-30 Times Preview p16.jpg
Dr Who Exhibitions1981-10-30 Times Preview p13.jpg
Who's Dr Who's favourite Dr Who?1981-10-31 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr. Who replaced by 'The Avengers'1981-11-01 Times-Picayune.jpg
The Five Faces of Dr Who1981-11-08 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who for ever1981-11-08 Observer.jpg
It was the inability to make a fire which kept the plot busy1981-11-08 Telegraph.jpg
K9 comes out of the doghouse1981-11-13 Daily Express.jpg
Happy to be you know who1981-11-14 Sun p12.jpg
A tonic for the Doctor1981-11-14 Sun.jpg
The Doctor's 749th Birthday Celebration1981-11-17 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Now it's Louise in captivity1981-11-19 Daily Record.jpg
Talking shop Down Under1981-11-19 Stage and Television Today.jpg
The mind-stretching and the macabre1981-11-20 Times Literary Supplement.jpg
The Doctor arrives1981-11-21 Gulf Times.jpg
Who Is The Hero Of Fantasy Series1981-11-21 Tampa Tribune.jpg
I am writing about the PBS series Dr. Who1981-11-21 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Out-Of-This-World Drink1981-11-23 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr Who fans hold first Scots convention1981-11-28 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Dr. Who material is readily found at The Empire House1981-11-28 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Travellers in time without a Tardis1981-11-30 Glasgow Herald.jpg
New ray of hope for 'Dr. Who' fans1981-12-03 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Who duo line up for thrills1981-12-05 Sun.jpg
Sherlock heads for a romp1981-12-05 Sun p19.jpg
Through Channels1981-12-06 Ukiah Daily Journal.jpg
Why I had to shut that door1981-12-12 Sun.jpg
Tom's still not shaken off his old Tardis1981-12-16 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Parrot poser for Dr Who1981-12-18 Times.jpg
My close encounter with K91981-12-28 Daily Mail.jpg
Monsters galore face new Dr Who1981-12-31 Daily Mail.jpg
New Who1982-01-02 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who Is Hit For Six1982-01-02 Sun.jpg
Tardis lands on the wrong day1982-01-04 Guardian.jpg
Why Long Tom Baker feels as sick as a parrot!1982-01-06 Sun.jpg
The new Dr. Who has made an appearance1982-01-09 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Concorde1982-01-12 Times.jpg
Doctor Who's Aussie Helper1982-01-13 Australian Womens' Weekly.jpg
The Doctor and the Master have joined forces1982-01-15 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Lalla teaches Dr Who what's what1982-01-17 News of the World.jpg
Gemcom To Distribute BBC Show Disks In U.S.1982-01-20 Variety.jpg
Dr Who: From stone age to charm1982-01-21 New Scientist.jpg
Dr Who in panto1982-01-21 Newmarket Journal.jpg
Princess is the tops1982-01-27 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Worzel who?1982-01-28 New Scientist.jpg
In View (The Age)1982-01-28 Age.jpg
The how and why of Doctor Who1982-01-30 Radio Times.jpg
Peter Davison, the current, rather excellent Dr. Who1982-01-30 Belfast Telegraph Weekend p8.jpg
How good are the new Grange Hill and the new Dr. Who?1982-01-30 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Who is he? Why, he's Dr. Who, that's who1982-02-01 Patterns p32.jpg
Time-Life sues OSU for film payments1982-02-01 Ohio State Lantern.jpg
The Foundation Bookstore1982-02-04 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Science fiction program gaining fans at Carolina1982-02-04 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Who is the time lord's enemy now1982-02-06 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr. Who, I Presume1982-02-07 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Who's Who (Starlog)1982-02-09 Starlog 056.jpg
Comics for Collectors1982-02-11 Ithacan.jpg
Whodunnit?1982-02-15 Sun.jpg
Dr Who scripts1982-02-18 New Scientist.jpg
Dr. Who Festival1982-02-21 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Some viewers point lasers at 'Dr. Who'1982-02-24 Minneapolis Star.jpg
Campus Calendar1982-02-26 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Write a letter and you could win £3001982-02-26 Telegraph.jpg
Under Doctor's Orders1982-02-27 Titbits.jpg
Send a letter that's out of this world1982-02-27 Liverpool Echo.jpg
All the latest on Dr Who1982-03-04 Age.jpg
Loons and toons fan the mirth at the Nimrod1982-03-05 Sydney Morning-Herald.jpg
Time machine back in town1982-03-09 Age.jpg
Area fans know who's Who1982-03-14 Star-News.jpg
When sci-fi fans get together it's for trek to other worlds1982-03-15 Miami Herald.jpg
Dr. Who's lad is dead unlucky1982-03-17 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr Who at bay1982-03-18 New Scientist.jpg
PBS funding pledged1982-03-19 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
How does something sinister crawling up your leg sound?1982-03-20 Globe and Mail.jpg
Public TV fundraiser nets $203,125 in pledges1982-03-24 Central Michigan Life.jpg
Dr. Who? Dr. WHO, that's Who1982-03-29 Times.jpg
Date That Robot1982-04-01 Playboy.pdf
Pirates give Sylvester new plank in his stage career1982-04-06 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Dr. Who series draws fanatic followers1982-04-16 Daily Herald.pdf
We've Got ... Doctor Who1982-04-16 Daily Herald sec. 4, p. 5.jpg
Will the doctor bowl 'em over?1982-04-22 Age.jpg
Turkey of the Week1982-04-25 Star Tribune.jpg
A new face for 'Dr Who'1982-04-26 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr Who? Dr Davison, with cricket bat, takes over the phone booth1982-04-26 Sydney Morning Herald See-Hear p1.jpg
Former "Dr Who" star Tom Baker has split after only 16 months of marriage from actress Lalla Ward1982-04-28 Daily Express.jpg
Dalek Actor a 'Star' in Pulpit1982-05-02 Sunday Mirror.jpg
I still love Lalla says sad Dr Who1982-05-03 Sun.jpg
Meet the new Dr Who1982-05-04 Sun News.jpg
On a bicycle made for Who!1982-05-08 Sun.jpg
Two on a bicycle made for Who ...1982-05-08 Daily Express.jpg
Cover-up1982-05-08 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Who's Daring Darlings1982-05-08 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who Fever Rises in Chicago1982-05-10 Chronicle.jpg
Mini-reviews: Shows get cute and nutty and nice1982-05-14 Detroit Free Press.jpg
Whofest a Berwyn first1982-05-14 Cicero Life.jpg
It's Dr Who dunnit!1982-05-15 TV Scene.jpg
Dr. Who fans plan convention1982-05-16 Star-News.jpg
Doctor Who fans to convene1982-05-22 Wilmington Star-News.jpg
Super-Heroes!1982-05-22 Girl and Dreamer.jpg
Q-C 'Time Lords' fans of Dr. Who1982-05-25 Dispatch.jpg
CMU's public television number one1982-05-26 Central Michigan Life.jpg
Who Was Dr Who's Father?1982-06-01
Marriage is full of irritations...1982-06-08 Daily Express.jpg
Sci-fi fans know who's 'Who' on TV1982-06-17 Pensacola News Journal.jpg
Stitch in Dr. Who time ...1982-06-25 Newcastle Evening Chronicle.jpg
Time-Life suit resolved to the tune of $192,5001982-06-25 Ohio State Lantern.jpg
Dr. Who materializes for Chicago Convention1982-07-01 Illinois Entertainer.pdf
Star Portraits1982-07-03 Look-In.jpg
Icy hello1982-07-12 Sun.jpg
A hero for all ages, Dr. Who is just out of this world1982-07-14 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Dr Who Beauty To Quit1982-07-15 Sun.jpg
Dr Who girl to quit1982-07-15 Daily Post.jpg
Who's that doctor? (AP photo)1982-07-17 Green Bay Press Gazette.jpg
U.S. fans go wild for Dr Who and Nyssa1982-07-19 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who's thousands1982-07-19 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Time of their lives1982-07-19 Daily Post.jpg
Dr Who society1982-07-21 Canberra Times.jpg
Beauty and the Daleks1982-07-26 Daily Star.jpg
Who's who among TV doctors1982-07-27 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Bring 'Dr. Who' back to Iowa TV1982-07-30 Waterloo Courier.jpg
Make up a monster1982-07-31 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who knows where Peter will turn up?1982-07-31 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Are You A Whovian?1982-08-02 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr. Tom? I'd rather see Dr Jon1982-08-03 Daily Express.jpg
The New Doctor Who1982-08-05 Starlog 062.pdf
Dr. Who: Hot TV for an August night1982-08-15 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Do your children do their homework while watching Dr. Who?1982-08-18 Press and Journal.jpg
How the BBC channels its television sales to audiences in the United States1982-08-20 Christian Science Monitor.jpg
Hooked on 'Doctor Who'1982-08-23 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr Who finds time his ruler1982-08-26 Age.jpg
Contest for Dr Who fans1982-08-26 Age 2.jpg
10 Doctor Who games to be won!1982-09-01 Super Spiderman.jpg
Who's for Dr. Who?1982-09-01 Scene.jpg
Dr. Who Leaving?1982-09-01 Patterns.jpg
Middlesex Polytechnic1982-09-03 THES.jpg
How about a few facts on Tom Baker1982-09-05 Miami Herald.jpg
British serial, comedy series join Channel 8 lineup1982-09-06 Arizona Republic.jpg
Can You Outguess Dr. Who?1982-09-07 Starlog 063.jpg
Dr. Who far from through1982-09-07 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Two 12-year-olds win the Daleks1982-09-09 Age.jpg
The Doctor Who Episode Guide: 1982 Season1982-09-14 Starlog 064.pdf
Old and New1982-09-14 Standard.jpg
Mark's time for Dr Who!1982-09-16 Sun.jpg
Dr. Who is double agent1982-09-16 Daily Mail.jpg
The regeneration game1982-09-18 Listener New Zealand.pdf
The incredible Doctor Who premieres on the Nebraska ETV Network1982-10-01 Choice.jpg
We didn't find a lot of information about "Dr. Who."1982-10-01 Abilene Reporter News.jpg
Who is he? Doctor Who, of course1982-10-01 KTWU Program Guide.jpg
Who's on first English cult hero has following here1982-10-12 Clarion Ledger.jpg
Dr. Who invades LU; U.N.I.T Irregulars hit1982-10-15 Loyola Phoenix.jpg
The Coast 'Dr. Who' connection1982-10-16 Sun Biloxi.jpg
Letters to outer space!1982-10-25 Liverpool Echo.jpg
In the bag1982-10-26 Times.jpg
Doctor Who Headquarters1982-10-29 Chicago Tribune.jpg
For Children1982-10-30 Illustrated London News.jpg
Alvin's misses teams up with Dr Who!1982-11-02 Sun.jpg
Dr. Who a surprise syndication success1982-11-04 Electronic Media.jpg
The Pan Bookshop1982-11-05 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Dr. Who Day Set1982-11-12 Daily Advertiser.jpg
Dr Who: Similarity and Difference1982-11-15
Doctor Who News1982-12-01 Scene.jpg
Children in the grip of television1982-12-01 Daily Express.jpg
Time Change for Dr. Who?1982-12-01 Airwaves.jpg
Doctor Who Inquiry1982-12-01 Patterns.jpg
Dr. Who Fans Are Invited To Special Day At Library1982-12-02 Daily Advertiser.jpg
The Doctor Who Void1982-12-03 American Eagle.jpg
Doctor Who captures American imagination1982-12-05 San Antonio News Express.jpg
Doctor Who Renewed1982-12-08 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Fantastic Worlds Bookstore1982-12-17 Fort Worth Star Telegram.jpg
Dr Who escapes1982-12-23 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Step into the Tardis with Koo & Co.1982-12-24 Daily Express.jpg
Not easy to figure the what and when of Dr. Who1982-12-26 South Bend Tribune.jpg
The Dr. Who series is terribly expensive1983-01-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
$127,802 Pledged in TV-44 Drive1983-01-02 Times Tribune.jpg
Expanded show spells headaches for WVIA1983-01-13 Times Leader.jpg
Test your knowledge of 'Dr. Who' trivia1983-01-13 Daily Herald.jpg
Birthday surprise for the doctor1983-01-20 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Speaking of WSRE1983-01-25 Pensacola News Journal.jpg
Guess Who's coming back1983-01-29 Radio Times.jpg
By Gummidge ... It's Worzel!1983-01-29 Eagle.jpg
Who's the doctor?1983-01-30 Enterprise Journal.jpg
Doctor Who? Spaced-out sci-fi fans beam down for festival1983-02-05 Fort Lauderdale News Sun-Sentinel.jpg
Doctor Who is real far out1983-02-06 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Spotlight on Doctor Who at science fiction festival1983-02-06 Tampa Tribune.jpg
More than 300 attend sci-fi festival1983-02-07 Galveston Daily News.jpg
Who mania raging on1983-02-17 Age.jpg
Dr Who's snub1983-02-17 Daily Mirror.jpg
Lord Bath signs up a Time Lord1983-02-22 Ariel.jpg
Peter Glaze1983-02-22 Telegraph.jpg
Dr. Who, the hero of television's longest-running science fiction series1983-02-24 Times of Northwest Indiana.jpg
Local fans to throw 'Con'1983-02-27 Star-News.jpg
Dr Who Adventure1983-03-01 Computer & Video Games.pdf
The lady's a pretty good pirate1983-03-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
What Is This Thing Called Who?1983-03-01 Airwaves p38.jpg
Doctor Who Pre-emptions? ...1983-03-01 Patterns p22.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club ...1983-03-01 Patterns p24.jpg
Once Upon A Time (Patterns)1983-03-01 Patterns p6.jpg
Doctor Boyd! Doctor Who?1983-03-05 Eagle edit.jpg
Show helps answer the question: Who is 'Doctor Who?'1983-03-05 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who fans must wait for outcome of favorite Time Lord1983-03-06 Southtown Economist.jpg
More Dr. Who and actors return for a new special1983-03-10 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who brings a new dimension to space1983-03-11 Gainesville Sun.pdf
Dr. Who will live again on Channel 121983-03-11 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
I love television when it's spelled PBS1983-03-11 Independent Florida Alligator.jpg
WFSU-TV offers fan clubs for kids1983-03-12 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Verity's top secret1983-03-15 Daily Express.jpg
TV & radio insight1983-03-16 Corpus Christi Times.jpg
Who's Who of doctors on parade1983-03-17 London Evening Standard.jpg
Dr. Who to the rescue1983-03-18 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Win a who's who guide to the mysterious Doctor Who1983-03-26 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr. Who ... a Rocky Horror banquet, too1983-03-27 Tinley Park Palos Star Herald.jpg
Peter Davison talks about life as the new Dr. Who1983-03-31 Ranger.jpg
Who Is Out of This World1983-04-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Who is this fellow with the wild, bushy hair1983-04-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin) p4.jpg
When growing old is just what Dr Who ordered1983-04-02 Telegraph.jpg
Imported sci-fi satire series starts today1983-04-02 Green Bay Press Gazette.jpg
Doctor Who, galactic anti-hero, lives on1983-04-03 Observer.jpg
What a queue to see Dr Who1983-04-04 Daily Star.jpg
Dr. Who Jamboree Attracts 40,000 Fans1983-04-06 Variety.jpg
What a hopeless Who do1983-04-08 Daily Mail.jpg
Who Knows Who Best?1983-04-09 Sun.jpg
Twenty Years of a Time Lord!1983-04-09 Eagle.jpg
New 'Who' to begin in June1983-04-10 Enterprise Journal.jpg
And the ABC asks: Dr Who?1983-04-12 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Stately Shambles1983-04-18 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's to save the universe? The Doctor, proclaim sci-fi fans1983-04-22 Suburban Sun Times.jpg
Dr Who display1983-04-25 Derby Evening Telegraph.jpg
Janet jumped to it1983-04-28 Newcastle Journal.jpg
U.S. "Doctor Who" Fans Travel to England1983-05-01 Facts Figures and Film.jpg
Peter Davison as Doctor Who1983-05-01 Scene.jpg
Hey, what's all the fuss? It's 'Who,' that's what!1983-05-04 This Week.pdf
Fifth incarnation of BBC's 'Dr. Who' enthralls viewers on both sides of ocean1983-05-06 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
Fans who are in the know crowd store to see 'Doctor'1983-05-06 Daily Herald.pdf
Dr Who at the library1983-05-10 Derby Evening Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who's Triple Trickster1983-05-14 TV Scene.jpg
Who's Who? (Eagle)1983-05-28 Eagle.jpg
I've been watching the newest Dr. Who series on Channel 21983-05-29 Palm Beach Post.jpg
Tegan Calls a Truce with the Daleks1983-05-30 Daily Telegraph.jpg
A Big (W)hooray1983-06-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Dr. Who Club Christened1983-06-01 Patterns.jpg
Dr. Who's sexy tonic1983-06-03 Daily Star.jpg
This little girl gets younger every play1983-06-03 Daily Post.jpg
Action Line1983-06-06 Journal Herald.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club1983-06-10 Ocala Star-Banner.jpg
Plea for new 'Dr Who'1983-06-12 Canberra Times.jpg
Dr. Who festival1983-06-13 Tampa Tribune.jpg
The good fight for Dr. Who1983-06-16 Newsday.jpg
Hi kids! Collect space heroes1983-06-19 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Who festivities1983-06-20 Broadcasting.jpg
Good news, "Dr. Who" fans. The doctor is coming back1983-06-21 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Dr Who's girl to leave1983-06-22 Daily Mirror.jpg
Thirty U.S. stations to mark Dr Who's twentieth birthday1983-06-23 Stage and Television Today.jpg
New Dr. Who premieres1983-06-23 Magee Courier.jpg
New 'Dr. Who' segments to begin on ETV1983-06-23 Enterprise Journal.jpg
TV's Mrs Poo dies at 771983-06-24 Daily Mirror.jpg
7,000,000 to Sing "Happy Birthday" to "Doctor Who"1983-07-01 Facts Figures and Film.jpg
Hooked on the Doctor1983-07-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Producing the goods1983-07-01 Sight and Sound.pdf
When the series started I was a crawling around in my nappies1983-07-06 Daily Mail.jpg
And talking of heroes there's a new girl for the kids' favourite1983-07-06 Daily Record.jpg
It's time traveller Peri - that's Who1983-07-06 Daily Post.jpg
England's 'Dr. Who' comes down to Earth1983-07-07 USA Today.jpg
Hiccup delays Worzel Gummidge1983-07-07 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Are you a fan of Dr. Who?1983-07-08 Tallahassee Democrat p1C.jpg
Happy Birthday to Who?1983-07-09 TV Guide.jpg
Doctor Who lands in North Carolina1983-07-10 Star-News.jpg
Dr. Who's on first1983-07-11 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr Who actress wins libel damages1983-07-13 Standard.jpg
Dr Who's girl was turned into a phoney nude1983-07-14 Daily Mail.jpg
Lalla wins case over bogus sex photos1983-07-14 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who actress wins case over nude pictures1983-07-14 Newcastle Journal.jpg
US fame surprises 'Dr. Who' star1983-07-15 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
Cult of fans knows that the Doctor is in1983-07-15 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who? There's no question he's a cult hero1983-07-18 Evening Journal.pdf
The first American "Doctor Who" Festival Tour1983-07-19 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Dr Who at country day1983-07-19 Lynn News & Advertiser.jpg
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?'1983-07-20 Courier Post.jpg
Doctor Who Celebration1983-07-22 Starburst.pdf
Who's egocentric, witty, humane, enigmatic? The Doctor ... Who!1983-07-24 Southtown Star.jpg
Meet Tom Baker, the Doctor Who is in with the fans1983-07-26 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Actor set to quit role as Dr. Who1983-07-28 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who in early landing1983-07-28 Standard.jpg
Peter bows out and a woman may take over1983-07-29 Daily Star.jpg
Dr Who is running out of time1983-07-29 Daily Express.jpg
Time Runs Out for the Doctor1983-07-29 Daily Mail.jpg
Dishy Dr Peter Says Ta-Ta to Tardis!1983-07-29 Sun.jpg
Time's up for the Doctor ..1983-07-29 Daily Record.jpg
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady Doctor1983-07-29 Daily Express p13.jpg
Daphne Heard1983-07-29 Variety.jpg
Dr. Who wins top PBS award1983-07-29 Daily World.jpg
Dr Who actor to quit series1983-07-29 Times.jpg
Fifth Dr Who is ready to quit1983-07-29 Aberdeen Press and Journal.jpg
Search on for a new Dr Who1983-07-29 Daily Post.jpg
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary Celebration1983-08-01 Illinois Entertainer.jpg
Bad Timing1983-08-01 Scene.jpg
Who's Who? Brian's Doctor No. 61983-08-01 Daily Express.jpg
More on Who1983-08-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
An Avid Fan1983-08-01 Airwaves p6.jpg
Infallible Time Lord1983-08-01 Dial Salt Lake City.pdf
Murdered Star Booked to Join Dr Who1983-08-03 Sun.jpg
Whose Birthday? Who's!1983-08-04 Starlog 074.jpg
So who's for Miss Who?1983-08-04 Daily Express.jpg
On the Air1983-08-07 Chicago Heights Star.jpg
Who Here1983-08-08 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Traveler of space, Doctor Who to visit here1983-08-13 Daily Herald.jpg
Daleks and Cybermen1983-08-14 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Brian Blessed-- that's Who1983-08-15 Sydney Morning Herald Guide p3.jpg
The TARDIS principle: don't let time pass you by1983-08-15 Sydney Morning Herald Guide p16.jpg
TV Today1983-08-18 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confab1983-08-19 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
A Convention for Dr. Who Fans1983-08-19 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
New Dr Who1983-08-20 Times.jpg
Now Colin Clocks on as Dr Who1983-08-20 Sun.jpg
Baddie Colin makes good as the new Dr. Who1983-08-20 Daily Express.jpg
Baddie Colin in the new you-know-Who1983-08-20 Mirror.jpg
Colin's time for Dr Who1983-08-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
Villain from 'Brothers' is new Dr. Who1983-08-20 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Colin's the new Dr Who1983-08-20 Daily Star.jpg
Who's Who (Bournemouth Evening Echo)1983-08-20 Bournemouth Evening Echo.jpg
Hot August Nights are perfect for watching WFSU-TV1983-08-20 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Support 'Doctor Who'1983-08-20 Tallahassee Democrat p4A.jpg
TV villain the new Doctor Who1983-08-20 Daily Post.jpg
Who-Manoids Flip Over Their TV Hero1983-08-21 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summer1983-08-21 South Bend Tribune.jpg
WPSX-TV will offer a new alternative for late-night television viewers1983-08-23 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Who is "Doctor Who"?1983-09-01 Q2.3.jpg
Who Comes To KUED?1983-09-01 Dial Salt Lake City.jpg
Dr. Who's Club1983-09-06 Starlog 075.jpg
Davison leaves "Doctor Who"1983-09-09 Movie & Film Collectors World.jpg
Dr Who heads BBC home video drive1983-09-09 Times.jpg
Doctor Who's many patients get nightly dose of comic adventure1983-09-11 Spokesman Review.jpg
Guess who's after The Doctor again1983-09-12 Standard.jpg
Dr. Who, BBC Series, Makes WPSX Debut1983-09-14 Centre Daily Times.jpg
BBC release drama, LE on cassette1983-09-15 Stage and Television Today.jpg
The what and where of 'Dr. Who'1983-09-15 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Wit and charm and 'Dr. Who'1983-09-23 Post Crescent.jpg
CPTV Competing for More Viewers1983-09-25 New York Times.jpg
New shows bolster PBS TV season1983-09-26 Central Michigan Life.jpg
Fan of the Day1983-09-27 Centre Daily Times.jpg
National Film Theatre October/November 19831983-10-01 NFT.pdf
Dr. Who Fan Looking For Fellow Time-Lords To Swell Club's Ranks1983-10-04 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Software for your Micro1983-10-06 Listener.jpg
Third Doctor Hits American Screens1983-10-06 Starlog 076 p10.jpg
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next?1983-10-06 Starlog 076 p9.jpg
Doctor Who's on first for his avid TV fan club1983-10-11 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Dr. Who, High-Camp Sci-Fi, Lands at CPTV1983-10-13 Hartford Courant.jpg
You ought to see the Doctor1983-10-15 TV Times.jpg
The BBC Time Lord's Out-Of-This-World Adventures1983-10-16 Washington Post.pdf
Couple Invite Sci-Fi Fans to Phone Their Home1983-10-24 Los Angeles Times.pdf
Public TV audience broad1983-10-24 Central Michigan Life.jpg
Many faces Dr Who1983-10-24 Sun.jpg
This Month on Channel 31983-10-25 Centre Daily Times p26.jpg
Dr. Who? When?1983-10-25 Centre Daily Times p34.jpg
Kenny's falsies up for sale ...1983-10-27 Evening News.jpg
Who's profits1983-10-28 Financial Times.jpg
Dr Who invites you to his party1983-10-28 Standard.jpg
Paint along with Patrick1983-10-29 TV Times.jpg
The Devil and dishy Debbie1983-10-30 News of the World.jpg
Children upset by OETA action1983-10-31
A who's who of Doctor Who1983-11-01 Illinois Entertainer.pdf
What Has Happened to "Who"?1983-11-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
The Doctor Is In (1983)1983-11-01 South Carolina Scene.jpg
Who's birthday?? Who's!! That's right!!1983-11-01 Prime Time WGBY.jpg
Happy Birthday to Doctor Who1983-11-01 Dial Salt Lake City.jpg
Happy Birthday to Who!1983-11-02 Kannapolis Daily Independent.jpg
Chicago to stage Dr Who convention1983-11-04 Television Weekly.jpg
Dr Who 20th Party Revels in Chicago1983-11-04 Broadcast.jpg
Happy Birthday, Doctor!!!1983-11-05 Eagle.jpg
The Doctor is an Actor1983-11-08 Starlog.pdf
Special salute set for 'Dr. Who's anniversary1983-11-11 Syracuse Herald-Journal.jpg
Dr Who in Chicago1983-11-12 Screen International.jpg
Time traveller clocks up 20 years1983-11-14 Times.jpg
20 years vanish as five Dr Whos link up1983-11-15 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Fans of Who1983-11-18 Chicago Reader.pdf
Who's that? (The News and Observer)1983-11-18 News and Observer.jpg
It's Dr. Who Day ...1983-11-18 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Who's Who's Who1983-11-19 Radio Times.pdf
Finding a little girl lost1983-11-19 Daily Mail.jpg
Children in Need1983-11-19 Radio Times.jpg
Two decades of Dr. Who1983-11-19 Belfast Telegraph.jpg
Dr. Who anniversary is tonight on state ETV1983-11-19 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Out of this world (Sunday Express)1983-11-20 Sunday Express Magazine.jpg
The Five Doctors (Sunday Telegraph)1983-11-20 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Who Dat on Ch. 12?1983-11-20 New Orleans Times-Picayune.jpg
And more ...1983-11-20 News and Observer.jpg
Strange travels1983-11-20 Green Bay Press-Gazette.jpg
Dr. Who To Celebrate 20th Birthday1983-11-21 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Doctors Who reunite in Dead Zone to honor 20th year1983-11-22 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Thanks for "Dr. Who"1983-11-22 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Doctor Who special to air1983-11-22 Fond du Lac Reporter.jpg
The Doctors Who Together for a Special1983-11-23 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Out of this world (Daily Record)1983-11-23 Daily Record p21.jpg
Dr. Who special will fete 20th1983-11-23 Madison Capital Times.jpg
British science fiction's 'Dr. Who' is subject of ETV special1983-11-23 Index-Journal.jpg
Will 7 Million Fans Sing 'Happy Birthday, 'Dr. Who'?1983-11-23 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Time Lord Marches On1983-11-23 Sun.jpg
Tom Baker bows out of "Dr. Who" series after seven years to move onward and upward1983-11-24 Happenings Magazine.pdf
20 years of Drs Who1983-11-24 Age.jpg
The facts you should know about Dr Who1983-11-25 Daily Express.jpg
20th anniversary of a magical old stranger1983-11-25 Courier and Advertiser.pdf
Who goes missing1983-11-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
The Doctor's Famous Five1983-11-25 Daily Record.jpg
No routine Who this one1983-11-25 Daily Mail.jpg
The Five Doctors1983-11-25 Telegraph.jpg
The Five Doctors (The Guardian)1983-11-25 Guardian.jpg
The Five Doctors (The Times)1983-11-25 Times.jpg
The Dr Who rogues gallery1983-11-25 Daily Star p22.jpg
The Five Doctors (Daily Star)1983-11-25 Daily Star.jpg
A special adventure to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world's longest-running science fiction series1983-11-25 Sun.jpg
How would you like to spend a day with Doctor Who?1983-11-26 Radio Times.jpg
The Tardis Quintet1983-11-26 Eagle.jpg
Dr Who escapes again for a birthday reunion1983-11-28 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Lionheart Sales Boom For BBC-TV's "Doctor Who"1983-12-01 Facts Figures and Film.jpg
Doctor Who (New Jersey Network Magazine)1983-12-01 New Jersey Network Magazine.pdf
Long Live Who1983-12-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Pertwee Episodes Requested1983-12-01 Patterns.jpg
Earthlings meet the Cyberman1983-12-05 Evening News.jpg
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who???1983-12-05 Heights.jpg
The Doctor's Prescription: A New Who!1983-12-06 Starlog 078 p13.jpg
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special1983-12-06 Starlog 078 p25.jpg
Doctor Who Records!1983-12-06 Starlog 078 p39.jpg
Many Thanks1983-12-06 Starlog 078 p65.jpg
Who is the Doctor1983-12-08 Listener.jpg
Exploring the Whoniverse1983-12-08 Age.jpg
Calling all Dr. Who fans!1983-12-11 Chicago Tribune.jpg
There's no privacy if you're Dr. Who's girl1983-12-11 Sunday Express.jpg
Eccentric, irritable Dr Who a timeless hero1983-12-12 Canberra Times.jpg
Who's 201983-12-12 Sun.jpg
Doctors Who too much of a good thing1983-12-14 Age.jpg
Making up is hard to do1983-12-16 Newcastle Journal.jpg
New BBC outlet on US cable1983-12-17 Screen International.jpg
Dr Who'd-Have-Thought-It1983-12-18 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr Who's leading lady finds a new role in life1983-12-19 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Whoovian Highlights1983-12-20 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Exciting new software for your micro1983-12-22 Listener.jpg
One Man Offers His Personal Top 10 of the Year1983-12-31 Centre Daily Times.jpg
A Family Adventure1984-01-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Jon Pertwee: The Gallant Doctor1984-01-05 Starlog 079.pdf
Who's Who in outer space1984-01-09 Time.jpg
Meeting tonight of The Watchers1984-01-11 Daily Northwestern.jpg
Save my Tardis!1984-01-11 Daily Mail.jpg
Doctor, you look awful1984-01-11 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's the Height of Bad Taste?1984-01-11 Daily Star.jpg
Ta-Tardis1984-01-11 Sun.jpg
Steven's plan to save the Tardis1984-01-11 Evening Argus.jpg
Parkside students fans of British TV series1984-01-11 Kenosha News.jpg
Colin strikes blow for bad taste1984-01-11 Press and Journal.jpg
New Dr Who all geared up1984-01-11 Liverpool Daily Post.jpg
Trekkers Take Root At Shaw's Garden1984-01-12 St Louis Post Dispatch.jpg
Save the TARDIS, I say1984-01-14 Daily Express.jpg
Tom Baker--Who? 'Who,' That's Who1984-01-15 Los Angeles Times.pdf
Doctor Who Is More Of A Doctor What...1984-01-15 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Tardis Fading Forever1984-01-20 Sun.jpg
Dr. Whomania strikes the area1984-01-21 Alton Telegraph.pdf
Some of the whys and wherefores of 'Doctor Who'1984-01-25 Christian Science Monitor.jpg
Dr Who is one out of the box1984-01-26 Age.jpg
Who x Who x Who1984-02-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
For Doctor Who Fans1984-02-01 Choice.jpg
The exterminators return1984-02-04 Radio Times.jpg
WHO he really is!1984-02-04 TV Scene.jpg
For those who have hungered to once again see "Doctor Who,"1984-02-05 Newsday.jpg
The local advent of Dr. Who1984-02-06 Newsday.jpg
Douglas Camfield1984-02-09 Stage and Television Today.jpg
The play's the thing for Shakespeare Company1984-02-09 Daily Pennsylvanian p3.jpg
Philly hears a Who1984-02-09 Daily Pennsylvanian p19.jpg
Anthony Ainley1984-02-09 Starlog 080.pdf
Protect the police-box!1984-02-11 Radio Times.jpg
How many actors have played the role and for how long?1984-02-12 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Who Has Two Hearts, 13 lives--and 5 Faces?1984-02-18 TV Guide.pdf
Who's got Who?1984-02-19 Sunday Times.jpg
Today's Teen1984-02-20 Kenosha News.jpg
Space beauty on the launch pad1984-02-23 Daily Express.jpg
Naked truth about a new Miss Who1984-02-23 Daily Mirror.jpg
Nicola Bryant joins the cast of Doctor Who1984-02-23 Bournemouth Echo.jpg
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Mirror)1984-02-23 Mirror.jpg
Who's this? A new girl for the Doctor1984-02-23 Standard.jpg
Here come the Sci-Fi world's Whovians' and Joel Ossar1984-02-26 Manhattan Mercury Sun.pdf
Do you look like this?1984-02-27 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
Dr. Who is way out, but still so British1984-02-28 Beaver County Times.jpg
The Doctor Who Technical Manual1984-03-01 School Library Journal.jpg
Dr. Who aimed for Chicago stage landing1984-03-01 Chicago Tribune paper.jpg
Doctor Who, the new season1984-03-01 Starburst.pdf
All of us who enjoy Dr. Who must write to KTWU1984-03-01 Blue Rapids Times.jpg
How to Make a Snowball1984-03-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Keep up the excellent work1984-03-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
Who's best yet1984-03-03 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club, Everly Documentary Launch Ch. 8 Drive1984-03-03 Tennessean.jpg
The new girl in the life of Doctor Who, the TV sci-fi hero whose adventures are followed by millions of Australians, has made a rather dramatic debut1984-03-04 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Who's Who's girl?1984-03-04 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Cheesy drag1984-03-05 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
A glaring error!1984-03-08 Starlog 081.jpg
Galaxy-jumping Dr. Who lands in Hollywood1984-03-09 Daily Intelligencer.jpg
Who on Earth...1984-03-11 Sunday Times.pdf
Anachronisms descend on Coast for fun, games1984-03-12 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Trade Winds1984-03-13 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
Peri for short1984-03-15 Evening News.jpg
Day my blood ran cold1984-03-15 Sun.jpg
Where does Doctor Who buy his salami?1984-03-15 Notre Dame Observer.jpg
New Dr Who misses his own debut1984-03-15 Standard.jpg
Who goes there1984-03-16 Times.jpg
It's just what the doctor ordered1984-03-16 Daily Star.jpg
The man who will be Who1984-03-16 Daily Mail.jpg
A who done it for Dr Who1984-03-16 Daily Record.pdf
A who's who of TV's new faces1984-03-16 Daily Mail p11.jpg
Win a Trip to England1984-03-16 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Tonight is lift-off for new Dr Who1984-03-16 Daily Mirror.jpg
Mr. Baker is taking over the role from Peter Davison1984-03-16 Daily Telegraph.jpg
The new Who (1984)1984-03-16 Bournemouth Echo.jpg
Scintillating sci-fi1984-03-16 News and Observer.jpg
A dream come true for Doctor Who1984-03-17 Radio Times.jpg
He was lucky to have the lovely Nicola Bryant as his assistant1984-03-18 Sunday Express.jpg
Count Me In1984-03-19 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Time for a time Lord Bryant and McNally1984-03-22 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who Is Even Nastier!1984-03-22 Daily Star.jpg
Big hooray for Who from Colin1984-03-22 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who: not for children1984-03-24 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who fan club formed here1984-03-27 Spokane Chronicle.jpg
Dr. Who1984-03-30 St. Louis Post-Dispatch.jpg
Trekkies move over for 'Doctor Who' fans1984-03-30 Lakeland Ledger.pdf
Cult Hit 'Dr. Who' Aids CPTV Coffers1984-03-30 Hartford Courant.jpg
Page the galaxies1984-03-31 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who producer visits with fans1984-03-31 Peninsula Times Tribune.jpg
TV Worth Watching...1984-04-01 Fine Tuning p13.jpg
The mysterious Dr. Who1984-04-03 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Calling Dr. Who fans1984-04-05 Corpus Christi Caller.jpg
Dr. Who gets technical1984-04-06 Santa Cruz Sentinel.jpg
John Nathan Turner Producing Doctor Who1984-04-10 Starlog 082.pdf
I'd like to know if there is a fan club in town or in the area1984-04-11 Lincoln Journal Star.jpg
Doctor Who has fan club1984-04-11 Lincoln Star.jpg
Lost In Space (1984)1984-04-13 Citizens Voice.jpg
Dr. Who British Sci-Fi Film from Another Era1984-04-14 Sacramento Bee.jpg
Richard Hurndall obituary1984-04-14 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Richard Hurndall1984-04-16 Times.jpg
Upheaval At Lionheart Brings Western-World In As Partner, Nathan, Miller Walk The Plank1984-04-18 Variety.jpg
What Was Your First Ambition?1984-04-18 Riverfront Times.jpg
It's good to know Who your Friends are1984-04-18 Dial (Oregon) p10.jpg
Dr. Who In New Role As Sherlock Holmes1984-04-21 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Look Who's Got Sex Appeal!1984-04-21 TV Scene.jpg
The TARDIS has been given a reprieve1984-04-22 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr. Who again (Lincoln Star)1984-04-22 Lincoln Star.jpg
College journalist gets her interview1984-04-25 Southern Illinoisan p1.jpg
Tom Baker, the real Dr. Who, took role because he was broke1984-04-25 Southern Illinoisan p2.jpg
Fan who became the star1984-04-25 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
Channel 8's 'Dr. Who' to Take a Summer Vacation1984-04-30 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Call the Dr., please1984-05-01 Film Comment.pdf
Who Is This Man?1984-05-01 Fine Tuning p33.jpg
Three More Votes for Who1984-05-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Dr. Who Club Changes Name ...1984-05-01 Patterns.jpg
Yes, Money Isn't Everything, But It Is Something1984-05-02 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Tom Who's Baker Street Blues ... and why Conan Doyle had them1984-05-07 Daily Post.jpg
On the Set of "Resurrection of the Daleks"1984-05-10 Starlog 083.pdf
Kelly Auditorium1984-05-11 St Louis Post Dispatch.jpg
Dr. Who fans (The Tampa Tribune)1984-05-13 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Break Time1984-05-15 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Australian censors Ban Dr Who1984-05-16 Star Enquirer.jpg
Dr. Who fans, take heart1984-05-25 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
New Shipment1984-05-30 Daily Register.jpg
An Appointment with the Doctor1984-06-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Who's Doctor Who?1984-06-01 Choice.jpg
I just can't understand why you turn away from a sure winner1984-06-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
See Who in September?1984-06-01 Dial KETC.jpg
Doctor Who (TV Guide)1984-06-02 TV Guide.jpg
South on Saturday1984-06-03 Cambridge Evening News.jpg
Dr Who has scrap with Cybermen1984-06-07 Gazette and Post.jpg
Here, There & Everywhere - An Insider's Guide To What's Hot In Town1984-06-08 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Encore Books1984-06-08 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Guess Who's In Dr Who .. It's Koo!1984-06-10 Sunday People.jpg
Koo Set to Star with Dr Who1984-06-10 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Fans: They Have Stars In Their Eyes1984-06-12 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Koo Falls Out with Dr Who1984-06-17 News of the World.jpg
Barefoot in the Park1984-06-18 Evening News.jpg
Dr Who club party1984-06-18 Canberra Times.jpg
Program survey results pour in1984-06-20 Dial (Oregon) p12.jpg
New view of Street credibility1984-06-22 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Local fan devotion helps in bringing 'Dr. Who' to Ch. 81984-06-25 Houston Post.jpg
Oh Time Lord1984-06-25 Sun.jpg
Let's play two1984-06-26 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr Who Is Alive and Well and Living in Nasmyth St.1984-07-01 Observer.jpg
From Our Viewers1984-07-01 Prime Time WGBY.jpg
Faith puts on a new face for Dr. Who1984-07-03 Daily Express.jpg
Isla Blair plays Isabella1984-07-06 Evening News.jpg
The men from outer space1984-07-14 TV Times.jpg
Sun bingo winner Nina keeps the Faith...1984-07-20 Sun.jpg
A New Time Who1984-07-24 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Winning cards1984-07-25 Times.jpg
Preregistration for a Doctor Who convention1984-07-26 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Best Bets1984-07-27 Lakeland Ledger.jpg
Dr. Who convention1984-07-27 Evening Independent.jpg
Who are you?1984-07-30 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who Maniacs1984-07-31 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Who Stole My Heart Away department...1984-08-01 Fantasy and Science Fiction.pdf
Heading for horror1984-08-01 Bournemouth Evening Echo.jpg
Regeneration1984-08-01 Choice.jpg
Dr. Who: The Brain Of Morbius1984-08-02 Herts and Essex Observer.jpg
Dr. Who Day1984-08-03 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Today - A Guide To What's Going On In And Around Philadelphia1984-08-04 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Let's have British repeats1984-08-04 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who fans emulate their hero at San Jose fantasy convention1984-08-04 Peninsula Times Tribune.pdf
Winners of the overall best float contest1984-08-06 Bournemouth Echo.jpg
Who? Doctor, That's Who!1984-08-06 Sun.jpg
4,000-plus 'Who' fans come out1984-08-06 Peninsula Times Tribune.pdf
Davison prepares Dr. Who1984-08-09 Hattiesburg American.jpg
Nyssa to star1984-08-14 Loughborough News.jpg
Dinah's time for a change1984-08-14 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor Jon's Fans Put On the Style1984-08-16 Daily Star.jpg
Dr. Who Theatre is in trouble and scheduled for the axe1984-08-17 Tennessean.jpg
Tom Baker, who portrays Dr Who1984-08-17 St Louis Post Dispatch.jpg
Gulf Coast Comics1984-08-17 Sun (Biloxi, MS).jpg
Here's Why Who's What's Happening1984-08-19 St Louis Post Dispatch.jpg
Doctor Who has a fan club1984-08-25 Lakeland Ledger.jpg
An entertaining family day out1984-08-25 Illustrated London News.jpg
Ch. 8 Drive Raises $60,2971984-08-28 Tennessean.jpg
Who, When, Where Revealed1984-08-28 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Moving to new place and time1984-08-29 Arizona Republic.jpg
Scorpio's Dr. Who In America To Get National Exhibit1984-09-01 Timeless.jpg
New Who (The Dial)1984-09-01 Dial KETC.jpg
The Doctor from a monastery1984-09-06 Bath Star.jpg
WPSX Should Reschedule News Show1984-09-06 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Where, when and how to find Dr. Who (Who?)1984-09-14 Courier Post.jpg
Nominated—for a three star award1984-09-15 Daily Express.jpg
Baker only Dr. Who on Ch. 251984-09-16 Akron Beacon Journal.jpg
Dr. Who divorce1984-09-17 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Guardians of Light and Time1984-09-20 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Doctor Who comes of age1984-09-21 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Aliens at war!1984-09-21 Daily Telegraph p15.jpg
Everyone in my household has become a devoted "Dr. Who!" fan1984-09-23 Newsday.jpg
MacNeil / Lehrer Newshour Shifted By WPSX After Decline in Audience1984-09-26 Centre Daily Times.jpg
WLVT moves 'MacNeil/Lehrer,' adds 'Dr. Who'1984-09-28 Morning Call.jpg
Your Viewing Habits: A Dial Survey1984-10-01 Dial (Oregon) p4.jpg
PBS: From brains to bucks and back1984-10-03 Sacramento Bee.jpg
Doktor Kes1984-10-04 Vaba Eesti Sona.jpg
For Who Fans1984-10-09 Starlog 088 p96.jpg
Fans Galore1984-10-10 Variety.jpg
MacNeil/Lehrer Returns to 6 p.m.1984-10-10 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Daleks--the cuddly terrors1984-10-12 Evening News.jpg
Discount for Who?1984-10-12 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Popular Channel 39 Programs Rescheduled to Earlier Hours1984-10-14 Morning Call.jpg
You wanna talk to who?1984-10-18 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr Who's monster party1984-10-18 Liverpool Echo.jpg
We're a public television station that listens to its community1984-10-19 Morning Call.jpg
Who's a big success!1984-10-20 Newcastle Evening Chronicle.jpg
Dr. Who fans plan convention (1984)1984-10-21 Star News.jpg
Dr Who's party1984-10-25 Sun.jpg
Who, did you say?1984-10-26 Wilmington Morning Star.jpg
Dr. Who? (Gannett News Service)1984-10-26 St Cloud Times.jpg
Yet another doctor in the parade of who's 'Who'1984-10-28 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
I wish to correct two small errors1984-10-28 Akron Beacon Journal.jpg
Who's Who?1984-10-30 Winona Daily News.pdf
Not tonight, Dalek1984-10-30 Sun.jpg
It's Charmer Karmelion1984-10-30 Daily Star.jpg
Shock 'n' Roll1984-10-30 Town Talk.jpg
You and Who1984-11-01 Acorn User.jpg
Doctor Who Collection1984-11-01 Fine Tuning p12.jpg
Who's New?1984-11-01 Fine Tuning p40.jpg
Who's "It" in Brookfield1984-11-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Happy Birthday, Dr. Who1984-11-01 Airwaves.jpg
Doctor Who Lost and Presumed Regenerated1984-11-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
Why I Should Have Been the New Doctor Who: The Case for a Marxist in the Tardis1984-11-01 Foundation.pdf
Cinderella1984-11-02 Bournemouth Echo.jpg
Ch. 15's 'Dr. Who' has limited audience appeal1984-11-03 Roanoke Times and World News.jpg
Four, count 'em, four Dr. Whos at Hyatt Regency1984-11-04 Southtown Star.jpg
Tonic for a science-fiction addiction1984-11-05 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Patrick Troughton: The Character Actor who Brought Character to Doctor Who1984-11-06 Starlog 089.pdf
Fan Club Directory1984-11-06 Starlog 090 p41.jpg
Dr Who to be Saturday movie1984-11-11 Morning Call.jpg
A pig and his pen pals1984-11-12 Radio Times.jpg
Love's labours1984-11-17 Times.jpg
Patrick's magic1984-11-17 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Whoniversal Classics1984-11-20 Wall Street Journal.jpg
Sci-fi fans call for the interplanetary Doctor1984-11-23 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Looking into the future with Dr. Who1984-11-23 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who and his retinue1984-11-24 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Out of this world (Daily Herald)1984-11-24 Daily Herald.jpg
Names & Faces1984-11-25 Boston Globe.jpg
Who's Who? (Associated Press)1984-11-25 Miami Herald.jpg
In Whovian Heaven1984-11-26 Washington Post.pdf
Dr. Who fans protest1984-11-26 Tampa Bay Times.jpg
Who's tops? Why, it's the Doctor1984-11-29 Janesville Gazette.jpg
Home for the Holidays1984-11-30 Post Crescent.jpg
Dr. Who Fans Take Note1984-12-01 Patterns.jpg
Dr. Who popularity crosses time, age barriers1984-12-02 Daily Herald.jpg
You ran a letter from a reader about who Invented the TARDIS on Dr. Who1984-12-02 Akron Beacon Journal.jpg
More on Dr. Who1984-12-04 Tampa Bay Times.jpg
Dr Who is tonic for time traveller Liz1984-12-07 Middlesex County Times.jpg
Public radio, TV stations raise funds for programing1984-12-08 News Press.jpg
Dr. Who Telethon on WSIU1984-12-09 Southern Illinoisan.jpg
Book Notes1984-12-16 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Fate of 'Who'1984-12-20 Tennessean.jpg
It's Dr Who turning to Cinders1984-12-22 Daily Express.jpg
Living with my VCR1984-12-23 New York Times Magazine p16.jpg
Say what you will about PBS fund huckstering, but report on recent dollar drive is worth copying1984-12-26 Chippewa Herald Telegram.jpg
Baby for actress1984-12-27 Times.jpg
Georgia Elizabeth1984-12-29 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Who's Baby!1984-12-29 Daily Express.jpg
Who's a sleepy little girl?1984-12-29 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's baby1984-12-29 Daily Mirror.jpg
It's a Girl George for the proud Dr Who!1984-12-29 Sun.jpg
Even for time lords, time marches on1984-12-30 Sunday Telegraph.jpg
Doctor Who Is Doctor Who, Really?1985-01-01 Airwaves.jpg
Who's next? (Nine)1985-01-01 Nine KETC.jpg
Move Over, Trekkies1985-01-03 Wall Street Journal.jpg
The time of Nicola's life!1985-01-05 Daily Mail.jpg
Anna of the Five Towns1985-01-09 Bournemouth Echo.jpg
Dr Who, new!1985-01-09 Standard.jpg
Doctor Who in the Flesh1985-01-11 Chicago Reader paper.jpg
There's trouble in store for Sarah1985-01-12 Radio Times.jpg
Goody! Faith goes straight1985-01-12 Daily Star.jpg
Naughty Nicola1985-01-26 Daily Star.jpg
Ostrander awarded 'Dr. Who' merchandising1985-01-26 Chicago Metro News.jpg
The Doctor Lives1985-02-01 Scene.jpg
Do You Look Like Who?1985-02-01 Fine Tuning p28.jpg
'Nuff Said!1985-02-01 Independent Florida Alligator.pdf
Who goes back with the Master1985-02-02 Radio Times.jpg
Exciting new software for your micro (Radio Times)1985-02-02 Radio Times p80.jpg
Nicola takes time off for some time travel1985-02-02 Daily Express.jpg
600 sci-fi fanatics make annual trek to convention for close encounters1985-02-03 Miami Herald.jpg
Dr Who loses his castle1985-02-05 Manchester Evening News.jpg
Speaking of double lives1985-02-08 American Eagle.jpg
Just what's Who all about?1985-02-09 Pantagraph.jpg
Who is Mr. Spock?1985-02-14 Daily Pennsylvanian.jpg
20 things you don't know about Doctor Who1985-02-16 Sun.jpg
For Doctor Who diehards, it's a must-see1985-02-16 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Whovian festival1985-02-18 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who To Appear At Festival1985-02-23 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Who's getting 300 fan letters a week?1985-02-23 Sun.jpg
Caught in a time warp1985-02-23 Daily Mail.jpg
A long order1985-02-23 Stevens Point Journal.jpg
Doctor Who-The New Season1985-02-25 Starburst.jpg
WHA wants to know favorite Dr. Who'1985-02-26 Wisconsin State Journal.jpg
Dr Who fails to make the grade1985-02-27 Standard.jpg
Temporary time warp for Dr Who1985-02-28 Times.jpg
Dr Who is axed in a BBC plot1985-02-28 Sun.pdf
Doctor zapped by Beeb1985-02-28 Daily Mirror.jpg
Beeb's shock for Dr. Who1985-02-28 Daily Star.jpg
Doctor may go back in time1985-02-28 Evening News.jpg
BBC enters a time warp1985-02-28 Guardian.jpg
BBC Daleks threaten the Doctor with hibernation1985-02-28 Scotsman.jpg
Hands off Dr Who!1985-02-28 Daily Record.pdf
Fans attack BBC at Dr Who break1985-02-28 Telegraph.jpg
Hard-up BBC axe Dr Who1985-02-28 Daily Express p1.pdf
Aunty's runaway arrogance1985-02-28 Daily Express p8.jpg
Broke BBC shelve Dr Who1985-02-28 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who axed in plot by the BBC1985-02-28 Sun.jpg
Dr Who down-Graded!1985-02-28 Daily Mail.jpg
Ta-ta Tardis!1985-02-28 Daily Mirror 2.jpg
BBC cash curbs ground Dr Who1985-02-28 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who fans protest1985-02-28 Financial Times.jpg
Unmasked1985-02-28 Daily Mail editorial.jpg
Battlecry of the Dr Who fans1985-02-28 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr. Who fans distressed ... series may fade out1985-02-28 Times-Colonist.jpg
Pay up to save Dr Who1985-02-28 Standard.jpg
Fans rally in bid to save TV's Dr Who1985-02-28 Cambridge Evening News.jpg
Fury as Doctor is left in limbo1985-02-28 Daily Post.jpg
Clubs try to save Dr Who1985-03-01 Times.jpg
Who's Doc1985-03-01 American Film.jpg
WEDU, Channel 3, is having a double feature of "Doctor Who" episodes Saturday night1985-03-01 Lakeland Ledger.jpg
Baddies of the Beeb1985-03-01 Daily Star p8.jpg
More complaints because you axed Dr Who, Mr Grade1985-03-01 Sun p6.jpg
Hooked on Who1985-03-01 Daily Star p17.jpg
Save our Tardis!1985-03-01 Sun p. 5.jpg
Out of town1985-03-01 Illustrated London News.jpg
Dalek, you were wonderful1985-03-01 Times comic.jpg
Fight for the Time Lord1985-03-01 Daily Star.jpg
Typecast1985-03-01 Los Angeles Magazine.jpg
Wait don't tell me ... I never forget a face ....1985-03-01 Daily Mail.jpg
Time to scrap the BBC's license to intimidate1985-03-01 Daily Express.jpg
Dr. Who gaat voorgoed in rook op1985-03-01 Trouw.jpg
Still Looking for Who's Who1985-03-01 Fine Tuning p32.jpg
Doctor Who series shelved by BBC1985-03-01 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Who's the loser?1985-03-01 Standard.jpg
Gareth gives BBC Doctor's orders1985-03-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
You can't continue to show the episodes in the wrong order1985-03-01 Nine p2.jpg
Attention Doctor Who fans1985-03-01 Nine p28.jpg
BBC pays £1/2m for unmade mini-series1985-03-02 Times.jpg
The Time Lord's travelling companion Peri1985-03-02 Evening News.jpg
Carry On Doctor (Daily Star)1985-03-02 Daily Star.jpg
Who dunnit, and why bother?1985-03-02 Guardian.jpg
BBC buys £¾m mini-series after Dr Who decision1985-03-02 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Fury of the fans forces re-think over Dr Who1985-03-02 Express.jpg
BBC air-time lord says Dr will return1985-03-02 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
BBC: Dr Who Will Be Back1985-03-02 Nottingham Evening Post p2.jpg
Save Dr Who!1985-03-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's to guard us?1985-03-02 Nottingham Evening Post p7.jpg
Tardis star is left forlorn1985-03-03 Times p11.jpg
Who's sorry now?1985-03-03 Sunday Times.jpg
MP Angry at BBC's New Buy1985-03-03 Mail on Sunday p39.jpg
Good riddance Dr Who1985-03-03 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Inquiry into ads on BBC1985-03-03 Observer.jpg
A Bird's Eye View1985-03-03 Canberra Times.jpg
No. 10 by Maddocks1985-03-03 Sunday Express.jpg
The Dr. Who Festival1985-03-03 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
A wicked plot to kill the Doctor1985-03-04 Evening News.jpg
A power crazed madman1985-03-04 Guardian.jpg
Doctor's dilemma (London Evening Standard)1985-03-04 Standard.jpg
Berks Dr Who fans fume over BBC axe1985-03-04 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Don't blackmail the Doctor fans1985-03-05 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who — the series I won't miss1985-03-06 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Janet Fielding: "Lucy Van Pelt in Space"1985-03-07 Starlog 093.jpg
Guess Who's coming here? Doctor's friends1985-03-07 Capital Times.jpg
Why moral missions of the Tardis should not be delayed1985-03-07 Guardian.jpg
From Mr Peter Anghelides1985-03-08 Times.jpg
Dr Who disc puts BBC into a spin1985-03-08 Standard.jpg
Calling Dr. Who for fund-raising prescription1985-03-08 News Press.jpg
BBC plays stars' Dr Who protest1985-03-09 Daily Express.jpg
Wisconsin public TV's spring pledge drive begins today1985-03-09 Green Bay Press-Gazette.jpg
Who cares?1985-03-09 Press and Journal.jpg
Thatcher favors advertising but prospect horrifies BBC1985-03-11 Times-Colonist.jpg
Doctor Who? Tampa Whovians turn out to see1985-03-11 Tampa Tribune.pdf
Hundreds of Whovians give hearty hello to the latest incarnation of the Doctor1985-03-12 Florida Flambeau.jpg
Who's Doctor Who? (Globe)1985-03-12 Globe.jpg
From the Managing Director of BBC Television1985-03-13 Times.jpg
Channel 38 will carry the "Dr. Who" programs voted most popular by viewers this weekend and next1985-03-13 Post Crescent.jpg
Back in time with Dr Who1985-03-13 Evening Post.jpg
Dr. Who fest scheduled1985-03-14 Wisconsin State Journal.jpg
It's rotten of the BBC to decide to stop showing Dr Who1985-03-14 Daily Mirror.jpg
It was the right place to be for Whovians1985-03-15 Lakeland Ledger.pdf
Dr. Who Convention1985-03-15 Ithaca Journal.jpg
The Who's who of girls1985-03-16 Daily Mail.jpg
Asians cite those who do the balancing act1985-03-16 Los Angeles Times.pdf
Doctor No (Longer)1985-03-16 Melody Maker.jpg
Doctor...Who Cares?1985-03-16 New Musical Express.jpg
First 'Dr. Who' fest planned1985-03-16 Daily Register.jpg
Doctor Who Festival1985-03-19 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
Dr Who fans 'hysterical' says Grade1985-03-20 Standard p15.jpg
Who, What and Where1985-03-20 Standard p20.jpg
From Mr Dennis Guerrier1985-03-21 Times.jpg
Whoray! The Dr. will be back for 21 years1985-03-21 Daily Express.jpg
A Dr. Who Club is being organized at the East Chicago Public Library1985-03-21 Times of Northwest Indiana.jpg
21-year pledge on Dr Who1985-03-21 Daily Post.jpg
It is the longest-running science fiction television show in history1985-03-22 Wisconsin State Journal.jpg
Dr. Who?1985-03-23 Wisconsin State Journal.pdf
From creatures to teachers1985-03-23 Radio Times.jpg
Ahhhh, what a time had at 'Doctor Who' festival1985-03-23 Madison Capital Times.jpg
Who Cares? Cuts Album1985-03-27 Variety.jpg
The Wisconsin Educational Television Network reports its spring fund drive was its most successful1985-03-30 Green Bay Press Gazette.jpg
Moondog's Comicland1985-03-31 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Real "Who" Fan Club1985-04-01 Scene.jpg
Who-a-holics meet at library1985-04-01 Times of Northwest Indiana.jpg
Congratulations Time Travellers1985-04-01 Patterns.jpg
Doctor treated shabbily1985-04-02 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Starbase 121985-04-02 Gateway.jpg
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBC1985-04-03 New York Times.jpg
The Gallup Youth Survey1985-04-04 Pottsville Republican.jpg
Ch. 8 shuffle1985-04-05 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Dr. Who To 1461985-04-10 Variety.jpg
High Anxiety1985-04-11 Listener.pdf
This is Sixties Style1985-04-17 Just Seventeen.jpg
Doctor Who's Who's Who1985-04-20 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Early harum scarum days1985-04-25 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Convention: Fiction Mixed with Fantasy1985-04-26
Mary takes another swipe at TV1985-04-27 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Mary blasts soap 'smut'1985-04-28 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Things open up1985-04-30 Christian Science Monitor.jpg
Gimmickry1985-05-01 Scene.jpg
Fantasy open house: war games, fiction1985-05-01 Times Colonist.jpg
Who Was First?1985-05-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Dr. Who devotees to meet Saturday1985-05-03 Stevens Point Journal.jpg
Friends of the Doctor1985-05-03 Statesman Journal.jpg
WFSU program cuts: your show could be next1985-05-06 Florida Flambeau.jpg
The Doctor: In Distress1985-05-07 Starlog 095 p9.jpg
Mary Tamm: A Noble Romana1985-05-07 Starlog 095 p49.jpg
Whovians: A loyal band1985-05-13 Southern Illinoisan.jpg
Dr. Who stays on1985-05-15 Times Colonist.jpg
Dr Who fans won't want to miss this one1985-05-22 London Standard.jpg
Here's the who, what, when, where, how and why on popular television show1985-05-23 Wausau Daily Herald.jpg
Dr Who to Land1985-05-23 Milton Keynes Citizen.jpg
Doctor Who reaches a planetary landmark on KCET1985-05-24 Los Angeles Herald Examiner.jpg
Beeb call in the doctor for Radio 4 revival1985-05-24 Press and Journal.jpg
Doctor Who on the air1985-05-25 Daily Mail.jpg
Dr. Who Lives1985-05-26 Los Angeles Times.jpg
Dr. Who due on Channel 131985-05-26 Longview News Journal.jpg
A timely new role for Tardis traveller Nicola1985-05-29 London Evening Standard.jpg
U.S. TV looking British1985-05-30 Province.jpg
Who, what, and why? Character motivation in Doctor Who1985-06-01 Children's Literature Association Quarterly.pdf
Reminiscent of TV's Golden Age1985-06-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Clarity Of Youth1985-06-01 OutRage.jpg
Look WHO's Here1985-06-01 West Michigan Magazine p52.jpg
The Doctor on Hold1985-06-06 Starlog 096 p10-11.jpg
The Tardis Shuffle1985-06-06 Starlog 096 p28.jpg
The Destiny of the Doctor1985-06-06 Starlog 096 p29.jpg
Balm for 'Doctor Who' fans1985-06-06 Roanoke Times and World News.jpg
New crisis for the Doctor1985-06-08 Sun.jpg
Dogged by the Doc1985-06-08 Nottingham Evening Post.jpg
Meanwhile, Doctor Who, another public TV import, is trapped in a time warp1985-06-09 Star-News.jpg
Dr. Who back in age of steam1985-06-10 London Standard.jpg
Fly-in Doctor1985-06-11 Daily Mirror.jpg
Channel 24 Reviving The Clever 'Dr. Who'1985-06-12 Orlando.jpg
Eq., Chicago "Dr. Who"1985-06-14 Back Stage.jpg
Dr. Who returns to air1985-06-14 Battle Creek Enquirer.jpg
Dr. Who Event Set For Saturday1985-06-21 Ocala Star-Banner.jpg
The metallic destroyers1985-06-21 Lichfield Mercury.jpg
Who Fan Club1985-06-21 Tennessean.jpg
Valentine Dyall1985-06-26 Times.jpg
Robot hired as waiter in restaurant1985-06-27 Sun.jpg
Small-screen vet and space-hopping Time Lord Peter Davison steps out1985-06-29 Daily Express.jpg
I'm 14 years old and a big fan of "Dr. Who"1985-06-30 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Every Dollar Counts1985-07-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
Who's Really Who?1985-07-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
Un-Conventional N'awlins Convention Expects 1,200 Fans1985-07-07 Times-Picayune.jpg
He Who knows . . .1985-07-12 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's behind the Doctor?1985-07-12 Portsmouth Evening News.jpg
First 'Doctor Who' is TV Malpractice1985-07-12 Orlando Sentinel.jpg
Convention's theme is out of this world1985-07-13 New Orleans Times Picyune.pdf
BBC Video1985-07-13 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who will resume production next year1985-07-13 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New Orleans1985-07-15 Enterprise Journal.jpg
Dr. Who Fans1985-07-16 Odessa American.jpg
Dr. Who Fans Put Up A Fight1985-07-17 Tennessean.jpg
Good and bad news1985-07-20 Nottingham Evening Post.jpg
Time, the ultimate trip past and future are fertile ground for today's imagination1985-07-21 Orlando Sentinel.jpg
Starry Eyed1985-07-21 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Look-alikes' Tardis talk-in1985-07-27 Brighton Evening Argus.jpg
Strictly for the Dr. Who Devotees1985-07-27 Vancouver Sun.jpg
Pirate of the airwaves1985-07-27 Radio Times p86.jpg
Doctor Who, Prairie Home slip into new times1985-07-28 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.jpg
Dr. Who, Mr. Spock, friends turn peddlers for a day1985-07-28 Miami Herald.jpg
Memories of Who1985-07-29 Guardian.jpg
Doctor Who Fan1985-08-01 Choice.jpg
Thank you very much for following through on my request for Dr. Who1985-08-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
About Peter Davison, KUED 7's new Doctor Who1985-08-01 Dial Salt Lake City p12.jpg
I would like to express my thanks1985-08-01 Nine.jpg
What Would The Doctor Think? - Sci-fi Buffs Taken Out of the Real World1985-08-04
Who's on First? Who's on Second? Who's Who?1985-08-05 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
World premieres set the stage for Chicago's 1985-86 theater season1985-08-08 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor on a perilous mission to defeat the deadly Ice Warriors1985-08-10 Return of the Jedi.jpg
Friends of Dr. Who Members Find Sci-Fi Character Out Of This World1985-08-13 Charlotte Observer.jpg
Concise Crossword (No 722)1985-08-14 Times.jpg
Who's Who? He's the Doctor, Who Else?1985-08-17 Vancouver Sun.jpg
WSJK, Dr. Who seek backing for programming1985-08-21 Johnson City Press-Chronicle.jpg
An addiction to Dr. Who's world1985-08-21 Daily Register.jpg
Free Time Guide To Arts and Leisure1985-08-23 Indianapolis News.jpg
A weekend feast for sci-fi gourmets; Sheraton show caters to Trekkiest tastes1985-08-25 Boston Globe.jpg
This British sci-fi show is down to earth1985-08-28 USA Today.pdf
Whovians strike back1985-09-01 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Dr. Who captures attention of sci-fi fans in 54 countries1985-09-02 Chillicothe Gazette.jpg
Socket to the Doctor1985-09-07 Evening Chronicle.jpg
200 Who fans browse, banter at the Hilton1985-09-08 Scrantonian.jpg
Perry Makes Up For Lost Time1985-09-14 Spidey Comic.jpg
Dr. Who comments1985-09-15 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Who Fans1985-09-24 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Briefly noted1985-09-25 Lakeland Ledger.jpg
Out of this world (Bournemouth Advertiser)1985-09-26 Bournemouth Advertiser.jpg
How Martin's models became TV stars1985-09-28 Bournemouth Advertiser.jpg
Dr. Who ontmoet reuzenhagedis1985-09-30 Telegraaf.jpg
Who? Doctor Who!1985-10-06 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Dit is Dr. Who1985-10-07 Waarheid.jpg
Doctor Who Festival and exhibit tour1985-10-10 Syracuse Herald-Journal.jpg
Dr. Who making house calls to fans1985-10-11 Daily Times.jpg
Reality, what a concept for Who1985-10-16 Notre Dame Observer.jpg
Skin Horse Attacks Myths About Disabled1985-10-16 Sun Sentinel.jpg
Grade slams Dr Who team1985-10-17 Stage and Television Today.jpg
The return of a science fiction great1985-10-19 Globe and Mail.jpg
Dr. Who, that's who1985-10-19 Morning Call.pdf
WCBB heads list for viewers of public television1985-10-20 Sunday Sun Journal.jpg
A misunderstanding1985-10-23 Globe and Mail.jpg
My hero1985-10-23 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Tardis travel1985-10-27 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr. Who is om te lachen én om bang voor te zijn1985-10-28 Telegraaf.jpg
Who--it's Colin Baker, the newest traveler of time and space, continuing the 20 year tradition of television's oldest science fiction hero1985-11-01 SF Movieland.pdf
Guess Who's Here! Doctor Who Comes to WKAR-TV1985-11-01 Fine Tuning WKAR p6.jpg
I have heard rumors1985-11-01 Choice.jpg
Calling all timelords!1985-11-01 Marquette Flambeau.jpg
Doctor Who in '861985-11-05 Starlog 101 p9-10.jpg
John Nathan-Turner's Who Confessions1985-11-05 Starlog 101 p59.jpg
Calling itself Tardis 221985-11-06 Variety.jpg
For Penn-Princeton Viewers, the Final Gun Sounded at 4 O'Clock1985-11-08 Philadelphia Daily News.jpg
Art contest keyed to TV show1985-11-12 Statesman Journal.jpg
The Dr. Who calendar is flying off the shelves1985-11-15 Newsday.jpg
Watch for an announcement at next weekend's Tardis 221985-11-20 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who fans to meet Saturday1985-11-21 Green Bay Press-Gazette.jpg
Dr. Who celebrates1985-11-22 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
Radio Who1985-11-23 Starburst.pdf
Dr. Who is scheduled to land at the Hyatt next weekend1985-11-23 Northwest Herald.jpg
Dr. Who convention to preview stage version1985-11-28 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr Who's baby lined up as a panto star1985-11-28 London Standard.jpg
Role-playing contest open door to romance, adventure1985-11-29 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequences1985-11-29 Chicago Tribune.jpg
TARDIS draws who's who of 'Dr. Who'1985-11-29 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Attention all Doctor Who fans ...1985-11-29 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
Dr. Who reunion1985-11-30 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Who-weeeeee!1985-11-30 Daily Herald.jpg
Happy anniversary, Doctor Who1985-11-30 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Whovians' convene over TV sci-fi favorite1985-11-30 Belleville News Democrat.jpg
Doctor is Tops1985-12-01 Fine Tuning.jpg
A Journey Through Time1985-12-01 Fine Tuning p14.jpg
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror1985-12-01 Sinclair User.jpg
CBS-Fox Video to Offer Home Video of BBC-Produced Shows1985-12-02
U.S. actor to play Dr Who1985-12-02 Daily Express.jpg
Star role1985-12-02 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Whovians are campaigning to get 'Dr. Who' on the air1985-12-03 Indianapolis Star.jpg
I, too, am a fan of "Dr. Who"1985-12-04 Paducah Sun.jpg
It Never Occurred to Me I Could Be The Doctor1985-12-05 Starlog 102.pdf
All the Dr. Whos get together1985-12-05 Indianapolis News.jpg
The Dr. Who Club will meet at noon1985-12-05 Miami Herald.jpg
Gratuitous violence for kids' TV1985-12-08 Canberra Times.jpg
Whovians come out in force in support of their program1985-12-10 Indianapolis Star.jpg
Roger Mueller stars as the first American Dr. Who1985-12-13 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Sexy Nicola's dressing down1985-12-13 Sun.jpg
Who, indeed!1985-12-15 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr Who, your time is up1985-12-16 Canberra Times.jpg
Who Dey1985-12-16 Cincinnati Enquirer.jpg
Box of Delights a real treat for all1985-12-19 Age.jpg
When it comes to raising funds, Channel 12 officials realize the importance of being earnest1985-12-27 Illinois State Journal Register.pdf
Now that I'm Mr Nobody, by Dr Who1985-12-29 Mail on Sunday.jpg
TV Homework1986-01-01 West Michigan Magazine.jpg
Type 40 Dr. Who1986-01-03 Ottawa Citizen.jpg
Marvellous Tripods deserve a third series1986-01-04 Radio Times.jpg
Super Science Action Saturday1986-01-11 Atlanta Constitution.jpg
Will Dr. Who make the Grade?1986-01-13 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr Who on trial in new series1986-01-13 Aberdeen Evening Express.jpg
BBC doubts on future of Dr Who1986-01-14 Times.jpg
BBC keeps option of killing Dr Who1986-01-14 Times 2.jpg
Dr Who goes on trial for his life!1986-01-14 Daily Mirror.jpg
A comic book convention1986-01-18 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Will the new Who get exterminated?1986-01-20 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Janet's come a long way1986-01-21 Daily Record.jpg
Time for a change-- It's Bonnie!1986-01-23 Evening News.pdf
Bonnie is Dr. Who's new girl1986-01-23 Evening Chronicle.jpg
Bubbly Bonnie joins the Doctor1986-01-23 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Peter Pan to rescue of Dr Who1986-01-23 London Standard.jpg
Bonnie Aide for Dr Who1986-01-23 Derby Evening Telegraph.jpg
The Bookplace1986-01-24 Stanford Daily.jpg
Bonnie lands with Dr Who1986-01-24 Daily Star.jpg
Portraying violence in BBC's drama1986-01-30 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Television's Time Lord Comes To Radio1986-01-31 Dispatch.jpg
Brains in Boxes1986-02-01 Starburst p40.pdf
Doctor Who — Timeview1986-02-01 Starburst p47.jpg
Patrick Troughton's Doctor Who1986-02-01 Network Guide.jpg
I would like to propose the following suggestions1986-02-01 Nine.jpg
I See Bonnie Langford is being drafted into the Dr Who series1986-02-05 London Standard.jpg
You Asked ...1986-02-16 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
How Dr Who grew into a Dr Huge1986-02-17 Sun.jpg
Science fiction fans to gather1986-02-21 Wisconsin State Journal.jpg
Doctor Who festival set for Tampa1986-02-23 Tampa Tribune.jpg
What, when and where of 'Who'1986-02-28 Tampa Bay Times.jpg
Flotsam & jetsam1986-03-01 North Shore.jpg
Don't look now but I think it's Michael Grade1986-03-01 Daily Star.jpg
Dr. Who at last (Indianapolis News)1986-03-01 Indianapolis News.jpg
The Five Doctors (Advance)1986-03-01 Advance.jpg
Colin Baker: The Cat Who Walks by Himself1986-03-06 Starlog 105.pdf
Do you know how I can get in contact with Mr. Tom Baker1986-03-09 Atlanta Constitution.jpg
A meddlesome companion1986-03-09 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who Festival Tonight1986-03-10 Morning Call.jpg
Dr. Who fans get their wish; Channel 20 to carry the show1986-03-13 Indianapolis Star.jpg
Dr Who's 'Shock' Return1986-03-16 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Calling all Dr. Who fans1986-03-20 Nashua Telegraph.jpg
Prydonians of Prynceton dedicated to enjoyment of low-budget Dr. Who1986-03-21 Central New Jersey Home News.jpg
Dr. Who in Trenton1986-03-23 New York Times.jpg
Loves Dr. Who1986-03-25 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Science fiction comes to the campus in April1986-03-26 Bellingham Herald.jpg
Laid-Forward Dr. Who Saves a World a Week1986-03-28 Washington Post.jpg
Dr Who on the CBM 641986-04-01 Your Computer.jpg
Terry Nation: Of Tin Cans and Rebels1986-04-03 Starlog 106.pdf
Space invaders from Hollywood1986-04-06 Chicago Sun-Times.pdf
What a carry-on for two-gun Joan1986-04-08 Daily Mail.jpg
The greatest Dr Who of all makes a comeback1986-04-09 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Cable company cuts 'Dr. Who' in New Mexico1986-04-10 El Paso Times.jpg
The small but dedicated legion of "Dr. Who" fans1986-04-10 Kansas City Star.jpg
Doctor back1986-04-12 Times.jpg
New-look Dr Who for autumn1986-04-12 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Knock, knock, Dr Who's there1986-04-12 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Ho-ho-Who gets new look1986-04-12 Daily Express p13.jpg
New look for Dr. Who1986-04-12 Journal.jpg
Dr. Who is to make trek into Dixie1986-04-15 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.jpg
Dr Who comes down to earth1986-04-21 Liverpool Echo.jpg
The Commerce of Fantasy1986-04-25 Province.jpg
Doctor Who-ot1986-04-26 Bournemouth Entertainer.jpg
Lindy Chamberlain saga to be major British film1986-04-28 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Dr. Who traveling exhibition1986-04-30 Washington Post.jpg
Whovians Meet the Doctor1986-05-01 Experience.jpg
Who's on hold1986-05-02 Chicago Tribune.jpg
The good doctor cleans up1986-05-02 Birmingham Daily News.jpg
Terrance Dicks: The Five Lives of "Doctor Who"1986-05-06 Starlog 107.pdf
Star Trek meets Dr. Who in science fiction convention1986-05-06 Victor Valley Daily Press.jpg
I'll catch those blasted kids at it, one day!1986-05-07 Punch.jpg
The Doctor Who Traveling Exhibit1986-05-09 Washington Post.jpg
Doctor Who begins tour1986-05-10 Frederick News Post.jpg
Dr Who gets his show on the road Stateside1986-05-17 Reading Evening Post.jpg
A doctor with his work cut out1986-05-20 Evening News.jpg
True 'Doctor Who' fans ignore low-budget blues1986-05-23 St. Paul Pioneer Press.jpg
Whovent '86 East1986-05-23 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Festival draws fans of TV's Dr. Who1986-05-24 Minneapolis Star Tribune.jpg
Sci-fi convention should be rescheduled1986-05-27 Independent Florida Alligator.jpg
Doctor Who time-travels to the USA1986-05-27 USA Today.jpg
Doctor Who tour to land in Bucks County1986-05-29 Morning Call.jpg
Who's here? It's Dr. Who and his fans1986-05-30 Wisconsin State Journal.jpg
Curious? There's a board for almost any concern under the cursor1986-05-30 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Traveling exhibit features animated monsters and villains from the television program1986-05-30 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Find adventure with Dr Who1986-06-01 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Are there any Trekies out there?1986-06-04 Indiana Jewish Post and Religion.jpg
CMU has largest university PBS after Adding Airwaves1986-06-05 Chippewa.jpg
Guide to local sic-fi sources1986-06-06 Milwaukee Journal.jpg
Dr. Who: Saving Earth And Gaining Fans1986-06-10 Aiken Standard.jpg
For local fans, it's a 'Doctor Who' exhibit1986-06-13 Times Leader.jpg
Exterminate hunger1986-06-14 Radio Times.jpg
Doctor Who Tour Due at Area Malls1986-06-19 Times-Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who U.S.A. Tour1986-06-19 Morning Call.jpg
An afternoon of fun watching video tapes of Dr. Who and role playing1986-06-20 Miami News.jpg
Miss Daphne Heard1986-06-24 Times.jpg
Dr. Who fan club being organized1986-06-24 Journal Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who convention to be held here1986-06-27 Spokesman-Review.jpg
Doctor Who pays visit to Portland1986-06-27 Statesman-Journal.jpg
Those of us who grew up watching the "Dr. Who" TV show1986-06-27 Daily Times.jpg
Dr. Who? (Herald Statesman)1986-06-27 Herald Statesman.jpg
Hooked in Who1986-06-28 York Daily Record.pdf
Lively alien1986-06-29 Austin American Statesman.jpg
Viewer Supported1986-07-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
Doctor Who: Fumo o Arrosto?1986-07-01 Magnifici Sette.pdf
The strange and lively devotees of TV's Dr. Who1986-07-03 Times-Picayune.pdf
Sarah almost silences Dalek1986-07-04 East Anglican Times.jpg
Sarah's Dalek dialect!1986-07-04 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Royal bride Sarah Ferguson tames a Dalek last night1986-07-04 Press and Journal.jpg
Beauty and beast1986-07-04 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Doing in a Dalek used to be more fun1986-07-18 Province.jpg
Who's sorry now, Doc?1986-07-20 People.jpg
Makes you proud to be an American couch potato1986-07-22 Hartford Courant.jpg
Dr Who meets an alien1986-07-28 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Video review1986-07-31 Bournemouth Advertiser.jpg
Peter Davison1986-08-01 Scene.pdf
Channel 8 Aiming to Please With Nighttime Lineup1986-08-01 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Doctor Who in Combat1986-08-01 White Dwarf.jpg
Time Lord Who's About to Return1986-08-02 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who Whovent rescheduled1986-08-04 Tennessean.jpg
Who's ready to break out1986-08-06 Evening Herald.jpg
Things have come a long way since Patrick Troughton played Doctor Who1986-08-07 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who fans form local club1986-08-09 Sentinel.jpg
Who's Who? (The Spokesman-Review)1986-08-10 Spokesman-Review.pdf
Doctor Who to appear at mall1986-08-12 Evening Express.jpg
Dr. Who on the road in Maine1986-08-15 Central Maine Morning Sentinel.jpg
The controversial Who faces a testing time1986-08-16 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Doctor Who fans cross time, space to attend festival1986-08-17 Spokesman Review.jpg
Sheer simplicity the key to Doctor Who's popularity1986-08-20
TV's sturdiest Whodunit comes to town1986-08-20 Worcester Magazine.jpg
Dr. Who scheduled1986-08-21 Odessa American.jpg
Dr. Who Festival held tonight1986-08-22 Central New Jersey Home News.jpg
Ch. 21 Special: How Dr. Who Begat Dr. Who1986-08-22 Newsday.pdf
BBC to present 'Dr. Who' exhibit at Presque Isle1986-08-23 Bangor Daily News.jpg
WMFE reaching for younger pockets1986-08-27 Orlando Sentinel.jpg
Comic Relief1986-08-27 Asbury Park Press.jpg
The Doctor on trial in new television series1986-08-30 Times.jpg
Doctor Who stars lashed1986-08-30 Sun.jpg
Britain's Dr. Who Captivates Fans In U.S.1986-09-01 New York Times.pdf
Nicholas Courtney (1986)1986-09-02 Starlog 111.pdf
Doctor Who Exhibit to Be At Latham Mall1986-09-05 Schenectady Gazette.jpg
Back again--the show that pulls in 110m viewers1986-09-05 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Guess who's back at last?1986-09-06 Radio Times p82.jpg
What's what on Who1986-09-06 Radio Times.jpg
The good doctor returns1986-09-06 Today.jpg
Tonic for Dr Who ..1986-09-06 Daily Mirror.jpg
How Peri survived1986-09-06 Daily Mail.jpg
Calling Dr Who: It's time to fly!1986-09-06 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Who's for laughs?1986-09-08 Daily Mirror.jpg
Programming Laid With Wall-To-Wall Irony1986-09-10 Financial Times.jpg
Dr Who Chief Zapped By TV Script Editor1986-09-11 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Tony Selby plays a galactic pirate1986-09-13 Daily Express.jpg
And it's about time too ...1986-09-13 Today.jpg
Area fans honor longest-running drama series1986-09-15 Daily Pennsylvanian.pdf
Who talks at Hilton to launch syndicate1986-09-15 Diamondback.jpg
Like a trip to the moon1986-09-15 Evening Herald.jpg
Time lords!1986-09-17 Evening News.jpg
Dr. Who Under Stethoscope1986-09-17 Variety p88.jpg
Forbidden Planet1986-09-17 Variety.jpg
Doctor Who needs a script cure1986-09-18 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Area fans of Dr. Who1986-09-18 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Who came to Earth in Atlanta? - It's Dr. Who, fresh from outer space!1986-09-19 Atlanta Journal Constitution.jpg
Whovian Alliance1986-09-19 Statesman Journal.jpg
Good Doctors make a house call1986-09-20 Milwaukee Journal.pdf
1,500 fans gather to meet Doctor1986-09-20 Milwaukee Sentinel.jpg
A ticking off for the time lord1986-09-21 Sunday Mercury.jpg
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalised1986-09-22 Canberra Times.jpg
Like Star Trek?1986-09-22 American Eagle.jpg
Have a go!1986-09-24 Sun.jpg
Thank goodness Dr Who is back1986-09-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who videos to play Sept. 271986-09-25 York Dispatch.jpg
Musical time-warp for Doctor Who1986-09-27 Radio Times.jpg
Zany world of Dr. Who1986-09-27 Evening Herald.jpg
I'm an avid Dr. Who fan1986-10-01 Scene.jpg
Visiting the Future1986-10-01 Starburst.pdf
Dennis Spooner1986-10-01 Variety p127.jpg
Mary Tamm filmis1986-10-01 Free Estonian.jpg
Doctor On Call (Airwaves)1986-10-01 Airwaves.jpg
Dennis Spooner obituary1986-10-02 Stage and Television Today.jpg
What Goes On Pawtucket Fest1986-10-03 Providence Journal.jpg
Dr. Who's fans meet in this galaxy1986-10-04 Minneapolis Star Tribune.jpg
The odious slug with an eerie laugh1986-10-04 Today.jpg
Doctor Who fans crowd festival1986-10-05 St Paul Pioneer Press.jpg
El Paso Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance1986-10-08 El Paso Times.jpg
Who's who? (Skyway News)1986-10-09 Skyway News.jpg
Hot Achievers1986-10-10 Daily Express.jpg
Mystery play1986-10-10 Daily Herald.jpg
A woman's place is on the board1986-10-19 Observer.jpg
There will be a prize for the longest Dr. Who Scarf!1986-10-20 Daily Tar Heel.jpg
Star struck1986-10-20 Cincinnati Enquirer.jpg
Under Doctor's orders (London Evening Standard)1986-10-20 London Standard.jpg
If the stars team up for success at the double1986-10-21 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's the new girl?1986-10-21 Today.jpg
Bonnie pal for Dr Who1986-10-21 Sun.jpg
Doctor's bonny screamer1986-10-21 Northern Echo.jpg
Doctor Who done it at the fair1986-10-24 News and Observer.pdf
Who's hoping to make the Grade1986-10-25 Daily Express.jpg
Who too scary1986-10-25 Sun.jpg
Dr Who will survive for years, says show's star1986-10-25 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Dr Who Back in Action1986-10-25 TV Scene.jpg
Who's that actor?1986-10-29 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Have you issued a house ban on the word "whom?"1986-10-29 London Standard.jpg
Bonnie's bouncing in to boss the Doc1986-11-01 Daily Express.jpg
Top of the list1986-11-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee).jpg
One of My Favorites1986-11-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
I thoroughly enjoy Channel 9's programs, especially Doctor Who1986-11-01 Nine.jpg
Attention Dr. Who fans1986-11-02 Nashua Telegraph.jpg
New "Doctor Who" Companion1986-11-04 Starlog 113 p10.jpg
Doctor Who Tours U.S. During Hiatus1986-11-04 Starlog 113 p11.jpg
Win a 30s TV set for the 80s1986-11-08 Radio Times.jpg
We'd like to tell you about a new personal computer1986-11-09 Sunday Times.jpg
TV mailbag1986-11-09 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who Program at Canyon Country Library1986-11-09 Signal.jpg
Big show stars beat the Tardis1986-11-09 Mail on Sunday.jpg
Docteur Who and the Mines of Terror1986-11-12 Amstradebdo et PC.jpg
Broadcasting Museum Pays Tribute to the BBC1986-11-15 New York Times.jpg
Homeless Dr Who helps kids1986-11-17 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr Who sells Tardis to help the children1986-11-18 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Who's That Fiend?1986-11-19 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Ian Marter, 19861986-11-21 Comic Buyers Guide.jpg
Dr. Who road show coming to mall1986-11-21 State.jpg
Life in the dog house!1986-11-22 TV Times.pdf
Thanks a million! Five times over!1986-11-22 Liverpool Echo.jpg
BBC shows are entering U.S. video market1986-11-23 Philadelphia Inquirer.jpg
Who convention just what the Doctor ordered1986-11-23 Sacramento Bee.jpg
Trial of a Time Lord1986-11-29 Daily Mirror.jpg
Doctor Who's Who's Who and the very first Doctor1986-11-30 New Orleans Times Picayune.jpg
Doctor Who Fan Clubs1986-12-01 Scene.jpg
Doctor Who Special Effects1986-12-01 Starburst.pdf
Dr. Who Fest1986-12-01 Dial Eleven.jpg
Clint's Books & Comics1986-12-01 Kansas City Times.jpg
Britannia Rules the Airwaves1986-12-04 Newsday.pdf
Make Dr. Who great again1986-12-06 Star.jpg
My Word1986-12-07 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Dalek Beats Tory in Poll1986-12-11 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who: time runs out1986-12-16 Evening Herald.jpg
The good Doctor triumphed once again1986-12-18 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Who will be the next Doctor?1986-12-18 Today.jpg
Doctor Who has made millions of house calls in his 23 years1986-12-18 Courier News.jpg
January Science Fiction Month at library1986-12-18 Atlanta Constitution.jpg
Time runs out for Dr Who star1986-12-18 London Evening Standard.jpg
Doctor Who changes1986-12-19 Times.jpg
Search is on for seventh Dr Who1986-12-19 Daily Express.jpg
Dr Who actor runs out of time1986-12-19 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's Next? TV Hunts Doc No 71986-12-19 Sun.jpg
Colin Baker quits as the Doctor1986-12-19 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Material dilemma for Dr Who1986-12-19 Guardian.jpg
Who next? How about a Time Lady?1986-12-20 Daily Mail.jpg
Change Dr Who's sex!1986-12-20 Daily Star.jpg
Alexei's set to be Dr Who1986-12-20 Sun.jpg
Is this the new face of Dr Who?1986-12-20 Daily Express.jpg
Sex Change for Dr Who!1986-12-20 Daily Mirror.jpg
Never mind the doctor, just exterminate Bonnie Langford1986-12-22 Mirror.jpg
It's a rare moment1986-12-29 Liverpool Echo.jpg
The History of Who?1987-01-01 Dial (Indianapolis).jpg
Who Fan1987-01-01 Choice (Nebraska).jpg
Staying power1987-01-04 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Doctor Who Blasts Off!1987-01-05 Sun.jpg
Dr Who sacked1987-01-06 Sun p6.jpg
Dr Who's real enemy!1987-01-06 Sun p1.pdf
Who Is Who1987-01-06 Starlog p8.jpg
Colin Baker: Gallifrey Vice?1987-01-06 Starlog p43.jpg
Tom Baker: The Curious Heart of Doctor Who1987-01-06 Starlog p45.pdf
My Dr Who axing will hit cot death cash1987-01-07 Sun.jpg
Disaster ahead for Dr Who?1987-01-08 London Evening Standard.jpg
Whovian Alliance of Salem1987-01-09 Statesman Journal.jpg
Doctor Who: what an improvement!1987-01-10 Radio Times.jpg
The American fans of Doctor Who wish to express their disappointment and regret1987-01-15 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club monthly meeting1987-01-16 Miami News.jpg
Where is Who?1987-01-23 San Francisco Examiner.jpg
Look who's lining up for romance1987-01-27 Star.jpg
Dr Who shuns sex change1987-01-27 Today.jpg
Party on the air for 14 countries1987-01-29 Financial Times p10.jpg
Location Who1987-02-01 Starburst.pdf
Dr. Who Makes Life Complete1987-02-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
What's Up with Who?1987-02-01 Choice (Nebraska).jpg
Creating Doctor Who1987-02-03 Starlog 116.pdf
US Who fans speak out1987-02-05 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who Headlines Science Fiction Convention1987-02-05 Miami Herald.jpg
Dr. Who: British exhibit touring states1987-02-07 Town Talk.pdf
Who loves 'Who'? Many, that's who1987-02-09 Tampa Tribune.jpg
A 'remarkable Canadian' who changed the face of TV1987-02-11
Honoring TV pioneer Newman1987-02-11 Vancouver Sun.jpg
Lost Colony Tardis of Salisbury1987-02-13 Dispatch.jpg
Who's coming to town March 14, 151987-02-24 Tennessean.jpg
New Doctor Who is the unknown McCoy1987-02-28 Sun.jpg
The Magnetic Dr. Who1987-03-01 Cincinnati Magazine.pdf
Ferret man takes over as the new Doctor Who1987-03-02 London Evening Standard.jpg
Sylvester Who?1987-03-03 Times.jpg
Who do you do, Doctor1987-03-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
The new Dr Who is real McCoy1987-03-03 Guardian.jpg
Seventh Doctor Who is the real McCoy1987-03-03 Journal.jpg
Who's the Doc?1987-03-03 Northern Echo.jpg
McCoy, That's Who1987-03-03 Sun.jpg
Dr. Who is the real McCoy1987-03-03 Today.jpg
Unknown galaxies open up for Dunoon's Dr Who!1987-03-07 Argyllshire Standard.jpg
Dr. Who to regenerate himself in Knoxville1987-03-08 Knoxville News Sentinel.jpg
The UF Science Fiction Society1987-03-11 Independent Florida Alligator.jpg
Weird 'Doctor Who' hooks fans1987-03-17 Des Moines Register.jpg
Dr. Who Celebration Tour1987-03-18 Washington Post.jpg
KERA lagging in pledge drive1987-03-18 Fort Worth Star Telegram.jpg
Enter a Dalek ...1987-03-20 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Knock, knock. Who's there? Dr. Who, that's who1987-03-22 Colorado Springs Gazette.jpg
Following "Dr. Who" for fun and adventure1987-03-26 Diamondback.jpg
Who Is In Washington? Yes -- Dr. Who!1987-03-27 Washington Post.jpg
Former 'Doctor Who' Dead at 671987-03-28 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Time Has Run Out for Dr Who Patrick1987-03-29 News of the World.jpg
Dr. Who Star Troughton Dies in City1987-03-29 Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.jpg
Doctor Who dead1987-03-29 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Dr Who Troughton dies1987-03-30 Sunday Express.jpg
A time lord dies1987-03-30 Western Mail.jpg
Patrick Troughton obituary (The Telegraph)1987-03-30 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Dr Who's last journey1987-03-30 Today.jpg
Lost time lord1987-03-30 Guardian.jpg
Mr Patrick Troughton1987-03-30 Times.jpg
Former star of Dr. Who dies in hotel1987-03-31 Vancouver Sun.jpg
Scottish-born Sylvester McCoy was officially announced as the new star of the BBC's long running programme Doctor Who on the 2nd March1987-04-01 Starburst.jpg
Patrick Troughton obituary (Variety)1987-04-01 Variety.jpg
Art contest winner1987-04-01 Evening Sun.jpg
Every issue of Nine brings good news1987-04-01 Nine.jpg
From Barbados To Shopping Spree, Items At Auction To Help WXEL1987-04-02 Sun Sentinel.jpg
Bessie the car1987-04-05 Baltimore Sun.jpg
Locals love Dr. Who1987-04-05 Red & Black.jpg
Doctor Who Renewed Without Baker1987-04-07 Starlog 118 p9.jpg
Ian Marter 1943-19861987-04-07 Starlog 118 p72.jpg
TV Kate celebrates after Dynasty boost1987-04-07 Daily Express.jpg
Patrick Troughton obituary (Television Today)1987-04-09 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Dr. Who exhibit attracts area 'Whovians'1987-04-10 Frederick News.jpg
Sylvester McCoy materializes in Atlanta1987-04-10 Comics Buyer's Guide.jpg
Bring back Dr. Who1987-04-16 Independent Florida Alligator.jpg
Public TV Outlet's Auction Falls Short Of Goal, Raising $137,000 To Buy Programs1987-04-17
WXEL raises $137,000 during 10-day TV auction1987-04-17 Sun-Sentinel.jpg
Pat Troughton 19871987-04-24 Comic Buyer's Guide.jpg
All eyes on new Dr. Who1987-04-25 Evening Herald.jpg
Dr. Who Appreciation Society1987-04-26 Cincinnati Enquirer.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club of Lincoln1987-04-26 Lincoln Star.jpg
Patrick George Troughton1987-05-01 Science Fiction Chronicle.jpg
Second Doctor Who Dies1987-05-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
Who's Who next?1987-05-05 Daily Express.jpg
Travel into time with Doctor Who1987-05-06 Standard Speaker.jpg
Touring Doctor Who brings mobile exhibition to area1987-05-09 Pottsville Republican.jpg
Who is the new Dr. Who?1987-05-10 Chicago Tribune.jpg
The 'Dr.' is definitely 'in'1987-05-10 News and Observer.jpg
Fiction becomes fact in boy's living room1987-05-18 La Crosse Tribune.jpg
A pioneer at WTTW - Ed Morris blazed trails in local TV1987-05-20 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Fans of the long-running British television series Doctor Who can meet John Nathan-Turner1987-05-21 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
The Good Doctor travels back in time1987-05-22 Cambridge News.jpg
Doctor Who Coming To Athens1987-05-23 Lancaster Eagle Gazette.jpg
Man behind 'Doctor Who' brings exhibit to WXXI1987-05-24 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Actress says little girls need sci-fi role models1987-05-25 Sarasota Herald-Tribune.jpg
Dr. Who fans read on1987-05-29 Tallahassee Democrat.jpg
Doctor Who To Visit Athens1987-05-29 Times Recorder.jpg
Patrick Troughton obituary1987-06-01 Scene 2 and 17.jpg
Who Is Who?1987-06-01 Fine Tuning WKAR p23.jpg
Memorial Scholarship for Second Dr. Who1987-06-01 Patterns.jpg
Doctor Who Celebration & Tour1987-06-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
It's Anything But Down To Earth1987-06-01 Dial (Indianapolis).jpg
New Who In Town1987-06-02 Starlog 120 p8 composite.jpg
Sylvester McCoy, The New Doctor Who1987-06-02 Starlog 120 p12-13.pdf
Patrick Troughton 1920-19871987-06-02 Starlog 120 p97.jpg
Traveling exhibit of the BBC's 'Doctor Who' stopping here1987-06-12 Pittsburgh Press.jpg
Tour spreads news of PBS series cult1987-06-12 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.jpg
Who celebration at Ch. 48 studio1987-06-19 Cincinnati Enquirer.jpg
Who's coming? Why, it's Dr. Who1987-06-21 Green Bay Press-Gazette.jpg
Sarah Sutton — Nyssa on 'Doctor Who'1987-06-25 Indianapolis News.jpg
7th Doctor Who to visit Urbana1987-07-01 Herald and Review.jpg
Meet Doctor Number 71987-07-01 Patterns.jpg
DOCTOR WHO fans in Wisconsin will get a chance to meet McCoy1987-07-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
Doctor Who Coming to South Dakota1987-07-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
Look Who's New1987-07-01 West Michigan Magazine p74.jpg
Guess WHO's Coming to Grand Rapids!1987-07-01 West Michigan Magazine p65.jpg
Troughton Scholarship1987-07-01 Nine.jpg
Doctor Who National Tour Comes to Iowa Public Television Broadcast Center August 1 and 21987-07-01 Advance.jpg
Jacqueline Pearce: In Servalan's Secret Service1987-07-02 Starlog 121.pdf
The Doctor Who Celebration and Tour1987-07-03 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Doctor Whom?1987-07-03 Tampa Tribune.jpg
Doctor Who will be in Green Bay1987-07-04 La Crosse Tribune.jpg
What's 900 years old and fights squishies?1987-07-05 Sunday Star.jpg
Telewhovians rejoice at travelling exhibition1987-07-06 Winnipeg Free Press.pdf
Ken's zapped in 'Dr. Who'1987-07-06 Irish Independent.jpg
Party is scheduled1987-07-10 Odessa American.jpg
For Doctor Who fans, a guaranteed Whoot in D.M.1987-07-16 Des Moines Register.jpg
Doctor Who traveling show to be at Dahl1987-07-19 Rapid City Journal.jpg
Screen Dr Who twice a week1987-07-21 New Straits Times.jpg
Dr. Who's trailer1987-07-27 Rapid City Journal.jpg
Doctor Who's next stop is South Dakota1987-07-28 Argus Leader.jpg
Expertise that goes to waste1987-07-30 New Scientist.jpg
Dr. Who fans will want to check out three new releases from Playhouse Video1987-07-31 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Daleks go to market1987-07-31 Daily Express.jpg
Fans of the doctor know who they're looking for1987-07-31 Argus Leader.jpg
The TARDIS: Symbol of Being Human1987-08-01 Time Traveller.jpg
A Search Paid Off1987-08-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
Dr. Who Exhibit at KCPT August 15 and 161987-08-01 KCPT Program Guide.jpg
Woo? Whew? No! Dr. Who!1987-08-04 Kansas City Times.jpg
Doctor McCoy on stage1987-08-07 Comic Buyers Guide.pdf
Show for Dr. Who fans1987-08-09 Lawrence Journal-World.jpg
Dr Who's Ace in space1987-08-12 London Evening Standard.jpg
Who's Milky Way Kiddo!1987-08-13 Sun.jpg
Who's that girl with the doc?1987-08-13 Journal.jpg
Sophie's the one for Who1987-08-13 Daily Express.jpg
Faith Brown and Dr Who join the BIG laugh-in1987-08-14 Capital Gay.jpg
Who's kidding as a time-traveller takes off again1987-08-16 Sunday Mercury.jpg
Dr. Who exhibit here1987-08-18 Wichita Eagle Beacon.jpg
Dr Who under orders to zap Coronation Street1987-08-20 Daily Mail.jpg
Who's the greatest! (1987)1987-08-21 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Public TV report provides insights1987-08-23 Green Bay Press-Gazette.jpg
Air Waves1987-08-25 Riverfront Times.jpg
Sylvester, the new Time Lord, is the Real McCoy!1987-08-25 Evening Chronicle.jpg
Autumn brings the television nuts1987-08-25 Newcastle Journal.jpg
BBC boss Michael Grade's decision to screen Dr Who opposite ITV's Coronation Street is ridiculous1987-08-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
The Real McCoy1987-08-26 Evening News.pdf
Dates for fans of Dr. Who1987-08-27 Advertiser.jpg
No 'Dr. Who'?1987-08-30 Tampa Tribune.jpg
New Season's Preview1987-09-01 Starburst.pdf
A fun time was had by all!1987-09-01 Program Guide (Wisconsin).jpg
Doctor Who Celebration & Tour '87-'881987-09-01 Dial (Oregon).jpg
Doctor makes house call1987-09-04 Spokane Chronicle.jpg
Wild and whacky life of Dr Who1987-09-04 Birmingham News.jpg
Who's taken to the cleaners!1987-09-05 Radio Times.pdf
20 things you didn't know about new McWho1987-09-05 Sun.jpg
Why Dr Who leaped out of a sack stark naked1987-09-06 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Tops on the box1987-09-07 Evening News.jpg
Into the egg box future1987-09-07 Times.jpg
Just the job for Bonnie!1987-09-07 Daily Mirror.jpg
Sylvester McCoy makes his debut as television's most famous time-traveller1987-09-07 Evening Chronicle.jpg
The nice Mr. Briers gets nasty1987-09-07 Evening Herald.jpg
Priestly start for Time Lord1987-09-07 Press and Journal.jpg
Last night's view1987-09-08 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Call yourself a Time Lord?1987-09-08 London Evening Standard.jpg
Dr Who and the battle of Coronation Street1987-09-09 Guardian.jpg
Microchip is light years away from Dr Who's Dylon kingdom1987-09-09 Today.jpg
When a Dalek's gotta go ...1987-09-09 Evening Chronicle.jpg
McCoy's bond with 0071987-09-10 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Is McCoy the real Who?1987-09-10 Stage and Television Today p17.jpg
Burdened1987-09-10 St Ives Weekly News.jpg
New office puts police in past1987-09-10 Newcastle Journal.jpg
Hatchet Hip Tips - September 10-241987-09-10 GW Hatchet.jpg
Headroom producers nab screen rights to 'Dr. Who'1987-09-11 Hollywood Reporter.jpg
KVIE anti-candidate postcard draws fire1987-09-11 Sacramento Bee.pdf
It is sloppy stuff1987-09-13 Sunday Times.jpg
Not the real McCoy1987-09-14 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Backchat (The Guardian)1987-09-16 Guardian.jpg
Who's new look is fine1987-09-17 Daily Mirror.jpg
Dr. Who Comes to Redding1987-09-17 Chico News and Review.jpg
Dr. Who Fan Club Seeks Members1987-09-18 Orlando Sentinel.jpg
Who's That?1987-09-18
The decline of Doctor Who1987-09-18 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Dr Who: This Time The Fight Is Real1987-09-20
Mark is so two faced1987-09-20 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Sylvester's new look as Dr. Who1987-09-21 Evening Herald.jpg
The gentle Doctor1987-09-24 Evening Mail.jpg
Who is a good doctor1987-09-24 Birmingham Evening Mail.jpg
Fans get a closer look at who Dr. Who is1987-09-24 Record Searchlight.jpg
Dr Who zooms in for books drive1987-09-25 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Doctor Who materializes at Cal State Sacramento1987-09-25 California Aggie.jpg
Doctor's bad timing1987-09-26 Radio Times.jpg
Fans already know who this doctor is1987-09-26 Sacramento Bee.jpg
Bobbies on the beat at Gateshead MetroCentre1987-09-28 Evening Chronicle.jpg
Da-lekkin'1987-10-01 Street Machine.jpg
Dr Who is the greatest1987-10-01 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Mr Nice Turns Nasty1987-10-03 Daily Mirror.jpg
Mr Good shows his bad side1987-10-05 Today.jpg
Free Tom Baker1987-10-06 Starlog 124 p8.jpg
Harry Sullivan's Travels1987-10-06 Starlog 124 p84.pdf
Nabil prepares for the cut and thrust1987-10-08 Stage and Television Today p15.jpg
Dr Who set to become a big budget hero1987-10-08 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Whovian Alliance of Salem (Statesman Journal)1987-10-08 Statesman Journal.jpg
Doctor Who Makes His Rounds In Exhibition1987-10-09 Los Angeles Times.jpg
WMHT (Channel 17) aired its monthly call-in program Wednesday night1987-10-09
New Doctor Who is the real McCoy!1987-10-10 Radio Times.jpg
Screen doctor1987-10-13 Birmingham News.jpg
Dr. Who visits Mesa on schedule1987-10-16 Arizona Republic.jpg
Doctor is far too late!1987-10-16 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Who put Who on at that time?1987-10-16 Burton Mail.jpg
Doc's a delight!1987-10-23 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Never for kids1987-10-23 Burton Mail.jpg
Who's the piper?1987-10-24 Times.jpg
Look Who's lost 50lb!1987-10-26 Sun.jpg
History and mystery haunt Chiselhurst's ancient caves1987-10-31
A Doddy Fizz For The Doc1987-10-31 Daily Mirror.jpg
Bonnie's just what the Doctor ordered!1987-11-01 Radio Times.jpg
Dr. Who Fans (Dial)1987-11-01 Dial (Indianapolis).jpg
Ken Dodd1987-11-03 Times.jpg
Strictly for space laughs1987-11-06 Liverpool Echo.jpg
The real McCoy (Daily Express)1987-11-07 Daily Express.jpg
Exit Doddy1987-11-09 Burton Mail.jpg
Doctor Who visits Jackson December 5, 61987-11-12 Winona Times.jpg
Who's a Laugh1987-11-13 Liverpool Echo.jpg
What a change for doctor Who1987-11-13 Burton Mail.jpg
New Who Girl Is Ace!1987-11-15 Starburst.jpg
Dr. Who Alert1987-11-18 Detroit Free Press.jpg
BBC stunned by Grade defection1987-11-19 Stage and Television Today.jpg
News and Reviews1987-11-19 Lewisham Mercury.jpg
Dr Who? He's not the real McCoy ...1987-11-19 London Evening Standard.jpg
British sci-fi television series holds fond memories for ex-star1987-11-20 El Paso Times.jpg
Who are they? Dr. Who fans, of course1987-11-20 Santa Cruz Sentinel.jpg
Tom Baker's teasing performance and low-budget special effects bring Dr. Who episodes to life1987-11-21
What's Up, Doc?1987-11-21 Daily Mirror.jpg
Who's best (Radio Times)1987-11-21 Radio Times.jpg
Galactic nasty for The Doc1987-11-21 Weekly News.jpg
Who's that girl? (The Sunday Mirror)1987-11-22 Sunday Mirror.jpg
Headroom Jams 'Doctor Who' Show1987-11-23 St Louis Post Dispatch.jpg
Dr Who becomes Dr No1987-11-23 Independent.jpg
Telly Pirate Zaps Dr Who1987-11-23 Sun.jpg
A powerful video prankster could become Max Jailroom1987-11-24 Chicago Tribune.pdf
Max imposter moons TV viewers1987-11-24 Hutchinson News.jpg
Pirate brings an obscene Max Headroom to screen1987-11-24 Lodi News-Sentinel.jpg
2 channels interrupted to the Max1987-11-24 Chicago Sun-Times.jpg
Lifeline1987-11-24 USA Today.jpg
Doctor Who's darkest hour?1987-11-24 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Video prankster's 'return' was a joke1987-11-25 Chicago Tribune.jpg
News, notes and nonsense1987-11-25 Chicago Tribune pC2.jpg
Chi TV Pirate Grins & Bares It, Interrupting Station Programming1987-11-25 Variety.jpg
Dr Who unfairly struck off1987-11-25 Evening Standard.jpg
Sylvester McCoy is a wimp1987-11-25 Daily Mirror.jpg
Channel 5 unamused by Max Headroom gag1987-11-26 Daily Herald.jpg
LPB to begin Winterfest on Nov. 291987-11-27
Look who's in town to support Channel 81987-11-27
Dr. Who and the electronic pirate1987-11-30 Chicago Tribune.jpg
A critical examination of the mythological and symbolic elements of two modern science fiction series: "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who"1987-12-01
Doctor Who And Dial1987-12-01 Dial (Indianapolis).jpg
Blake/Who Fan1987-12-01 Choice (Nebraska).jpg
Sylvester McCoy is almost as eccentric as Tom Baker1987-12-01 Daily Mirror.jpg
Club Reveals Who They Love1987-12-02
Chi TV Pirate Causes Worry Over Security1987-12-02 Variety.jpg
Katy's Life After Dr Who1987-12-05
Can't say I'm over the moon about the latest Dr. Who series on BBC-TV.1987-12-05 Evening Herald.jpg
BR fans greet "intergalactic good guy"1987-12-13 Advocate.jpg
An interview with the current producer John Nathan-Turner1988-01-01 Starburst 113.pdf
The New Who!1988-01-01 Fine Tuning WKAR.jpg
Next On BBC11988-01-01 Electronics Today International (England).jpg
The Five Doctors (Democrat and Chronicle)1988-01-03 Democrat and Chronicle.jpg
Peter Davison: Unlikely Hero1988-01-05 Starlog 127.pdf
The adventures of Dr Who took a new twist1988-01-07 Middlesex Chronicle.jpg
Author has mission for fans of TV's Dr Who1988-01-08 Chatham News.jpg
Poetry or common sense?1988-01-14 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Money to be made in science fantasy is fact, not fiction1988-01-18 Providence Journal.jpg
Disabled Actor Takes Prejudice Claim to IBA1988-01-21 Stage and Television Today.jpg
Pass The Popcorn: WCNY-TV Airs 48 Hours Of Fine Films This Weekend1988-01-21
You'll Scare The Kids1988-01-24 News of the World.jpg
Who and Why1988-02-01 Airwaves.jpg
The Doctor gets a "rest"1988-02-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee).jpg
Mark Strickson: The Black Sheep of "Doctor Who"1988-02-02 Starlog 128.pdf
Just what the doctor ordered1988-02-04 Age.jpg
Dr. Who fans will meet at Zark's1988-02-04 Santa Cruz Sentinel.jpg
Actress Katy Manning at the Dr Who national convention in Perth1988-02-06 TV Week Australia.jpg
Science Fiction Society1988-02-18 Austin American-Statesman.jpg
In the shadow of the Doctor1988-03-17 Mercury.jpg
Dr. Who arrives1988-03-17 Courier-Journal.jpg
Will it be Dr Basil?1988-03-22 Sun.jpg
John Cleese als Dr. Who1988-03-23 Telegraaf.jpg
Exciting ride1988-03-24 Bournemouth Adversiser.jpg
Sounds a bit odd1988-03-26 Telegraph.jpg
Machine watched1988-03-30 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Is the next Dr. Who a student at Purdue?1988-03-30 Times pA1.jpg
What in the world is 'Doctor Who'?1988-03-30 Times pA2.jpg
Distressed Dr. Who fans1988-04-01 Fine Tuning (Milwaukee).jpg
I am renewing my subscription to Channel 201988-04-01 Dial (Indianapolis).jpg
I too was pleased to see the return of the good Doctor1988-04-01 Electronics Today International (England).jpg
Jon Pertwee: Daredevil Doctor, Gadgeteer Who1988-04-05 Starlog 130 p16.pdf
Caroline Munro: Starting Over1988-04-05 Starlog 130 p56.pdf
Radio personality fascinated by TV science-fiction character1988-04-07 Centre Daily Times.jpg
Auction lures science fiction buffs1988-04-10 Oshkosh Northwestern.jpg
Doctor! It's The Daleks Again1988-04-12 Sun.jpg
Dr Who again battles with the Daleks1988-04-12 Hull Daily Mail.jpg
BBC saves the Daleks from extermination1988-04-13 Daily Telegraph.jpg
KUED changes schedule of sci-fi hit 'Doctor Who'1988-04-13 Daily Utah Chronicle.jpg
Dr Who's birthday battle with old foe1988-04-15 Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette.jpg
My primeval monsters even turn up their snouts at the Daleks1988-04-20 Glasgow Herald.jpg
Dr. Who' fans are loyal1988-04-20 Daily Utah Chronicle.jpg
Protest removal of WCET1988-04-24 Dayton Daily News.jpg
Video review (1988-04-28)1988-04-28 Bournemouth Advertiser.jpg
Comics & Comix, Inc.1988-04-28 Sacramento Bee.jpg
More Spoons Less Screams1988-05-01 Electronics Today International (England).jpg
My Guilty Secret ...1988-05-15 Blockbusters p11.jpg
New media, old Doctor1988-05-15 Blockbusters p12.jpg
Doctor Who is the greatest SF TV series ever!1988-05-15 Blockbusters p11.jpg
Who on the net1988-05-15 Blockbusters p13a.jpg
The Lowdown on... Robert Holmes1988-05-15 Blockbusters p13b.jpg
The Lost Colony Tardis1988-05-18 Dispatch.jpg
Dixie Trek '88 is no alien to the DeKalb County galaxy1988-05-19 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.pdf
Who's Who? (Capital Gay)1988-05-20 Capital Gay.jpg
Who's this on the way?1988-05-24 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Hamlet on wheels1988-05-29 News of the World.jpg
Doctor Who Fans, Mark Your Calendars!1988-06-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
Stars on Sunday1988-06-01 Electronics Today International (England).jpg
Colin Baker: The Doctor is Out1988-06-02 Starlog 132.pdf
Success on the cards for young Joanne1988-06-10 Lichfield Mercury.jpg
Dr Who Fan Club1988-06-10 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
This week's Top 401988-06-13 Sun.jpg
Fans still say Who is best1988-06-13 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Terror of the Daleks1988-06-14 Bournemouth Evening Echo.jpg
Doctor Who: Is There A Doctor In The House?1988-06-18 Fine Tuning.pdf
10 Out Of This World Things About Doctor Who's Tardis1988-06-20 Sun.jpg
Royal Ban On Dr Who1988-06-29 Sun.jpg
Here We Go Again1988-07-01 Electronics Today International (England).jpg
Doctor Who followers transported to St. Paul1988-07-02 St. Paul Pioneer Press.pdf
Doctor Who fans land in wrong season1988-07-03 Argus Leader.jpg
Doctor Who fans travel in time to festival in St. Paul1988-07-03 Minneapolis Star Tribune.jpg
Butchering the Doctor1988-07-05 Starlog 133 p34.jpg
Dr Who Gets Lost In Time1988-07-06 Daily Mirror.jpg
Space, the final frontier...1988-07-21 Daily Pennsylvanian.jpg
Reviving few golden oldies1988-07-27 Daily Telegraph.jpg
Companions of Dr. Who1988-07-28 Miami Herald.jpg
Who doctors our science fiction club?1988-07-29 Republic.jpg
Tardiscon '881988-08-01 Nine.jpg
Who Is He This Time?1988-08-02 Starlog 134.pdf
Meet The Dr. Who Fan Club1988-08-11 Chico News and Review.jpg
SCETV will show a series of classic, sci-fi Dr. Who flicks from way, way back1988-08-19 State.jpg
Simeon knows who's Who ...1988-08-23 Cambridge Evening News.jpg
Companion in Punk Leather1988-09-01 Starlog 135 p86.pdf
Jean Marsh: Belle of the Bad1988-09-01 Starlog 135.pdf
Sorry, But the Doctor Must Leave1988-09-01 Program Guide (South Dakota).jpg
Doctorin' the Tardis1988-09-08 Canberra Times.jpg
Fans of the British sci-fi series, 'Dr Who', have bombarded this newspaper recently with pleas for help1988-09-15 Age.jpg
Where no girl has gone before1988-09-16 Best.jpg
New underground ticket machines1988-09-16 Evening Standard.jpg
Dr. Who reruns 'Best'1988-09-17 Evening Herald.jpg
Science fiction fan club dedicated to Dr. Who1988-09-29 York Dispatch.jpg
Dr. Who turns up on dance floor1988-09-30 Chicago Tribune.jpg
Daleks Have Knees Too1988-09-30 Daily Telegraph.pdf
Unexterminated!1988-10-01 Radio Times.jpg
When Is Who?1988-10-01 Oregon Focus.jpg
Dr strikes silver1988-10-01 Derby Evening Telegraph.jpg
Top 20 facts on the good doctor1988-10-04 Hull Daily Mail.jpg
Look Who is here!1988-10-05 Daily Mirror.jpg
Lolita takes on the Daleks1988-10-05 Daily Star.jpg
Sophie, you're an Ace1988-10-05 Today.jpg
A Time Lord with jet lag1988-10-05 Hull Daily Mail.jpg
Monsters miss out1988-10-06 Sun.jpg
Changing Channels1988-10-06 Listener.pdf
Sorry Doc, you're not the real McCoy1988-10-06 Daily Express.jpg
He will not be exterminated1988-10-06 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Bin those Daleks!1988-10-12 Sun.jpg
It's Doctor Dud!1988-10-12 Daily Star.jpg
Have Tardis, will travel1988-10-12 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr Who actor battered to death by guest1988-10-13 Daily Telegraph.jpg
The Wishing Well Appeal1988-10-13 Evening Standard.jpg
Destination America for the Doctor1988-10-14 Reading Evening Post.jpg
Group treks through stars in Tardis1988-10-18 Daily Kent Stater.jpg
Grade & the Time Lords1988-10-20 Listener.jpg
Doctor Who fans get cooking Saturday1988-10-21 Sun Herald.jpg
Who's back, but no Trek1988-10-22 Radio Times.jpg
Time to exterminate the Doctor1988-10-25 Evening Herald.jpg
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hooked1988-10-27 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Lost in Space1988-10-27 Listener.pdf
Meet the real McCoy at Hudsons1988-10-27 Birmingham Mail.jpg
On the trail of Doctor Who1988-10-29 Radio Times p96.jpg
What next?1988-10-29 Radio Times p102.jpg
Who's in town1988-10-29 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
The Time Lord is in trouble1988-10-31 Sydney Morning Herald.jpg
Who's Celebrating1988-11-01 Starlog 137 p6.jpg
Return With Us Now To Another Millenia1988-11-01 In the Public Eye.jpg
Fill-it-up, Earthling1988-11-02 Evening Standard.jpg
Time Is Up, Doc1988-11-03 Sun.jpg
Grade & the Time Lords 21988-11-03 Listener.jpg
Doctor's prescription for long life1988-11-05 Liverpool Echo.jpg
Dr. Who fans should look for The Timelords' new 12-inch1988-11-06 Southtown Star.jpg
Axed Dr Who star breaks his silence1988-11-09 Sandwell Evening Mail.jpg
Ferreting out the culprits1988-11-10 Age.jpg
Lost in space1988-11-10 Listener.jpg
Daleks rise to the occasion1988-11-12 Radio Times.jpg
Bertie Bassett Takes On Doctor Who1988-11-13 News of the World.jpg
Happy birthday to Who (The Canberra Times)1988-11-14 Canberra Times.jpg
Dr Who's big secret1988-11-14 Birmingham Mail.jpg
Jubilee spree for Doctor Who1988-11-16 Guardian.jpg
Earthlings welcome menacing Time Lord1988-11-16 Independent.jpg
Time Travel Is A Piece Of Cake1988-11-16 Sun.jpg
Surprise for Dr. Who